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Tabikaeru Tips, Tricks & Hints for Completing the Gallery

Tabikaeru is a unique mobile game where you are taking on the role of a house-sitter for a frog who likes to travel around Japan. Yes, for some reason, the frog has the money to do this and not you. Envy aside, it will be your job to attend to the frog’s needs, so that he can go to special places and send you souvenirs in return. There are several tasks for you to accomplish. You need to make sure the frog is well-fed. Pack his backpack with good food, a lucky charm, and travel equipment. While your friend is away, you will have to take care of his home. Harvest clovers from his garden and welcome any guests that come to visit. Perform these tasks well in order to unlock everything in the collection gallery. If you need help, you can always rely on our collection of Tabikaeru tips and hints for some important pointers!

1. Feed The Frog Well

At first, you won’t have a lot of options for feeding the frog, but once you do, it will become an important part of the game. Make sure you always pack food in his backpack. If you forget to do so, you can lure him back by placing food on his desk. Do not send him away with cheap food. He needs to be inspired by great food, so if you send him off with cheap scones, he won’t go anywhere special. You want him to go to good places in order to collect better souvenirs.

2. Find Better Charms

Lucky charms are important trinkets for the frog to take along on his trips. You can harvest four-leaf clovers from the garden, and they should work just fine for a while. Better charms are waiting for you, however. If you want new charms, just play the lottery. Lottery tickets can be acquired from the frog when he comes home after a trip. These can also be found in the mail as gifts from visiting animals. You will have to watch a video advertisement to claim it, though. Five lottery tickets will give you a chance to win a lucky charm. Keep in mind that the charms are consumable. If you are sending the frog away with a lucky charm, make sure you pack the best possible food and gear as well. This will greatly increase the chances of him going somewhere nice.

3. Learn The Different Buttons

The game is in Japanese, so it helps if you understand the language. If you don’t, you can still play it by learning what each button does. The icons on each button serve as a hint, so it should be easy enough to figure them out. When inside the frog’s house, the button on the lower left opens his backpack or his desk. It will change depending on whether or not the frog is at home. When in backpack mode, the bottom button confirms your choices. The same button in desk mode will ask if you want to clear your selections. If you want to access the lottery, just tap on the bell button in the shop. There is a big white button available there if you have five lottery tickets to play with.

4. Track Your Progress

The button at the top of the screen allows you to view the souvenirs and photos that you have acquired. You will need to check these from time to time because the frog will sometimes send you the same photos or souvenirs. That will mean he has been going on duplicate trips. When that happens, make sure you change the items that you are packing for him.

Take care of your frog friend and help him see the wonders of Japan in Tabikaeru! Just remember the tips and tricks above and you will complete that gallery in no time!