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Mario Kart Tour Drivers Tier List: The Best Drivers in the Game

Mario Kart Tour is the latest addition to Nintendo’s popular Mario Kart franchise. As such, this racing game features all the well-known characters, including the world-famous Mario Bros. Yet, the characters in the game are not equal, and they all have different skills and capabilities. If you are just starting out in the game and looking for some useful tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning races then be sure to check out our Mario Kart Tour beginner’s guide. You may also want to take a look at our list of the best and worst karts, to determine which kart is the best fit for you. Otherwise, stay with us as in this article we will be focusing solely on the best drivers in Mario Kart Tour.

We decided to create a comprehensive Mario Kart Tour drivers tier list and present you with the best drivers in the game. We relied on several criteria, such as special skills, the chance of starting a Frenzy, and so on. Also, the characters in our list come from three different categories of drivers – the Common, Super, and Ultra Rare drivers. So, without further ado, let’s see who are the best drivers in Mario Kart Tour.

1. Musician Mario

As one of the high-end characters, Musician Mario is pretty rare and hard to get. Yet, the formidable power of this guy makes it all worthwhile. His special ability is the Double Bob-bombs and they can cause massive destruction on the track. Besides his strong specialty, Musician Mario has four Frenzy-boosted levels, as well as four secondary levels. As such, he will allow you to trigger the Frenzy mode on lots of courses, making the wins almost guaranteed. All in all, this little musician is the favorite character in Mario Kart Tour.

2. Dry Bowser

dry bowser mario kart tour

To be honest, Dry Bowser and Musician Mario are in close contention for that first spot on our list of the best drivers. Yet, we decided to give the leading spot to Mario because of his special ability. Nonetheless, this does not mean that Dry Bowser has a weak specialty. On the contrary, his special skill is called the Bowser’s Shell, and this powerful weapon can decimate the opponents on the course. Dry Bowser can hurl it in front of himself and cause tremendous damage to the other drivers. On top of that, this character also comes with four Frenzy and four secondary levels.

3. Peachette

When it comes to Ultra Rare characters, Peachette is one of the rarest. As a result, most players will not get the chance to spend some time with her. Of course, that would be a shame since this character has so much to offer. The reason why she is so high on our list of the best drivers in Mario Kart Tour is her powerful specialty – the Mushroom Cannon. In short, this fearsome skill can fire a bunch of mushrooms in a rapid manner, allowing you to dash ahead of the pack. Also, Peachette comes with three Frenzy-boosted levels and five secondary levels.

4. Pauline

pauline mario kart tour

In a way, Pauline is the star of the show when it comes to the Mario Kart Tour game. At the moment, she is the Spotlight Driver. Yet, a more important feature is her unique specialty. To clarify, Pauline is the only character who can use the Lucky Seven special ability. Once released, this skill can cause madness on the road. Basically, this skill allows Pauline to surround her kart with seven different items and cause severe damage to the opponents. Also, this character has as many as six favored secondary courses.

5. Metal Mario

metal mario mario kart tour

The last character on our list that belongs to the Ultra Rare tier is the Metal Mario. Unlike the Musician, the Metal Mario uses the Fire Flower as his special skill. In essence, this skill releases three fireballs that can cause havoc on the race tracks. Also, the good thing about these fireballs is that they cannot backfire and affect Metal Mario in any way. On top of that, this character has two Frenzy-boosted tracks and as many as seven secondary levels. In fact, this is the highest number of secondary courses of all characters in the game!

6. Peach

Peach is a lovely-looking character from the mid-tier group. Even though she may look delicate, there is more than meets the eye with this young lady. For instance, you can trigger her Frenzy mood on as many as four different courses! Also, she has four favored secondary tracks, which means that you can use this character on a wide range of courses in the game. When it comes to special skill, Peach uses her so-called Heart ability to protect the kart from the opponent’s attacks.

7. Daisy

daisy mario kart tour

Peach and Daisy are virtually the same characters, and this is not an uncommon occurrence in the Mario Kart Tour. Yet, subtle elements make the difference between those similar characters. For example, the main difference between Daisy and Peach is the number of favored secondary tracks. In the case of Daisy, she has ‘only’ three secondary levels at her disposal. Other than that, this cute-looking lady offers the same possibilities as the previous entry on our list. In other words, her special ability is the Heart, which acts as a defensive spell.

8. Mario

mario mario kart tour

The next up is one of the Bros brothers – the Mario himself! Well, in this ‘basic’ form, Mario does not belong to the cream of the crop. Yet, this character has the same structure of features as the previously-mentioned Metal Mario. Thus, Mario’s special ability is the Fire Flower, which can cause plenty of damage during a race. However, the ‘normal’ Mario has a somewhat lower chance of getting into the Frenzy mode. To be precise, this character comes with three Frenzy-boosted levels and five secondary ones.

9. Diddy Kong

Even though Diddy Kong’s special skill can sometimes frustrate the players, this weapon is impressive and powerful. To clarify, we are talking about the Banana Barrels, a skill that launches a bunch of slippery bananas all over the course. As a result, lots of opponents will stumble and spin, but you will have to avoid the bananas as well. Despite this double-edged sword, Diddy Kong is a mighty character, and he can trigger the Frenzy mode in three different tracks. Also, he comes with five secondary levels, which means that this character is one of the most versatile ones.

10. Donkey Kong

donkey kong mario kart tour

The next entry on our list of the best drivers in Mario Kart Tour is a stern-looking gorilla named Donkey Kong. Well, the looks may be deceiving because Donkey Kong is a proper racing character. However, he does not rely only on speed. On the contrary, this particular character also has a powerful specialty skill up his sleeve. To be precise, Donkey Kong can throw the Giant Banana, which can stumble up to four racers at once! In addition, Donkey Kong has two Frenzy levels and six secondary favored courses.

11. Bowser

Bowser is another iconic Nintendo character, and his rugged features may scare the opponents even before the start of the race. Aside from his stability on the track, Bowser also comes with a powerful special skill called the Bowser Shell. As the name implies, this massive shell can act like a homing missile, targeting the opponents and getting them out of your way. Also, Bowser comes with three Frenzy levels and three secondary favored tracks. For that reason, this character more than deserves this place on the list of the best drivers in Mario Kart Tour.

12. Yoshi

yoshi mario kart tour

Even though Yoshi is everyone’s favorite dinosaur, his value in the game is average, to put it that way. As a result, this green little guy lands a spot somewhere in the middle of our list. Even so, Yoshi has a decent special ability, the so-called Yoshi’s Egg. Not only that this egg will chase down the opponents, but it will also leave a little surprise for you once it breaks. More often than not, cool items will pop out of the egg. On top of that, Yoshi comes with three Frenzy-triggering levels and three secondary ones.

13. Toadette

Toadette is another middle-tier driver who can provide solid acceleration and decent drifting skills. For that reason, she is a great character for beginners and novice players. Also, she has a long-lasting boost called the Triple Mushroom. As the name suggests, this ability launches three mushrooms onto the racing track. On top of that, Toadette comes with two Frenzy levels and four secondary ones.

14. Toad

toad mario kart tour

To be honest, Toad and Toadette are virtually the same, and their driving skills are identical. In other words, Toad also offers decent turning, acceleration, and recovery. Yet, we put Toadette ahead of him on this list because Toad is a gentleman – so ladies go first. Also, she has more secondary favored levels than him, so Toadette has greater value for the player. Needless to say, Toad also comes with a Triple Mushroom special ability. Therefore, if you are new to the world of Mario Kart Tour, you will not regret sticking with Toad as your preferred driver.

15. Dry Bones

Dry Bones is one of the spooky-looking drivers in the game. At the same time, this skeleton also comes with decent driving characteristics. For instance, his special skill is called the Triple Green Shell. Once activated, three little shells will surround his kart and fire off in rapid succession. As such, this is a great defensive skill. In addition, Dry Bones can engage the Frenzy mode on two different courses in the game.

16. Baby Mario

baby mario mario kart tour

Even though they may look like babies, there is more than meets the eye with the family of Baby drivers in Mario Kart Tour. For example, Baby Mario is a cheerful driver who can bring you a lot of points. Not only that his driving skills are decent, but this character also has a great special ability. To clarify, his Boomerang Flower can whirl around and strike the enemy drivers. As a result, this weapon can bring you a lot of points as well. However, Baby Mario is not as great when it comes to Frenzy and secondary levels. To be precise, his Frenzy mode can be launched only on one course. Likewise, he has only two secondary favored race tracks.

17. Koopa Troopa

In terms of features, Koopa Troopa is almost identical to Dry Bones. Also, this friendly-looking driver is more colorful than the spooky Dry Bones. However, Koopa Troopa also comes with less favored courses. For that reason, he falls behind in our list of the best drivers in Mario Kart Tour. Even so, Koopa Troopa comes with a pretty cool special ability, the Triple Green Shells. Since this driver belongs to the Common class, beginner players will likely spend a lot of time with Koopa Troopa.

18. Shy Guy

shy guy mario kart tour

Despite his name, Shy Guy is a decent option for a driver in the early stages of the game. In other words, Shy Guy is not a bad character, but he also does not offer anything special. As a matter of fact, his special ability can backfire and affect your progress in the race. To clarify, Shy Guy relies on the Double Bob-bombs for damaging the opponents. He can hurl those two bombs at once, causing a mighty blast. But you will have to be on your toes at all times not to get caught by the bombs. Also, Shy Guy comes with one Frenzy-boosted level and four secondary tracks.

19. Baby Daisy

As we said, Baby drivers in Mario Kart Tour can be a good option for beginners at the early stages of the game. Even though they are no match for the Ultra Rare drivers, Baby characters are nimble and agile. One of them is the so-called Baby Daisy, a cute little toddler who can drive the kart like she was born in it. Baby Daisy has one Frenzy level and four secondary ones. Yet, her special ability is not the best out there. This skill is called the Bubble, and it allows Baby Daisy to float around in the oversized bubble for a couple of seconds.

20. Baby Peach

baby peach mario kart tour

Last but not least, another Baby character in Mario Kart Tour tier list. Well, Baby Peach comes with almost the same features as Baby Daisy. Yes, this driver is equally unpredictable and exciting. To be honest, the Bubble as a special ability is not of much use, and it doesn’t really help during a race. Yet, Baby Peach offers decent acceleration and good recovery. On top of that, this character comes with one Frenzy track and three secondary ones.

There you have it, a complete Mario Kart Tour tier list of the best drivers in the game! In case you feel that some other drivers deserve a spot on this list, leave us a comment below!

Cody Thompson

Friday 12th of February 2021

Also, yoshi is really rare. He was my 20th driver. His special ones are even rarer

Cody Thompson

Friday 12th of February 2021

Why did you put Peachette so far up. She was the first person I got in the game.