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Desert Island Fishing Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

If you were stranded on an island, what skill would you wish for? Fishing, of course! Desert Island Fishing is an exciting casual arcade fishing game from Springloaded. In the game you are a castaway who is stuck on an island. The only thing that will keep you alive is your ability to fish for food. There are hundreds of fish in the sea for you to catch. There are also over seven different islands for you to get stranded on. Discover the different types of fish with their wacky in-game descriptions. You can also get to know the inhabitants of the different islands as their stories unfold. Don’t forget to upgrade your gear and strengthen your hero to help you catch stronger types of fish. Fishing takes a lot of patience, but it also requires incredible skill. Don’t forget to check out our Desert Island Fishing cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your survival!

1. Use The Radar

Upon starting Desert Island Fishing, the first few things you will pick up are items and gadgets that you will need in order to fish efficiently. One of those items is the radar, and you will be relying on it heavily for your success. The radar shows you the correct depth where you should fish. You will get a list of fish nearby and you can swipe left to skip or swipe right to accept, much like you would in Tinder. If the fish you are looking at is part of a mission, it will have a radar logo next to it. To make things quicker, you can swipe up twice to pass on fish while you are looking for better fish to catch.

2. Complete The Missions

Completing missions is a way for you to level up. One thing you should remember, however, is that your castaways’ levels are independent from each other. That means you need to complete missions for each of them if you want them all to level up. The good news is that castaways can help each other by catching the fish needed for missions. The fish needed for missions can come from any of your castaways. Of course, there would be some types that are assigned to specific castaways such as aquatic plants, driftwood, and so on.

3. Build An Aquarium

The aquarium is a great way for you to earn offline income. Just fill it with your rarest types of fish and items in order to earn a lot of money. You can upgrade your aquarium with more tanks but that would put quite a dent on your cash reserves. Do it only if you already have a lot of money, so you won’t have to wait for the tanks to make the money you spent on them. Rest assured, however, that the tanks will eventually pay for themselves. It will just take some time.

4. Watch Out For Special Items

Fish aren’t the only things swimming around in the sea. You will sometimes catch a TV which is actually the game’s way of giving you an ad offer. Watching a video will earn you 500 coins. Aside from the TV, you will also catch junk mail from time to time. Just keep collecting these because when you fill up your counter, you will be able to go to treasure island. As the name suggests, you will be able to gain a lot of rewards from the treasure island such as coins and pearls.

5. Use Free Stuff When Broke

When you are running low on money from buying a bunch of stuff, you might worry that you can no longer afford rare bait, lures, and hooks. Don’t worry because you can switch back to the standard fishing gear since they are free. Catch a bunch of fish, sell them, and keep repeating until you have enough money to buy the good stuff again. Once you have enough money for the rare items, you will be able to work on missions and other goals again.

Being stranded on an island has never been this much fun! If you follow our Desert Island Fishing cheats and tips listed above, then you will be reeling in fish like a pro!