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BitLife Black Widow Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Black Widow Challenge

Candywriter has been on a roll since releasing BitLife late in 2018, as the massively popular life simulator for iOS and Android devices has arguably been the best in its genre for well over a year and counting. Throughout that time, the company has rolled out regular updates that add new features and improve on existing ones, but while waiting for the next big update following version 1.34 (10 new ribbons), they recently debuted a new challenge to keep those loyal fans busy.

On Sunday, Candywriter launched the latest challenge in a growing series of limited-time tasks or quests that have been helpful in keeping players coming back to the game on a regular basis. This time, they took to the dark side, as the Black Widow Challenge requires you to create a female character, then have them kill each of their six husbands right after making love to them.

Based on what we’ve seen, this is much easier than some of the recent challenges, but since we want to help you finish it as quickly as we did — or finish it faster than we did — this BitLife guide shall focus on how to complete the Black Widow Challenge with as little rework as possible.

Only Husbands Count In This Challenge

It’s a mistake we happened to make when we attempted the Black Widow Challenge, but it’s one that you can easily correct if you catch it early like we did. BitLife specifically states that in order to complete the new challenge, you need to be controlling a female character, and you need to marry six husbands and kill each and every one of them after you make love.

bitlife black widow challenge requirements

This is pretty much how the black widow spider operates (except for the husband part, of course), but since humans can get married and can get widowed once their spouses die (or get killed), it’s important that you and your partner are actually married before you do the deed and get rid of them right after — boyfriends do not count!

We cannot stress that enough, because as your kill count gets higher in BitLife, two things will happen. One, your would-be victims will start getting more and more suspicious and would either end up calling the cops or fighting back in self-defense. Two, the police will also be getting more and more suspicious on their end — if you kill enough people, you may be captured by authorities the next time you hit the Age button, thus resulting in a court trial or an immediate prison or outright death sentence!

making love in bitlife

In our case, we accidentally killed one boyfriend post love-making before our character married him, so we don’t recommend going over this one unintentional kill. Make sure you’re actually married before anything else.

Don’t Mind The Prenup – You Get Their Money After They Die

In the recent Gold Digger Challenge, the matter of prenuptial agreements was quite an important one, because signing one would prevent you from getting any money from your ex once either party files for divorce. In the Black Widow Challenge, that does not matter one bit, for the simple reason that you’ll be getting your victim’s fortune right after you kill him, regardless whether he insisted on a prenup or not.

bitlife wedding planning

And since there’s no requirement stating that you need to accumulate a certain amount of money through inheritances, you don’t need to look for a particularly rich husband either.

Have Some Variety When Killing Each Husband

As most BitLife players should know, some methods of killing an NPC character are easier to pull off than others. Drive-by shootings and pushing someone down the stairs or off a cliff have a fairly high success rate without your character getting caught or the victim turning the tables on you, while other methods, such as Fastball to Head and Atomic Wedgie, tend to yield a much lower batting average.

bitlife late relationships

But you wouldn’t want to go with successive drive-by shootings on multiple victims, for instance. This, as we’ve observed, could oftentimes draw the attention of the law sooner than you’d like! It’s just like how real-life law enforcement works — once they notice a pattern, it’s easier for them to catch a suspected killer.

Instead of sticking to just one method, we advise mixing it up every kill or so — for example, you can kill husband #1 via drive-by, husband #2 by pushing him down the stairs, husband #3 by poisoning his drink, husband #4 again by drive-by, and so on. Just as long as you avoid using the same method twice in a row, that should usually reduce the rework of having to quit the app and restart it each time your kill attempt gets foiled.


Wednesday 15th of April 2020

Do i have to kill all 6 husbands in one life?


Friday 17th of April 2020