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Ulala: Idle Adventure Clans Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Clans

No MMORPG is complete without a guild system, and in Ulala: Idle Adventure, that system is called a Clan. This idle adventure game for Android and iOS has all the trappings of your favorite MMORPGs, but with one exception: idle grinding. Gone are the days where you have to spend hundreds of hours fighting the same monsters over and over. The game does all that for you, so you can focus on the more important and enjoyable parts of playing. One such part is finding a group of players to have fun with, and that is where Clans come in.

Clans are unlocked when you reach level 45. Tap on the Clan button at the bottom of the screen to browse through the different Clans that you can join. The list shows you how many members a Clan currently has as well as its country of origin. Once you find a Clan you want to join, just hit the Join or Apply button. If the Clan requires approval for member applications, you will have to wait for someone to let you in. If it’s an open Clan, you will immediately be taken to the Clan’s chat screen. As with any other game, Clans will play a huge role in your progress. Make sure you get it right by checking out our Ulala: Idle Adventure Clans guide to learn everything you need to know about Clans!

1. Consider Joining A Clan Instead Of Creating One

how to join a clan in ulala idle adventure

When you reach the required level, you might be tempted to create a Clan instead of joining one just so you get full control of how things will be. Remember, great power comes with great responsibility. Creating a Clan isn’t recommended unless you already have a large group of players ready to join you. Very few players will be willing to join a random Clan that just has one member, so you will end up sitting alone on your throne for a very long time.

2. Find Active Members

The key to success with any guild system is active members. Even if you manage to join a Clan that has 80 members, if less than half of them are active, you will not be able to enjoy the game. This is because the primary use of Clans right now is participation in the Clan Wars. If your Clan Chieftain and Vice Chieftain are both inactive, you will not be able to sign up for war. Even if you manage to join the war, members must still log into the game and choose their roles, or you will end up losing.

Do not be afraid to leave a dead Clan. There is no penalty for leaving, and you can immediately join another Clan afterwards. Just keep hopping from one Clan to another until you find one that meets your needs. Keep in mind, however, that most Clans that are active in wars will require a minimum of 300,000 combat power. If you need help beefing up, check out our Beginner Guide for help on improving your combat rating.

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3. Too Many Members Can Be Bad

The maximum number of members for a Clan is 80. That does not mean you should look for a Clan that has more than 70 members. For one, the minimum number of members to participate in war is just 48. As long as you have at least 48 members, the Chieftain will be able to apply for war. Another reason why you don’t need a full Clan is that the war only has 68 slots. The other members will just be there to Cheer.

ulala idle adventure clan war preparation

What can really make a full Clan bad, though, is the matchmaking system. The game will match your Clan with an opponent that has the same total combat power. That means if you have a lot of members that have average combat power, you could be matched with a smaller Clan filled with strong members. While combat power isn’t really an accurate indicator of winning potential, you would still prefer to have that number in your favor.

4. How The Clan Wars Work

Now that you have a Clan that qualifies for war, it is time to learn how it works. The first step for participating in the Clan War is initiated by your Chieftain or Vice Chieftain. They just need to hit that apply button in the Clan War screen once the application period begins. After the application period, the preparation phase comes in. Your Clan will see the opposing Clan and their general stats. This is also the time for members to declare their roles in the war. The preparation phase lasts 48 hours, giving members more than enough time to choose their roles.

There are three teams to join in the war. The first one is the Attacker team. Attackers get to choose who they want to attack in the opposing Clan’s Defenders. If an Attacker team loses the first time they challenge the Defenders, they still have one more chance to challenge again. Winning will earn points their Clan.

ulala idle adventure clan war

The second team is the Defender team. Members of the Defender team cannot choose their opponents. They don’t need to actively participate in the war after declaring their roles, though. Successfully defeating an Attacker will earn points for the Clan.

The third team is the Elite team. This is the team where the strongest members of the Clan will fight the strongest of the opposing Clan in “best-of-three” sets. The Elite team that wins most battles wins points for their Clan.

At the end of the Clan Wars, the side with the most points wins the war. All members of the Clan will receive rewards.

5. Team Compositions Matter

If you’ll notice, there are four slots for each team in the Clan War. That’s because you are still supposed to think of a proper team composition when filling in those slots. Even if the four slots are filled in with powerful members, if the team composition is wrong, they could still lose. Each team needs a Tank, a Healer, and two DPS. If you are a Tank and there is already a Tank on the team you plan to join, it is best if you look for another team. There are multiple Attacker and Defender teams, anyway. You should be able to find one that still needs your class. Having one of each class will also trigger the 5% buff that is available for regular teams.

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While we are on the subject of composition, you and your Clan War teammates should also discuss your pet options. While you all have your preferred pets, it is important that you don’t all use the same pet for the war. If you all have the same elements of pets, the opposing Clan will be able to easily counter your team’s pets. Talk to your teammates regarding their pet options and adjust accordingly.

6. Choose Roles Strategically

Winning the war is a matter of assigning the right members to the appropriate teams. Clan Chieftains who let members choose whichever role they want will find themselves losing on a regular basis. Communication is crucial to finding the right role for each participant. If you don’t have a lot of members to go around, prioritize putting your strength in Attackers. Remember, Defenders may be strong, but the Attackers will always have the advantage of being able to counter whatever the Defenders have. That means you have a higher chance of losing as a Defender. You may as well put members there that will most likely not be able to play during the war.

ulala idle adventure clan roles

The stronger members of the team need to go to the Attacking team, but it is also important that they actively play during the war. Their strength is useless if they don’t challenge any of the Defenders. Finally, the Elite team needs the strongest members of the Clan. It doesn’t matter if they are Elders or new members. If they are the strongest, they belong on the Elite team. This is the last-ditch attempt at winning points, and they need to secure those wins no matter what.

7. Always Join The War

ulala idle adventure clan war rewards

Is your Chieftain feeling less confident because your Clan has been losing wars constantly? Make sure you still push him to apply for the next war. Even if you lose, you will still receive a chest that contains Rainbow Stones. Since these stones are so hard to come by, and you need a lot of them, having a regular supply is a good thing. Besides, your Clan just might get lucky with Matchmaking and end up with a weaker opponent for a change. Just keep participating in the war and use those Rainbow Stones to get stronger. Eventually, you will be able to win.

8. When To Use The Cheer Function

Members of the Clan can tap on the Cheer button during the preparation phase in order to double the rewards received. Win or lose, the rewards will be doubled. The catch here is that Cheers cost 300 Starfish or Pearls, depending on which you have. This is premium currency we’re talking about, so you might not want to throw away 300 for a handful of Rainbow Stones.

The best thing to do is to scope out the enemy Clan first. If you see that most of them have lower levels compared to your Clan, that means you most likely have a better chance of winning. You can go ahead and Cheer if you are confident that your Clan will win. If you are not sure about victory, it is best if you just hold on to your premium currency because 200 Rainbow Stones is not worth it.

Joining a Clan is a great way to make new friends and become even more powerful in Ulala: Idle Adventure. Follow the tips and tricks listed above in order to take your Clan to the top!