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Ulala: Idle Adventure Cards Guide: How to Use Clatter Cards in the Game

Idle games have evolved in recent years and more games are discovering its potential beyond the typical tycoon model. Ulala: Idle Adventure has taken the genre to the next level by adding MMORPG elements to the gameplay and utilizing the idle mechanic to do away with the usual grind. This idle adventure game for Android and iOS managed to gather millions of fans with its well fleshed out features that include multiplayer parties, PVP, boss raids, skill combinations, and more. Your character may be playing on his own, but that doesn’t mean you do not have a ton of things to do to help make him stronger.

Many newcomers complain that their progress tends to slow down once they hit mid-40s. If you are having the same problem, that is probably because you have not been utilizing all the tools at your disposal correctly. One of those tools is the Clatter Card system. This system allows you to equip cards to your character in order to boost his stats. There is more to it than just slapping rare cards onto your character, though. Check out our Ulala: Idle Adventure cards guide to learn how to use Clatter Cards in the game!

1. How To Unlock Clatter Cards

how to unlock clatter cards in ulala idle adventure

Clatter Cards are not immediately available when you start the game. You will need to unlock the menu first by reaching level 42. If you are struggling with progress before level 42, you may want to check out our beginner’s guide in order to strengthen your character and level up faster. You will also need to beat Bata Desert 50, so make sure you are regularly challenging bosses, or you will have a lot of catching up to do. Once you meet the requirements, you can access the Clatter Card menu by going to your character equipment screen and tapping on the third button at the bottom.

2. Open More Card Slots

When you first access the Clatter Card screen, you might be disappointed to see that only one slot is available. There are 9 slots in total and you will need to unlock each of them to equip more cards. To unlock a card slot, you need to beat the associated map level. For example, to unlock the second slot, you need to beat Jujule 110. That’s a long way from Bata Desert 50, so we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be diligent in challenging bosses in order to progress in the map.

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3. Combine Cards To Raise Star Ratings

how to combine cards in ulala idle adventure

Each card has its own star rating, but most of them start at 1 star. The maximum is 3 stars, and as you can imagine, a card’s effect grows as the star rating goes up. To raise the star rating of a card, you need to combine three identical cards. That means combining three identical 1-star cards will create a 2-star card. You need three identical 2-star cards to create a 3-star card, or a total of nine 1-star cards for a single 3-star. Cards are automatically combined as soon as you have three identical cards in your inventory.

4. Obtaining More Cards

To get more cards, you need to purchase them from the Clatter Card store. There are five cards for sale at any given time. You can change the cards using the shuffle button at the bottom right of the screen. The game gives you free shuffle chances at the start of each day, with additional free turns every 8 hours. If you didn’t shuffle at the 8-hour mark, the chance will just stack up to a maximum of 5 shuffles. That means you get to shuffle up to five consecutive times if you didn’t use your previous chances. Make sure you purchase any cards you are interested in before shuffling because there is no way to bring them back if you end up with worse cards after the shuffle.

how to obtain more cards in ulala idle adventure

Cards are purchased using Clatter Coins. This is a special currency that can only be acquired by defeating bosses. Don’t worry too much about spending your Clatter Coins. If you decide that you don’t want a card, you can sell it back for the same amount of Clatter Coins you used to purchase it.

5. Manage Your Card Inventory

ulala idle adventure card inventory

Before you go on a card shopping spree, you should know that your card inventory is extremely limited. You only get 8 inventory slots, so you can’t go on collecting a bunch of cards with the hope of getting enough to raise star levels later on. It will cost you a lot of Pearls to add little more inventory space, so it is better if you just buy the cards that you will actually need. Carefully analyze each card and think about whether or not you will really be using it in the future. Just because a card is blue or green does not mean you should buy it. Of course, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon a Legendary card, then you are free to buy at once.

6. Choose The Right Card For Your Class

Now that you know how to get cards, it is time for you to choose the right cards. Tap on a card to view the stats it gives you and think about whether or not it works well for your character’s class. For example, the blue Sand Fox card gives you 1500 HP and 100 Armor at 1 star. This would be a perfect card to give to a Warrior whose job is to soak up damage from the enemy. Picking a card with high ATK won’t do much since your class does not scale well with this attribute. Consider the effects of a card before choosing it. An Uncommon card with the right stats is better than a Rare card with the wrong effect.

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7. Check The Bond Bonuses

When you check your cards, you will notice icons at the bottom of each card. These are the Region and Type bond indicators. Tap on them to read their effects. The number of cards with the same type will impact the bond bonus effects that will be activated. For example, Agile type monsters work well in packs. You get increasing bonus effects for having 3, 6, or 9 Agile type cards equipped. However, since you will be spending a lot of time with a single card slot available, you might want to look for a Mountain region type because its effect is activated if there is only one of its kind equipped. Read the bond bonus requirements and effects of the cards that you have and think of the best possible combinations given the number of slots that you have.

ulala idle adventure bond bonuses

Utilizing Clatter Cards will give your character a massive boost in combat power in Ulala: Idle Adventure! Be sure to use our tips and tricks above and you will become unstoppable! Moreover, if you know additional tips or tricks regarding Clatter Cards, then feel free to drop us a line!