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Nekosan Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Complete More Levels

Nekosan is a new iOS platformer from 1Button, the same company that gave us Mr. Jump. In this game you play the role of a cat who has to infiltrate a series of mouse dungeons to get the stars back. You’ll be doing more than just running; as a cat, you’ll also have to do some wall jumping, and your movements will likewise include some sliding. There are dozens of levels in the game, and you can navigate through them with simple one-touch controls.

It may sound easy, and if you played Mr. Jump before, you’ll find a lot of aspects of this new game to be very familiar. But the developer added several new twists to the mix, and it won’t be easy at all to make your way past the challenges and defeat some of the game’s levels. But there are always ways to make things easier, such as checking out our list of Nekosan tips and tricks below. Who knows – they may be just what you need to defeat those seemingly impossible levels.

1. Start With The Basics

Nekosan has one drawback that may be apparent to you in the early goings of the game. Namely, your cat will be awfully hard to control, and the controls to move him around aren’t explained in detail. But we’ve figured out the basics, and here’s what you can do to perform certain actions. Tap on your screen so that your cat moves forward; by default, this would be moving right, but the orientation may change and tapping will soon move him toward the direction he’s facing. If you’re going forward on a flat surface, you’ll have to fall or jump, and things could get tricky if you’re facing a moving obstacle that could end your run just like that. Tap once for a quick jump, but tap-and-hold if you need more height on it.

Changing directions can be done via the wall bounce; just bounce off a wall and you’ll move the opposite direction. Again, you’ll keep on moving by yourself if you’re on a flat surface, and if you change directions, you’ll have to be extra-vigilant and watch out for what lies on the other side.

2. The Game Says One Touch, So Stick To It

The game might not always be responsive, and there may be situations where you may try maneuvering with more than just one thumb. After all, two thumbs are normally better than one, and many gamers think they can make the cat move faster or more responsively. That may be true, but it’s not a good idea in most cases. As 1Button made it clear that this is meant to be a one-touch game, using two thumbs will usually be counterproductive. But you can still use two thumbs in certain situations, such as those times when the game just isn’t responsive enough.

3. You Will Die A Lot

Being that this game is a casual platformer, there are certain things you should be on the lookout for. For example, it won’t be unusual in any way if you encounter certain levels where your cat keeps dying each time you play. In fact, you may keep repeating those levels so often that you’ve multiplied the nine lives cats are supposed to have in the popular saying. So with that in mind, always carry a mindset that some levels will prove to be a chore.

4. Why Should You Watch An Ad?

Nekosan, like just about any other mobile game, comes with ads, though the ones that can help you out in the game are the ones that allow you to get more lives and more continues. Watch video ads if available, and get five new lives and three continues. Your continues can be used at any time in a level, and once they’re all used up, you’ll be forced to start the level from scratch. That means you should make use of your continues only if you’re close enough to reaching your goal; otherwise, you may be better off starting the level from square one.

5. Keep Yourself In Constant Motion

Make sure you’re ready to move once you’ve started a level. You won’t stop once you start moving, unless you don’t fall down or jump, unless you bump into a wall. That would require you to keep on tapping, and keep on thinking as you try to complete the level.

What else can you do in this game once you’ve started moving? For one, you’ll want to go for the floating white squares and use them as a second platform if you’re in a vast area without an actual platform. There’s no need to directly land on a square if you want to use it; just tap anywhere around or on it, and it will be of use. But once again, everything is non-stop once you’re in motion. Once you touch the square, tap to jump before the square disappears. Take a look at the square and familiarize yourself with the time it’s about to disappear. Fortunately, though, white squares come back after they disappear, and if you miss your last try to platform, you can always give it another shot.

6. Set Your Priorities Straight

You may want to achieve one of two things in this game – one, to hit the highest possible score, and two, unlock more characters. For the former goal, what you want to do here is to collect as many stars as possible so you can climb up the leaderboards. For the latter, you should collect golden fish, though this time around with no time limit to speak. The game allows you to replay levels you’ve already completed, and lets you collect any fish you may have missed out on in the previous play-through of that level.

These would be our tips and tricks for 1Button’s new mobile game, Nekosan. In case you other hints for the game, let us know in the comment section!