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The Fish Master! (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Catch More Fish

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes around the world. In French developer Voodoo’s latest mobile title called The Fish Master!, you get to enjoy this sport in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you feel like playing. The Fish Master! is all about catching as many fish as you can. Just tap once to send your line below the water. You will then have to swipe left and right to catch the fish that are swimming about. The more fish you catch, the more money you will make. You can also upgrade the length and strength of your line in order to catch bigger fish. The game may start out easy, but the further you go, the more fish you will have to catch in order to sustain your progress. Be sure to read our list of The Fish Master! cheats, tips and tricks in order to keep building your fish empire!

1. Prioritize Rare Fish

the fish master voodoo cheats

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but not all of them are equal. Some fish are better than others, especially in this game. Before you go on a fishing spree, make sure you check all the fish that are swimming around. Your priority should be to catch all the rare and shiny fish in the water. Rare fish normally stand out because they look somewhat bigger than the regular fish. Shiny fish, on the other hand, look like golden versions of the regular fish. Make sure you catch all the rare and shiny fish first before you start taking the regular fish.

2. Strength Over Length

Once you earn enough money with the fish that you catch, you can start buying upgrades. Make sure you prioritize upgrading the strength of your line. Doing so will allow you to hold more fish before needing to reel everything in. Keep upgrading the line strength until you can hold about eight fish or so. After that, you can start investing in line length. A longer line means you can send your line deeper into the sea. As you probably know, rarer fish reside in the depths of the ocean. That means you will be able to catch more rare and shiny fish with a longer line.

3. No Need To Flick

If you are an experienced fisher, you may think you need to cast the line a certain way. Trust us, it won’t make a difference. Just tap once to send your line into the water. Any movement you make before throwing in your line will not matter. The only things that will influence your fishing ability in the Fish Master! are the upgrades, so don’t worry too much about other things.

4. Upgrade Your Offline Income

the fish master voodoo tricks

While catching fish can be fun, and is a good source of income, majority of your money will really come from your offline earnings. Make sure you invest well in upgrading your offline income to increase the money you get after being away from the game. You may not think much of it at first, but once you see how much money you have after being away for the night, you will be amazed.

5. Use Passive Fishing When Busy

If you are busy but still have enough time to look at your device occasionally, you can try fishing passively. To do this, you just need to throw out your line, then let it reel itself in over time. It will definitely catch a few fish on its way back to you. It may not catch as much as you normally would, but at least you are still catching fish. It is still a good way to continuously earn money even if you are too busy to play actively.

Catching tons of fish is a lot of fun, especially when you use our The Fish Master! cheats and tips to help you reel in the cash! In case you know additional tips for the game, please share them with us below in the comments!

Roth Burts

Friday 12th of June 2020

Can anyone answer questions on here ? I have caught all the normal and rare fish and I am in level 5. I there anymore levels than 5 ? What started out good with getting a fair amount of money has turned into getting $0.01 cent up to $0.13 on a good day. I played it for a couple hours yesterday and did not receive any money. It seems after my total winnings got up to or near $70.00 my winnings/earnings were way less and less frequent. It will take me months to get the last $30.00 bucks to cash out at $100.00. Fricken ridiculous.

Tina Wiedmannn

Sunday 5th of April 2020

I dont see how anything I do will increase the payout? If so please help me. Is there more than 5 level more fish Does this game really payout? Fews weeks in and 78$ now all I get is a few cents a day. One fish to go. Hope there is more to the game a next level. If I can ever catch this level 2 fish why would it be this hard? Warm regards Thank u


Thursday 18th of June 2020

Unfortunately there is nothing more then level 5, I've tapped out at 78.00, I'm getting a couple cents per day ..I've collected all regular, all rare, all boss, and all items. Can't do anymore I was thinking if i went down deeper in every level then maybe something would be different, well again nothing can't even cash out the 78.00 i have, and I'm not gonna spend the next 6 month trying to reach 100..its just not fun anymore


Thursday 19th of July 2018

How do I know when I can collect my money