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King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Diandian Interactive’s new strategy game for iOS and Android, King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare, is now here. So what’s in it for you in this game? Well, this is a real-time MMO, or should we say, an MMORTS – a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game. You will get the chance to raise your dragon, build your army, and hope to raise the mythical sword Excalibur and become the King. You can make friends and enemies with real players from around the world, trading commodities and assisting them if they’re your allies, or also raiding them if you see fit. With King Arthur having left an empty throne after his death, it’s your job to take over, while beating out all those human-controlled enemies as you seek to control the kingdom.

Can you become the titular King of Avalon and rule over the rest of the opposition? It’s going to take a long while before you get there, but for the moment, we have no intention of going to the complex stuff just yet. Read on, as we shall now be bringing you some pretty cool King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare tips and tricks that should give you a head start as you prepare to strategize, manage and conquer.

1. Upgrade Your Stronghold

From the earliest parts of the game, you will have to upgrade your Stronghold, which is ground zero, so to say, for your kingdom. Without an upgraded Stronghold, you wouldn’t be able to unlock a lot of necessary buildings and structures, though there will be a cap that would occasionally limit how far you can upgrade your Stronghold. In such cases, you’ll need to upgrade your other structures before you go back to upgrading your Stronghold.

2. Be Efficient When Using Your Resources

In order to build things, you will need to use some resources, but there is luckily an easy way to stock up on these resources, which is to do so while you’re not actively playing the game. And that also means you should make the most out of your resources while you’re still logged in – use as much as possible before logging off, then return to the game with a fresh stash of resources that’s stored while you’re away from King of Avalon. Aside from using your resources when upgrading buildings, you can also use them to boost your troops in battle, as that makes them more effective in their attacks.

3. Raid Stronger Enemy Bases

The game’s description mentions something about being a “PvP bully,” and though it may be hard to take them out, these are actually the types of enemy players you should be targeting. Although the term was used in the game’s context, we think we can all agree that nobody likes a bully. And with that said, it’s often a better idea to target stronger opponents if you’re trying to load up on resources through player raids. Sure, you can get some resources by polishing off weaker opponents with little to no effort, but the operative word is “some.” Normally, you should be chasing for bigger rewards, so in that case, feel free to team up with your allies to raid a stronger enemy base, even if you don’t destroy the entire base itself.

4. Defense Is The Heart Of Your Strategy

You may be tired of hearing this from us, but we’re firm believers in the old adage of the best offense being a good defense. To this end, you should be making your defenses fairly intricate so that you can protect yourself from enemy attacks. In order to confuse and confound them, you should be creating a maze of sorts, setting up your defenses in such a way that the sturdy ones go in front of the squishier ones. This would allow your defensive structures to take out more enemies before they get destroyed. Also, make sure you’re adjusting your defensive strategies should they fail to work over time.

5. Choose The Right Dragon

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you without even one tip about your dragon, which makes up the second half of the game’s title. You will have a choice of three dragon types to choose from – you’ve got your Offensive dragons, your Defensive dragons, and your Support dragons. Normally, we would go for the second, but it would all depend on your play style and what you believe would be most effective in helping you win more raids.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our set of tips, tricks and cheats for King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare. In case you know additional hints for this game, be sure to let us know in the comment area!