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Battle of Throne – Total Warfare Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Conquer the World

The seven lords of the Warring States have been assassinated, and it is up to you to unite the kingdom and restore order! Battle of Throne – Total Warfare is a strategy RPG where players from different regions can battle it out. The game takes role-playing to the next level. You get to write your own story with the choices you make. You also need to work with the other players from your own state while staying wary of the enemy states. There are numerous relationships for you to unlock, each one adding to the complex storyline. Choose one of the five different classes and create your own fighting style. Explore a world rendered in stunning graphics as you work to uncover the truth behind the assassinations. The game employs a war system that can be overwhelming for any new player. Make sure you read our exclusive Battle of Throne – Total Warfare beginner’s guide before you charge onto the battlefield!

1. Choose Your Class Wisely

As we mentioned above, there are five different classes in Battle of Throne – Total Warfare. Each class has its own combat style and role in battle. Since you will be working with other players during the wars, it is important for you to fully understand your role in battle. Choose a class that you can comfortably play. Some of the classes are gender-locked, so you may want to consider that as well. We have listed the different classes below, so you can have a better idea on which one suits you best.

P’oh-Jun: This is a male-locked class that dishes out a lot of melee damage. It also serves as the tank in the game with its high survivability. With its straightforward combat style, crowd control skills, and high defensive ability, novice players will have no problems using this class.

Conspirator: Another male-locked class, this scroll-wielder is possibly the most difficult one to master. The pay-off in terms of damage and survivability, however, is worth it. Choose this if you are a veteran player who can handle complex battle styles.

Mohist: This is essentially the ranged DPS class of the game. It specializes in high damage and area attacks. Unfortunately, survivability is pretty low. You will need to be good at maneuvering and must be aware of your position at all times if you choose this class.

Su-Hsin: This female-locked class is the primary support, with skills that focus mostly on healing. It has decent survivability thanks to its healing powers, but damage and crowd control is mediocre. This class is valuable in any team fight but tends to struggle playing solo.

Kuei-Ku: This class specializes in dual daggers and skills that have large areas of effect. While it is the best class for crowd control, it has low survivability, so positioning is always important. The learning curve for this class is almost as high as Conspiracy’s, so proceed with caution.

2. Upgrade Your Skills

When you start out, you only have limited skills. You will be able to unlock more as you level up. While the skills you get in higher levels may be more appealing, you will still need to rely on your starting set for survival. This is why you should not neglect upgrading your skills. To upgrade your skills, tap on the four-arrow icon on the right side of your screen to expand the menu. Look for the Skill icon and tap on it. You will be take to the Skills menu with two tabs on it. The Upgrade tab is where you can upgrade your skills. Just tap on Upgrade All to easily upgrade all your skills. Just keep in mind that upgrading costs regular currency, so make sure you have enough.

The Install tab is where you can assign your skills to the quickslots. You can take up to four skills with you in battle, with the normal attack taking up the fifth slot. When you look at the lower right corner of this tab, you will see a check box. Putting a check on it will tell the game to release the skills from bottom-left to top-right during Auto-combat. This is a good way for you to setup combos even if you are using Auto-combat mode.

3. Pay Attention During Auto-Combat

While Auto-combat mode is a very useful feature for gliding through the game, make sure you still keep an eye on your character. When in Auto-combat, your character will just soldier on in battle. He will not move positions even when surrounded by enemies. He will also not run away when he is dying. That is why you should make sure your character is strong enough to beat up enemies without going low before you leave him in Auto-combat. Better yet, just keep an eye on him at all times just in case something goes wrong.

4. When To Use Portal Tokens

If you have played other mobile MMORPGs, you would already be familiar with the auto-navigate most of them have. You just need to tap on your quest to automatically navigate to your next destination. Battle of Throne – Total Warfare, however, has another trick up its sleeve. The Portal Token skips the travel time from one point to another by automatically teleporting you to your next destination. Keep in mind that Portal Tokens are consumable items. If you keep using them, you will eventually run out. Make sure you use them only when you will be traveling far towards your next destination. There are times when players accidentally use Portal Tokens when the next NPC they are heading for is just three seconds away from them. Pay attention to where you are going to avoid wasting Portal Tokens.

5. Spend Time In The Workshop

The Workshop can be accessed by tapping on the anvil icon in the expanded menu. Upon entering, you will see three tabs. The Craft tab, as the name suggests, is for crafting weapons and armor. Crafting requires materials such as Copper, Linen, Marble, and so on. If you are short on materials, just tap on the material you need, and you will be given a list of different ways to acquire them. If you have a lot of regular currency, you will be able to buy what you need instantly. Keep in mind, however, that this is not the cost-efficient option. Do it only if you are in a hurry. Another thing you should note is that each type of equipment has a level requirement before you can craft it.

The second tab is for upgrading equipment. You will need upgrade materials in order to upgrade each piece of equipment. The higher the upgrade, the more materials you will need. Just as with crafting, if you are missing upgrade materials, you can just tap on it to find out where you can acquire it. Don’t be afraid to invest in upgrades early on. It will be worth it since you will be able to progress faster. Each upgrade gives percentage bonuses to the equipment you have on. That means an exponential increase in power as you gain better equipment.

The final tab is for socketing gems. There are five kinds of gems in the game: ruby, yellow stone, sapphire, emerald, and purple gem. These correspond to Strength, Wisdom, Spirit, Stamina, and Siege. The higher the level of the gem, the more powerful you become. You can create higher level gems by combining two lower level gems of the same kind. Keep in mind that after Level 6, combining gems further will have a chance to fail. It is still worth trying if you have a lot of gems to spare, though. You will gain Exquisite Attributes if you manage to combine a Level 10 gem.

6. Assign Your Attribute Points

Every time you level up, you will earn attribute points. You can assign these to the different attributes of your character in order to strengthen him further. Just tap on the Character icon in the expanded menu then look for the Use Points button at the bottom right. You will see the different attributes that you can assign your points to. You are free to assign them based on what you feel your character needs. Tap and hold on each attribute to find out what it does. If you cannot decide on what attributes to prioritize when assigning points, just tap on the Recommended button at the bottom and hit Confirm Point. The game will automatically assign the points based on your class.

7. Your Choices Matter

When you go through the story, make sure you don’t just randomly tap on whatever option you see. You will be faced with numerous choices throughout the storyline. One reason is that the choices you make will affect how the story unfolds. For example, one of the first major decisions you will make is to choose to side with either Meng Yi or Jing Ke. The choice you will make will determine the approach your character will take towards unifying the Warring States.

Another reason for you to pay attention to your choices is your own character’s development. When you go to the Character menu and tap on the second tab, you will see an image of a person surrounded with five circles. These circles represent the different characteristics that you may possess: Courage, Charm, Intelligent, Skill, and Know-how. These characteristics level up based on the type of choices you make. For example, if you often choose direct confrontation, you will most likely level up Courage. Raising the levels of these characteristics will give you access to more story choices later on.

8. Activate Titles

As you progress in Battle of Throne – Total Warfare, you will gain different Titles. Each Title gives its own benefit. To be able to use that benefit, you will need to activate it in the third tab of the Character menu. For example, when you join a Clan for the first time, you will gain the Clanster Title. This gives you additional 1000 Max HP. Highlight it in the Title tab then tap on the Activate Title button at the bottom. You also have the option to hide or display the Title you highlighted. Displaying a Title does not have any effect other than you get to show it off to other players. One thing you should keep in mind is that you can only have one active Title at a time. That means you should regularly check the Titles you acquire to see if you have better one waiting to be activated.

9. Cultivate Relationships

You will meet a lot of characters as you progress in the story. Important characters will have Fetters that can be unlocked. Go into the Character screen and choose the last tab. If you met a new character, or have advanced the story of another, you will be able to unlock a new part of his or her Biography. Doing so will not only reveal more about that person’s story, you also get rewards for unlocking. Fetter rewards include regular currency, Portal Tokens, gems, and other rare items. On top of that, each character you meet gives you a Fetter bonus. The more you advance in a character’s Biography, the better the rewards will be.

10. Manage Your Mounts

Mounts are not just for moving more quickly through terrain. They add to your total combat power. Mounts also have skills that can help you in battle. If you want to level up your mount, you can do so by feeding him equipment. Just open up your bag, then tap on the Feed Horse button on the bottom of the screen. You can tap on the Add All button on the left side of the screen to automatically add all common equipment in your inventory. The more pieces of equipment you feed your mount, the more experience it will gain.

Feeding your mount, however, makes it full. Satiety increases by 1 point for every piece of equipment you give the mount. Once you have fed it until it is full, you will need to feed it Digestive Grass to reset its Satiety levels. If you are out of Digestive Grass, you will need to wait until 5am the following day for Satiety levels to reset. Intimacy also increases when you feed your mount. High Intimacy ratings increase attribute multipliers for your character.

11. Claim Free Rewards

The game is generous when it comes to rewards. You are given various prices for being active. When you see a red dot on the Benefits icon at the top of the screen, make sure you check it out. It usually means you have accomplished a specific task and a reward is waiting for you. If you want to actively seek out the rewards, you can check the different tasks that are lined up for you. There are a lot of categories under Benefits, so you will need to check them all out. Some of them are limited time events that only be available for a few days. Just check the ones that you are close to achieving and work your way through the different lists of task and accomplishments.

Aside from the Benefits menu, you also get various rewards by reaching certain milestones in the game. Go into the expanded menu and look for Achievements. This lists down the different Achievements you can reach in order to receive the different rewards. There are also multiple categories under Achievements. Some of them require you to reach certain levels while others need you to participate in clan activities. Just look for the red dot to find out if you reached any important milestones.

12. Complete The Daily Quests

Right beside the Benefits icon is the Events icon. Tap on it to see the list of quests you have to accomplish for the day. These quests usually involve completing specific missions for your own progress as well as for your Clan. You get different rewards based on the quests you complete, but they are all worth the effort. Completing the quests help keep you on the right track while also ensuring you are properly supplied with different items.

Aside from the Daily Quests, the Events icon is also home to several Limited time, War, and Prestige quests. Since these Quests occur during specific times, you may be surprised to find that some of the menus are empty. You will need to wait for the events to begin in order to participate in them or find out what the rewards are.

13. Working With Other Players

Battle of Throne – Total Warfare has one of the most complex coop systems in the mobile platform. When you create your character, you are presented with a map and are asked to choose a state. The state is where your character will spend most of his time. Crossing the border to a different state will leave you vulnerable to hostile players, so be careful. The state is ruled by a King and the different officials. These rulers are some of the most powerful players in the game. You will need to be a whole lot stronger in order to compete for those official seats. The state’s leaders are responsible for declaring war, occupying nearby territories, and management of resources. Regularly check the state affairs and assist during war to help our soldiers occupy enemy territory.

When you reach level 19, you will be eligible to apply for a Clan. Creating a clan will cost you a ton of money, so you we recommend that you join a Clan as soon as you are able to. Do not be discouraged if you cannot find one. Just keep tapping on Apply All until you find one that has the same tastes as you. Clans have multiple benefits, the most obvious of which is that you can ask for help when you get stuck. You also get access to building buffs that can get stronger depending on how active the Clan is. Clans also have their own set of daily events that can be completed in exchange for random rewards.

Guilds in this game work a little differently. Most players recognize the guild system as the Clans in this game. Guilds, on the other hand, are Clan Alliances. You will need to be a Clan leader in order to propose a truce within the game. Make sure you join an active Clan, so you can end up in a good Guild. There are numerous events where you will need to team up with players from your Clan, Guild and State in order to win. Victories often result in a lot of rewards as well as the right to rule certain territories.

14. Look For Glowing Objects

One problem with auto-navigation is that we rarely have time to check the surroundings. This is such a shame since the developers spent a lot of time creating such a stunning world. While you are riding towards your next task or quest, make sure you keep an eye out for any objects that look like they are glowing. These are usually valuable resources that will help you progress further in the game. Approach those glowing items and tap on the interaction button that will pop up in order to harvest these resources.

15. Focus On Your Prestige

The prestige system in Battle of Throne – Total Warfare allows you to develop your character’s Proficiency in different ways. When you reach level 29, you will be introduced to the Prestige menu. Here you can upgrade the different Proficiencies. The different Proficiencies include Marquis, Worker, Equerry, Commander, Ranger, and so on. Before you can upgrade one Proficiency, you must first be able to earn enough Proficiency points. Once you have the required points, you will also need specific resources such as Prestige to complete the upgrade. The more you upgrade the Proficiencies, the more resources you will be able to get. You will also be able to add another Proficiency once you have leveled up Marquis to level 5. Check the different benefits and remember that you will be using the same effects for quite a long time. Choose a new Proficiency wisely.

It is time to uncover the truth and unify the Warring States once and for all! Just remember everything you learned from our Battle of Throne – Total Warfare strategy guide in order to succeed in your noble quest!