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CrossFire: Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Take Down Your Enemies

The rise of battle royale has seen a big surge in the genre over the last 12 months with companies such as Dice now adopting the style. Looking to be a little different CrossFire: Legends combines both the new with the old allowing players to flick between third-person battle royale and classic FPS modes. CrossFire: Legends is the brainchild of Tencent Games, a massive gaming titan, who originally brought us the first CrossFire game back in 2007 as well as other titles including League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Smite.

Player objectives vary depending on which game mode you dive into but the general premise follows the good old ‘kill or be killed’ as each player will play to win. Battle royale will see up to 120 players battle it out in an open world that’s slowly shrinking in playable area due to the ring of death. For those looking for some more intense and close quarter combat, PvP modes pit two teams against each other in a race to the most kills or objective completion.

Both game styles use a detailed but simplified HUD for intuitive gameplay and then combine this with some of the best shooter graphics we’ve seen in a long time.

Our exclusive CrossFire: Legends beginner’s guide below will outline the top tips, cheats and strategies to help you reach the top of the leaderboard.

1. Get To Know Your In-Game Currency

A lot of games focuses on an in-game currency and CrossFire: Legends is no different as players chase after crucial gold and high-level gems to upgrade their gear.

There are 4 main channels that these can be accessed:

Winning Matches: this is easily the most fun and the most effective way to increase your cash flow. Depending upon how well you do in matches determines the level of your reward at the end. This also directly influences two of the other three channels.

Missions: these vary as you level up through the game and offer gold, gems, and items such as weapon skins. These are great for their variety of reward and are usually quite simple to achieve as long as you get enough gaming time in. It’s a good idea, especially when first starting, to take note of these objectives, as they will help you level up faster and get you into those ranked games quicker.

Levelling Up: this is really a passive source of income as you’ll simply achieve this through playing the game. The speed at which you level up, however, will be influenced by other factors such as your missions and performance in-game.

Daily Rewards: a nice little top up for logging in, these are good for currency but even better for game items as long as you make it to the upper limits such as five consecutive days.

All currencies can be spent packs and in the shop for in-game items such as armour components, weapons, skins, and XP boosters. The main focus of your spending should revolve around guns and armour items to increase chances of survival and victory; any extra cash is worth spending on XP boosters to get you through those levels faster.

2. Everything You Need To Know For Battle Royale Mode

Team Up

Players are given the option to select whether they take on the world as a lone wolf, in a duo, or as a squad. When first starting out playing in a squad of four will give you a lot more room for error and some time to get used to the game mechanics and world. Try to land where your teammates do and stick together for your best chances of victory.

The Best Weapon Combos

Whilst this is dependent upon your play style we’ve found that due to the difficulty of aiming on most mobile devices there are really two combos that are worth equipping.

Our favourite that saw a first place victory in our very first matchup was an assault rifle paired with an SMG for both long-range and close quarter combat. The high rate of fire will allow you to move around whilst keeping the pressure on the enemy.

Another good combo is an assault rifle combined with a sniper rifle, this will provide incredible stopping power for those targets that aren’t moving around too much whilst also allowing for a high rate of fire with the assault rifle for when things get a little too close.

Know Where To Land

Playing in a duo or squad, it’s always best to land with your team. Staying together will drastically increase your chances of survival and get you into the few remaining squads in the game.

Solo Players have more of a choice of where to land as there is no obligation to stick with a teammate as every player is out for themselves, in this case its best to land far away from the main flight path when gliding in as this will significantly reduce the number of enemies you have to face whilst trying to acquire gear.

Keep To The Edges

Battles are always the most intense in the central areas of the map or in the larger towns due to the availability of gear. Playing to the edge of the circle of death will help eliminate the number of angles that you can be attacked from.

Make sure that you are adequately geared before heading to the edge and work your way through buildings for ammo and upgrades as the circle shrinks. This is by far one of the best ways to make it into those final few but you will see less action.

3. Time For Those Intense PvP Game Modes

TDM (Team Death Match)

A race to 50 kills sees players on opposing sides battle it out for those eliminations. The key to victory here is to constantly be on the move, this will decrease your chances of being hit as well as not letting other players know your location. The best weapon for this game mode is easily an assault rifle for its high damage, shotguns fair well on tighter maps.

When enemies spawn in they emit a red glow, during this time they are invulnerable so don’t waste precious ammo trying to hit them. You’ll notice that you empty your ammo rather quickly with so many enemies spawning in the game, it’s important to keep an eye on ammo levels and pick up enemies weapons after every few kills.


In an attackers versus defenders setup, players will be required to eliminate the opposing team or defuse/plant a bomb. All weapons have unique bonuses in these game modes but for us, snipers are great for defence as you can cover an entire lane of the map whereas assault rifles and SMG’s are best for offense allowing you to outgun the defending team.

When attacking it’s important to mix your plant locations up, see where the enemy typically position themselves in early rounds and select A or B accordingly. It’s always good to stick together as a whole team as the defending side is most likely split. This will give you the best chance of tipping the odds in your favour.

A good defence is all about lane control, being able to cut off the main routes to bomb sites will significantly reduce the chance of enemies being able to get an early plant and help you run down the clock. If you notice that no one is attacking from your side, head around and outflank the enemy to support your teammates at the other bombsite.

Bot Battles

These are great for beginners, as they’ll let you get used to the controls and allow you to select the enemy difficulty. Realistically you’ll only need to play one or two of these matches before you’re ready to take on other players. If you can beat bots on the hard difficulty then you’ll do well in PVP matchups. This is also a great arena to try out

Ranked Matches

Unlocked at level 6, ranked matches not only allow you to display your dominance over other players but also give you the chance to unlock exclusive gear. It’s best to save all of your best equipment that you’ve already acquired for these matches to give yourself the greatest advantage possible.

Playing numerous ranked matches will also see you rise in tier level resulting in more loot but also placing you in matches with enemies of the same calibre.

We all reach the point where we plateau with our setup and can’t seem to hit the next level. This is when it might be time to consider a gear change, try to recognise the weapons that the top players in your matches are using for advice on the current meta.

Hopefully following our CrossFire: Legends tips and tricks guide above you’ll know the best setups and tactics for each game mode. Remember that you can never go wrong with an assault rifle and teams that work well together win together and you’ll soon have more victories than you can count! Good luck and happy shooting.