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Ulala: Idle Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Dominate Each Boss

X.D. Global is back with another adventure exciting mobile RPG that received an overwhelming reception from fans of the genre. This time, though, Ulala: Idle Adventure makes it so that you continue to make progress in the game even while you are offline. Coupled with multiplayer features and tons of content to look forward to as you plow through the game, Ulala: Idle Adventure makes every bit of the journey both engaging and exciting as you constantly feel gain more and more power every step of the way.

Similar to the company’s other mobile titles like Eternal City, Final Heroes, and Pocket Luna, Ulala: Idle Adventure maintains a near-perfect overall review rating from its users. The game has also rocketed to going past 500 thousand downloads within the first month after its release and has topped charts in several countries as well. If you are currently looking for a fun and unique adventure RPG where progress can be made even with the shortest time you can dedicate on it, then check out what Ulala: Idle Adventure is all about!

Ulala: Idle Adventure takes you to a prehistoric fantasy world of tribespeople called Ulala exist. They are not alone, though, in the vast continent as dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters of all shapes and sizes loiter about. You get to choose from 8 distinct classes which one to play as and travel endlessly to become stronger. You will not be alone on your adventure as NPCs can join you or you can party up with other players. There are various pets as well to tame and train to become your partner in combat. While you continue to travel the different areas of the continent, you will muster more experience until you are ready to challenge that area’s boss. Defeating the boss gives you access to the next stage which promises to be a bigger challenge than the previous one. Various other challenges and features await you as you reach new heights and while you can definitely get stronger without much time to spend on the game, tending to it from time to time will make you progress even faster.

There may be far easier idle games around that belong to the hyper-casual genre but considering the RPGs and adventure games, Ulala: Idle Adventure stands as among, if not the easiest to pick up and play. As the battle is basically on auto and you are constantly running, the game is practically designed to always keep your hero in battle even while you tend to other upgrades and features or even when you are offline and away from the game. Anything that requires attention will have a clear indicator on it and reading through and learning from the quick tips, which serves as the in-game tutorial, at the start of your adventure is more than sufficient even for total beginners.

If you find yourself struggling to get past a particular boss or simply searching for more efficient means of levelling your hero up and earning more power, then stay with us and read our Ulala: Idle Adventure beginner’s guide. Our detailed list of tips, cheats and strategies will help you dominate each boss that stands in your way!

1. Choose A Character Class That Suits Your Play Style

While you may only see 4 different characters in the character creation screen of the game, each one holds 2 unique classes as can be selected by tapping the appropriate buttons at the right side below the character. If you have played some RPGs before, then the usual classes you will see here should be familiar enough in terms of traits and attributes as well as their respective strengths and limitations. If you are new to RPGs, then be guided by the triangular attributes guide you can see just below the class name.

ulala idle adventure class

Essentially, each class in the game have different stat distributions based on attack, survivability, and support attributes. Classes may present a dominantly high value on one or two of these attributes or have a balanced enough distribution of it across all three. These considerations very much determine their role in the group. Classes with high attack values naturally become the team’s damage dealers and may either be melee or ranged. Survivability, on the other hand, relates to defensive prowess, and may mean high HP values or defense as well as sport a high evasion rating, self-healing abilities or any such skills that sustain the hero’s life in combat. Last, but definitely not the least, support stats relate to healing abilities as well as similar skills that boost the entire party’s offensive or defensive skills in battle.

The first pair of classes are the Assassin and the Hunter. Both are DPS classes and can deal huge amounts of damage against single targets or even groups of enemies. The Assassin is a melee combatant and is more prone to taking in damage than the Hunter. While both can be built to have high critical chances and hits, the Hunter has much higher survivability rate being at the back of the team while the Assassin can do more damage staying up front.

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The next pair of classes are the Gladiator and the Warrior. These two classes are both tanks and can take a lot more damage than all other classes. Both are also melee combatants and typically stay at the forefront of the team formation. While both classes are peers in terms of defensive capabilities, the Gladiator can deal a little more damage than the Warrior while the Warrior can provide some support skills for the team.

For the first set of magic-users, you can opt for either a Druid or Mage class. The Druid is a healer type of character that has very little offensive spells. Druids can also heal themselves and that makes them a little more likely to survive than their DPS counterpart. Mages are all about dealing damage and leaves very little attributes for both survivability and support. As a typical glass cannon, mages have the potential of being the top DPS unit but will be largely dependent on both the tank and the healer.

For the other pair of spellcasters, we have the Warlock and the Shaman. The Warlock may seem a bit similar to Mages but Warlocks specialize in debuffing enemies and inflicting various negative afflictions on them, ultimately increasing survivability for the caster and the entire party. Shamans, on the other hand, focus entirely on healing and support spells for the entire team. Although the Shaman can also debuff enemies, a lot of the skills available for the class involve healing teammates.

2. Play With A Full Team Immediately

Within minutes after jumping in to the world of Ulala: Idle Adventure, you will find your hero running endlessly across the vast continent, fighting mobs of monsters after another and gaining experience points, shells, and gears along the way. Right from the start, you will be accompanied by NPC characters that are as generic as it comes and will practically be cannon-fodders for more challenging areas as well as boss battles. As these companions are only worth it if you want to basically play entirely on your own, you should set them aside and form or join up with a team with other players that have unique skills and abilities.

ulala idle adventure team

Although you may not be readily inclined to look for a team immediately, you may often see an invite icon pop up on your screen. You can always accept the invite and be automatically transported to where the team is or you can join up or create your own team when you are ready to do so. To access the team menu, tap on the “Team” icon at the lower right side of the screen. You can find a notice board where formed teams are waiting for other players to join in. At the Hall, you can send invites to individual players who are not members of any party.

You have the liberty of choosing the people and classes to be in a party with. While there are no limitations whatsoever as to the full roster or each 4-person team, be sure to go for the optimal team composition as doing so provides additional incentives for your team on top of functioning most efficiently across each area and boss battle.

As far as practicable, go for having a tank, a healer, and 2 DPS classes in your team. Doing so will activate a team aura which boosts the entire team’s HP, attack, and armor stat attributes by 5%. If you are not certain about classes, you can tap on each character’s icon and then click on “view”. You can then tap on the character attribute button at the bottom of the window to see that player’s character class.

3. Prepare Well Before Challenging The Area Boss

The basic game mechanics you need to know and observe in Ulala: Idle Adventure is that while the mobs of monsters you regularly encounter in an area are your constant source of experience points and shells, which are the basic currency, the mobs you encounter should be your determinant as well if your team is ready to hunt and challenge the area boss and move on to the next one. If you consistently see that a member or a couple of members of your team get knocked out in regular battles, then that can only mean that you need to grind for experience points to level up more. If you can see that each encounter goes quickly enough, leaving each member with hardly a scratch after defeating the enemies, then that would be the time to tap on the “Challenge” button at the right side of your screen and face off against the area’s boss monster.

how to defeat bosses in ulala idle adventure

Keep in mind that the further you progress in a stage, the more experience points and shells you earn. The gears and other drops you receive from boss battles also become better the farther you get within each stage. As you may be inclined to challenge the boss more often than you should, keep in mind that losing a battle and having your team wiped out brings you further back down into that area. As you reach new levels and more stages become available, you should consider moving to it as new stages present new skills you can equip as well as offer better gears, experience point and shell amounts.

4. Constantly Upgrade Your Gears

Progressing through different areas and stages in Ulala: Idle adventure will certainly net you numerous gears and most especially on the earlier stages, you will find that you will constantly obtain better gears than the ones you are currently equipped with. To progress much faster in the game, you will have to spend time ensuring that what you have equipped is the best ones you can have and that each gear slot is enhanced to boost your stats and raise your power.

how to upgrade gear in ulala idle adventure

Your current level in the game determines the maximum enhancement level each gear slot can have. As such, push to max out the most critical ones that boost your most important attributes. As you will only need to spend shells on each upgrade, it is fairly easy to accomplish. As enhancement levels go up, more shells are required to perform the next one. While you will more likely not be able to max out all gear slot enhancement levels, at least concentrate on a couple before equally tending to the rest of it. You do not need to worry about bad investments as far as enhancing gears go. Even if you replace a particular gear with a better one, its enhancement level stays the same. Always keep an eye out on indicators appearing at the character screen for possible upgrades to your hero. Green arrows at the upper right side of the gear slot means that you have enough shells to enhance them while red armor icons indicate that a better gear is available.

Once you reach level 32 and make it to Bata Desert stage 10, you will be able to embed gems into each piece of equipment you have. These gems offer additional stat boosts that further increase your power so once you are able to do so, be sure to use them immediately. As you will begin to scure gems moving forward, be sure to consider fusing them to secure a higher level gem. You can perform this by visiting your storage at the camp and tapping on gems under the “Gem” tab of your inventory.

5. Choose The Best Skills For Your Role

There are numerous skills available for each class in the game and while some of the skills will be made available later on as your reach the more challenging stages, there will naturally be more available than what you can equip. Although you will only start with one skill slot available, reaching level 30 will have all for slots ready to be equipped with the skills you have in your inventory. Skills follow a rarity class that makes higher rarity ones more efficient than their more common versions. Rarities in the game are indicated by the colors white, green, blue, purple, and gold from most common to the rarest. While you may be inclined to always choose the higher rarity skill cards, be sure to consider what each one does as well relative to the role you have in your team.

ulala idle adventure best skills

Taking the hunter class for example, a lot of the skills available are single target damage-dealing skills. There are some skills that target multiple enemies as well as some skills that offer a bit of self heal. Depending on what you and the entire team needs, be sure to consider a good mix of the available skills. You may go for exclusively single target skills or keep a balanced between single and multi-target ones. If you find yourself always getting knocked out despite having a healer in your team, you may want to consider using a skill that replenishes your health.

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Like gears, skills can also be upgraded to make them even more effective in combat. Doing so, however requires consuming skill cards you no longer use. As each skill will be used in combat, it will be best to spread enhancements as equally among all of them. To proceed with an upgrade, tap on the upgrade button at the right side of an active skill slot, tick on the upper right corner of each gear you want to sacrifice, and hit “confirm”. For faster disposition of duplicate skills, you can tap on the “By Quality” button and select the rarity of gears you are willing to sacrifice. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to keep at least one copy of each skill as you may find use for them later on. At the skills window, you can also visit the Skill Chest and consume tickets or spend starfish to purchase random skill cards.

6. Spend Energy Points And Transcend Your Hero

Each level you gain in Ulala: Idle Adventure earns you energy points that you can spend to boost stat attributes to mold your hero closer to how you want him or her to develop. These points can be distributed however you choose although there are optimal distributions that can bank more on what your hero is already strong at or bolster attributes to compensate for what you are lacking. As each attribute differs from one another in terms of the stats they boost, be sure to tap on each one to see what it does.

how to transcend hero in ulala idle adventure

While you can always just balance out your energy points across all choices, concentrating on one and leaving some for a second priority will be the best way to go. Having your stats too spread across may just make your hero less efficient for the role that he or she needs to perform in a team and having fewer energy points added to each one will more likely be even less impactful on latter stages in the game. Although resetting the distribution of energy points is free for the first time, succeeding ones will cost you 10 starfish to initiate. As such, be sure to decide early on as to which of the attributes should be your top priority and which one is the second.

In the character page as well, be sure to look into the transcend option to see the quests you need to accomplish for your to be able to transcend your character. Each transcend activation levels up your class as well as your talent and comes with a huge boost to your stats. While some quests to accomplish may require completing certain stages in the game, some may very well depend on the enahancement level of your gears or skills so be sure to visit this feature and aim to accomplish each quest.

7. Equip Pets As Soon As You Can

After reaching level 16, you will finally be able to recruit your pet to join you in your adventure. To do so, click on the Pet icon at the bottom of the screen and choose from among the pets you have which one to take with you. While you will be rewarded with at least one as you play the game, you can easily capture additional ones.

how to equip pets in ulala idle adventure

Before you initiate capturing potential pets, you will need to cook food at the camp. Food can be used to temporarily boost your stats in battle. Beyond that, food is essential in using as bait to trap some monsters to become your pets. To initiate capturing monsters, go to the pet screen and tap the Capture icon at the right side of the screen. You will need to add food to the trap and the quality and type of the food you use determines which animals will be attracted to it. You will also see how long the food will last before you can capture the lured monsters. Be sure to check back within 24 hours as you will manually need to capture the monsters before they escape.

Having a wide variety of pets to choose from is an easy feat in Ulala: Idle Adventure. Although higher rarity ones are more efficient, you should also look into each one’s attributes to determine their elemental effectiveness in battle especially against boss monsters. Elements in the game follow the usual “rock-paper-scissors” of boosting or mitigating damage so you may want to switch pets in depending on the elemental weakness of the boss you are challenging. Fire beats lightning, lighning beats earth, earth beats frost, and frost beats fire. You can view the elemental effectiveness flow at the attribute tab of the pet page.

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Soon enough, you will acquire a lot more pets than what you need. Feel free to release the ones you no longer need back into the wild, and earn fossils. You can train your favorite pets to acquire new skills through research but that may take a while as each research costs, rare fossils which are hard to obtain. Don’t fret, though, as you can always fuse your common ones to become a rare fossil later on.

8. Accomplish Daily Quests For Extra Rewards

While there is hardly any need for you to spend long hours to progress fast in Ulala: Idle Adventure, spending a couple of minutes to accomplish daily quests can help you progress in the game even faster. At the camp, you can view the daily quest objectives by clicking on the quest icon at the left side of your screen. These are just 5 easy objective to accomplish so be sure to read through each one and accomplish as many as you can. While you will earn a reward for completing each objective, you can claim extra ones at the bottom of the page after accomplish the objectives.

ulala idle adventure daily quests

Completing all objectives in the daily quest earns you a wishing coin and with it, you can make a wish for a legendary skill of your choice. Click on the wish button at the bottom of the daily quest page to consume your wishing coin and be a step closer towards earning a highly coveted reward.

9. Spend Time To Clear Your Storage

As you will quickly obtain new pieces of equipment as you battle through one boss after another, you will soon reach the limit of your storage and be unable to acquire new equipment. As the farther you go in the stage, the better the rewards are, the natural tendency is that you will be missing out on potentially better gears by having your gear storage maxed out. As such, make it a habit of disposing extra pieces of gears through smelting and try to clear as many available slots as possible before you log out of the game.

how to clear storage in ulala idle adventure

Smelting gears earn you gear shards that you can use to craft new pieces of gears. The higher the quality of the gear smelted the more shards you earn and likewise, the higher the quality of the gear you want to craft, the more expensive it is. Once you have equipped the best gears in your inventory, feel free to smelt the rest of it. As far as crafting goes, be sure to go for legendary gears and priority gear types based on your critical needs.

10. Quick Intermittent Plays Are Sufficient

As we mentioned earlier that you do not necessarily need to spend long hours to make good progress in Ulala: Idle Adventure, visiting your hero intermittently for quick “maintenance” feats will make you progress fast. Once you get back in the game, you can practically set a routine visiting each icon that has an indicator on it. You can set traps once a day and be back for what it captured before the 24-hour period and also spend one play time within the day to accomplish the daily quests. Check as well if you can push for a hunt and also determine if you may have to switch to a different team, like when your teammates have not gone online for days.

ulala idle adventure tricks

And that sums up every bit of tips, tricks and strategies we have for you as far as our Ulala: Idle Adventure is concerned. If you know additional tips for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!