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Cookie Clickers 2 Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Become a Cookie King

Are you feeling the pressure from too much work? Are you frustrated and nothing is working out for you? Or are you just plain bored out of your mind? The solution to your hundred and one dilemmas in life is here. Battle your frustration and boredom by tapping away on the screen of your smartphone in the brand new Cookie Clickers 2. This tap to play game is a sequel to the insanely popular Cookie Clickers by the same gaming powerhouse of redBit Games. Cookie Clickers 2 is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store.

The game comes in a reasonably tiny package size of only 38MB and provides days and days of gameplay in that size unless you become so addicted that you manage to end the game in 24 hours. The game receives regular love from the developers and they pay close attention to the suggestions and criticism from players striving to always maintain and increase the standard of this game. The most recent version of Cookie Clickers 2 is version 1.1.5 and was updated on 28 October 2016.

Cookie Clickers 2 is one of the rare purely taps to play games available both for Apple and Android operating devices. The game stems from a browser version of the game with the same name that got immense popularity in a relatively short amount of time on the internet. Introduced in an age where flash gaming was the latest thing, the original Cookie Clickers game quickly gained a loyal and devoted player base through its unique and extremely addictive gameplay.

cookie clickers 2 tips

This game basically continues upon the original browser based game and incorporates all the elements of gameplay in addition to providing a beautiful looking and highly interactive user interface. Where the original Cookie Clickers browser based game was just a mindless clicking game where the main objective was to obtain as many cookies as you could, the mobile game builds upon an interesting storyline and takes you on an adventure as you compete with your friends on Facebook for the title of Cookie God!

The gameplay mechanics of Cookie Clickers 2 are fairly straightforward and the game is designed to be played by players of all ages and genders so naturally the difficulty level is quite low. However, earning the title of Cookie God in the game is something reserved only for the most dedicated and passionate players. The game has an exponential reward rate but that comes coupled with an even more sharply increasing price rate for upgrades and power ups in the game.

Purchasing in game items or the Golden Cookies as they are referred to in Cookie Clickers 2 is also an alternative option for those players whose fingers start aching from tapping on the screen too much or if you think tapping the screen too fast might be detrimental to the health of your smartphone. Therefore, if you are not a pay to play player, this guide includes some tips on how to proceed with your upgrades in order to level up the fastest and follow the fastest path to becoming the true Cookie God!

1. Ignore The Level Objectives

Yes you read that right! Instead of blindly following the leveling up pattern that the game has set out for you, it is prudent to go for a much faster and easier route of gameplay. Cookie Clickers 2 is a game where you have to define your priorities at the start of the game and act according to them. So first of all you will have to decide whether you are a Clicker or a Watcher. A Clicker is at the true core of this game and spends hours upon hours clicking on the giant cookie in the middle of the screen to earn cookies through the hardship of your fingers, not to mention the endless tapping that the screen of your smartphone has to endure.

cookie clickers 2 map

On the other hand, a Watcher achieves a certain base click per second rate and lets the game do the work for him or her after that. However, the Watcher will still be spending almost as much time as the Clicker on-screen except for the fact that he or she will not have to be incessantly tapping away on the screen like a maniac. Once you have decided the role you want to take up in Cookie Clickers 2, follow the defined pattern below of upgrades and power ups to achieve maximum results for each role.

2. Clicking Your Way To The Heavens

So you have decided to become a Clicker! This is the chosen path of warriors, the true men who never hesitate to give their all in the quest to rise above the mortal quagmire of simpleton cookie makers. Beware of the dangers that will beset you when you take this path for they are not few and certainly not easy to overcome.

The first and foremost requirement of following the path of the Clicker is to make sure your fingers are very well rested and you are not in a family gathering or public event where you could be scolded for the extreme clicking behaviour that is required. You begin with zero cookies and only a giant cookie in the center of the screen of your smartphone. Click on this and you will bake a cookie. One click is always equal to one cookie baked no matter the source of that click.

cookie clickers 2 lucky spin

No extra perks or auto-click benefits are available to you at the start of the game but as you progress to bake more and more cookies many upgrades and power ups will start to unlock. Remember, you have chosen the path of the Clicker so it is best to invest your cookies into upgrades and perks that increase the power of your clicks. Do not spend your cookies on the offline mode generator after 1 upgrade point because you will not get any advantage from this upgrade unless you leave your WiFi on for the whole day.

Try to get as many levels as possible into the “increase your click power” upgrade as this will be your bread and butter for baking much more cookies in the game. Getting many levels into this upgrade will be quite difficult as the cookie requirement for each successive upgrade exponentially increases. There is a solution to this problem: as soon as you get the first golden coins, instantly unlock the perk known as “Choco Milk”.

This perk allows you to gain a cookie click multiplier of 10 times more for both the maximum and minimum limit which allows you to gain an insane amount of cookies in a very short amount of time while the multiplier boost is active. It also reactivates after every 300 seconds therefore it is a must have perk to get the maximum benefit of combining maximum clicks per second with double power of clicks as a result of the upgrade points you put into the “increase your click power” perk.

Another core tip for all players who have decided to follow the path of the Clicker is to avoid spending golden cookies on additional features like “Lucky Spin” or the “Time Machine”. Both of these features eat up your gold coins very fast and you will not be able to save up for the later perks which give you a really huge boost like the “Mint Milk” and “Strawberry Milk” perk both of which nearly double the click multiplier you can achieve for a short period of time.

At the end it all comes down to how much time you can spare for this epic time wasting game. Be mindful of the fact that clicking away at the giant cookie is a very addictive experience and you will find yourself unable to think about anything else while you are senselessly tapping away on the screen of your smartphone. Therefore choose with caution and do not let Cookie Clickers 2 take over your life and the human Universe!

3. Watching The Magic Happen

It seems like the passionate path of the Clicker warrior was not one destined for you. No matter, wizards and magicians have always been one step ahead and even stronger than many legendary warriors so fret not. Rejoice in the knowledge that this path requires much less physical effort and can potentially save you from embarrassing yourself in a crowd or an important meeting.

Unlike the path of the Clicker, you do need any physical strain for this path but you do need a good amount of mental concentration and decision making ability. Needless to say this path is for those clever players who have found the way to make the game work for them while they sit back, relax and watch the magic happen on the screen of their smartphone.

cookie clickers 2 tricks

Once you have chosen the path of the “Watcher”, the first thing you need to make sure of is to follow the objectives given to you by the game for at least the first 7 levels. This will ensure that you get a handsome collection of Grandmas, Bakers and Cookie Farms. You need to mainly focus upon increasing your idle clicks per second which indicate the number of auto-clicks that the game is performing while you are not touching the screen at all.

This idle production is known as your base CPS and can be seen anytime from the Stats menu or simply by touching nothing on the screen for 30 seconds or so. Upgrades like the “Autoclicker”, “Grandmas”, “Baker” and “Cookie Factories” are a few initial perks to increase your CPS. Do not try to upgrade the initial few perks beyond a level of 5 because they start to cost in hundreds of thousands of cookies and provide only 1 to 3 clicks per second increase.

Instead always try to buy the larger cookie producing buildings as they are most cost effective and produce a much larger amount of cookies. For example once you unlock both the “Cookie Cloner” and “Cookie Accelerator”, upgrade only 1 point for the “Cookie Cloner” and then buy the “Cookie Accelerator” because it provides you with an increase of 300 CPS while the “Cookie Cloner” only grants you an additional 100 CPS increase with an insanely expensive upgrade price for the second level. Choose similarly as you continue leveling up and unlocking newer perks to make the best use of your cookie production.

Just like you choose to give first priority to “increase your click power” while on the path of the “Clicker”, here you will have to give the utmost importance to the perk “increase your offline production”. Each point in this perk grants you an increase of 5% for the offline production of your cookies. This is a unique feature not found in any other clicking game on the market. The offline production feature enables you to close the game and do whatever you want on your mobile while the game continues accumulating a fixed percentage of cookies based upon the current base CPS that you have.

The concept might seem a bit difficult to understand but it is really quite easy if you don’t get baffled by calculations. Let us take an example that you have a current base CPS of 1000 (quite easy to achieve) and you have upgraded the offline production perk by 6 points. Upgrading the production by 6 points gives you a 30% increase in offline production while you are not playing the game. This simply means,

(1000 multiplied by 30% = 1000 x 0.30 =300CPS).

Therefore you can get,

(300 x 60 x 60) = 1.08 Million cookies per hour!!

Amazed? The path of the “Watcher” is magical and you will have to put in minimal effort into the game if you follow the tips mentioned in this guide with the zeal and fervor of a real wizard’s apprentice.

4. Golden Cookies Are Your Treasure

In game currencies are getting increasingly popular these days and just like any other new game, Cookie Clickers 2 also has its in game purchasing currency which is known as “Golden Cookies”. You will first be introduced to the golden cookie and its various purchasing options during the beginning 10 levels of the game. Cookie Clickers 2 will also give out 30 golden cookies to you upon the successful completion of all three objectives listed for level 10.

Remember to not spend these cookies on the purchase of any other perk except for the “Choco Milk” upgrade. The earlier upgrades are really not worth the spending of Golden Cookies and neither should you be tempted to spend these on the “Lucky Spins” and “Time Machines”.

cookie clickers 2 rewards

Unlike many other games on the market however, Cookie Clickers 2 has granted a great in game mechanism for obtaining cookies which is heavily in favor of the players who have chosen the “Clicker” path. There is a random Golden Cookie drop while you are playing the game and you can click on the rapidly moving cookie to add it into your current golden cookie balance which is displayed in a small bar in the center of the screen of your smartphone.

Be mindful of the screen however because this elusive cookie passes by in a flash and you have to display lightning fast reflexes in order to click on it in time. In a way this promotes another positive aspect of Cookie Clickers 2 which is that it increases the concentration and attention span of dedicated players while also markedly improving their reflexes.

Another great way to earn free Golden cookies in the game without much effort is to head over to the More (eaten cookie with a plus sign) and perform the different tasks listed there. For example liking the Facebook page of redBit and following them on Twitter. The liking and follow grant you a Golden Cookie one time only but there is a third option which gives you Golden Cookies every time you watch a sponsor ad or video by clicking on the “Watch A Video” link.

Despite all these in game options to help you out with your thirst for Golden Cookies, if you still feel a hunger for more, than you need to put a point in the perk “Golden Rain” and subsequently its higher levels which provide great benefits to those who have chosen the “Clicker” style of play. The “Golden Rain” perk grants you a drop of 3 Golden Cookies each time you complete a 1000 clicks on the giant cookie.

A progress par in yellow shows you how far you are from the drop and you can use this to your advantage and be prepared for when the Cookies drop and you click on them. It is quite hard to get the maximum amount of cookies but you can easily get at least one cookie from the drop and for Clickers who are already doing a lot of clicking this is not a bad payoff at all.

Marcin Galardziak

Monday 27th of July 2020

Cant upgrade power click to level 40. IT says its maxed


Saturday 14th of March 2020

I don’t know how to unlock the blacked out secret upgrade, does anyone else know how?


Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Buy the previous upgrades before it, it's a progressive game you can't skip upgrades.


Saturday 11th of May 2019

i cant even get the 5x multiplier


Sunday 14th of July 2019

Just tap a lot


Saturday 9th of June 2018

how to get the cps boost tv??


Friday 27th of July 2018

Its near cps


Saturday 29th of July 2017

Keep tapping the cookie and the multiplier will stay x5