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BitLife Vampire Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Vampire Challenge

After initially being known as a company that made casual games, Candywriter truly became a household name among iOS and Android gamers late in 2018 when it released BitLife. Now standing out as the most popular life simulator game for mobile devices, this title puts you in control of a virtual character, or Bitizen, as you make various life decisions for them from birth to death. May the decisions be good or bad, it’s all up to you, as there are now 40 ribbons and well over a hundred achievements to collect. There are also limited-time Challenges to complete, as these special events ask you to meet certain themed requirements before they go offline.

Following last week’s short, sweet, and simple 420 Challenge, Candywriter has just launched another fairly easy challenge, and this time, it’s all about living your life as close as possible to that of a vampire. And that would mean someone of the Count Dracula variety, and not the Edward Cullen variety, as we’ll be explaining in a bit! So with that having been said, let’s get things started with our latest BitLife mini-guide, where we discuss the game’s new Vampire Challenge and talk you through what you need to do in order to complete it as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

The Easy Parts – Living In Romania And Owning An Old, Haunted House

Compared to other Challenges we’ve completed since the feature first debuted, the Vampire Challenge sits rather low on the list in terms of difficulty. Yes, there may be a few wrinkles along the way, but before we get there, let’s get the easy parts out of the way and talk about the first thing you need to do in order to qualify.

bitlife vampire challenge requirements

As stated in the game, you need to be born in Romania or emigrate to the country to qualify for the Vampire Challenge. After all, this is where Transylvania is located (you don’t necessarily need to be born/emigrate there), so it makes sense that you are required to hail from Dracula’s home country. Since emigration won’t always list Romania among the choices, it’s much easier to create a new Bitizen and have them be born in Romania in order to automatically fulfill the first requirement.

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Another easy, if slightly time-consuming requirement is the one that asks you to buy a haunted house that’s at least a hundred years old. Now this one is all about quitting the game and restarting it until you see a haunted house in your price range that also happens to be at least a century old. This may require you to have a high-paying job for best results, but bear in mind that there are some cheaper haunted houses that may become available if you’re patient enough.

You’ll Need To Be At Least A Little Violent For This Challenge

Well before vampires became hip and trendy thanks to the Twilight book and movie series, they were scary, vicious creatures that preyed on unsuspecting people, drinking their blood in order to live hundreds of years and continue their reign of terror. But before we get to the part about living long in order to complete the Vampire Challenge, we need to talk about the violent acts that vampires are known for — you won’t have to drink anyone’s blood for this, but you will definitely need to bite a few people along the way.

how to attack a bully in bitlife

For the most part, this is quite simple, as you can start biting people in childhood — it may be in retaliation against the class bully or a reaction to the class clown’s latest act of mischief. But whenever a fighting opportunity arises, you’ll need to choose the “Bite” option and do this at least three times for the Vampire Challenge. It doesn’t have to be a bite in the neck or in the throat — just as long as you’re sinking your teeth into the person you’re fighting. This, too, applies in the workplace, as chances are you’ll encounter at least one workplace bully or rumor-monger you could choose to attack.

Now the Bite option wouldn’t always be available in fighting scenarios, so you can either quit BitLife and restart, or if the opportunities don’t come along in school or at work, you can create them yourself by going to the club once you reach adulthood and picking a fight.

bitlife murder

Aside from biting people three times, you will also need to impale at least three people in your lifetime. Like Bite, Impale isn’t always available in the Murder option under Crime, so this may require a few quit-and-restart cycles. It also isn’t as easy to get away with as pushing someone down the stairs or off a cliff or killing them via drive-by shooting, but it’s definitely more effective and hassle-free than, say, going for the Atomic Wedgie or Fastball to Head. We recommend spacing out your kills in order to avoid ending up on the wrong side of the law and potentially shortening your life due to the stress that comes along with a long jail sentence. (That is, if you aren’t sentenced to death!)

Live Till A Hundred And You’re All Set

Last, but not least, BitLife’s Vampire Challenge requires you to live until the age of 100 in order to complete it. If you’re a veteran player, you should know exactly what to do or what not to do in order to live a long in-game life, but just to recap things, we would recommend that you stay away as much as possible from drugs and alcohol — having a few drinks at the club is fine as long as you don’t become an alcoholic, but drugs are a definite no-no. It’s also a good idea to double down on the healthy living by choosing a healthy diet like Mediterranean in the Diet section under Activities, work out regularly at the gym or take a martial arts class, or even as much as take a walk, the latter of which is an available option from childhood onward.

bitlife 100 years of age

Aside from staying at 100 percent health or close to it for most of your life, you’ll also want that Happiness bar to be as close to 100 percent as possible. To this end, many of the above activities (working out, learning martial arts, walking) can increase Happiness. You can also use the Spend Time With All feature in Relationships for an instant Happiness boost — just make sure you don’t have a substantial number of enemies, or family and friends that you aren’t in good terms with, because that could cause it to be counter-productive! Meditation likewise helps improve both Happiness and Health stats, so that’s something else you can explore on a regular basis.

Additionally, we suggest avoiding stressful situations — if you don’t have God Mode and aren’t able to edit your bosses’ stats, it’s better to quit your job and find a new one for the sake of this challenge, rather than work an ungodly schedule under an oppressive boss that could cause you to suffer from high blood pressure! The fact that you’ll be living in a haunted house and definitely encountering a spirit or two can also stress a Bitizen out and reduce their stats dramatically, so we suggest choosing the option that allows you to stay calm, as opposed to screaming, calling the cops, or investigating further.

If you follow the steps we mentioned, you should have a good chance of living up to a hundred years old or above — this is the most time-consuming step, but arguably a necessary one if you want to complete the Vampire Challenge.