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Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Defeat Your Opponents

Kongregate’s new game Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre is available now for Android and iOS mobile platforms. We’d even call it a wrestling game for those who don’t want to pay for WWE 2K or download MDickie’s Weekend Warriors for free, and may feel overwhelmed by both those games’ features. This is a casual, few-frills game from a leading developer, and in this installment of the Burrito Bison series, he’ll be teaming up with new characters Pineapple Spark and El Pollo, bouncing around, eating cake, flying, and laying the smackdown on opponent after opponent Can you catch the evil chef in this game, make the right upgrades to make your chosen wrestlers better, and crack as many pinatas as possible?

Those are just a few of the game’s features, and compared to the wrestling games we mentioned above, this one’s far simpler. But what isn’t always simple is making it far in this game, and it’s even harder to get to the evil chef, which is this game’s first-of-its-kind (for the series) final boss. Still, we’d like to think we can make these things easier for you, as we now present our list of Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre tips and tricks.

1. Critical Hits Do The Trick

When facing your opponents in this ring, things aren’t as pre-determined as they are in the real world of wrestling. That is, you will be able to detect those moments when your opponent is easy pickings, and ripe for the attack. Launching yourself at an opponent when they’re in a vulnerable state would give you a critical hit, and that’s going to do a great deal more damage than you usually would. Fortunately, a lot of the heels (bad guys) in this game are fairly easy to beat, and it shouldn’t take you long to figure out how to take them out with a crit hit.

2. General Tips For Getting Critical Hits In On Opponents

Moving on to certain ways you can use the critical hit mechanic to your advantage, let’s start with Harry Bow-Tie, your first opponent. He comes to the ring wielding a megaphone, and he will stop to speak on the megaphone every two seconds or so. Use that time when he’s speaking to sneak up on him for a crit hit. For other opponents, Bernerds will stop to point and laugh at you, but he’s completely vulnerable at that time. And Beaster Bunny, while he does pause to celebrate or taunt, does so by leaping into the air and flexing. Try to get him while he’s in the process of flexing for best chances of a critical hit.

As a bonus tip, having the Taco Paparazzi power-up allows you to freeze your opponent in their vulnerable state, leaving you with more time to get a crit hit in.

3. Use The Rocket Slam To Maintain Speed

Momentum is key when you’re playing the game. You’ll be able to keep moving if you get rid of more Gummies, but the catch here is that you lose some of your speed. At least it wouldn’t be as bad as bouncing off the ground, as that’s going to do quite a number on your speed; you want to avoid doing this move whenever you could. So what can you do to maintain your speed? The Rocket Slam can do the trick, so be sure you’ve got at least one charge in case of those times when you make that bounce and lose a good percentage of your speed. And as a bonus tip, Rocket Slams also allow you to maintain the height of your bounce.

4. All The Upgrades Can Be Of Help

For each upgrade you buy, you will get one purple star. And once your purple star total has gone up to 20, you’ll have access to the free three-hour piñata. Keeping in mind this reward, should you cherry-pick your upgrades, or should you get whichever one comes your way? We’d go with the latter, because all of the upgrades come with their share of benefits; it’s a pure win-win situation in that area. At the end of the day, you want to make it to 20 purple stars and beyond, as each set comes with progressively better rewards from the piñata.

5. Watch Ads For More Rewards

Just to set your expectations, you won’t be earning that much money early on for your upgrades. Even if you’ve gotten Pickpocket, it really won’t help your financial cause that much. So if you find a piñata, open it by watching a 30-second ad video. You’ll be rewarded with coins and more temporary power-ups, so opening one is always a good thing with a big payoff. Fortunately, things tend to improve once you’ve unlocked the 3-hour free piñata. You won’t have much trouble earing money once you’ve gotten it, but you’ll need to prepare for a long, hard struggle at first.

6. Stay Airborne

This might sound like a silly plan, but it actually works – if it’s possible, stay for as long as you could in the sky. The aforementioned Rocket Slams, as we mentioned, allow you to preserve your height for the most part, so if you execute one from a height, you’ll make a big bounce upwards. Stay in the air and stay there for longer by closely monitoring your area for the presence of the Gummies (now armed with bombs), Rocket Gummies, and Teddy Flare, who’s one of the game’s bad guys. You’d easily be able to reach them as they don’t hang out close to the ground, but you might need some help from the luck upgrade/power-up as the air holds its share of dangers, including those nasty Air Gummies.