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Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve All Mysteries

Mysterious events have started occurring in the city. Are these ghosts or mere illusions? In Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure, your job is to discover the truth behind the Shadow City’s appearance. As you are investigating, however, your friend is suddenly kidnapped by a phantom. Now the stakes are higher than ever as you race against time to rescue your friend. Meet the residents of the city and work with them in figuring out how the Shadow City came to be. The answers lie within the different eerie locations that you must now investigate.

Every clue you find in these locations brings you one step closer to the truth. The journey will not be easy, though. There are dozens of places to search, each with a long list of items you must find. There are also monsters and anomalies to deal with on top of everything else. You will need the help of our Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure tips, cheats and tricks if you want to succeed! So stay with us an check out our Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure guide to solve all mysteries!

1. Follow The Story

While you may be excited to just jump into the locations and keep searching until you drop, this approach may end up working against you. The game’s story is designed to keep your progress on track. If you choose to ignore it, you would be increasing the difficulty of locations without making much progress.

hidden city hidden object adventure story

The game does a great job of cutting the story into parts, so you will be able to keep track of what’s going on. There are over 60 locations in the game, and you will have a tough time navigating through all of them without a story to tie them all together. Don’t worry because the story itself is a pretty good read if you are into mysteries and ghosts.

2. There’s No Score System

As you will probably notice, you do not earn a score after successfully completing a round. That means there is no high score to chase after. More importantly, it also means you don’t need to rush through a location. You do have limited time to find all the items on your list, but you are free to keep searching until the last second.

Most hidden object games with a score system will penalize you for taking too long to find everything on the list. Take advantage of the absence of scores in this game and use every second available to find what you need.

3. Replay Locations To Increase Your Rank

Even though there is no score system in Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure, there is some benefit in replaying locations. Every time you successfully search a location, your proficiency in it increases. You will see a green bar fill up as you replay the same level. Once the bar is full, your proficiency rank will go up. Higher proficiency rankings unlock new collection items and increase the rewards you gain for the location.

hidden city hidden object adventure replaying locations

Keep in mind, however, that higher proficiency ranks mean higher difficulties. That means there will be more items for you to find and more items will be added on the screen. Objects will also be more difficult to spot. As the difficulty increases, objects will become smaller, or placed in the background. Sometimes they may even appear almost transparent or nearly completely covered by foreground items.

4. Hit Pause When You’re Lost

Sometimes, you just can’t find an item no matter how hard you stare at the screen. A possible explanation is that you have been staring at the screen for too long, and you already have some biases on what the objects should look like. A good way to get rid of those biases is to hit the pause button at the bottom left corner of the screen. The game will remove the image from the screen and will only return after you hit the play button.

If you feel like you are starting to get frustrated because you can’t find an item, hit the pause button before time runs out. Take a break and look at other things for a few minutes. Once you regain your focus, hit the play button and look at the location once more with fresh eyes. You’ll be surprised how objects start popping out of the screen all of a sudden.

5. How To Unlock New Locations

Most of the locations in the game are locked when you start out. You will notice a number on locked locations. That number indicates the level you must reach in order to unlock it. When you are only one level short of unlocking a location, you will see the padlock wiggle. You can tap on it and spend gems to unlock it early. We don’t really recommend this unless you really want to play a new location and you have plenty of gems to spare.

how to unlock new locations in hidden city hidden object adventure

Once you meet the level requirement on a location, the number will turn into an exclamation mark. Tap on it and you will be able to unlock the location by spending coins. Keep in mind that new locations become more expensive to unlock as you progress. Make sure you save up by playing often.

6. Know The Different Game Modes

There are different game modes available, and each location goes through these randomly. Make sure you check the current game mode for the location you are about to play. You can see it at the top right of the location window, just before you hit Play. The icon indicates the game mode and you can tap on it if you are not familiar with the icon. If there is an anomaly, however, the game mode will be covered by the anomaly icon instead. Check out the list below to learn more about the different game modes.

hidden city hidden object adventure game modes

Words: This is indicated by the magnifying glass icon with a black background. It is the basic game mode that gives you a list of words that you must find on the screen.

Silhouettes: This also uses a magnifying glass icon, but it has a golden background. Instead of words, you will have silhouettes of items on your list. Keep in mind that the orientation of the item on the screen may be different from its silhouette. An item could be upright on your list but is actually upside down on the screen.

Similar Items: This is indicated by a pair of apples. You are given a list to locate, but there is two of each item on the screen. You need to find both items in order to cross it out from your list.

Night: This is indicated by a blue icon filled with stars. The location will be covered in darkness and you will need to drag a small circle of light around the screen to see the items better.

Hindsight: The hourglass icon represents this game mode. Instead of a list of items, you are given a number. The screen is split into two nearly identical images. Your job is to find the differences between the two. The best thing to do here is to start on one side and clear all the parts of the images inch by inch.

Backwards Words: This is represented by a reversed letter F. As the name suggests, the names of the items you need to look for will be backwards, making them a bit more difficult to read. This mode doesn’t usually appear until much later in your proficiency for a location, so you should be able to figure out the names on the list even if they are backwards.

7. Complete Collections

When you successfully search a location, you will notice that quest items, experience, and coins are not the only drops. Some of the extra items you get are collection items. When you complete a set, just head over to the Collections screen and tap on the Complete button. Completing a collection will require fusion items. Those also drop randomly from locations. If you are missing some fusion items, you can opt to buy them using gems or tap on the Search button to go straight to the location that drops them.

how to complete collections in hidden city hidden object adventure

Completing collections will give you various rewards, including experience, coins, hint items, and boosters. You can also complete the same collection multiple times as long as you can keep collecting the parts of the set. If you have missing items from the set, you can tap on the plus sign above the item to add it to your wish list. Your friends will be able to view your wish list and send you the items you need if they have extra.

Since there are a lot of collections in the game, you may have a hard time scrolling through all of them. Use the check boxes at the bottom of the Collections screen to filter what you need. You can sort them according to completeness, so you can easily see which ones are ready to complete and those that are only missing a piece. You can also sort them according to quest to help you prioritize collections needed for your current quests.

8. Banish The Monsters

You will find several monsters walking around town. Each one requires a unique item to banish. Tap on a monster to check if you have the required items. If you don’t you can tap on the Search button to go straight to the location that drops the item. You can also spend gems to purchase the items you need. Once you have the required items, hit the Combat button. You will be taken to a brief minigame where all you have to do is tap on the monster’s image as it appears. When the monster is defeated, a chest will appear and you win different rewards like experience, energy, coins, hint items, and boosters. There is also a rare chance that instead of a single chest, a portal will open up and you get to open three chests with even more loot inside.

9. Use Your Boosters Wisely

Boosters are special items that give you temporary bonuses. Some of them only take effect for a single round while others give you a buff over a specific period. For one-time boosters, try to avoid using them on locations with low proficiency. Since you only get to experience their boost for a single round, it is best if you use them on locations that will give you the most experience and coins.

how to use boosters in hidden city hidden object adventure

Timed boosters will be consumed regardless if you are playing or not. Make sure you will be playing for the entire duration of the boost to avoid waste. Read the boost’s description carefully because some of them last for as long as two hours. Another consideration for boosts is how close you are to leveling up. When you level up, your entire energy bar is refilled. Avoid using energy boosts when you are close to leveling up because the free refill will be wasted.

10. Claim Your Free Rewards

The game gives out daily rewards for active players. You get a free gift for every day that you log in, and better rewards await you for consecutive logins. You don’t even have to play because you will be given the reward as soon as you enter the game for the first time each day. Try to at least claim this reward even if you are too busy to play for the day.

how to get rewards in hidden city hidden object adventure

Another set of rewards can be claimed from your totems. These are the statues that are lined up outside the Manor. The statues represent different milestones in the game, like the number of quests completed in the game or the number of tools used. As you reach higher milestones, the level of the statues will increase. They will change in appearance and give you even better rewards. A statue will sparkle when it is ready to give you a reward. You can tap on a statue to find out how much longer you need to wait for the next reward.

11. Add A Lot Of Friends

We mentioned earlier that friends can send you items from your wish list to help you complete collections. That’s just one of the benefits of adding friends in the game. You can also visit your friends and help them out in order to gain more rewards. Friends who visit you can also help out up to five times per day. They can tap on your statues to speed up the next reward. They can also tap on locations to give boosts when you play in them. The more friends you have, the more help you can get in terms of gifts and location boosts.

Unraveling the mysteries of Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure takes a lot of work. Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will be able to breeze through everything! In case you happen to know other useful tips for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area!


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Ken Orgeron

Friday 2nd of September 2022

how do I get the old medallion in hidden city hidden objects?


Monday 1st of August 2022

Up until a few days ago you could get free rubies by going into store and clicking on something that sent you to the bank and the you Xed out of it and got a ruby. You could get 2 a day and now nothing.


Thursday 21st of July 2022

How to participate in events. my game is back where i begin?