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Family Farm Seaside Guide: 6 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Run a Prosperous Farm

If you look for a peaceful and relaxing game that features a barn with unlimited space for your goods, Family Farm Seaside is a perfect choice. The game has numerous crops to cultivate, lots of goods to produce, and an incredible number of ways to have simple, pure fun.

The game is super fun at the start, but after a few days you will lose access to free premium fertilizer that massively cuts the time needed for crops to grow, so you probably want to grow as many crops as you want during the first couple of hours. But, more on this later.

family farm seaside strategies

Family Farm Seaside also gives the player plenty of quests that carry solid prizes, meaning that you will always have lots of gold and since the barn can store an unlimited amount of goods, just produce, produce, produce! And don’t worry about not having the place to store all of your products.

There are few tips and tricks that can help you in your farming adventures, especially if you want to have tons of goods ready for sale before reaching level 10 and losing access to premium fertilizer. Stay with us and find out how to build a huge Family Farm Seaside farmstead. Let us begin.

1. Maximize The Available Space

As with most other similar games, Family Farm Seaside gives you limited space for building your farm. This won’t be a problem at the start of your adventure, but after a few days you will probably find out that there’s no more free space to grow your farmstead.

how to build the biggest farm in family farm seaside

You can maximize the amount of free space in a couple of ways. First of all, place constructions, so you don’t have free space between two buildings. The game allows you to move a construction after you placed it, so make sure that all of your buildings and constructions are placed in a way that there’s absolutely no free space between them.

Next, you should remove all unnecessary stuff, like decorations and fences. Reserve a bit of space for decorations and fences because of the register features, which we will talk about a bit later.

2. Always Produce Some Goods

Producing various goods and then selling them is the main focus in Family Farm Seaside. So make sure always to have something producing. Since more advanced goods, that require base products (like honey) to be made have way better prices, try making and selling them. Base goods shouldn’t be sold because they come with lower prices and won’t give you as much profit.

3. Sell Goods For The Highest Profit

As we already mentioned, making the biggest profit on your goods is the most important thing in Family Farm Seaside. So, make sure to sell products that give lots of gold when sold. While we said that you shouldn’t sell base goods, there’s one exception.

Crops should be made in huge quantities and sold all the time. Since you have access to unlimited free premium fertilizer until level 10, we advise you to buy lots of lands and then just buy crops, fertilize them and then sell them. You can make literally tens of thousands of coins by doing this.

how to sell goods for high profits in family farm seaside

Just look at prices of various crops, see which ones have the biggest difference between buying and selling price, and then just seed those. This is a great way to make an unlimited number of coins that will help you a great deal when you reach higher levels and when all constructions become very expensive.

Just do this before reaching level 10. And in order to maximize the time before reaching level 10, just try avoiding completing quest objectives, this is the best way to stay low level for quite some time. Once you gather enough coins, feel free to complete quests.

4. After Reaching Level 10, Focus On Finishing Quests

Quests give you coins, various products, and crops, and once you earn tons of coins and decide it is time to reach level 10, focus on completing objectives. This will give you new constructions to build, it will give you new crops to buy, and will expand the world of Family Farm Seaside. And since you managed to use free premium fertilizer and to sell tons of crops, you will have enough coins to get all that.

So, while you play the game, getting new levels should be your main goal. So, instead of producing random products, just follow the quests and make products and goods mentioned in quest objectives. Also, expanding your farmstead borders is also locked behind quest objectives so make sure to finish those and to unlock expansion of your farm.

5. Register Every Single Part Of Your Farmstead

Family Farm Seaside allows players to register every animal, crop, building, decoration, and basically every single part of their farmstead and to get various rewards for doing that. Registering is basically making a screenshot of some object and then waiting a bit before being able to collect a prize. So, you should first register all parts of your farms. Next, every time you get a new piece of equipment, a new animal, or something else, register it.

how to build more barns in family farm seaside

And since we said that decorations just take free space, make a small amount of free space and reserve it for decorations. This way you can buy a decoration, register it and collect the prize, and then sell it and buy a next one and place it on the same space, thus getting prizes without decorations taking precious free space that can be used for constructing new buildings and other stuff.

6. Never Forget To Collect Fruits From Trees

There are tons of different trees available in Family Farm Seaside, and many players just buy them and then forget to pick fruits from them. Don’t do that; always harvest goods from trees since many of them are needed for making various products, and all of them can be sold from the barn. This way you will make a bit more money. Not much, but more money is always nice to have.

That was all folks! We hope this guide helped you in making a huge and successful Family Farm Seaside farmstead. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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