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Mirage Memorial Global Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Restore Order and Defeat Lucifer

Mirage Memorial Global is a character collection MMORPG that features famous characters from history and mythology reimagined as beautiful servants. Available on Android and iOS platforms, the game starts off with an epic battle between Angel Gabriel and Lucifer. Despite having an entire team of heroes on her side, Gabriel loses the battle when Lucifer decides to split reality and separate all her enemies across different worlds. By the time Gabriel comes to her senses, the real Lucifer has gone into hiding, and the chaos has spread across the land. It is up to you, her Master, to gather more Servants and lead them in the hunt for the real Lucifer.

The journey will be tough. You must recruit the best possible Servants and power them up. Equip them with the best gear and enhance their skills. There are a lot of things you must accomplish before the final battle. Fear not, though, as we have come up with a detailed Mirage Memorial Global beginner’s guide, including a number of useful tips, cheats and strategies to restore order in the world and defeat Lucifer!

1. Start With Aristotle’s Trials

mirage memorial global aristotle's trial

The game has dozens of things for you to do. There are different dungeons, daily events, competitions, rewards, and so on. It can be overwhelming for a newbie to try to make sense of everything at once. The best place to start is Aristotle’s Trials. These are challenges that are categorized into three tiers: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Obviously, you won’t be able to complete all these on your first day, but it is a good idea to regularly check out Aristotle’s list to see which ones you can work on. These tasks are designed to help you stay on track in terms of progress in the game.

As an added bonus, you get rewards for each task you complete. If you complete all the tasks under a category, you earn a graduation reward and unlock the next category of tasks. Whenever you are unsure of what to do next, check the tasks in Aristotle’s Trials and see what you need to do to check off the next one on the list.

2. How To Assemble Your Team

Since you are playing a gacha game, you can expect to get a lot of extra characters that would most likely never see the battlefield in their lifetimes. How do you decide which ones to bring along, and which ones to leave on the bench? The first thing to look at is their rarity. The highest rarity rating is SS. You would want an entire team filled with at least S rating Servants, and ideally have a full SS when you progress further. This might seem like a steep requirement, but the game is actually pretty generous with Crystals, the premium currency. Just keep summoning and you will have a full lineup of S rarity characters even before your second day in the game ends.

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The second consideration is your Servant’s elemental affinity. There are five elements in Mirage Memorial Global: Fire, Wind, Water, Light, and Dark. Fire is strong against Wind. Wind is strong against Water. Water is strong against Fire. Light and Dark are strong against each other. With this in mind, you would want a regular lineup that has different elements. If you have a homogenous lineup, you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage, not just in PVE, but in PVP where players can easily counter your entire team. In the advanced stages of the game, you will be able to afford to level up extra characters. When that time comes, you will be able to adjust your team according to the composition of the enemy team. Until then, your best bet is to maintain a balanced lineup that is prepared for different scenarios.

3. Level Up Your Servants

There are plenty of ways to power up your Servants, and the game’s tutorial mostly rushes through all of them. You would probably get through the entire tutorial and still feel lost at the end of it all. We will go into the nitty gritty details later on. For now, the most basic way to increase your Servants’ combat power is to simply level them up.

Servants gain experience through battle. You can also use experience cards to level them up in the Servant menu. Experience cards are great for leveling up your extra characters as well. Keep in mind that your Servants cannot have a higher level than you, their Master. Just keep completing tasks and going through the campaign battles, and you won’t have much problems increasing your Master level as well.

4. Evolve Your Servants

how to evolve servants in mirage memorial global

When you open up the Servant menu, the first tab you see is the Evolve screen. Evolving your Servants will change the color of their frame and increase their power. To Evolve a Servant, you need to inlay the required runes into the four slots. If you see a plus sign on a rune slot, that means you have the required rune in your inventory. You can just tap on Quick Inlay to insert the necessary runes into the correct slots.

If you are missing a rune, tap on the slot where a rune is needed. It will tell you the type of rune you are looking for and how to acquire it. Low-level runes can be farmed from campaign stages. Higher level runes can be crafted by combining low-level runes with other materials. The game will also tell you how to acquire the materials you need for crafting. Once you have all the runes in place, just tap on the Evolve button to significantly increase the power of your Servant.

5. Unlock More Skills, Here’s How

Now that you know how to Evolve your Servants, it is time to move on to the second tab which is the Skill tab. This is where you can level up the skills of your Servants. Each Servant has four skills, but you will notice that some of the skills are locked. If you paid attention to the previous tip, you will be able to unlock skills for your Servant. The number of unlocked skills depend on your Servant’s evolution. Grey Servants only have one skill. Green Servants have two skills. Cyan Servants have three skills, and Purple Servants have four skills.

Once a skill has been unlocked, you will be able to level it up by spending Skill Cards. The higher the skill level, the more Skill Cards you need to level it up further. If you run out of Skill Cards, you can get more by participating in the Border Defense event. Keep in mind that skill levels are also limited by your Servant’s level. You will receive a pop-up message if you try to level up a skill without meeting the Servant level requirement.

6. Don’t Neglect Your Soldiers

mirage memorial global soldiers

As you fight battles, you will probably notice a bunch of little girls fighting alongside your Servants. These are their Soldiers. Soldiers follow the elemental affinity of the Servant they are associated with, but they have independent levels. The Soldiers change in appearance and receive a significant boost in power every 20 levels. To level up your Soldiers, you will need Tomes of Training. You can get more tomes by participating in the Desert Shrine event, or by winning in the Arena. You can also receive tomes as rewards from different events.

7. Assign Extra Characters As Assistors

When you hit Master level 42, you will be able to assign Assistors. Head over to the Assist tab of the Servant menu to assign as many as 12 Assistors to each Servant. This is a great way to make use of all the extra Servants you have since you ideally need 60 extra characters to fill up all the Assistor slots of your team. Hit the Quick Assist button if you want the game to automatically assign Assistors to each slot. The game’s algorithm will automatically assign the best possible Assistors from the pool of Servants that you have.

mirage memorial global assistors

The only catch in assigning Assistors is that you have to follow the elemental affinity requirement in the correct order. You need to add one Fire, Wind, Light, and Water in the first column before you can add anyone on the second column. That means even if you have a lot of extra Fire Servants, if you don’t have any Water Servant for the final slot on the first column, you will not be able to add any more. Try to fill up all the slots as much as you can in order to gain a massive boost in stats.

8. Use Duplicates To Star-Up

When you get duplicates of your Servants, do not get disheartened. This is a good thing because you need several duplicates in order to increase the Star rating of your Servant. Tap on the Star-Up button at the bottom of the Servant screen to see how many duplicates you need to sacrifice for the next Star level. The higher the star level, the more powerful your Servant becomes. On top of that, once a Servant reaches 5 stars, you will be able to unlock their first Bond Story as well as a chest filled with rewards. The second Bond Story is unlocked at 7 stars. Keep drawing and always hold on to any duplicates in order to increase your Servants’ Star ratings.

9. Optimize Your Gear

Equipment is one of the trickier parts of powering up your Servants because there are even more things to do here. There are different rarities of gear, and you naturally want to get a full Legendary set on your character. Once you have a Legendary item, you can continue to improve it until it becomes the best possible equipment for your character. We have listed the different ways you can improve your gear below.

how to optimize gear in mirage memorial global

Enhance: This is the most basic way to power up your gear. Simply increase its level by using Upgrade stones. You can tap on the Quick Enhance button to automatically consume all the required Upgrade Stones to max out the level of your gear.

Identify: When you enter the Identify menu, you will notice there are four bars below your item. These bars will be filled in by random secondary stats each time you Identify. Identifying will require different types of Sand, depending on the number of secondary stats that have been unlocked.

Recast: Recasting can only be done once you have filled in all four lines of secondary stats through the Identify screen. If you are not satisfied with any of the secondary stats that you got, just highlight it in the Recast screen then spend the corresponding Enchant stones. You will then be given three random secondary stats to choose from. Select the one you want to keep then confirm. You can keep recasting the stats until you are satisfied as long as you have enough Enchant stones.

Evolve: This allows you to increase the star rating of your gear. You will need to spend Evolution stones to evolve your gear. Increasing the star rating of gear also increases their maximum level, allowing you to enhance the gear further. Keep in mind, though, that the star rating of your gear is also limited by your Master level. You will need to be at Master level 50 to raise a piece of equipment to 3 stars.

10. Rebirth Versus Transfer

mirage memorial global rebirth versus transfer

As you progress in Mirage Memorial Global and recruit more Servants, you will undoubtedly come to a point where you would have leveled-up Servants that you no longer wish to use. When that time comes, you have the option to recover all the resources you spent on them. This can be done through the Rebirth system. The problem is, it costs 320 Crystals to Rebirth a Servant. It would be a waste of premium currency to Rebirth a Servant unless you spent a whole lot of resources on them already. You most likely would not have spent a lot of resources on a Servant unless she was part of your lineup for a long time.

Now, if you have a Servant who has been on your lineup for a while, and you want to Rebirth her because you pulled a better Servant from gacha, the better option might be a Transfer. The Transfer system allows you to transfer a Servant’s level, evolution, refinement, and skill levels. You also get back all Gems, Heartstones, and resources spent on the transfer target if you accidentally powered her up already before reading this guide. It costs the same to Transfer and to Rebirth a Servant, so carefully consider which one is best for your needs.

11. Level Up Your Café

Now that you’re done with most of the heavy stuff, it’s time to discuss a lighter part of the game, which is your Café. Your Café’s level depends on your daily interactions with your Servants. Tap the Home button on the right side of the screen to visit the Café. You will find your main Servant hanging out here. Tap on the Change button if you prefer to hang out with a different Servant. Don’t worry because changing Servants won’t affect your Café’s Favorability level. It’s more of a fan service, really.

how to level up cafe in mirage memorial global

Make sure you chat with your Servant daily. This increases your Favorability by a little. The easier way to level up Favorability is by feeding your Servant snacks. Unfortunately, Snacks can only be bought by topping up. Some events give out Snacks as rewards, so keep an eye out for those. The higher your Café’s Favorability, the better the rewards you get from your Servants. You can claim gifts from the Café once per day.

12. Take On The Daily Challenges

Mirage Memorial Global has a series of Challenges that you can complete each day. These Challenges give out different rewards that you will need for powering up your Servants. A couple of them have been mentioned earlier, like the Desert Shrine and Border Defense. The game does not fully explain how these Challenges work, so check out the list below to get a better idea on what to do in each one.

mirage memorial global daily challenge

Arena: This is the PVP Arena. You get to challenge 10 players per day. The game shows you the combat rating of your potential opponents, so you will be able to select those who are weaker than you. Keep in mind, though, that combat rating isn’t entirely accurate. You can still lose depending on elemental affinity and skill combinations. Winning in the Arena rewards you with Courage Medals that can be exchanged in the Courage Store. Tomes of Training also drop in the Arena.

Team Boss Battle: This is a Boss Raid dungeon that you can challenge up to three times per day. You can only choose one of your Servants for this dungeon. Always choose your best Servant. After each challenge, you win varying amounts of Upgrade Stones and Refining Essences.

Border Defense: This is where you can bring your full team to battle several waves of opponents. The catch is that your Servants do not recover health in between battles. That means it becomes more difficult to progress as they take more damage each round. You will no longer be able to progress once everyone on your team dies.

Desert Shrine: You can select three Servants to bring along in this Challenge, so choose your top three. Unlike the Border Defense Challenge, battles are fought one-on-one in Desert Shrine. You can select which of your three Servants you want to enter the battle by tapping on their portrait before they reach the next opponent. It would be a good idea to switch to the one with the elemental advantage. If one of your Servants die, the next one will continue the battle, and your opponent will retain any damage received from the previous Servant.

Trial Corridor: This is composed of five doors that you can challenge. Each door represents a type of combatant. Every time you defeat a floor behind one of the doors, you will be rewarded with the corresponding token. You can exchange these tokens with specific Servants, Servant cubes, Diamond Stardust, or Ring Boxes.

Spa Scramble: This is a funny little Challenge that allows you to choose a spot in the hot springs by spending Spa tickets. You have the option to Capture a spot or to join an occupied spot. If a Spot is empty, you can easily capture it by spending 1 Spa ticket. If it is occupied, you can kick out the occupant by challenging them to battle. If you just want to join an occupant, you will be able to do so if there are remaining slots.

Those who capture spots earn more than those who join, though. You also have the option to prevent other players from challenging you by spending 35 Crystals to protect your spot. You can also spend another Spa Ticket to double your earnings.

Expedition: This is a timed event that is similar to Team Boss Battle in the sense that you can only choose one Servant to bring along. The difference is you can form a team with two other players before attacking the Boss. You earn points even if you lose the battle, and you can challenge the Boss up to 6 times. If you don’t want to wait for other players to join, you may also challenge the Boss on your own.

The Expedition Challenge is only available between 8:00pm to 8:30pm server time. At the end of the 30-minute event, you will receive rewards in your mail depending on the number of points you accumulated throughout your 6 challenges.

Strife Battlefield: This is a 5v5 PVP event where you can only bring one Servant. You will be teamed up with four other players who are around the same level. Winners are awarded more points than losers. The Strife Battlefield is only available at 12:30pm and 7:30pm server time and is only open for 15 minutes. Try to get as many battles as possible within those 15 minutes. Rewards are given out at the end of the 15-minute event depending on the points you accumulated.

13. Join An Alliance ASAP

An Alliance is the game’s version of a guild. You can team up with other players in order to build up your Alliance together. As a newcomer, you would want to join an established Alliance instead of creating one unless you already have friends to start your Alliance with. There are several benefits of being part of an Alliance, but you can only get the most out of them if all the members are active.

mirage memorial global alliance

The first benefit of having an Alliance is the Alliance Dungeon. These are special dungeons that each member can challenge up to three times per day. Rewards are given out to all members depending on the number of stages completed. The more members attack, the easier it will be to clear the stages.

The second benefit of having an Alliance is the Alliance Tech. These are passive skills that benefit all members. Benefits, however, vary depending on the Tech level. Tech levels increase based on member donations. If only a few members donate each day, the Techs won’t improve, and the benefits will be minimal.

For the competitive players, the most fun part of being in an Alliance are the territory wars. Players may garrison themselves in different parts of the base in order to defend from enemy Alliances. Strongholds give elemental boosts to all Servants of members garrisoned in them. Make sure you assign members with the correct team elements in those slots.

14. Complete Your Quests

There are three types of quests in Mirage Memorial Global. The Daily Quests are activities that you would normally do every day. Just complete them all in order to gain additional rewards. Main Quests, on the other hand, are milestones that you reach throughout playing the game. You will eventually complete them as you play, but it wouldn’t hurt to check them out to see which ones are close to completion.

The third type of quest are Alliance Quests. You get 5 Alliance Quests per day, and you can choose which ones to accomplish. Before you do your Daily Quests, make sure you head over to your Alliance Quest screen first. You need to select a specific quest first before doing anything. Otherwise, you will not get credit for it.

Prioritize your Alliance Quests because you don’t have a lot of control over the quests that will appear. Some of them are easy, like beating dungeons a number of times or doing Team Boss Battles. Since you only have limited challenge attempts in those tasks, you want to make sure they are credited to your Alliance Quests.

15. Collect The Daily Rewards

how to get more rewards in mirage memorial global

This is perhaps the easiest task among everything else that you need to do. The game gives out rewards for signing in every day. You also get additional rewards for consecutive daily sign ins. There is also a current limited-time event that rewards you for logging in every day. There are a lot of goodies waiting for you, if only you would take time to log in. On top of all these, you also get rewards for the time you spend online. Even if you are idle, just leave the game on until you qualify for all the Total Online rewards.

Restoring order in the world and defeating Lucifer will take a lot of work. Just follow everything listed in our Mirage Memorial Global beginner’s guide and you will surely succeed! If you happen to know additional tips or tricks or strategies for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!