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Aura Fantasy Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Raise Your Battle Rating Fast

VNG Game Publishing is a Vietnamese game developer and publisher that has entered the mobile gaming industry in 2015. While some of the games they developed have not been released in the global market, the company has published several iconic mobile game titles for their launch in Vietnam. Among the top games published by VNG Game Publishing we can find CrossFire: Legends and PUBG Mobile VN.

Aura Fantasy is a brand new Idle RPG developed by Rastar Games and published by VNG Game Publishing. Although there are numerous other idle RPGs in the mobile gaming arena, Aura Fantasy guarantees to offer plenty of gameplay mechanics and features that have not been seen before in the genre. Aura Fantasy centers on earning experience points and resources even while you are on AFK status or even fully offline although there are plenty of game modes to engage in and explore whenever you have more time on your hands.

Over-the-top anime-style graphics and an enchanting cast of voice actors add to the total immersion that the game offers. If you are currently in the lookout for an idle RPG where even a limited time to grind will make you progress fairly through the game, then be sure to check Aura Fantasy out.

Collect and take command of various heroes and deploy a trio of them to take various challenges in the world of Aura Fantasy. As a once peaceful land that has become plagued by darkness and desolation, the task of ridding its islands of beasts and demons lie with you and your team of heroes. As you push forward with your journey, you will gather strength and resources every step of the way as more and more of the fantasy world’s heroes join your ranks.

aura fantasy strategies

Between the adventure progressions, there is time to use the intel you have collected to go on quests and explore dungeons to further strengthen your team. Completely devoid of any delimiting path towards linear progression, you can very much progress at a pace you choose and wallow into other activities as much as you please.

As there may be unfamiliar features and mechanics in Aura Fantasy you need to be accustomed to regardless if you are a total newbie or if you have experience with similar games, the tutorial that walks you through the initial stages of the game will be a lot of help. You should, however, read through everything that is being explained in the tutorials else visit the help section designated by a “?” on various in-game menus and windows.

Overall, Aura Fantasy, much like other idle RPGs, hold a little more complexity than other idle games but with the in-game help sections and indicators that guide you each step of the way makes it a lot easier. If you find yourself stuck in a particular boss battle that hinders your adventure progress and feel that you are lagging behind as far as level and CP growth of your heroes are concerned, then be sure to read your our Aura Fantasy beginner’s guide. Our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will certainly help boosting your growth in the game.

1. Push To Move Forward In Battle

As you dive into the world of Aura Fantasy, Your deployed heroes will constantly be engaging in never-ending battles on a given stage. Depending on the stage, you will continue to earn gold, experience points, and intel per minute which you can see at the upper left side of the screen. As you move further through stages, these amounts will increase but to do so, you must be able to defeat a boss on each stage. Beating a boss will move you further across the map you can see on the screen and each victory will net you some experience books you need to level up your heroes.

how to win more battles in aura fantasy

As boss battles grow more challenging as you move from one stage to another, do not be discouraged if you lose later on. The only penalty for being defeated by a boss is actually being stuck on that stage for the mean time and the few seconds it takes to actually go through the battle. In any case, push as far as you can go and once defeated, you can go for the quick battle by clicking it on the bottom left of the battle scene and earn 2 hours-worth of the grind. As you can only utilize this feature once per day, be sure to use it wisely and save it on the farthest area you can reach within the day. As far as pushing beyond the boss battle you could not beat before, this would now be the time to spend on some upgrades for your team of heroes.

2. Selectively Upgrade Your Heroes

Just a few minutes within your dive into Aura Fantasy, you will already have a full team of heroes to battle through the adventure and the immediate game modes you unlock. Although the starting heroes may be far from the best choices you will have once you secure additional ones, upgrading each of them can help you get through the early stages until you obtain better heroes.

how to upgrade heroes in aura fantasy

As expected, you will be starting off with 1-star heroes for the initial phase of the journey and as you earn more gems to summon more from the tavern, you can obtain 2 or even 3-star heroes that come off with much better stats. With this in mind, you should be conscious of every bit of resource you invest in each hero and although you can actually roll back the upgrades on each hero you have invested on, Recall Scrolls that are needed to do so costs 50 gems from the shop. Given the limits of every resource you have and need to upgrade heroes, be sure to spend these items moderately and just enough to get past a specific target. Most especially when you are close to being able to summon better heroes, it would be best to save the more limited key requirements for each upgrade option.

First off, you will need EXP books to level up each character and once they reach a level cap, you will to consume class specific tokens to promote them, unlock a new skill, and expand their level cap. EXP books can be obtained from boss battles quests, elysia, patrols, and the shop while tokens are available in the same sources save the adventure boss battles. Keep in mind that the more promotions you have a character go through means the less tokens and EXP books you will save for potentially better characters that may soon come your way.

As summoning heroes from the tavern may not always reward you with heroes and instead give you shards for random heroes, remember that these shards are needed to awaken each hero. A hero with a 1-star rank will require 40 shards to be awakened to a 2-star hero and so on. In essence, each hero you have in your roster has potential to be a 6-star one provided that you earn the needed amount of shards for each awakening and given that summoning heroes requires gems which are premium currency, it is suggested to bank on the higher star-ranked heroes you obtain as they will require less investment to awaken.

As far as equipment and runes go in Aura Fantasy, you can freely equip and remove gears from characters and switch them over to others at any time. This means that there is no need to worry about the investments you make in creating and equipping runes as well as upgrading certain gears for characters you may only be using temporarily.

3. Form A Balanced Team Of Heroes

Like all other team-based RPGs, Aura Fantasy works on the same concept of finding a good team that blends well together instead of just mixing together the ones with the highest battle rating or rarity without consideration for synergy. Squads you form will be composed of 3 members and coincidentally, there are three different classes of heroes available in the game. In essence, this should make it easier for you to decide on how to form your squad and having a tank, a DPS, and a support character should be the basic and efficient way to go.

how to form a balanced team in aura fantasy

On the character screen which you can access by tapping on the character icon at the bottom of the screen, you can click on the formation button at the lower left side of the page and tap on the respective buttons to see which of your characters fall under which category. It may happen that you may not have a hero for each basic category but be sure to check just the same and come up with the best team composition possible.

Under each category, you will also see heroes you have not obtained yet and the respective number of shards you have collected for them. You may want to take note of the heroes you are close to obtaining as these may be special scenarios that would give you a reason to visit the shop often to try and purchase their shards.

4. Spend Your Earned Intel On Quests

While staying AFK on a particular area consistently grinds experience points for your account and earns you gold and intel, the intel you continue to earn actually serves as the pivotal commodity among the 3 that opens doors towards further growth in the game, especially if you are stuck at that level and unable to defeat the boss to move forward. The intel you earn is primarily used to spend on quests that earn you a wide variety of valuable resources with rare equipment and promotion tokens being the most valuable loots. Each bounty quest offers a guaranteed set of rewards for completion as well as potential drops from treasure chests and other loot sources on each map.

how to spend intel in aura fantasy

For starters, pay attention to the intel amount cap you can earn at the upper left side of the battle screen as continuing to battle while it is capped will be a waste of it. As you reach higher levels, the cap will also increase but early on, make it a habit to try and deplete it as much as you can before leaving the game especially if you will be away for a long time.

One important detail to consider with regard to quests is that these quests are categorized by difficulty levels as indicated by the number of stars assigned to each one. You can see this at the difficulty drop down list and you can also choose higher difficulty quests where recommended BRs are also indicated. Note that higher difficulty level bounty quests offer better rewards but if you hardly meet the recommended BR, then you may not be able to complete the task as easily or fail in the quest altogether.

Another important aspect of bounty quests you need to keep in mind is that each map is composed of multiple locations divided through portals. It may happen that you can complete the bounty on the first area and be able to submit it outright to earn the quest rewards and exit out of the quest map. It is, however, recommended to explore the whole quest map until you have uncovered and retrieved all treasures that can be found.

Likewise, some key points on the map offer choice decisions and it will be important for you to read through the available choices. For the most part, the seemingly more troublesome alternative is the choice that offers better rewards. Exploring the quest map will not readily deplete supplies or SP but each battle you engage in does. Although you will most likely have more than enough SP to complete the map and gather all treasures from it, there will be surprise instances when you would have to choose wisely on each action you take as your SP will run out before you can nab all the treasures in it.

5. Expend Daily Attempts In The Arena

aura fantasy arena battle

The arena is the automated PvP mode of Aura Fantasy and this is where you test your team against teams of other players to reach higher ranks. While it is mostly a battle of BR, keep in mind that a well-balanced team with good synergy can still win over teams with higher BRs. In any case, be sure to challenge all teams you see on the list to earn diamonds, arena coins, and arena emblems that you can exchange at the shop for numerous valuable items that include hero shards.

6. Add Friends And Visit Other Players

One of the unique features that Aura Fantasy holds lie within the friend system. Although you do not necessarily have to be the other player’s friend to be able to visit him, adding more friends and choosing to aid them n some game modes will leave you with a steady supply of people to play with in Elysia and team dungeons.

how to add friends in aura fantasy

To start off, on the battle screen, you can spend some intel to visit other players’ maps and unlock events to earn rewards. You can initiate a visit by tapping on the Visit icon at the upper right side of the battle screen. Within the same window, you can also view the list of players who visited your map and you can return the favor by visiting their world to help out. Keep in mind, though, that higher BR players will have more challenging maps so if there are plenty of choices, you may want to go for visits on players that have BR close to yours.

7. Dismantle Extra Equipment To Earn Magic Dust

As you maybe on aFK mode or completely away from the game for some time, your earned equipment may completely fill up your limited inventory space. Although you can spend diamonds to increase the inventory slots, regularly visiting the game and disposing of gears you no longer need is a viable alternative as you would want to save diamonds for 10x summons.

how to earn magic dust in aura fantasy

Instead of going through your bag and selling unwanted equipment for gold, you should instead proceed to the rune temple via the home screen and dismantle your excess gears for magic dust. Once you have sufficient amounts of magic dust, you can begin attempting to craft runes. Do not worry about more instances of failures than successful attempts as every bit of magic dust you consume contributes to earning experience points to rank up the rune temple.

8. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, factions, and similar player groups have long since been a part or MMORPGs as well as numerous other genres of multiplayer games. Although Aura Fantasy can be very much played and enjoyed entirely on your own, having a lot of friends to play with as well as belonging to a guild will tremendously boost your gaming experience as well as open more avenues for your growth and progress in the game.

how to join a guild in aura fantasy

Guilds in Aura Fantasy may not outright earn you benefits on top of having an extra, and more convenient, source of friends to play with. Once the guild reaches level 2 through each member’s activity, the Guild dungeon becomes unlocked where each member can participate and explore the Deep Sea to battle monsters individually and challenge bosses as a team.

9. Aim To Accomplish Quests And Achievements

On top of the immediate rewards and resources you earn from various activities you engage in as you play Aura Fantasy, there are various additional rewards you can earn through daily quests and achievements. Both these set of targets can be viewed from the Quest icon at the upper right side of the home screen. Daily quests have to be completed within the day and will reset the following day. Achievements offer one time rewards and serve as milestones relative to accomplishments you have reached relative to various aspects of the game.

how to accomplish more quests in aura fantasy

Each daily quest you complete earns you a valuable resource you will always have a need for. Achievements, on the other hand, reward you with diamonds and other rare items. It is important to constantly look into these set objectives as it serves as a guide on what activities you may have missed as well as lead you on to what the next easily accomplishable feat may be.

10. Take Advantage Of Special In-Game Events

There are various events in Aura Fantasy that can help you boost your progress in the game based on how active you are. While it is true that you can level up and grow your team stronger even when idle and aways from the game, actually spending time online and partaking in the numerous available game modes that the game offers will reward you even more.

aura fantasy events

While some events in the game are constant and likely to be always around, there are time-limited events that you should take well advantage of, especially if you want to progress faster in the game. The 7-day Trial Plan, which becomes available as soon as you start playing the game and lasts for the next seven days offers the best rewards. For the most part, these involves activities you normally engage in and coincides greatly with quests and achievements you would typically aim to accomplish. As far as normal events go, there is even one event that rewards you for being online from 15 to 120 minutes.

In any case, be sure to make it habit of browsing through the various objectives laid out under each of these events as a lot of it can be easily accomplished just like daily quests. Additionally, let the objectives serve as your guide as well in targeting specific activities you may have missed on as you will not be expected to fully device a routine as easily on your first few logins on the game.

That very much sums up everything we have for our Aura Fantasy beginner’s guide. We hope that you have learned a great deal from the tips and strategies we shared in this article. If you played the game enough and have discovered something we haven’t, don’t hesitate to share your discoveries with us as we would love to know of any tips you might want to add to our list. Feel free to send us a message through the comment section!