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Pocket Luna Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win More Battles

Pocket Luna is a cute little fantasy MMORPG created by X.D. Global for mobile devices. In this game, you get to create your own character and embark on an epic adventure in an ancient world. Pocket Luna features adorable character designs that you can customize with different styles and fashion options. Choose one of the three available classes and take it a step further by coming up with your own combination of skills. The job system allows players to create their own mix of skills and abilities in order to invent their own combat style. You will also never worry about getting lonely because you can bring along pets on your adventure. These pets are more than just eye candy. They have skills that can help you win battles. There is a vast world waiting for you, so make sure you are fully prepared by reading our Pocket Luna beginner’s guide before starting your journey!

1. Choosing A Class

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One of the biggest decisions a player will make in any MMORPG is choosing the right class. That’s not really much of a problem in Pocket Luna because you can explore different classes with a single character. When you reach level 4, you will be able to choose one of the three classes. Don’t worry too much about it at this point because you will gain access to the other two classes later on. On top of that, you also get to use skills from the other classes regardless of the one you choose. This allows you to create a character that is optimized for different situations. Of course, if you are a purist who prefers to specialize in a single class, that is also up to you.

2. Understand Your Skills

No matter which class you choose, you will always have three sets of skills. These skill sets have corresponding elements: Fire, Water, and Wind. You will need to choose which skill set to use before the beginning of battle, so make sure you pay attention. The game will also recommend a certain skill set depending on the enemy team’s composition. It’s a good idea to follow whatever the game suggests. Don’t worry because you won’t have to permanently stick to one element throughout your character’s lifetime.

Each skill will need to be leveled up using in-game currency until they reach level 15. The good news is that when you level up a skill in a particular element, its counterparts under the other two elements will also level up. For example, if you level up the Water skill Deadly Spike, the Fire skill Penetrate Pierce, and the Wind skill Heart Pierce, will also level up.

There is also no need to skimp on leveling up skills if you are thinking of switching to a different class later on. If you switch to a different class, the levels of corresponding skills will carry over. That means you are free to invest as much as you want in any of the skills because nothing will be wasted when you make the switch.

3. Use The Auto Battle Feature Wisely

Pocket Luna has an auto battle feature that helps you grind through the levels. You can still direct the focus of your character even during auto battle or instruct him to cast a skill. Keep in mind, however, that you should only use this on opponents that you can confidently defeat without paying much attention. Your character will not automatically dodge, which means he will continue to take hits throughout the battle. Auto battle also does not trigger the Awaken status for your character, which is sometimes necessary to win more difficult battles. You can still use auto battle in tough battles, just make sure you keep an eye on things and be prepared to take over at any moment.

4. When To Upgrade Your Equipment

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When you have an equipment that can be upgraded, you will se an exclamation mark over the Blacksmith icon. As annoying as it may be to leave it alone, you should just ignore it in the early parts of the game. Upgrading costs resources, and it is not worth wasting them on anything that is less than purple grade. On top of that, you will most likely replace equipment quickly during the early levels. Any investment you made in low-level weapons would be lost. If you can hold out, it is better to wait for gold grade equipment before you start upgrading. If you are struggling too much in battle, make sure your gear is at least purple before you spend anything on it.

To upgrade your equipment, you will need enhance stones. If you have diamonds to spare, you can buy 50 of them for 5 diamonds. An alternative is to break down all of your green and blue grade equipment in order to extract a few enhance stones. You will be looting a lot of extra equipment, so this is definitely the better option. Only buy enhance stones if you are in a hurry to upgrade your equipment.

5. Refine Your Best Gear

Aside from upgrading your equipment, you can strengthen them further by refining. Refining gives significant boosts to the primary stats of your equipment. Refining equipment, of course, costs resources. You will need pink stones and a lot of gold in order to max out your equipment. Pink stones can be acquired from dungeons. You can also purchase them from the mystery shop, limited shop, and explorer shop. These three can be accessed from the Store icon from the home screen. Again, if you don’t want to farm for stones, you can purchase 50 of these for 10 diamonds.

6. Playing With Minions

Minions are the pets in Pocket Luna. This time around, it is highly recommended that you level up and enhance all of your minions as much as you can. The stronger your minions are, the higher your overall BR will be. Not only does this make you more effective in battle, you also become eligible for certain rewards upon reaching certain BR ranks! You can quickly level up your minions by using minion experience liquid. You can also enhance their BR further by creating and enhancing their equipment. To do this, you will need to farm for the required materials from expedition dungeon levels. It is easier to farm for these materials once you have three stars on the level you need to get them from. You can just keep raiding that level in order to instantly acquire the materials you need. Once you have all the materials, just go to your minion’s page, tap on his equipment, and hit the Combine button.

Before you think about enhancing, though, you will first need to acquire minions. The primary way to get minions in the game is through summons. Whenever you perform a free summon, you will receive minion spirits. You will need a certain amount of minion spirits to unlock the associated minion. If you want to get a minion right away, you will have to spend diamonds. Make sure you regularly check the minion calendar, especially if you are aiming for a specific minion. Certain minions will usually be available for two days at a time before they are switched out with a different minion.

An alternative way to gather specific minion spirits is by farming for them in specific levels. Tapping on a minion you want to unlock will show you a list of ways to obtain its spirits. This list will often include specific dungeon levels that drop its spirits. Just keep farming those levels until you have enough to unlock them minion you want. Other ways to acquire spirits include purchasing them from the different in-game shops as well as receiving them as rewards. Go through all of these daily to check if the minion you are looking for is available.

7. Do Your Dailies

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Aside from following your story quests and grinding levels, there are a few tasks that you should attend to on a daily basis. Accomplishing these will help ensure that your progress is on track in terms of experience and resources earned. We have listed these different tasks below to make it easier to follow all of them.

Daily Login Bonus: Drop by the Gift Center every day for your daily bonus. You will also be able to pick up a free energy refill once a day. Even if your energy is full, you can claim the refill and none of it will be wasted.

Free Summons: The game lets you do a free treasure summon every ten minutes until you reach the maximum. You also get free equipment and minion summons, but these go on cooldown. That means you need to claim them as soon as they are available in order to maximize the number of free summons you are able to claim.

Exchange Energy with Friends: The game allows you to add buddies. Add a whole bunch of them in order to send and receive energy every day. Don’t forget to weed out inactive buddies and replace them with active ones!

Daily Mission: Pocket Luna provides you daily missions that you need to accomplish before the day resets. Completing these until you reach the last treasure chest will reward you with 100 diamonds, the game’s premium currency. Needless to say, this is something you cannot miss out on, especially if you don’t plan on spending real money on the game!

Special Dungeons: Farming for resources can be tedious. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Escaped Chest Monster, Pirate’s Treasure, and Crystal Sources Defender because these will help you gain a lot of gold, minion experience liquid, and awaken materials. You should also keep an eye out for any timed events as these often give out even more resources.

Event Calendar: While the exact events and times will vary, you should always check the event calendar for anything your can participate in. There are usually several events throughout the day, so try to participate in as many of them as you can.

8. Look For Hints

Battles will be easy early on in the game, but the difficulty level will quickly ramp up. You can’t get away with just mashing on the screen for very long. The game is kind enough to give you helpful advice about any new enemies you encounter. Make sure you take advantage of this because the knowledge you gain from these hints can be the difference between victory and defeat. A small portrait will appear at the bottom of the screen whenever you encounter a new enemy. Tap on it in order to discover that opponent’s key traits and weaknesses.

9. The Power Of Mounts

Mounts are exotic beasts that you character can ride while travelling in the main city. There is more to these creatures than carrying you around town, though. The mounts you unlock provide permanent bonuses even if you are not using them. The first one is practically given to you considering how easy it is to acquire. The other mounts, however, will require a bit of work. Some of them can only be recruited through mystery summons. Others can be acquired from events. Go through the list of mounts and tap on the one you are interested in unlocking. Tap the Obtain From button in order to view the list of ways to acquire the chosen mount.

10. Spread Your Wings

Most MMORPGs these days have some kind of wing equipment. Pocket Luna is no different. Wings need to be unlocked by completing certain tasks. You will need to go into the Cultivate menu in order to find out what these tasks are. If you want to unlock the Dark Flame Feathers, you will need to reach level 40, have 50,000 BR, unlock 8 minions, and acquire 140 stars. It sounds like a lot of work, but you will receive a +3% ATK bonus and 150 points to your character’s ATK attribute. That’s a massive boost that scales as you get stronger, so it is definitely worth the effort you put into it. Check out the other wings and try to unlock the best one for your character.

11. Enter The Arena

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Once you are confident enough in your skills, you should try out the Arena. Not only do you get bragging rights for stomping on other players, you also get various rewards. You can acquire minion spirits, gold, and even diamonds if you win enough matches. Make sure you pay attention to the ratings of your opponents, though. You usually would not want to challenge someone who is stronger than you. Don’t worry too much if you lose. Just keep battling in order to acquire as many points as possible.

12. Take On The Tower Of Death

If you have played other MMORPGs before, you would have an idea when a dungeon is called a tower. Similar to tower dungeons of other game, the Tower of Death has multiple floors for you to climb. Each floor is more difficult than the last, but the rewards also match the difficulty level. The higher you go, the more you get.

It is a great way to farm experience and gold. What’s even better is that it does not cost you energy unless you choose the raid option. Try to get as far as you can inside the tower daily in order to maximize your resource gain.

13. Join An Active Guild

A guild is a group of players that help each other progress further. It is a good source of advice from veteran players. If you are unsure about things, you can always ask for help from your guildmates. This is one of the reasons you should find an active guild. You can’t ask people who are hardly ever online. Guilds also have exclusive features such as the hot springs, guild quests, and more. Don’t be afraid to hop from one guild to another until you find one that suits your needs. Once you find your guild, though, make sure you help out other members as well.

14. A Few More Freebies

If you have some extra time on your hands, there are a few more freebies waiting for you in the game. The first one gives you free gold for simply staying online. You can literally just stand around town and wait for your free gold. While you are waiting for that, you can also keep an eye on the chat box. A green text will occasionally pop up in the chat window and you will need to tap on it in order to acquire varying amounts of gold and diamonds. Finally, if you feel like being silly, you can join the city patrol event by joining a conga line of players around town.

The most adorable adventure of your life awaits in Pocket Luna! Just remember everything you learned from our strategy guide above if you want to become the strongest warrior in the land!