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Idle Mafia Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Syndicate and Expand Your Territory Fast

Century Game has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2013 and released a variety of games across various genres covering a wide range of audiences. Family Farm Seaside, Guns of Glory, and King of Avalon: Dragon War stand as its most downloaded games leading its 10-strong current app portfolio. Century Game has earned more than 100 million downloads across all its published games and continues to maintain largely positive average user review ratings for each of its released mobile titles.

Idle Mafia is a brand new casual simulation game from Century Game, that’s unlike anything you have played before. While the title on its own may sound a bit too generic, Idle Mafia actually sports a variety of mechanics and features that are surprisingly surpasses the usual level of fun and excitement you will find in most idle clicker games.

Think of it as a typical business sim game where your line of business is crime and your employees are… well, criminals. Business expansion is naturally not as straightforward as in most business sims considering that having money alone is never enough to embark on a new industry. If you enjoy idle clicker games and is on the current lookout for a fresh yet familiar take on the business sim genre, then you should definitely check Idle Mafia out.

Idle Mafia lets you get a fresh feel of what it is like to be crime lord starting from the bottom. Various opportunities lie within every city and it is up to you how much money you can earn and how fast you can earn them. From petty stealing down to taking protection money, the life you lead as a mob boss in the making requires the help of specialized individuals.

idle mafia strategies

In the case of Idle Mafia, you will need to recruit Capos with entirely different backgrounds and specializations to help run and expand your criminal empire. As your take on and manage different businesses in the city that becomes your territory, the only way forward is to move on to a bigger city with more opportunities and challenges that await.

The look and feel of playing Idle Mafia can give a solid impression that it is as simple as it looks. While there may be a couple of features you may not see in other idle clicker games, each mechanic in the game is simple enough even for complete beginners to understand and follow. The initial minutes will serve as a tutorial session, practically dictating every succeeding click you make as you learn the ropes of your new venture.

Idle Mafia is a simulation game that’s very easy to pick up and play. If you find yourself losing territorial fights and looking for ways to fight back, earn more cash and expand your territory, then read our Idle Mafia beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies. Our comprehensive Idle Mafia guide comes with loads of tips and tricks to pole vault your career into becoming the top Mafia boss.

1. Follow And Accomplish The Missions

The main activity you will engage in as you start your criminal career in every city revolves around opening up new businesses, or so it seems. These unique businesses are represented by structures at the center of the city and will take most of your time as you open them up one by one and upgrade each one accordingly. This serves as your basic source of cash and while focusing on it is good, what you should rather focus on are the missions at the top of your screen.

Initially, most missions will revolve around earning cash or reaching certain upgrade levels with some of your business activities. Later on, however, it will evolve to contain having to participate in unlocked game modes, earning certain amounts of cigars, spending them, or even using keys you have obtained to unlock vaults.

idle mafia missions

While initial levels only indicate one mission at a time, it will soon grow to have 3 accomplishable feats at one time. In any case, each level requires a certain number of missions to be completed before you are allowed to move into the next city, which is indicated by a bar above the missions. As such, it should be your priority to accomplish these missions so you can progress to the next level to conquer.

Do note that on top of the actual progress you make by accomplishing missions, each one holds valuable rewards that can help you a lot in terms of purchasing upgrades, hiring more Capos, and levelling them up. In case there is more than one mission at hand, accomplishing one of them and claiming the rewards for it will instantly unlock the next mission. With this method, you can choose to focus on a mission that is easier for you to finish as the next one that appears may also be more easily accomplishable than the other mission.

Relative to missions, it is also possible that 2 missions may appear with both having practically the same objective. As you may often be inclined to stray a bit far from the mission objectives, do keep in mind that you should often maintain a safe level of cigars and keys whenever missions that require consuming them pop up. As you complete the last mission needed to move on to the next city, it may happen that you will still have some missions left that you can still complete. For efficiency, though, it is best to go ahead and move to the next level.

2. Understand The Basic Business Sim Logic

Idle Mafia may have a very unique theme but in essence, its core mechanics rest on the usual business sim model most idle clicker enthusiasts should be gravely familiar with. In case you are a total beginner when it comes to the genre, we will be laying out the usual basic features common across all varieties of idle sim games.

The first business you open up will always be the cheapest. With that, each upgrade level you purchase will cost much less than all other businesses and profits will naturally be lower than all other businesses on its own. Each new business to be unlocked may cost more than upgrading the present ones but it is important to prioritize unlocking them as soon as you can so they can start earning.

idle mafia business logic

It is important to have a good understanding of how the basic business structure works in sim games and, especially in the case of Idle Mafia, completing missions fast and efficiently will often bank on your strategies when it involves cash and upgrades. Although there are numerous ways to progress your territory and each business will continue to earn profits regardless of how you handle them, there are naturally more effective ways of handling the enterprise in its entirety.

As we mentioned earlier, the first business will be the cheapest in every respect, which means that if the mission involves total number of upgrades, then you should heavily invest in them. If you notice, however, upgrades fill up a level bar and tremendously upgrade a business when completely filled up. This happens on levels 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 and so on. With the tremendous boost in a business’ profitability as a result of reaching milestones comes an increase in upgrade cost. At a certain point, therefore, the level 26 upgrade cost of the then more expensive business may cost less than the level 51 upgrade cost of the cheaper one. With this in mind, you need to constantly cycle around each business unit to check which one has the cheapest upgrade cost and focus on it till the next milestone.

Some missions will require you to purchase a certain number of upgrades on a specific business, typically starting from the first one up to the latest one that you have acquired. While you may easily be able to afford completing this mission in earlier levels, the latter levels will take a lot more cash to reach the required upgrade level. As such, still banking on the most expensive business to exponentially boost its profits is still the best option most especially if you are about to leave the game and have it earn for you while you are offline. In effect, it will take much less time for you to produce the needed cash to perform the needed upgrades.

3. Stop Upgrades On Milestones As Much As Possible

Every bit of upgrade on a business you spend on has its corresponding increase in the business’ profit. This feature makes it so that you would want to upgrade as much as you can, given that any increase in profit is good and that you would want to ensure that no cash stays idle. However, upgrades that reach a milestone as we discussed above, has tremendous boost to profits, and subsequent upgrade costs.

idle mafia upgrades

Following the game’s base mechanics in terms of managing your criminal business empire, missions that involve completing certain numbers of upgrades across each line of business coincides with milestones. As such, working around this consideration will prove to be very efficient. In the event that you have to complete, for example, 2,000 upgrades on all businesses, the n you should aim to reach a milestone with the newest business, which is the most profitable, and then consider to invest in the oldest and cheapest till you reach a milestone and move on to the next one, checking upgrade costs with each milestone reached.

The only exception is when you do not have sufficient cash to reach a milestone. In such cases, the viable course of action depends on how much longer will you be able to stay online to manage your business personally. If you have much time, then push for the cheapest upgrade till you reach the next milestone but if you are about to log off, then just spend your remaining idle cash on the most expensive business.

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Capos

Gianluca will be the first of many caporegimes, capodecinas, or simply capos that will become a member of your crime family. As you earn keys to unlock safes from the shop as you make progress in the game, you will soon have numerous other crew leaders under your employ. Gianluca, as well as most of the other capos you will acquire early on are classified as “Rare” and may give you a misleading assessment and appreciation of their value. As far as rarity grades of capos in Idle Mafia are concerned, however, rare ones are actually the most common grade.

You can get epic and legendary capos from the Free Safe that is available from the shop once every 4 hours. If you obtain golden keys, you can use them to open golden safes for the same roster of capos but typically with better chances of securing higher grades. The best one is the Mystery Safe that you can unlock with a mystery key or 100 gems. Opening 10x Golden Safes guarantees an epic grade capo while opening 10x Mystery safes ensure that you will obtain at least 1 legendary grade capo.

how to upgrade capos in idle mafia

Relative to all this, you should keep upgrading to a minimum until you acquire epic and legendary class capos as they have much higher stats as well as higher level caps. Do note that each level up costs cigars, which you will need to farm a lot, and the costs to do so exponentially increase as each capo reaches a higher level.

Beyond levelling up, you can also rank up each capo’s star grade. Rare capos start at star grade 1 and can be upgraded to 2. Epic grade capos start at star grade 3 and can be upgraded to 5. Legendary grade capos start at star grade 5 and can be upgraded all the way to star grade 10. The first rank up is easy as you only need a copy of the capo you want to upgrade. Beyond that, you will need extra copies of country specific capos along with other grade specific ones for a star upgrade.

As a general rule, you should only focus on your top 5 capos as far as upgrading is concerned. This is the maximum number of units you can deploy in battle and each one ought to be in his or her top shape for stronger challenges. You will eventually be able to secure better capos as you make progress so do your best to stop upgrading the capo you will replace to strictly adhere to the 5 capo rule. Each upgrade you do to your capo will not be totally wasted in the early levels even if you no longer use them in battle. Business you open up need capos to manage them as it can automate collections as well as boost the business’ income.

Be sure to also check the family feature within your office as collecting a certain group of capos can unlock additional features. These added perks do not activate automatically and will have to be triggered manually.

5. Deploy The Best Capo To The Highest Earning Business

As you unlock and begin to upgrade each business structure, one of the first things you should do is assign available and deployable capos to each one. You can see how much profits will be boosted based on the capo’s level so the one on top of the list will be the most viable. As you make further progress, however, you will be bound to open a new business site where one of the capos you assigned elsewhere can be deployed to.

idle mafia gun shop

If you have more than enough units under your roster, then chances are that you may opt to go for the second best choice, or whomever else is available. While there is nothing wrong with that, the most efficient way is to always choose the one at the top of the list, regardless of whether or not he or she is deployed elsewhere.

As we discussed earlier, businesses that you open first are the cheapest and earns the least. This means that the latest business you unlock has the best opportunity to earn you more cash at a faster rate. With this in mind, lodging your best capo on the most expensive business will multiply the highest profits by the highest rate. This is the default consideration.

Relative to each capo in your roster, do note that each one is classified by the type of business they can manage. A capo may be STR type, BIZ type, or TECH type. This delimits the people you can consider to manage each business site. Beyond that, each capo has various skills that can be seen at the lower right side of their character window. Red icons are attack skills and yellow icons are support skills. Both these skills can be used in combat. On the business side of Idle Mafia, you should consider looking at the blue icons, which are skills attributable to managing a business. Each capo can have 1 to 2 business skills that can further boost the performance of the business they are assigned to manage and should be very much considered before their deployment.

6. Push As Far As You Can In Cigar Fights And Jailbreak

Fire fights in Idle Mafia can certainly push the game’s excitement level up a notch as the various capos in your family packed with their unique skills make for a fairly good action strategy gameplay. On top of engaging in a fight to take over a certain business in the city, you can further stretch your power and utilize your crew’s strength through the Cigar Fights and Jailbreak that you can access via the Fight icon at the bottom right side of the screen.

Cigar Fight is one of the game modes you will have an access to early on and will have you go through a series of fights to earn cigars. You can continue to fight and get as far as you can without any costs like stamina whatsoever. Each stage you clear earns you cigars and occasionally throws in valuable items as well. Cigar Fight lets you earn a certain number of cigars per minute stackable at a maximum of 8.5 hours. The value depends on how far through the stages you have gone through making it important for you to push as far as you can.

idle mafia cigar fight

Do note, however, that some missions require you to clear fights in this mode so when you have reached your limit when the mission pops up, it may take a while for you to push ahead and clear the mission. Just the same, earning more cigars early on is more efficient. As each stage you clear increases the number of cigars you earn per minute, it is best to always be at the farthest you can get before you log out of the game.

There is also an “Instant Fight” option within the Cigar Fight window that can earn you huge amounts of cigars based on how far you have gone across the game mode. You can only use it once a day, and again, it can also form part of the missions you may encounter in latter cities. For efficiency, choose to activate this feature towards the end of the day or when you have gone as far as you can within each day to ensure that you obtain the maximum amount of cigars you can earn.

Once you reach account rank 8, the Jailbreak game mode will be available for you to engage in. This is also set as a progressive series of battles where damage taken by your capos carry over to the next fight. In line with the notion earlier that you should not worry about extra capos that you levelled up but then had to be replaced later, this is where you can appreciate their value. Each stage you beat in Jailbreak earns you cigars as well as jail coins.

While cigars should have a familiar value to you now, you should know that jail coins can be exchanged at the shop for various goodies including legendary capos that are hard to acquire elsewhere. Be sure to push yourself to the limit and think carefully about the perks or boosts you choose after completing each round.

7. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts And Freebies

One of the regular freebies that you can obtain as you play Idle Mafia can be seen at the shop as A free safe that contains a random capo can be unlocked once every 4 hours. While standing by at the city to look over your growing empire, you may notice a cash car driving around the city. Tapping on it earns you extra cash and the amount depends on the amount of cash you earn per second. This means that the further you are in your criminal business venture, the more valuable actually tapping on these cars become.

For an idle clicker casual game, Idle Mafia certainly stands out for having fewer than the usual ads that you can watch or play. To start off, there are no ads that randomly pop up while you are playing. Each ad that you can see in the game are voluntary to watch and, for the most part, will be available a lot less than you want them to be.

how to get boosters and freebies in idle mafia

One of the ad boosts to take advantage of can be accessed in your office. By tapping on the TV, your businesses can start to earn by at least 2x after playing a short video ad. Each video ad played gives you a 2-hour boost and you can continue to watch and stack a total of 10 hours-worth of boost. Whenever you log in, there is a chance for you to earn twice as much of the idle income your businesses earned at the cost of playing an ad.

Depending on your needs and how long you have been offline and away from the game, you should consider taking advantage of it. Similar to the cash car that randomly travels around the city waiting to give you loads of cash by tapping on it, a chopper will also randomly circle around the city. By tapping on it, you can get free cigars at the cost of playing a short video ad. You can also choose to obtain 3x as many cigars by spending gems but, of course, free is always better.

That ends our comprehensive beginner’s guide for Idle Mafia. There are some time-limited events in the game that we wish we could have experienced while we played Idle Mafia and prepared this guide. In any case, we are certain that some of the tips and strategies we shared here will prove useful even to these events as well as future contents that Idle Mafia may have.

Likewise, keep in mind that as much as idle clicker games progress even when you are not playing them, taking a more active role in managing your growing empire will certainly contribute to your overall progress. If you have played and enjoyed Idle Mafia and have discovered unique tips or tricks in addition to what we have already presented in this guide, be sure to share them with us via the comment section!


Sunday 28th of August 2022

How do you get the capos to auto for money collecting?


Wednesday 11th of May 2022

I don’t know what to do with 5- 15 of the same capo. Can I get rid of them for upgrades? What do I do with them?