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Mario Kart Tour Karts Tier List: The Best and Worst Karts in the Game

Mario Kart Tour is an action-packed racing game that features all the well-known Nintendo characters. Of course, the popular Italian brothers are among the drivers as well. The game is available for iOS and Android devices. And, if you are new to the world of Mario Kart Tour – make sure to check out our beginner’s guide for loads of useful tips and tricks. If you are interested in finding out who are the best drivers in the game, well we’ve also got you covered, just head over to our Mario Kart Tour drivers tier list.

Needless to say, the goal of the game is to be the first one to cross the finish line. Well, the features of your kart will affect the result, and that is why it is important to use the right vehicle. For that reason, we have come up with a detailed Mario Kart Tour karts tier list. To be precise, this guide covers the best and worst karts in the game, providing you with all the info you could ever need. So, let’s check out the best and worst karts in Mario Kart Tour.

1. Blue Bandwagon

blue bandwagon mario kart tour

With its glittering and stylish appearance, Blue Bandwagon stands out from the crowd. Likewise, this kart offers some great bonuses as well as driving capabilities. In short, it is easy to see why Blue Bandwagon is our joint favorite. For instance, this points-making machine is the best kart in the game because it has three favored courses. To clarify, these courses will double your bonus points. On top of that, Blue Bandwagon comes with as many as seven secondary courses, which offer x1.5 multiplier on bonus points.

2. Gold Blooper

Another shiny kart is the Gold Blooper, a kart that offers a range of benefits. In a way, the differences between the Blue Bandwagon and the Gold Blooper are barely noticeable. Yet, the latter kart has a lower value because it has a weaker special ability. In other words, Gold Blooper comes equipped with the so-called Mini-Turbo Plus. This special skill increases the time and points earned during the Mini-Turbo bonus. In addition, Gold Blooper can double the bonus on six favored courses. Likewise, this kart has six secondary tracks as well.

3. Soda Jet

soda jet mario kart tour

The next entry on our list of the best karts in Mario Kart Tour is a cute little airplane. Like the previous kart on the list, Soda Jet also comes with the Mini-Turbo Plus special ability. Yet, this energetic airplane is not as powerful as the Gold Blooper when it comes to favored tracks. To be precise, Soda Jet has four favored courses and six secondary ones. In essence, Soda Jet is best suitable for the following tracks: Koopa Troopa Beach, Tokyo Blur, or the New York Minute.

4. Koopa Clown

Another powerful kart in the game is the Koopa Clown, which is famous for being Bowser Jr.’s favorite kart. As such, this vehicle is a great option for racetracks such as Neo Bowser City or the Rainbow Road. When it comes to special abilities, Koopa Clown also relies on the Mini-Turbo Plus. Other than that, this exciting kart comes with two courses where you can double the bonus. Also, Koopa Clown has six secondary tracks.

5. Yellow Taxi

yellow taxi mario kart tour

Even though Yellow Taxi is easy to unlock, this reliable kart is also one of the best in Mario Kart Tour. The main reason for such a classification comes from a wide array of points-boosting courses. In other words, Yellow Taxi can improve the bonus points on as many as five favored courses and nine secondary ones! For that reason, even beginners could be spending a lot of time in this classic-looking taxi. On top of that, Yellow Taxi offers a great special ability – the Jump Boost Plus skill.

6. Warship

Warship is one of the new karts in the game and it was added as a part of the Halloween Tour. As the name suggests, this kart resembles a pirate ship. Yet, the only thing that this vessel will steal is the massive number of points. In other words, Warship has two favored bonus-boosting courses. To be precise, you could double the points on the Ghost Valley 1R and the Neo Bowser City. When it comes to special abilities, this kart comes equipped with Mini-Turbo Plus.

7. Landship

landship mario kart tour

In a way, Landship and Warship are virtually the same vehicles. To be precise, their design is similar as well as their driving performances. Yet, the Landship has a lower score because of its lower number of favored courses. To clarify, this kart comes with three favored tracks and only two secondary ones. Even so, Landship is a decent kart, and it was added to the library of vehicles as a part of the Tokyo Tour.

8. DK Jumbo

Who would’ve thought that a wooden barrel can be a good racing kart? Well, Donkey Kong’s favorite ride can leave the opponents in the dust. DK Jumbo also arrived in the package for the Tokyo Tour, and this kart belongs to the B tier. Either way, players can double the bonuses on four favored tracks. Also, they can increase the bonus points by x1.5 on five different courses. On top of that, DK Jumbo also offers an awesome Jumbo Boost Plus.

9. Cloud 9

cloud 9 mario kart tour

Driving the lovely-looking Cloud 9 will make you feel like you are floating around in the proverbial cloud nine. In other words, this cute kart can offer solid speed and great acceleration. In addition, this white cloud will double your points on three courses. Likewise, it comes with as many as six secondary courses. When it comes to the special ability, Cloud 9 comes with the dynamic Jump Boost Plus. Needless to say, this power-up can extend the duration of the bonus period as well as the number of points earned.

10. Turbo Yoshi

Yoshi is one of the most popular characters in the Mario Kart series. Well, he is the favorite driver for many players in Mario Kart Tour as well. In a way, Turbo Yoshi is much similar to the green dinosaur. This friendly-looking kart can provide you with the Jump Boost Plus as the specialty. Other than that, Turbo Yoshi comes with three favored courses and six secondary ones. For instance, the best tracks for Turbo Yoshi are Dino Dino Jungle or the Yoshi Circuit.

11. Pipe Buggy

pipe buggy mario kart tour

The next entry on our list of the best Mario Kart Tour karts is the vehicle that provides great handling on all types of terrain. In fact, Pipe Buggy does not only look good, but it offers impressive driving performance. Yet, a somewhat disappointing special ability is the reason why this kart did not end up higher on the list. To be precise, Pipe Buggy comes with the Slipstream Plus as its specialty skill. Also, this kart has only one favored course and four secondary tracks.

12. Daytripper

In a way, Daytripper is a decent kart, which can help you collect a lot of points. Nonetheless, this fancy chariot looks better than it behaves on the racetrack. In other words, this one of those karts that do not provide a lot of value to the player. To clarify, Daytripper comes with a weak Dash Panel Plus special ability. However, one of the biggest benefits of using this royal chariot is the fact that it has seven courses as secondary favorites.

13. Ghost Ride

ghost ride mario kart tour

Many players agree that Ghost Ride is the worst new kart in Mario Kart Tour. Like the previous entry on our list, this kart may look great, but we should never judge a book by its cover. So, if we take a look at the driving capabilities of the Ghost Ride, we will notice a lack of useful features. To be precise, this kart relies on the weak Rocket Start Plus to boost the starting speed of the driver. Also, Ghost Ride comes with three bonus-boosting courses and four secondary ones.

14. Pipe Frame

As a default kart in the game, Pipe Frame will meet you at the start of your journey through the world of Mario Kart Tour. Yet, this kart is only good for beginners and novice players. As soon as you get the chance, move on to a better vehicle. Luckily, the game will provide you with various methods for earning a new car. When it comes to the Pipe Frame, this kart comes with the Slipstream Plus special ability. Also, Pipe Frame has two favored courses and six secondary tracks.

15. Mushmellow

mushmellow mario kart tour

Similar to Pipe Frame, the cute-looking Mushmellow will be with you at the early stages in the game. As such, this kart can be a great option for learning the commands and mastering the basics of the game. Later on, you will need better karts. Because it does not provide significant value to the player, Mushmellow is probably the worst kart in Mario Kart Tour. Not even its Jump Boost Plus special ability can take Mushmellow higher up the list. Admittedly, this kart comes with two bonus-doubling courses and three secondary tracks.

There you go, this ends our Mario Kart Tour karts tier list with the best and worst karts in the game. Of course, if you think that some other kart should make this list, feel free to drop us a comment!