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AdVenture Capitalist Guide (2019 Update): Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Maximize Your Profits

As a leading mobile game publisher and web gaming portal, Kongregate has ceaselessly been a source of highly successful games that continue to be popular even years after their initial release. Since the company’s entry to the dynamic and highly competitive mobile gaming industry in 2011, Kongregate continues to grow its fans and followers with its unique brand of games that cater to gamers of all ages and levels of expertise.

With 29 titles under its broad app portfolio, the various genre of games Kongregate offers for both Android and iOS platform users practically ensures to have something for every gamer, casual or otherwise. Animation Throwdown and Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre are just some of the most popular titles from Kongregate. Each of these games have been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store alone and remains to have highly positive overall reviews from users. Most of Kongregate’s games have also secured respectable spots in top 10 and top 100 lists of games in several countries and with that, you can expect their games to remain in great stance for a long time coming.

AdVenture Capitalist is among Kongregate’s top games and has also reached a 10 million downloads milestone since its launch in 2015. While there is a plethora of idle clicker games in the market, coupled with the release of even more titles each day, AdVenture Capitalist remains strong and has become one of the few idle clicker games that has grown beyond a simple time-passer for players who are hooked on it. Though as simple to understand and as easy to pick up and play as the rest of the idle clicker games you will find, AdVenture Capitalist holds a huge content to unlock and revel in and even holds various in-game events that draw competitive excitement from its many players.

In a sense, AdVenture Capitalist is much like most idle clicker sim games where you constantly earn cash and tapping to earn them from the businesses you own is only a temporary scenario as you will soon have each cash collection chore automated for convenience. With more cash come more opportunities for business investments as profits are basically capital that goes through the cycle of continuous re-investing.

There are, of course, tons of businesses to unlock with each new one more expensive than the others. Beyond purchasing new businesses, hiring managers to handle each business becomes part of the routine and as you exponentially grow your profits, you will have more opportunities to further boost each one with upgrades on businesses and managers as well.

adventure capitalist 2019 cheats

As AdVenture Capitalist has been around for quite some time, we have already published several guides about the game in the past. Although a lot of the tips and strategies we shared before are still useful to this day, everything that relies on the time lapse cheat can no longer be used as this has since been patched by Kongregate.

More so, attempting to tinker with the system time settings of your device now will just make everything impossibly difficult for you. AdVenture Capitalist is now reliant on the server time instead of your device’s time settings so inconsistencies with it will just cause trouble for you and you may have to reset your game entirely as a penalty for attempting the exploit.

In any case, don’t feel bad if you missed to try the exploit yourself as doing so will guarantee instant boredom in the face of a nonexistent challenge. If you read on through what everyone else would say after trying the time lapse exploit, it all boils down to negating the challenge that the game offers and give you little to no more reason to play it.

Nevertheless, we still have plenty of tips, cheats and strategies to share, so if you have just picked the game up or have been playing with it for quite some time and need more guidance, read our AdVenture Capitalist guide, as we can guarantee a more efficient path for you to take to become a top money tycoon.

1. Initially Spend Time Actually Playing The Game

AdVenture Capitalist, like many idle clicker games, is designed in such a way that you will continue to earn income regardless of what you do. Initially, though, you will have to manually tap on businesses to earn profits and earn enough to hire managers, ultimately automating the profit stream. Once you have every business automated you will be set up to earning more profits even if you go offline but, of course, it doesn’t end there as every bit of time you spend online contributes to increasing profits for when you have to leave the game. As such, every bit of time you spend playing the game is important especially on the initial gameplay.

adventure capitalist tips

If you really want to become a top tycoon in AdVenture Capitalist, then be ready to some time on it. What sets this approach apart from the casual approach may not at all be that difficult and yet the difference in profit is exponentially significant. While profit can go as much dependent on the time you actually spend online, there are limitations to it as well so you can be sure that even for starters, playing the game extensively does not necessarily equate to spending a lot of time on it as you would in games belonging to other genres.

2. Quick But Regular Visits Work Too

Idle clicker games are a choice for many people essentially due to its casual nature that does not demand as much of a person’s time and dedication for you to make good progress in the game. Although it cannot be contested that spending more time actually playing the game reaps much higher profits, not everyone can afford to be able to play long straight hours into any game, and AdVenture Capitalist is no exception to that.

adventure capitalist profits

If you want to make good progress in the game and want to be among the top tycoons in the game, but unfortunately does not have the luxury of extended idle time in your hands, then you can still opt to earn much better profits through regular short visits to the game. As your entrepreneurial venture continues to stream profit while you are away from it, you can hop back in every once in a while to purchase upgrades and exponentially grow the profits you earn moving forward.

In this regard, taking note of higher income businesses, particularly the time it takes for them to generate profit, will be key to boost the cash you get out of each of them. For example, if the Oil Refinery will net trillions of dollars in profits after an hour, then you may want to hop back into the game just a little ahead of time before that happens. Just before the bar reaches full and you earn its profits, feel free to invest as much as you can to upgrade it and grab more profits out of the hour or so wait.

There are actually more efficient means of doing upgrades and generally re-investing your profits back into businesses but for instances when you can only peak into the game for really quick intervals, then the simplest rule to follow is to go for the top earning business.

3. Push To Automate Before You Log Out

Although AdVenture Capitalist offers pretty simple game mechanics and practically one-tap controls all packed in an interface that anyone can follow, having a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to where you should put your money can be a challenging decision on its own. Truthfully enough, you will always score higher profits regardless of where you invest money in, but there is such a thing as maximizing profits in this business sim that requires a bit of analysis and calculations coupled with sound strategy.

adventure capitalist managers

Before we proceed to that, though, what is essential is to consider the surrounding circumstances and your general availability to play the game along with the amount of time you can actually spend on each session. On top of it all, what matters the most is to ensure that each business is operating automatically before you leave the game idle. As such, push to unlock and hire managers for each business unit that you have opened to ensure that you secure the maximum profit even if you are offline and away from the game.

4. Pattern Investment Strategies On Projected Playtime

AdVenture Capitalist is indeed as simple as it goes given that there are only profits to be earned regardless of your performance and dedication. On the other hand, if you are striving to really master the game and be among the best tycoons in it, then consider employing a strategy as you engage in the game.

For the most part, strategy will relate to how you reinvest the profits you earn and with the various upgrades you can unlock as you make progress, decision can vary based on various conditions. For starters, though, what you should take into account is how long you will be playing in the session and if you won’t be able to spend as much time on playing, then you should follow the above tip and push for full automation as much as you can.

adventure capitalist investment strategies

If time is not a problem for you and can spend a good deal of it playing AdVenture Capitalist, then in connection with our initial tip of actually spending time in the game, consider the upgrades prioritizing maximum profits boosts. Keep in mind that while hiring managers may make everything more convenient, doing so for business that won’t be generating revenue soon will not contribute to gaining more profits.

As for basics, the further down a business is on the menu, the higher the profit it earns although it takes a lot longer for proceeds to be realized. Each business can be upgraded continuously and reaching certain milestones multiply the profits for that venture. Considering these, while on earth, you may choose to always go for the more expensive upgrade to reap bigger rewards but then at some point in time later on, you will have to consider a bit of income to profit ratio as you should consider how much it costs to earn more.

Cash Upgrades are also enticing especially once you see the notification at the bottom of the screen and see a marker on the upgrades section. As some upgrades take time to unlock and be affordable especially on the early part of the game, you may be inclined to just grab each one as they become available. With limited cash for the moment and a host of other options to invest in, make it a habit to always read through what each upgrade does. Once you have some businesses earning billions, you should hardly bother with upgrades to businesses that only net thousands especially if you can get a lot more out of investing that cash to exponentially boost the profits off of higher earning ventures.

5. Take Note Of ROIs Before Investing

Just like real life businesses, taking the return on investments for consideration plays a vital role in the efficient utilization of your capital investments. Although businesses on the starting world, which is Earth, is pretty straightforward, further ventures on the moon, Mars, as well as special events are a little more tricky and require a little more analysis and simple calculations to make the most out of.

In addition to each business venture not lined up to show a certain progressive pattern with regard to cost of upgrade and profit value, the incremental rise of upgrade costs make some businesses a lot more viable as an investment option considering their profit returns in a given amount of time. With the concept of return on investments in mind, what should constantly remain in your thoughts as you purchase each upgrade is the amount of time it would take you to get that amount back and naturally, the shorter the time, the better it is for you.

adventure capitalist roi

Taking note of how much cash you will have to spend on each business relative to the boost in profit it offers, some costs are evidently clear indications of a bad investment. Technically, there is no such thing as a bad investment in AdVenture Capitalist given that you are always bound to net profits. Considering situations where billions are required to increase a business’ profit to increase by a measly thousand dollars, though, then you should instead invest elsewhere or wait for more earnings to come and go for upgrades that are more worth it.

6. Use Boosts From Watching Ads At The Right Time

Free games on both Android and iOS platforms, most especially casual ones, are known to always contain its own fair share of video ads in them. It is quite understandable that for some players, having these ads pop up as you play the game can be annoying, especially if the same happens while you are playing and happens a lot more often that it distracts you from the game or make you lose your momentum. Regardless of how these video ads exist in these type of games, we would like to again express our support for the existence of these ads as these can be the primary, if not the exclusive reasons, why the game exists for free and available for everyone to play.

There are no involuntary ads to play or watch in AdVenture Capitalist. In fact, you will most likely want to play those ads as much as you can in the game considering the boosts that they provide. For starters, getting back into the game after being offline for a while will present you with an opportunity to double offline income earned and watching a 15 to 30-second ad to nab twice as much money is a definite steal you need to make.

By tapping on the TV icon at the lower right corner of your screen, you can double the whole planet’s income generation for four hours after watching a short video ad. A boost icon will often appear on the right side of your screen, indicating a free double speed boost for your businesses’ production for 4 hours that you can claim after watching an ad. There are also free megabucks up for grabs that will sometimes appear at the right side of your screen, so be sure to click on it whenever you see it.

adventure capitalist boosts

While there is no argument about playing the boosting ads as much as you can before diving into the whole business operation, both the income and speed boost perks have limits per day. Beyond taking advantage of the perks that these ads offer, strategizing on how to fully maximize the boosts that each one provides will be key to getting the most out of each boost activation. Like investments on upgrades that we discussed earlier, utilizing the limited income and production speed boosts should be based on the amount of time you can dedicate to the game. More importantly, being able to fully consume attempts to activate them is a must if you want to race to becoming a top tycoon in the game.

If you are crunched for time and won’t be able to spend as much time playing AdVenture Capitalist especially for long durations, then you might as well use up the boosters as soon as you step into the game. On the other hand, if you have a little more free time than the usual, then what you should do is activate both the profit and production speed boosters at a time where you can actively manage your in-game businesses to get the most out of both boosts.

Given that your earnings grow much higher when you are actually playing the game and purchasing upgrades as soon as you have enough cash to do so, doing all these while both boosters are active at least quadruples your earnings. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to stay active for the entire duration of the boost, but instead at least set up each business to rake in more profits as much as possible before you log out of the game.

7. Make The Most Out Of Every Time-Limited Event

What sets AdVenture Capitalist apart from numerous other tycoon idle clicker games partly lies in the numerous in-game events it holds that provide unique rewards for the completion of certain objectives within the duration of the event. Events may have varying themes and objectives in general, but getting extra gold, mega bucks, and even badges ought to be reason enough for you to spend time on it and boost your overall game progress even farther.

adventure capitalist limited event

Events are essentially similar to how you normally play the default mode of AdVenture Capitalist. However, there are endless supplies of goals to be cleared for points, and points accumulated within the event period determine the rewards you obtain. With these unique mechanics in play, actually focusing on profits and purchasing upgrades surprisingly won’t be the way to go as you have to consider the possibility that the upgrades you do will eventually form part of the objectives that pop up later on.

Despite the usual craving for higher profits, you will have to prioritize satisfying the goals laid out for you even if it means investing earnings in businesses that generate measly amounts of cash. Keep in mind that while certain milestones offer generous rewards, you should also keep on pushing to score more points if you can as earning good spots on the leaderboards will earn you additional rewards.

That is all we have for you as far as our AdVenture Capitalist guide is concerned. We hope that with all the tips and strategies we shared, your path towards becoming a top money tycoon in the game has become clearer and shorter than ever. Always remember that more time spent on the game naturally yields higher profits and with a strategic approach and prioritization over every dollar you invest will boost profit streams even further. If there are additional tips, cheats or strategies you are aware of and would like to share them with us and our readers, feel free to do so through the comment section!


Tuesday 7th of July 2020

The trick to winning is to get plenty of sleep. An “event” lasts about 3 days and there’s a twelve plus hour gap before the next one starts. So make sure you get a full twelve hours sleep twice a week, every week.


Sunday 8th of September 2019

When i first played this i got a good way into it then lost all my progress with a broken phone.

I have since finished it to the point there's nothing left to do.

It's enjoyable but you have to be patient as it can take time