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Idle Life Sim Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Increase Your Earnings

Codigames has been in the mobile game development industry since 2012 and continues to be a reputable provider of successful titles. Although the company has developed and published a number of games across various genres, the most popular ones in its current app portfolio containing 14 games all fall within the simulation category, idle clicker games to be more precise.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon, Idle Supermarket Tycoon, and Hotel Empire Tycoon stand as Codigames’ most popular games with the first two banking well over 10 million downloads from Google Play alone as well as taking respectable spots within top lists of games on both mobile gaming platforms. Suffice to say, Codigames has grown to be an expert in the idle clicker genre in that mobile players who love enjoy these types of games should well be looking after new releases from the company.

Idle Life Sim is a new simulation title from Codigames, that’s available on both iOS and Android. At first glance, the 3D graphics and overall appearance of the world that greets you as you dive into Idle Life Sim makes it stand out among most, if not all, other simulation games in the mobile gaming market. Beyond that, you can tell early on that Idle Life Sim has a lot to offer to make your virtual second life as interesting as it possibly can with the numerous mechanics and features that it contains.

The game’s overall package gives a light and stress-free environment. With the number of features it holds, the tutorial at the beginning of your adventure as well as the tips that pop up every once in a while is enough to make the game easy for players of varying ages and expertise. In truth, there are no right or wrong ways to go about playing your virtual life in Idle Life Sim and regardless of what you do, you will continue to gain income.

As far as earning money is concerned, however, there is a huge disparity in profit between playing actively and staying idle. While you are actively playing as well, there will always be more efficient ways than others as far as strategizing is concerned. If you want to know more about the fastest ways to level up and the most efficient means of boosting your income, then stay with us and check out our Idle Life Sim beginner’s guide below!

1. Start With The Career You Are Mostly Interested In

One of the most exiting aspects of Idle Life Sim starts as soon as you dive into the game as you will be made to choose between 4 distinct career choices based on what you are mostly interested in. Naturally, there are no right or wrong choices here and each career choice offers practically the same level of profitability and growth for your avatar. While there are possibly more career choices to be included in Idle Life Sim following future updates, you can currently choose from among Art, Gastronomy, Sports, and Technology as a career choice.

idle life sim career paths

Just to set your expectations a bit when it comes to the jobs you can progress to within each field of expertise, know that each career choice offers a wide range of promotions following linear progression. Right now, there are no choices within each career path as every bit of progress you make within each specialization ultimately leads to the same peak job within the profession. For the most part, decisions involved will largely center around which upgrades to upgrade on first as each one offers unique perks that can boost your growth or provide discounts with certain purchases.

As much as you might be hesitant at first to choose from among the available career choices, you should know that there will be an opportunity to explore other careers later on. While it can be a challenge the manage the life of your virtual character at first, you will eventually get used to it enough in that you will be able to manage more than 1 avatar.

2. Prioritize Some Career Upgrades Over Others

Idle Life Sim may present a lot of goals you want to achieve and progress can be determined by a lot of factors. The size of your house and the number of rooms it has along with the amount of furniture you can put on it is one of them. Your avatar’s level along with his or her status can be considered as another and the number of furniture you have purchased can be another indicator.

For total beginners, there may be a bit of confusion as to how to go about making good progress considering all of the above indicators. These factors, however, are all linked together and one leads to another so for a more focused progression plan, you should start with investing in your character as that will lead to progression on all aspects of the game.

idle life sim career upgrades

As you start your career in Idle Life Sim, you will notice that there are upgrades you can learn to improve your life as well as obtain the means to be promoted to a higher paying job. You can view your avatar’s career status, the upgrade modules you can learn, and the required level and upgrade count you need to meet to proceed to the next career level. Upon close inspection of the available upgrades, you will notice that each one comes with its own perk and while all of these boosts will prove to be beneficial for you, some should be prioritized over others.

To start off, money will be your top concern early on as you need more money to upgrade your career with learnings, purchase more furniture to boost your status, and eventually move to a more extravagant residence to have more space for your assets. As each career will exhibit upgrade modules that boost income by a certain percentage per level, this should be your top priority.

Although each upgrade level will cost more as the level goes higher, do not worry about it much as every bit of money you put in will eventually return to you as you continue to earn a higher income.

There are also upgrade modules in the career window that can boost status increases. It may be difficult to notice or appreciate the percentage difference at first but as you gain more status through purchasing furniture and placing them in your home, the status boost’s impact will become more significant.

One thing to take into account as you spend some of your money on career upgrades is that moving on to the next promotion level only requires you to complete a certain number of upgrades. There will definitely be more available than what you need to max out so if there are still upgrades you need to meet to be promoted and the above modules are all maxed out, then you can invest some cash in upgrades that reduce the price of furniture.

Effectively, this will work more on your spending capacity as reduction in the price of items that you need almost means giving more value to your money. In essence, maxing out upgrades that reduce the cost of furniture is also a practical investment.

3. Choose The Furniture That Aligns With Your Profession

One of the key indicators of your progress in Idle Life Sim can be attributed to your level or status that increases with every furniture you have displayed within your home. Yes, as much as you have an infinite amount storage within your virtual inventory, all items within it do not contribute to your status until after the item is placed within your residence.

Initially, you may be limited by the amount of money you have to keep on purchasing new items. Later on, however, the more critical concern stands with amount of space you have inside your house, which is why one of your perennial objectives is to move into a bigger house until you have all the items you want within it and can afford empty space beyond what you need.

idle life sim furniture

When you try top shop for furniture by tapping on the cart icon at the lower right side of the screen, tapping on each available item for sale will show you how much status it can give you. Of course, more expensive items tend to give higher amounts of status points but you will come to discover later in the game that going for furniture with the larger status boost is the best way to go.

As the yellow crown is the symbol of status, be on the lookout for furniture that have a x2 status bonus on them. These are usually items that relate to your chosen career so going after them not only grants a more consistent overall design to your home’s interior, but also helps you level up faster.

Whenever you visit the shop, always take note of the remaining time it would take for it to refresh or update the items for sale for you to see a new set of items. As furniture with a x2 status bonus may be a challenge to appear consistently, you would want to visit the shop as often as you want to chance upon purchasing more of them. If it becomes too difficult, you can at least settle for items that provide a good amount of status boost. In any case, there are plenty of ways to earn cash and what can be more tricky is balancing your remaining savings across upgrades, furniture, and of course, new houses.

4. Spend Idle Time On Extra Jobs

Your present progress level in your career in Idle Life Sim dictates how much income you earn every hour which is actually 5 seconds in real time. As much as there are job upgrades that you can learn to boost your income, having additional means to further increase it will always be a welcomed feature. Fortunately, Idle Life Sim provides for extra means for you to earn more income, and the most basic is through the extra job feature.

idle life sim extra jobs

As you begin to dive into Idle Life Sim’s world, you will quickly notice the “play” at the bottom of the screen with a clear indicator of a double cash. It is actually the extra jobs feature of the game where watching a short video ad will double your income for 10 minutes. You can stack watching 6 videos to have a double income boost for an hour. Playing at least 6 video ads per day will also earn you a gem pack. Gems are a premium currency in the game that you can use to purchase even more furniture from the shop. As such, every opportunity to earn more gems should not be missed.

5. Know When To Start Saving For A New House

As you continue to make progress in your career and your status in Idle Life Sim, The money you earn practically cycles back into expenditures you need to invest in to continue moving forward. Job upgrades are needed to push for promotion and furniture need to be bought to also earn higher status and reach new levels.

At some point, however, you will hit a barrier in both of these aspects. As far as the job is concerned, chances are that you will meet the number of upgrades required for promotion while your level may not be enough to push through with it.

how to save for a new house in idle life sim

On the other hand, you may still have loads of extra cash but purchasing new furniture may be pointless due to the lack of space within your current residence. If both of these situations represent your current standing, then it is time for you to focus all your efforts towards maximizing income to be able to move into a bigger house with more rooms and open spaces.

By clicking on the house icon just beside your character’s level on the upper left side of the screen, you can see where you are in terms of residential stature. On this page, you will also be able to see the next house you can move into, the number of rooms it has, along with the amount of cash you need to save to be able to afford it. Naturally, the costs are exponential from one house to the next one and will expectedly become more and more challenging as you move up the status ladder.

In any case, keep grinding and pushing until you have enough as the allure of more extra space, along with furniture reshuffling, should be enough to drive you to do so.

6. Avoid Spending On Clothes Or Upgrades Relating To Them

Every life simulation game on the market, along with some character-centric games, typically include being able to customize your avatar. In fact, most players consider the dressing up part of their virtual incarnation as a huge fun factor. In this sense, having a bigger collection of things to wear, from clothes down to facial accessories, becomes a part of most players’ spending budget.

idle life sim clothes

In as much as there is nothing wrong to spend a bit of your income on clothing, Idle Life Sim actually provides you new sets of clothes whenever you reach new levels. As fancy and unique clothes can make your avatar look like, however, it adds no value to your performance in the game and is not an attractive investment, as far as earning more cash or higher status is concerned.

As much as you can, and most especially if you want to progress faster, be sure to avoid or at least delimit your clothing-related expenditures. Keep in mind that cash and gems spent on them will have no valuable quantifiable returns. Relative to this, therefore, job upgrades that provide perks relating to discounts on clothing purchases ought to be kept as the least priority.

7. Try To Accomplish Objectives Within The Task Sheet

To add a bit more cash and gems to your inventory, be sure to check the square icon at the upper right corner of your screen. It may often appear as an empty box but once you see an exclamation mark within it, it means that it has a task for you waiting to be accomplished.

idle life sim task sheet

These tasks typically coincide with the usual activities you engage in as you progress in Idle Life Sim but completing these simple feats will reward you with lumps of ash as well as gems. As there will often be idle time while waiting to earn more cash to be earned or more furniture to become available, be sure to make it a habit to keep an eye on this icon.

8. Try Out Other Careers Via The Multiverse Feature

Going back to our earlier discussion on choosing the career that suits your tastes and interest the most, it can always happen that you will wonder about the different job experiences you will have if you chose another career. Thankfully, Idle Life Sim lets you start a new life with another character of your choosing who can choose a career other than the ones you have experienced before. You can actually try each career out and can play 4 distinct characters simultaneously.

how to use the multiverse feature in idle life sim

To start off, the only requisite for you to be able to start with another character is being able to promote your character 6 times. Once you do, the multiverse feature becomes available to purchase much like other job upgrades and will cost you nothing to unlock. For your second character, you will only be able to choose the other career choices that you have yet to try and the new avatar will start from scratch much like your first character did.

Take note that cash earned, properties, gems, and houses are all attached to the character and the only thing they share in the virtual world is the 2x income boost that you acquire by watching video ads under the extra job feature of Idle Life Sim. With this in mind, you should always consider the priority character when it comes to earning the free gems from the extra job. Other than that, each one works independently of the other or others.

It is very possible that you have already played Idle Life Sim a bit before you chanced upon our beginner’s guide. You may have chosen a different approach towards spending your money early on. With the multiverse feature, you will surely be able to do better starting up the career of your second avatar and if you are as hooked on this game as we are, chances are that you will be spending a lot of time juggling across managing each of the 4 characters you can have.

9. Take Advantage Of The Ad Boosts

While the extra job feature in Idle Life Sim that lets you double your profits for 10 minutes each is an ad boost itself, there are still a couple of ways to hasten your progress in the game at the cost of simply watching more video ads. There are actually no random ads that pop up in the game considering that it is an idle clicker game that typically house a lot of ads. Every video ad you will see, therefore, can only play following your decision to do so.

how to get boosters in idle life sim

While you are offline and away from the game, you will continue to earn for 1 hour. When you log back in, you can readily claim your earned income but there will be an opportunity for you to double its amount by watching an ad. Another great source of extra money is grandma who pays you a visit every once in a while. If you watch closely, you will see her take a rest just outside your home. If not, you will also see her icon pop up at the upper right side of your screen.

Do note that the amount of cash grandma will give you depends on the amount of money you have. So if you are a good grandkid who tends to save a lot of his or her earnings, then this would be a much better blessing for you.

And that sums up all the tips, cheats and strategies we have for Idle Life Sim. We certainly hope that you learned a lot from the topics we discussed and that you enjoyed reading it as well. Idle Life Sim certainly has more under its sleeve in future updates but if you have played the current version as much as we did and discovered your very own tips and strategies, feel free to share them with us!

Tony D

Monday 3rd of May 2021

It looks fun


Friday 19th of February 2021

alyse we earn population with going to partys. there is always a fashion woman if u click on it, u will see a timer if u wait utill it finished u should click on attend and wear right clothes and join the party.


Friday 19th of February 2021

I want to be under ground hacker but i need more population for it and i should wait 2 hours. how to skip that time? i cant wait 2 HOUERS. plzzzzzz reply if u know.

Kate H Brubaker

Monday 24th of August 2020

But don’t you need to buy clothes to attend the parties ?


Monday 11th of October 2021

@Kate H Brubaker, no, you don’t need clothes to attend. However, buying something to match the theme is recommended because it gives you more popularity.


Sunday 9th of August 2020

how do i gain popularity?