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Wonder Knights: Pesadelo Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Win More Battles

Wonder Knights: Pesadelo is Buff Studio’s new shooting RPG for Android and iOS devices, and it is a game that puts you in charge of the three Wonder Knights and takes you on a side-scrolling adventures, or hours and hours of “amazing fun” in an arcade-style environment. You will be given a wide selection of upgrades, weapons, and “battle shot moments,” and when it comes to the battles themselves, your knights won’t just be fighting with swords and with bows, but also with bombs and other far more modern weapons as you take on more enemies, monsters, and boss characters. But it won’t always be easy, as the game says you will have to control three heroes all at the same time, which can sometimes get to be a hassle.

Need some help surviving out there and controlling your three Wonder Knights? Need assistance in dealing with the fact that your knights can wield far more than the traditional weapons they normally wield? Or maybe you’re trying to come up with the right positioning and the right strategy when battling the bad guys. We hope you can join us as we now bring you our Wonder Knights: Pesadelo tips and tricks, and guide you to success in this new title.

1. Three Characters, One Life

It’s one thing to be controlling three characters at the same time, which is what Wonder Knights will have you do. But what really makes this challenging is the fact that your health bar applies to all the three Wonder Knights, and not each of them individually. As you’ll find out soon enough as you get barraged by enemies, if one of your heroes gets hit, everyone gets hit, and when the health bar reaches zero, everyone dies. It’s not really the coziest scenario, to be honest, but that’s how they roll over in this game.

2. Position Your Knights Properly

Fortunately, the fact that you’re controlling “only” three Wonder Knights means you also have less to worry about when trying to positioning them. In fact, the game’s description does suggest that you put your tank in front and your ranged character at the back. But to further elaborate, and to go by a tip we will be talking more about later, your character in front should be the one who has the most health points – offense is optional with tanks, as you probably know, as the key thing here is soaking up damage so that your back line character can chip away with ranged attacks. The character in the middle, on the other hand, should ideally be your top offensive knight in terms of melee attacks, as he relies on the tank in front to soak up damage for him, with the ranged character at the back helping him on offense.

It would be a good idea to upgrade your characters’ stats accordingly based on this formation, though that standard vertical line shouldn’t be the only formation you should work with. Depending on how the enemies are positioned, you can change things up from time to time and opt for other formations, such as a triangle, where your melee and tank characters are up front, with the ranged knight behind them, or a reverse triangle, where you’ve got one tank in front and two ranged characters shooting projectiles behind him.

3. You Don’t Need To Control All Knights At The Same Time

While it may sound like an absolute chore to handle three knights all the time and control them, that’s not 100 percent true all of the time. In fact, your ranged character will shoot automatically from the back if you let him stand his ground at that position. Basically, it’s the characters in front whom you will have to control for the most part, and you will typically have to move only if you’re trying to avoid ranged attacks or other dangers that get in your way. Again, the key is having a tank in front to suck up that damage.

There have been some players who have gotten good results by positioning their knights bunched up to each other, much like you’d position them in a bubble. This makes it easier to control the knights individually, though the drawback of such a formation is that you’ve got so little wiggle room to work with. It’s all up to you, though, as a lot will depend on your preferred play style.

4. Upgrade With Purpose

The game will only allow you to choose three Wonder Knights at a time, but there are many for you to unlock. We would recommend sticking to your stock characters for as long as possible, though you can always switch characters depending on need, or if the original knights aren’t quite up to par anymore. Of course, you should make sure that you regularly upgrade your knights, change their equipment, and learn more abilities. And when talking about upgrades, we suggest that you improve offensive stats when upgrading your ranged or melee knights, while improving defensive stats and health if you’re working on those tanky guys up front.

This completes our guide for Wonder Knights: Pesadelo. If you know more tips and tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line below in the comment area!