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Ulala: Idle Adventure Pet Farm Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Pet Farms

Ulala: Idle Adventure has taken the idle game world by storm, and if you haven’t heard of it, you are really missing out. The game has only been around for a couple of months and it has already risen to the top grossing spot for Android and iOS. That’s because it does a magnificent job of combining idle mechanics with classic MMORPG features. The game lets you choose your own class, allocate stat points, craft your own equipment, and even capture a bunch of pets.

Unlike in most other games where pets take on a mostly decorative position, this game gives them a major role in powering up your character. Not only do they attack alongside you, they also give you significant stat boosts. The game has given pets an even bigger role through its latest update called the Pet Farm. This is where you can make use of the extra pets you caught, instead of just leaving them in your inventory. Check out our Ulala: Idle Adventure pet farm guide below to learn how to get the most out of this new feature!

1. Catch Them All

The whole point of having a Pet Farm is being able to use a bunch of pets to boost your stats. You won’t be able to do this if you don’t have extra pets. Of course, you don’t really need to catch every single pet there is, but it helps if you have a lot to choose from. Catching pets takes a bit of work and some luck, so you may have to keep trying until you get a good selection. You generally want mostly Epic and Legendary pets to start with. You can check out our Pets Guide to learn more about catching pets in the game. The more pets you have, the higher the chance that you will be able to find a good match for your Pet Farm slots.

how to catch pets in ulala idle adventure

Remember, just because you have filled in your Pet Farm slots does not mean you should stop hunting for more pets. You might be able to catch a pet with better stats than your existing lineup. Always keep pets that are at least Epic rarity. You might be able to use them in higher slots. Of course, if you have duplicates, feel free to release them. Until you have unlocked all Pet Farm slots and filled them in with the best possible pets, you do not stop hunting for pets!

2. Don’t Neglect Your Progress

Now that you have an entire ranch full of pets, it is time to assign them to slots. The only problem is, do you have slots? When you first walk into your Pet Farm, you will notice that only one slot is open. Additional slots may be unlocked, but only after you have met their requirements. Each slot in the Pet Farm will have three requirements. The first is your character’s level. That’s the easy part because you just need to keep playing in order to gain experience and level up.

ulala idle adventure progress

The second requirement can be a little trickier because it requires you to beat a specific stage on the map. This is the Personal Progress requirement. The earlier slots can easily be unlocked because your team will just breeze through the initial parts of the map. Later on, however, you will be encountering tougher bosses that can be difficult to defeat even if you have a high level. Make sure your equipment is upgraded and tempered, your skills are appropriate for the boss, and that you bring along pets with the correct elemental affinity.

When you meet the firs two requirements, all you will need is to pay the building fee which costs Shells. The second slot costs just 5000 Shells to build, but the amount increases as you progress through the slots. Don’t use up all your Shells in Tempering or you might not have enough to unlock the next Pet Farm slot.

3. How To Assign Pets

If you have tried assigning pets to slots, you’re probably surprised why not all of your pets appear in the list of choices. That’s because each slot has its own set of requirements. Only pets who meet the requirements will appear on the list. For example, the first slot will only accept Fire element pets. That should be easy enough to meet as any pet with the correct element will appear.

how to assign pets to slots in ulala idle adventure

Later slots will have more complex requirements that will make it difficult to find appropriate pets. The fifth Pet Farm slot, for example, requires pets that have Assist as their primary Talent, but they should also have Lightning elemental affinity. That means even if you have pets that have the Assist as their main Talent, if they do not have Lightning affinity, they will still not qualify. The good news is the elemental requirement will accept a pet even if Lightning is only a secondary affinity. An example here is the Fire Marmot whose primary Talent is assist, but his primary element is Fire. He still qualifies for the fifth slot because his secondary element is Lightning.

A new set of categories have also been added to the game since the Pet Farm was released. Pet types are Flying, Aquatic, Herbivorous, Beasts, and Land-Dragon. They currently don’t have much impact on gameplay other than meeting specific Pet Farm slot requirements. For example, the 3rd slot only accepts Herbivores while the 7th slot requires Land-Dragons.

You can check the requirements for each slot by tapping on the sign on the corner of the fence. Keep in mind that all requirements need to be met in order for pets to qualify. If you don’t have any pet that can be used for that slot, check out the Pet Manual to see which pets meet the requirements. You can then cook their favorite food and set out to catch them.

4. Rarer Pets Give More Stats

Pets come in different rarities. From lowest to highest, the rarities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. As we mentioned earlier, you generally want Epic and Legendary pets to begin with. That’s because they give you more in terms of stat boosts. When you place a pet in a slot, they give you a boost in the stats related to that slot. Depending on the rarity of the pet, you will receive extra boosts. Check out the list below to see how much extra boost each pet gives you.

Common – 0%
Uncommon – 23%
Rare – 28%
Epic – 34%
Legendary – 41%
Highly Talented – 42%

In case you’re wondering, Highly Talented pets are also Legendary, but they have “Highly Talented” on their profile. There’s a small chance of catching a Highly Talented pet whenever you get a Legendary. Since the odds of getting a Legendary is pretty low to begin with, it could take a lot of tries before you can get one.

5. Always Check The Numbers

Even though Legendary pets give you a percentage bonus, there may be cases when an Epic pet would be a better fit for the slot you are looking at. This will usually happen in earlier stages when you don’t have a lot of pets to choose from. For example, if you are trying to place a pet in the second slot which only accepts Lightning monsters, and your only options are a Legendary Lightning Fox and an Epic Sheep, you should go with the Sheep.

ulala idle adventure bonus

The second slot takes the assigned pet’s Guardian Talent and converts it into a Character Armor boost. Since the Lightning Fox only has 4.5 Guardian points, even with a 41% extra bonus, the total Character Armor given will still be lower than the Epic Sheep’s 6.0 Guardian bonus. The game shows you the exact number for each bonus you receive, so it will be easy to compare the best option. Just go through all the pets on the list to see which one fits your needs the most.

6. Compromise Depending On Your Class

In a perfect world, you would have the best pet for each slot. In reality, it will take you a long time before you can catch that dream lineup for your Pet Farm. In the meantime, it is best if you don’t leave those slots empty. There will be times when a pet qualifies for more than one slot, and he is the best you have for all those slots. Where do you put him, then? The answer depends on your character’s class.

how to place pets in ulala idle adventure

If you are a Tank, then you naturally want to prioritize placing the best pet in slots that give you more survivability. If you are a Melee DPS type, and your team does not have a good Healer, you might also want to prioritize survivability. If you are a ranged DPS or a Healer, slots that boost your ATK will be your best bet. It all depends on your strategy and what your character needs the most. You might want to boost a stat that your character is struggling with, or you could opt to go all in on the stat that you specialize in.

The Pet Farm is a great way to improve your combat power in Ulala: Idle Adventure, but only if you use it correctly. Make sure you do by remembering everything you learned from our Pet Farm guide! In case you have more tips or tricks for the game, let us know in the comments below!