how to unlock pet skills in ulala idle adventure

Ulala: Idle Adventure Pets Guide: How to Train Your Pets and Unlock New Skills

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a true testament to how far the idle game genre has come. This mobile game is practically an MMORPG minus the tedious grind. Instead of having to repetitively kill monsters as you hunt for loot, the game does all that while you do other things. You just have to create your character first, choose a class, then jump straight into the world. The game will automatically battle opponents, pick up loot, and gain experience. Just because it is an idle game does not mean there is nothing for you to do, though.

You will need to stay on top of your character’s skills, equipment, pets, quests, and more. The game’s mechanics are surprisingly complex, especially the pet system. You are in charge of cooking bait, capturing pets, training them, and unlocking their skills. If you can’t figure out what to do with your pets, don’t worry. Check out our Ulala: Idle Adventure pets guide for tips, cheats and tricks on how to manage your pets the right way!

1. Level Up Fast, Here’s How

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is level up. The Pet menu isn’t available until level 16, so just keep playing until you reach that level. It helps if you find a good team to play with, so you can level up faster. Once you hit level 16, you will automatically be given your first pet. It’s a useless common pet, so don’t bother investing anything in it. You can just go ahead and release that thing, and just capture a better one asap.

how to level up fast in ulala idle adventure

If you managed to pre-register for the game, you will be lucky enough to receive a free Epic T. Rex egg. It would have been sent to your mail along with the other pre-registration rewards. After you claim it from the mail, you can find the egg in your storage, under the Pet tab. Tap on it to hatch it, and the T. Rex will automatically appear in your Pet menu. All other pet rewards will be given to you as an egg, so always check the Pet tab to see if you have any pets waiting to be hatched.

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2. Learn How to Cook

Cooking is also unlocked when you unlock the Pet menu. There isn’t really much behind this since the result of your cooking is based on chance, but it pays to know how the quality of your dish affects your capture rate. The qualities are: Burnt, Mediocre, Tasty, Top Class, Heavenly Delicacy, Tasty Fruit, and Feast Capture. You will usually get either Tasty or Top Class unless you’re unlucky.

how to cook in ulala idle adventure

You will need ingredients in order to cook. Most of the ingredients you get will be drops from fighting monsters. You can purchase specific ingredients from the market, but they will usually cost you a lot of shells. Make sure you check which dishes you really want to cook to avoid wasting precious ingredients. Each dish will list down the specific pets it catches, so it will be easier for you to decide.

As a side note, cooked dishes can also be used to give your characters a buff. The higher the quality of the food, the better and longer the buff will be. Since you only get a few ingredients per hour of gameplay, it is best if you don’t use the food buff unless you have already caught all the possible pets from a particular dish.

3. How To Capture Pets

Now that you have cooked up a storm, it is time to set the trap. Head over to the Capture menu then tap on Add Food. You will see a list of the dishes you have in the inventory. The quality of the food you use as bait will determine your chances of capturing a good pet. As you can probably guess, Burnt and Mediocre food will give you zero chances of capturing Epic or Legendary pets. You will need at least Top Class quality to even have a chance at getting a Legendary pet, and even then, the chance is only at 0.1%. Tasty Fruit and Feast Capture have the highest chances of catching a Legendary, both at 12%. To view the detailed percentages for capturing pets, just tap on the paper icon on the top right corner of the Capture screen.

how to capture pets in ulala idle adventure

Once you have set a bait, a timer will begin. The duration of the timer depends on the food you chose. Some can take as little as 8 seconds to capture a pet while others can take up to four hours or more. Consider this timer beforehand and make sure you will be able to log back into the game as soon as the timer expires. Once the timer ends, you will have a limited time to tap the Capture button before the pet disappears.

You could also spend Starfish or Pearls if you want to accelerate the timer for capturing pets. The cost depends on how much time is left before the capture. If you don’t have anything else to spend your Starfish on, it’s alright to spend it on accelerating capture. Never use Pearls on this, though, because that would be a waste of premium currency.

4. When To Release Your Pets

Each time you use the Capture function, you will get multiple pets. Some of them will probably be useless to you, so you can go ahead and release them. To release a pet, just head over to the Pet menu then tap on the Release button on the left side. Put a check mark on the pets you want to release then tap on the Confirm button.

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Releasing pets not only free up space on your Pet menu, you also get fossils in return. Releasing Normal to Rare pets will reward you with different amounts of Normal Fossil. Releasing Epic and Legendary pets will reward you with Rare Fossil. Rare Fossil is used for Pet Research. Normal Fossil, on the other hand, can be fused to create a Rare Fossil. It costs 100 Normal Fossils to create one Rare Fossil. To fuse them, just go to the Pet tab in your storage, tap on the Normal Fossils, then tap on the Fuse button.

5. Understanding Pet Talents

There are four Pet Talents in the game: ATK, Symbiosis, Assist, and Guardian. ATK is how much damage your pet deals when he attacks. Symbiosis determines the bonus HP you get from your pet. Assist is the bonus damage you receive from your pet. That means the extra damage dealt when you attack. Guardian is the bonus Armor you receive from your pet.

ulala idle adventure pet talents

You can view your pet’s rating for each Talent by tapping on him then choosing the Attribute tab. You can also check the exact numbers these ratings give you by tapping on the Exp/Min section of the Combat screen. This will bring up the Combat stats. You can then tap on the Pet Details tab to see the exact numbers you are getting from your pet during each battle.

6. Choose The Right Pet

If you have tried capturing pets a few times, you will realize that it is actually pretty easy to get Epic pets in this game. It’s only a matter of time before you get a handful of Epic pets in your roster. The problem is, you can only take on of them with you. To bring along a pet, just select him in your Pet menu then tap on the Dispatch button on the right side of the screen. The pet will then appear alongside your character as soon as any ongoing battle ends.

There are two things to consider when choosing a pet for your character. The first one is your opponent. If you are going against a Boss, you should check the Boss’s elemental affinity. There are four elements in the game: Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Frost. Fire is strong against Lightning. Lightning is strong against Earth. Earth is strong against Frost. Frost is strong against Fire. If you have a pet that is strong against the Boss’s elemental affinity, you should bring him along before hitting the Challenge button.

The second consideration is your class. When you don’t have a pet that counter’s the Boss affinity, or if you just need a pet for regular grinding, you should think about what your character needs. For example, if you are a Warrior, then you need a pet that has high ATK instead of Assist. Warriors do not scale well in terms of damage output even if you get bonus damage from your pet, so it is better if you leave the attacking to your pet. Warriors also benefit from high Symbiosis and Guardian since their role in a party is to soak up damage from the enemy.

7. Train Your Pets

how to train pets in ulala idle adventure

Once you have your favorite pets selected, you should start investing in them by training them. To train a pet, just tap on him then tap on the Train button on the right side of the Pet screen. You can then tap on the Pet Research button at the bottom of the Training screen. This is where you can spend all those Rare Fossils in order to make your pet stronger. The higher the Research level, the more Rare Fossils you will need. Each Research level gives you a different benefit, and you are free to scroll ahead to see which bonuses are coming up.

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8. Learn Pet Skills

Pet Skills are Active and Passive skills that you can assign to your pets in order to use them in battle. Before you can assign any skill, however, you will need to learn them first. To learn a pet skill, head back into the Training menu of your pet then tap on the Pet Skill button at the bottom of the screen. You can choose between the list of Active and Passive skills listed there. As you will see, each skill requires a certain number of shards. You will only be able to learn the skill once you have all the required shards.

ulala idle adventure pet skills

Pet Skill shards drop from your regular battles. You can check which Pet Skill shards drop in a particular map by tapping on the Manual button on the right side of the Combat screen. You won’t be able to choose which shards to get, so it is a matter of staying in a specific map until you get all the shards you need. We have listed the different skills below and the number of shards you need, to give you an idea of how long it will take to learn them.

Active Skills

Healing Mist – Healing skill. Costs 20 shards.
Devotion – Damage reduction. Costs 10 shards.
Slashing Strike – Inflicts damage. Costs 100 shards.
Inspire – Attack buff. Costs 10 shards.
Shield Defense – Defense buff. Costs 20 shards.
Rend – Inflicts damage. Costs 50 shards.
Assault – Area damage. Costs 50 shards.
Swipe – Area damage. Costs 50 shards.
Smash – Inflicts damage. Costs 50 shards.

Passive Skills

Pursuing – Inflicts damage. Costs 50 shards.
Overpower – Armor penetration. Costs 100 shards.
Tenacity – Armor boost. Costs 100 shards.
Fury – Pet crit boost. Costs 10 shards.
Mend – HP restore. Costs 100 shards.
Battle Heart – Pet attack boost. Costs 20 shards.
Inner Focus – Pet attack boost. Costs 70 shards.
Molten – Inflicts damage. Costs 50 shards.
Cooperation – Inflicts damage. Costs 70 shards.
Beast Heart – Inflicts damage. Costs 70 shards.
Onslaught – Inflicts damage. Costs 50 shards.
Competitive Heart – Assist boost. Costs 20 shards.
Firm Heart – Pet protection boost. Costs 20 shards.
Steady Heart – HP Bonus boost. Costs 20 shards.
Photosynthesis – Restores energy. Costs 10 shards.
Splash – Inflicts damage. Costs 20 shards.
Hold Firm – Shield boost. Costs 50 shards.
Sacrificial – Pet takes damage for character. Costs 70 shards.
Emergency Safeguard – Gives shield. Costs 70 shards.

9. Unlock Pet Skill Slots

After going through all that trouble to learn skills, you may be surprised to discover that you can’t use the skills just yet. All skill slots are locked for pets when you first get them. You will need to conduct Pet Research in order to unlock skill slots. The first Active Skill slot will be unlocked at Research level 29. That’s a lot of Rare Fossils, so make sure you invest only in the pets you plan on keeping.

how to unlock pet skill slots in ulala idle adventure

Once you have unlocked the necessary slots, you can then tap on each of them to select the skills you want to use. Only learned skills may be assigned to these slots, so don’t rush in unlocking slots if you don’t have enough learned skills anyway.

10. Send Your Pets On Explorations

Pet Exploration is unlocked when you reach level 32 and have beaten Bata Desert stage 10. You can send up to 5 pets per exploration. The more pets you send, the higher the chance of success. When you reach 100% chance of success, adding more pets will give a crit chance to your exploration. That means you have a chance to get more rewards from that exploration. Once you have chosen the pets you want to send out, you can choose to simply confirm the exploration, or you can double the rewards by spending Starfish or Pearls. We recommend that you only spend Starfish here, and only when you are sending your pets on an Epic or Legendary exploration.

The exploration rewards and rarity vary per day. The higher the rarity of the exploration, the better the rewards. You can get shells, gems, pet skills, character skills, fossils, and more. Don’t worry about keeping extra pets to send on explorations. The pets available for exploration depends on the pets you have discovered, not the ones you currently have. Even if you release a pet, it will still be available for you to select when exploring.

ulala idle adventure pet explorations

The limiting factor for exploration is Stamina. Each exploration costs a pet 50 stamina, and they only have 100 stamina per day. You can replenish your pet’s stamina by tapping on the Pet Farm button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on the Add Stamina button and you can put a check mark on all the pets you want to replenish stamina. You will need to spend Starfish or Pearls here depending on what is available.

The number of teams you can send out at the same time depends on the number of pets you have discovered. If you have less than 20 pets discovered, you can only send out one team. If you have 20-34 pets discovered, you can send out two teams. Having 35 to 49 pets discovered will allow you to send out three teams. Finally, having 50 or more pets discovered will allow you to send out four teams at the same time.

You can check out how many pets you have discovered by tapping on the Manual button on the top right of your pet menu. You can fill up the pet manual by simply capturing more pets. Make sure you check the available pets for every new map you enter. If you have caught all the available pets on your current map, you should hurry up and move on to the next one. Catching more of the same pets will not add to the total number of pets you need for unlocking exploration slots.

It is time for you to head out and catch your perfect pet! Just remember everything you learned from out Ulala: Idle Adventure pet guide to help you catch them all!

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