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BitLife 420 Challenge Guide: How to Complete the 420 Challenge

BitLife, as most of you may know by now, has been around since late 2018 as arguably the most popular life simulator game for iOS and Android device owners. Made by Candywriter, this game introduced the concept of challenges a few months back, and in here, you will be asked to live your Bitizen’s life in a certain way and complete a number of tasks in order to complete it. These are limited-time events, however, though one recently launched feature now allows you to complete select, archived Challenges after the fact.

After a series of comparatively difficult challenges, we’re glad to inform you that the latest one that Candywriter launched appears to be one of their easiest yet. And since that challenge was launched on April 20 — a day close to the heart of pot smokers around the world — it is, not surprisingly, called the 420 Challenge, one where you will have to work as a farmer, become a parent to a daughter named Maryjane, and spend at least 30 years snacking on junk food.

bitlife 420 challenge requirements

Of course, there may be a few wrinkles along the way that you may need to deal with, but we’ve got them all covered in this new BitLife mini-strategy guide, which covers everything there is to know about the all-new 420 Challenge. (You’ll want to hurry up, though, as it expires in just two days and there’s no telling when it’ll be archived!)

It’s The 420 Challenge, But Trying Marijuana Isn’t a Requirement

Normally, Bitizens will have the chance to smoke some marijuana when visiting a club and a random partygoer (or dealer) offers a joint. And since 4:20 p.m. is the universal time to get high, with April 20 also serving as every stoner’s favorite “holiday,” you may think that having a toke at the club will help you complete the 420 Challenge. On the contrary — smoking weed is NOT a requirement, despite the name of the challenge. And that should be a relief, because the diet you’ll need to go on will almost instantly make you too “ugly” to go clubbing!

Basically, the first thing you need to do is to be born in a city, state, or country where recreational marijuana is legal. There’s a growing list of areas around the world where the cops won’t bust you for having a joint, but to make things easy, Denver (Colorado, US) is definitely a safe choice for a birthplace when creating your Bitizen, as are Canada and Uruguay.

From age 1 to 16-18, you don’t really need to do anything special. But once you reach the age of 16, you have the option to drop out of school — or you could finish high school, just the same — and go to work as a Farmer. You can also start making love to your partner by the time you turn 16, and while this may require some quitting and restarting of the app once you or your partner gets pregnant (or aging up a bit and going the organic — no pun intended — route while waiting to have a daughter), the important thing is that you have a daughter and name her Maryjane.

bitlife baby girl maryjane

It doesn’t matter whether or not your relationship with Maryjane will remain perfect all throughout until the end of the challenge. But just as long as it reaches 100 percent by the end of the challenge, that automatically satisfies the fourth requirement. Simply keep complimenting her every year or spending time with her (and everyone else you’re close to) through the Spend Time with All feature, and you should be set in this area.

The Hot Cheetos Diet Is Unhealthy, But It Won’t Kill You

The final and most time-consuming part of the 420 Challenge is going on a Hot Cheetos Diet for 30 years — that will cost you $200 a month ($2,400 a year), but on a Farmer’s annual salary, that should not be much of a problem at all. And while you may be concerned about the fact that this is a very unhealthy diet that will zero out your Health and Looks stats after just a couple years, it doesn’t appear to result in a high mortality rate — provided you go on it by the time you turn 18 or 19 (after getting a Farmer job, of course) and don’t encounter any kind of stressful situation that could take its toll on your health, e.g. unreasonable working hours.

bitlife hot cheetos diet

Aside from the random Health boosts that could pop up after hitting on Age (getting a Looks boost is optional), you may need to go to the hospital and spend close to $1,000 to be treated for Malnutrition. This could happen twice or thrice over the 30-year time span in which you should be on the Hot Cheetos diet, so make sure to go to the doctor once prompted, as this will give you a small Health and Looks boost and, more importantly, avoid any further complications or premature death that could prevent you from completing the challenge!