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Yulgang Global Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Raise Your Combat Power Fast

Yulgang Global is the first game developed by Longtu Game, a developer who has just recently been active in the mobile gaming industry. Yulgang Global serves as the mobile platform remake of Yulgang or Scions of Fate, which is a popular MMORPG based on a Korean comic series of the same name. With the original MMORPG holding over a hundred million registered users, it is highly likely that the mobile platform adaptation will net as much popularity and success.

Yulgang Global takes you to a fantasy world divided into two warring factions of Order and Chaos. As you progress further in your adventure, you will soon have to choose to ally yourself with either one. Beyond the monsters and other vile creatures that plague the land, there will be battles against other adventurers like yourself. With 5 starting classes to choose from, as well as promotion classes and tons of upgrade and enhancement options, the unique world within Yulgang Global guarantees a variety of experiences that will be different for each player. If you are currently in the lookout for an MMORPG to play and enjoy by yourself as well as with some friends, then you should definitely check out what Yulgang Global has to offer!

yulgang global strategies

Truthfully enough, Yulgang Global offers plenty of mechanics and features that can be overwhelming especially for less experienced players. If you have played MMORPGs before, then chances are that you will be very much familiar with a lot of what the game has to offer and for features unique to the game, the processes are easily discernable based on the short descriptions provided. Like many MMORPGs on mobile, Yulgang Global has an auto mode that easily takes you to where you need to go and even fight battles automatically. For every icon and menu that requires attention, there are indicators on the respective icons to notify you and better equipment will appear on the screen for a quick equipment upgrade.

Considering everything, much of what Yulgang Global has to offer is relatively easy to understand and even if you are totally new to MMORPGs, its inherent design makes it easy for you to pick up and play. If you find yourself struggling to complete a particular quest or beat a certain enemy, or if you simply want to discover more efficient ways of levelling up and raising your combat power, then read our Yulgang Global beginner’s guide. Our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will certainly help to jumpstart your adventure!

1. Choose The Class That Suits Your Play Style

Before you jump into the world of Yulgang Global to start your adventure, you will be made to choose a starting class from among 5 choices. In essence, each one of the classes can stand on their own and work well in a team although some will naturally perform better than others playing solo while some will excel more in a team. Although you will start off on your adventure and go through some quests all on your own, there are plenty of quests and adventures that requires you to be in a party. As such, choose a class you will be comfortable with playing on your own as well as in a team.

yulgang global classes

The Bladesman may seem like your basic warrior with balanced overall stats but in Yulgang Global, this class actually has high defense and health, being fit for the role of a tank in parties. As the Bladesman is a defensive unit, you can expect it to have lower attack than other melee classes as well as have low chi or MP to use for skills.

The Swordsman, on the other hand, is your balanced melee fighter that has decent defense and a little more damage than the Bladesman. The Bladesman sports high accuracy and dodge substats which means that his damage output is fairly consistent and has a high chance of connecting attacks and at the same time has a higher probability of avoiding hits.

The Spearman, which may seem like a tank based on its design, is actually the strongest melee fighter as far as dealing damage is concerned. Spearmen, however, have low defense and HP values, making them a lot squishier than the other melee classes. This class, however, will gain several skills that will bolster defense as you reach higher levels.

Bowmen are the resident ranged combat experts in the world of Yulgang Mobile. With high attack values and unparalleled accuracy, dealing heavy damage from a distance makes it among the favorite picks for beginners. Expectedly, though, the bowman has low HP and defense stats making them the typical glass cannon in the game.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Healer. Healers are notably the most sought after class in parties. As the only support class in the game, healers can perform a wide range of buffs for the entire team on top of healing. Healers in Yulgang Global are not completely devoid of any offensive skills as they have high skill attack values and some damage-dealing spells to make it on their own in solo quests.

2. Prioritize Accomplishing The Main Quests

Like conventional MMORPGs that contains a story, Yulgang Global immerses you into its lore through the main quests. On top of the massive experience points you will earn from completing quests, the main ones provide the most basic items and materials you need to be able to increase your character’s overall combat power. As many of the game’s dungeons and features are locked behind level requirements, pursuing the accomplishment of main quests are necessary to be able to partake in all other game modes as well as take advantage of enhancement features sooner.

yulgang global main quests

For the most part, completing main quests are an easy feat. Simply tapping on the quest item at the left side of your screen will take you to who you need to converse with or where you need to go to fulfill the quest. Especially on the starting levels, the challenge level is very easy and chances are that there is no room for failure. Unlike most auto modes in mobile MMORPGs, though, you still need to tap on certain interaction buttons that pop up on your screen. In some instances, you will also need to manually switch to auto battle.

Remember to unlock new skills that you acquire as well by tapping on each one at the lower right side of your screen. Once activated, these skills will be automatically used by the A.I. whenever available, save for the rage transformation and the pet’s special attack.

As you unlock new features and game modes after meeting the minimum level requirements, you may be taken to certain windows or areas that stray a bit off course as far as the main quests are concerned. Simply tap on the quest again to get you back on track and try to do so as soon as you are able to. The only roadblock that should prevent you from continuing to progress through the main quests are the minimum level requirements. In such events, feel free to take on other quests you can find at the left side of the screen or begin exploring the other game modes you have unlocked.

Keep in mind that blindlessly grinding at mobs will not be much help if your concern is earning experience points. Consider it as a last resort when you have emptied your stamina on dungeon runs.

3. Proceed To Enhance Your Gears As Soon As You Can

As you make progress in your adventures, you will quickly unlock a variety of enhancement options at the early part of the game. As you may miss the indicators for available upgrade and enhancement options, be sure to click on your avatar at the upper left corner of the screen to open up the menu that holds a variety of enhancement options you should explore and tend to regularly.

how to enhance gear in yulgang global

The enhance option is probably the most basic and covers the upgrade options available for your gears. Levelling up each piece of equipment slot requires gear energy, upgrade charisma, and copper, which is the basic currency in the game. For starters, it would be best to balance upgrades out across all slots but if you wish to prioritize one stat over another, then feel free to focus on particular gears first. Take note that upgrades are attached to the equipment slot, which means there will never be any wasted investment.

As some class skills in Yulgang Global are locked behind level requirements, so too are succeeding levels of each skill you unlock. As you reach new levels, be sure to check the skills menu as some skills may already be upgradable. At the skills window, be sure to read through each available skill as well as you can only have 4 skills equipped at a time and some may be better suited for the upcoming battle than the others.

Pets in Yulgang Global can also be levelled up and you need pet exp pills to do so. Beyond their level, each one can be frther strengthened through star level upgrading which requires pet souls. Like all other items and materials in the game, simply click on an item you need to see where you can get more of it.

4. Expend Daily Attempts On Events

Partaking in daily events or dungeons in Yulgang Global should naturally form part of your daily routine. Each available dungeon either offers massive experience points to help your character level up or provide a specific resource that would be a little more challenging to secure elsewhere. Each hone has limited attempts per day and consumes stamina as well so be sure to prioritize what you need the most but make an effort to complete everything.

yulgang global events

Be sure to click on the icon of the dungeon or event to see the potential loot that can be obtained from it. Reaching higher levels may unlock more difficult tiers of some dungeons so be sure to keep an eye out on those. Make it a habit as well to ensure that your hero is as string as can be before pursuing dungeons especially ones that have a recommended battle power close to what your character has. Every activity you engage in earns you points to claim additional rewards via the chests at the top side of the event window. If you are up for becoming stronger faster in the game, make it a point to expend daily attempts on each dungeon and claim the top rewards daily.

Keep an eye out for the time-limited events as well as some of these events offer rewards that are difficult to obtain anywhere else. Again, tapping on the event icons will reveal rewards you can obtain from them while the time period within which you can participate in these events are displayed as well.

5. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

As guilds, alliances, factions, and similar player groupings have long since been a part of MMORPGs, as well as other online multiplayer games. It has become an absolute necessity to be a part of ones especially if you want your character to reach its full potential at a faster rate. Like in most mobile games nowadays, there are only advantages in being a member of a guild in Yulgang Chronicles and no disadvantages whatsoever. Perhaps the only cost applicable is when you decide to create a guild yourself instead of joining existing ones.

yulgang global guild

Being in a guild unlocks additional quests you can accomplish within a week. There are also several game modes you can partake in only if you belong to a guild. Each guild event you participate in earns you guild points that you can exchange for valuable items and materials at the guild shop. As there are also numerous events that can only be accomplished by being in a party, joining a guild opens up a great opportunity to add up some friends you can team up with to take on multiplayer dungeons and game modes.

6. Take Advantage Of The Treasure And Benefits Features

On top of the immediate rewards you receive when you complete quests or partake in dungeon adventures, there are additional rewards you can earn in Yulgang Global at no extra effort. Even without any indicators present, be sure to check the treasure and benefits icon at the upper right side of your screen occasionally to check the objectives you need to meet to earn extra rewards.

yulgang global treasure and benefits

Under the benefits icon, there are rewards you can earn based on how much time you spend online. Be sure to take note of the 3 time periods when you can gain free stamina as well. The treasure icon closely resembles daily feats you need to accomplish on top of the daily quests under events. These objectives are random each day and accomplishing all of them will reward you with a treasure chest full of rare rewards. In any case, all objectives are all within the activities you would normally engage in as you play the game and are quite easy to do so be sure to make an effort in accomplishing each of them.

7. Check Achievements For Even More Rewards

yulgang global achievements

Separate from daily quests and other daily accomplishments are achievements that reward you for certain milestones you reach as you make progress in the game. This can be accessed by tapping on your avatar and clicking on the achievement icon at the bottom of the screen. It may happen that you will accomplish some of the milestones even without consciously trying to but be sure to check the list of feats to accomplish as some of them may be relatively easy to achieve.

8. Check Your Inventory Regularly

It may be difficult to notice at first but you can actually visit your inventory through the bagpack icon located at the top right section of the screen. Some rewards you obtain from quests and events come in the form of packages that you still need to open via the inventory screen to receive your rewards. For the most part, these chests or packages are best opened sooner than later as every bit of resource is constantly important to push for upgrades at the soonest.

yulgang global inventory

Another important aspect of the game you have to carefully manage is the limited inventory space. As it can become full rather quickly, especially in the early part of the game, you will need to get rid of some items to clear some space and be able to continuously receive rewards without any inconvenience. You can quickly sell inferior equipment by batch and earn gear energy you will need for enhancing equipped gears.

And this wraps up our beginner’s guide for Yulgang Global. While there are certainly more elements to this game that we cannot yet delve into, understanding the basic elements of the game as well as having a concrete idea of the strategies to follow will definitely prepare you for everything else that comes your way. We hope you picked up something you can use to boost your levelling up and progress in the game. If you have discovered other tips or tricks on top of the ones that we have already discussed, we would love to hear about it so don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below!


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