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Sometimes, the best way to relieve stress is to destroy things. Since you can’t always do that in real life, is a great alternative. Created by French developer Voodoo for iOS devices, this mobile title follows in the footsteps of their game. In you are playing as a tornado instead. Your goal is to travel around town while uprooting trees and destroying homes along the way. The more you destroy, the bigger and more powerful you become. Soon, you will be obliterating entire villages in a blink of an eye. You will have to be careful, though. You won’t be the only tornado running around town. As with any other .io game, there will be other tornados wreaking havoc and gathering power. If you get caught by one that is bigger than you, you will be eaten. Check out our compilation of cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your survival!

1. Play It Safe voodoo cheats

Each game you play will have a time limit. Once the time is up, whoever has the highest score will win the match. Before you get your bloodlust going, there are a few things you need to secure. All tornados start out small. If you go after other tornados right away, you will most likely get eaten up. You also should not attack large structures at the beginning because it will take you forever to destroy those. Instead, aim for the smaller items to suck them up quickly and move on to the next target right away. Trees are the best food for your tornado in the beginning. Head for the forests and play it safe until you become large enough to compete with other tornados.

2. Watch Where You Go

When roaming around town, make sure you check if the town you are headed for is already damaged. There might be another tornado lurking around, and it may already be bigger than you. When you see that your destination might have already been raided, it is better to steer clear of it. Don’t go charging in until you know how big the other tornado is. Even then, you should proceed with caution as there may be a bigger one lurking nearby.

One useful way of knowing where opponents are is by checking the mini map. There are arrows at the edge of the screen that will indicate where the other tornados are and how far away they are. Multiple arrows in the same area means there are a bunch of tornados duking it out. It’s not a good idea to jump into that rumble because someone will have emerged victorious by the time you get there. That means you will have at least one larger opponent waiting for you upon arrival.

3. Move On To Bigger Things

During the first minute of the game, you should be focusing on small items. That’s because these are the only things you can eat up quickly. Make sure you don’t just stick to small houses, though. After you have increased in size a bit, you should also move on to slightly bigger objects. Make sure to always look for bigger items you can eat up as you progress, or you will end up running out of time to gain enough points. After the first half of the time limit, you should start hunting down other tornados. This is the easiest way to rack up some points while ensuring less competition in the process. If you cut them down while they’re still small, they most likely won’t be a problem later on.

4. Aim For A Multi-Kill voodoo hints

When you see other tornados battling on the map, gauge whether or not you can eat both of them. Take advantage of this opportunity to achieve a multikill. When you eat up two or more tornados at the same time, you will be able to unlock a new skin. More importantly, you will be able to rack up a lot of points in a single attack. Doing this will allow you to get ahead quickly in the late parts of the game. Just make sure you keep an eye out for tornados that may be bigger than you. Staying alive is still your top priority in every match.

5. Play The Different Game Modes

The primary mode is fun, but you should also try the different modes as well to keep things fresh. The Slime Hunt mode is nearly the same as the basic mode, only you hunt down slimes instead. There are different colored slimes, so you will need to watch out. Green slimes can be eaten, so feel free to chase them down. Red slimes, on the other hand, can eat you, so beware. If there are no green slimes nearby, feel free to gobble up nearby items just as you would in the basic mode.

The second alternate mode is the Solo Mode. As the name suggests, you will be playing solo in Your opponent here is time. Since there are no other tornados in town in this mode, it will be entirely your job to obliterate the entire map. It sounds easier said than done. There are so many things to eat throughout the map that it is almost impossible to actually destroy everything. The reward for success is worth the trouble, though. Solo mode gives out 100 stars in a single round, compared to classic mode’s measly 20 stars.

6. Familiarize Yourself With The Maps

Aside from the different game modes, there are also three maps available: fantasy, city, and industrial. The fantasy map has castles, farms, crystal mines and so on. The city is a regular map filled with buildings, houses, and other common structures. The industrial map is full of construction sites, a military base, and an airport. It is important to familiarize yourself with the layout of these three, so you will know exactly where to go once the match begins. Solo mode is the best place to practice while you are still memorizing the different maps. Once you are confident with your skills, you can return to classic mode for domination.

7. How To Unlock Skins In

how to unlock all skins in

Can wind wear outfits? In, it can! There are a lot of skins available for your tornado. You just need to unlock each one of them by completing certain tasks. The skin you choose won’t have any impact on gameplay, so feel free to wear your favorite. Try to unlock as many as you can. Think of it as unofficial trophies that represent the different accomplishments you were able to achieve in the game. Check out the list of skins below as well as how to unlock each of them.

Tornado – This is the default skin, so there’s nothing you need to do to get it.

Firenado – Reach rank level 10, or five-star silver, to unlock this fiery tornado!

Alienado – Reach rank level 20, or five-star platinum, in order to unlock this cosmic skin.

Holenado – Is it a hole or a tornado? It’s both! Just sign into the game for seven days to unlock it.

Sharknado – If you even want to play a tornado from a popular movie, this one’s for you. Earn 20,000 points in a single game to get your hands on it.

Rainbownado – This is a colorful tornado for those who won’t settle for bland. Just make it to rank 2 in order to unlock this skin.

Neonado – Play Slime Hunt mode and kill ten slimes in one round in order to unlock this skin.

Cybernado – Play Solo Mode and get a score of 95% to get this skin.

Ninjanado – It’s a stealthy tornado! Get 30,000 in a single classic game to unlock this one.

Stormnado – You know it’s badass when it’s a tornado and a storm at the same time. Reach rank level 25, or five-star diamond to unlock.

Ghostnado – Only those who have accumulated a total of 2,000,000 points throughout their lifetime of playing are worthy of this skin.

Solarnado – Reach rank level 30 in order to unlock this sunny skin.

Sparknado – Play any game mode and reach the maximum size five times. The easiest way to do this is to play Solo mode since you can just focus on getting bigger.

Skeletonado – It’s a bony mess but it sure looks cool. Kill two tornados at the same time to unlock it.

Flowernado – Reach rank level 15, or five-star gold, in order to unlock this pretty little thing.

8. Reset Your Tornado

One last thing you should remember when playing is to know when you need to reset your tornado. There are times when the tornado becomes difficult to control because you are constantly dragging on the screen.

Continuing to move at this point will only put you at a disadvantage. It will be better for you to lift your finger from the screen in order to reset the tornado’s position. This is especially important before heading towards other tornados on the map.

Wreaking havoc is a lot of fun, especially when you rely on our cheats, tips and tricks for help! If you have anything to add, please let us know below in the comment area!


Thursday 27th of December 2018

Cannot change skins. Am stuck on tree. When I hit skins it takes me to a screen with just the tree jumping. Any suggestions?