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Rolling Domino Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete All Levels

Do you enjoy watching those videos of lined up dominoes falling into intricate patterns? Rolling Domino would be right up your alley. This causal game for Android and iOS will have you toppling rows upon rows of dominoes in order to form different images. The mechanics are simple. Just pull back on the ball, aim, then release to launch the ball towards the dominoes. You only have one shot, so you need to hit the dominoes correctly in order to make all of them fall down. If you miss even just one domino, you fail that round.

Rolling Domino starts out very easy, with obvious paths and straightforward layouts. As you progress, you will start encountering obstacles that you must try to avoid by making the ball bounce off surfaces. There are over a hundred levels for you to conquer, and you will need the help of our Rolling Domino tips, cheats and strategies to beat them all! So without further ado, let’s delve into our Rolling Domino guide!

1. Pull All The Way Back

rolling domino strategies

When you pull back on the ball, an orange line will appear indicating the path the ball will take once you release. If you only pull a little, the orange line will be short. Pull all the way back and it will become a longer line that will allow you to see the path of the ball even after it bounces off the walls. This is important in making sure you hit the dominoes at just the right spot. It may not seem that important in easier levels, but in more complex ones, even a millimeter off will result in failure.

2. Take Your Time

There is no time limit for any of the levels in Rolling Domino, so you don’t need to rush through launching that ball. In fact, some levels will require you to wait. This is especially true for levels that have moving obstacles. You need to carefully observe the movement of those obstacles and figure out the timing of your shot. Take into consideration the travel time of the ball as you may need to release it a little earlier or later depending on the obstacle.

3. Gems Can Be Clues

rolling domino gems

You will often see pink gems in each level. These are premium currency that you can pick up and spend in the store to unlock new skins. It is always possible to pick up all the gems on each level, but you need to make the perfect shot. Use the gems as a guide when trying to figure out how to make a shot. If you see some gems that are far from the dominoes, there is a good chance that you are supposed to make the ball pass through those gems in order to hit the dominoes at the right spot.

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t need to perfectly align the orange line with the gems. There are times when you need to aim a little off from where the gems are in order to get the correct angle for solving the puzzle.

4. Use The Dynamite Strategically

how to use the dynamite in rolling domino

In later levels, you will start encountering dynamite. Don’t be afraid of them because they can help you complete the puzzles. Hitting a dynamite with the ball will make it explode, toppling over any dominoes around it. In some levels, you need to hit the dynamite instead of the dominoes in order to trigger the correct effect. Analyze the layout of dominoes first and figure out how you can utilize the dynamite to topple them all.

5. Think Outside The Box

how to complete more levels in rolling domino

When you solve the first few levels, you will notice that the target is always the domino that’s nearest to the ball. This will not always be the case. If the obstacles seem too impossible to get through, or the layout of the dominoes is too awkward, that may mean you are supposed to aim elsewhere. You don’t always need to aim straight at the dominoes.

For example, there are levels where you need to aim at the very top of the board to make the ball hit the dominoes from above and make them fall downward. If you have been trying the straight path repeatedly and have not succeeded, it may be time to think outside the box.

6. Watch Ads To Skip A Level

how to skip a level in rolling domino

Did you come across a particularly difficult level that you just want to skip? The game allows you to do this in exchange for watching a video advertisement. When you fail a level, you will receive an offer to skip the stage. Accept the offer and you will be able to move on to the next level without completing the current one. There is no limit to the number of levels you can skip as long as you don’t mind watching a lot of ads. Of course, the game wouldn’t be much fun if you decide to skip all the levels, so it’s better if you reserve this option for particularly annoying puzzles.

7. Unlock New Skins From The Store

On the main screen of the game, tap on the Skins tab to open up the in-game store. This is where you can spend the gems to unlock new skins for the ball. Skin prices vary depending on rarity. Common skins cost 500 gems. Rare skins cost 1500 gems. Legendary skins cost 5000 gems. The good news is that the skins don’t really have any impact on gameplay, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t afford Legendary ones just yet. Think of them as trophies that you can collect and a fun way to keep things fresh as you play.

how to unlock new skins in rolling domino

If you are short on gems, you can tap on the video button at the bottom right of the store in order to play a video advertisement. You gain 150 gems for every ad that you watch. There is no limit to the number of ads you can watch, so you can easily buy all the skins if you spend a lot of time watching.

8. How To Dodge The Pop-Up Ads

The ads in this game can become unbearable at times. They keep popping up after every playthrough and it can really ruin your momentum. You have the option to spend real money to remove all ads from the game with a one-time purchase. Just tap on the No Ads button above the Skins tab on the main screen. This will remove all pop-up ads from the game along with the banner ads at the top or bottom of the screen.

rolling domino hints

Of course, if you don’t want to spend money just to get rid of the ads, there is another way. Just play the game offline and no pop-up ads will ever come to disturb you. Keep in mind that the ad offers will also not work if you are offline. If you want to skip a level or get some free gems, you will need to go online once more.

Watching dominoes fall is a lot of fun, especially when you rely on our Rolling Domino guide to beat all the levels! If you have anything to add to our list of tips, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section!