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Granny: Chapter Two Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Outsmart Granny and Escape the House

Following the Phenomenal success of the Slendrina games series and the eventual birth of the first Granny game, DVloper returns with a much-awaited sequel to Granny. As a much-anticipated to DVloper’s most popular title, Granny: Chapter Two has the makings of eventually surpassing its predecessors achievements. Within just a few weeks after its launch, the game has already been installed more than a million times from the Google Play Store alone. On top of maintaining largely positive reviews form users, Granny: Chapter Two has also become among, if not, the top free game in several countries. If you enjoyed the thrills and shivers abundant in the first Granny Game, or if you have just heard of the game and have been curious as to why it has become hugely popular, then be sure to download Granny: Chapter Two and discover just how much this mobile game can send shivers down your spine.

Granny: Chapter Two takes you back to the eerie and perplexing house of Granny. This time, though, Granny is accompanied by Grandpa and having both of them lurking around the creepy house is just part of what makes the challenge bigger. As you have been locked up inside the old couple’s hair-raising home, you start your game making an attempt to escape captivity. It definitely will not be an easy task as every step of the way is a puzzle to solve. Moving stealthily and with much precision is required as even squeaky floors can trigger Granny to come running towards you and bigger blunders that make more noise can send both careering after you. Explore hard to make your way out within 5 days as both Granny and Granpa will not grow tired of chasing you around soon after.

There aren’t exactly tutorials in Granny: Chapter Two but the simple interface as well as on-screen tips should suffice to provide you with enough knowledge on what you must do. On top of that, the game can be played on various difficulty levels including a practice mode. As controls are as basic as it comes, and with immediate guides popping up on the right place, even total beginners to the game will surely be able to grasp both controls and concepts in just a few minutes.

If you are struggling to solve each puzzle and progressing closer towards escaping Granny’s house or simply looking for more efficient ways of playing the game, then be sure to read our Granny: Chapter Two beginner’s guide, as it offers plenty of tips, cheats and strategies to get you through the game.

1. Spend Time On Practice Mode

As much as you would want to jump right in on the game and start your eerie adventure within Granny’s house, be aware that while it is possible to finish the game on your first run, on the ground that anything is possible, it is highly improbable. There are some skills and masteries to learn from experience and among them comes having a mental image of the entire house’s layout.

granny chapter two practice mode

Granny’s house may not be a mansion, but it sure holds a very tricky design where rooms and walkways alone can get you lost on your first few runs. Having a total of 5 floors to explore can definitely be a challenge to explore and doing so while having to remember important locations as far as puzzles and needed items are concerned can be twice as challenging especially since there is constant pressure of running into either assailant. As such, going for even an easy game mode where both Granny and Grandpa are around will certainly not go well while you are still figuring things out and getting familiar with the house’s design. For starters, what you ought to do, therefore, is to make a few practice runs first by choosing practice under the difficulty level of the game.

In practice mode, you are free to fully explore the house without having to worry about either Granny or Grandpa. This will be the best way to memorize the house’s layout as well as scope out every nook and cranny to know where important items may be found. While each run on the game randomizes where each important item can be located, the important part is knowing where each one can possibly be stored. As you are free to check without any pressure whatsoever, feel free to exercise utmost scrutiny in ensuring that you find every bit of item you can interact with.

While finding objects that require a specific thing to work or open and finding the right item for it may seem easy enough, it helps to be absolutely sure. Keep in mind that some items you find such as the crowbar and the padlock key can be used in several locations. Additionally, focus on the main objective of the game, which is to escape the house, so it may mean that not all items you discover maybe needed to accomplish your goal. Once you have secured a firm grasp of the house’s layout including each potential key item location and hidden passageways, then feel free to dive into the real challenge.

2. Repeat Encounters To Drive The Fear Out

This tip applies primarily to people who easily get disoriented and panic at the sight of Granny or Grandpa. While Granny: Chapter is already challenging as it is under normal circumstances, being unable to think clearly in critical moments will certainly cause you more harm than help in this game. If you are the type of player who gets frantic easily and being in such condition drives you towards failure almost instantly, then the best course of action is to have as many runs as possible where you immerse yourself in those dreaded situations without any intent of progressing through the game.

granny chapter two encounters

As awkward as it sounds, being fearful of horror games but still find enjoyment in it enough to continue playing it means that your urge to finish the game outclasses your fear of it, or at least some of its elements. While the game’s graphics may not be enough to provide images that inspire fear and terror, the sounds, dialogues, and its overall ambiance can be enough to really put some players in an uneasy condition. If such is the case with you, initiate encounters with what you fear as often as you can until you are out of it. Truthfully enough, any jump scare or fearful surprises in any form of media loses its impact through repetition. After getting over your fear of whatever it is the game can throw at you, you can push forward to completing it on succeeding runs with your full concentration for the duration of its course.

3. Staying Quiet Is Half Of The Strategy

While tips on how you should always keep quiet abound in the game and on the game’s store page itself, it does not necessarily mean that you have to stay quiet all the time. In fact, considering that Granny is very sensitive to noise and that while Grandpa is hard of hearing but can still be triggered by loud noises, these qualities are actually what makes them vulnerable to misdirection.

granny chapter two strategy

While accidentally making noise when you ought to be stealthily moving around the house is a definite blunder, choosing to hit things or dropping some items with a plan in mind, on the other hand, will be your ultimate weapon to safely travel away to where the couple will be headed to. While it sounds like a cheap tactic, it does always work but may cost you having to go back for the item you intentionally dropped. In any case, there is an abundant supply of objects that you can interact with to make some noise. While you are at it, go for the ones that would be loud enough to the call Grandpa’s attention as you would want both of them to be in the same place while you travel to where you need to be or just anywhere away from where they both are.

This is another important reason why going through practice runs become a necessity in the game. Having a firm enough mental image of the house, particularly its layout, will give you an idea on where to make some noise as a misdirection strategy. Relative to that, you should also know where to hide or run so that you can move behind their backs as they begin to investigate the cause of the noise. One thing to be clear, though; make sure that you will not hit a furniture that will serve as an impediement to your path towards escape. It may take a while to master this art but once you do, you will be a lot closer to being able to escape Granny’s house.

4. Use The Security Cameras As Soon As You Can

Within your first run through the game, you should be able to spot at least one of those security cams hanging in some key areas of the house. While they may seem like props, these cameras actually work and having access to them will make it a lot easier for you so consider setting that as one of your short-term goals.

granny chapter two security cameras

You will find a locked security room at the second story of the house where there will be other rooms. Note that you will start the game at the basement and the boat, along with Granny’s water-dwelling pet, is down on basement 2. As finding the room will be relatively easy because it is the biggest door you will find, the tricky part is actually obtaining the security key to open it.
If you are wondering about the neat necklace that Grandpa wears around his neck then you have guessed it. That is the security key and you have to incapacitate poor Grandpa before you can nab it away from him. Your best option is to find the stun gun first and use it on Grandpa while he is sleeping or use your misdirection skills to lull him into a desired location where you can zap him from behind.

As you have only two minutes before Grandpa gains consciousness and becomes active again, take time to grab the security around his neck and remember to grab the stun gun ammo nearby. As you will still have Granny to deal with before you can ensure that you can make it to the security room without a scratch, or something a little worse, you should make it a habit to pick up the stun gun ammo right after you use it on someone. The only exception to this rule, of course, is when the other one is dreadfully nearby.

Once you unlock the security room, be sure to close the door behind you and before you make your next move, activate the monitor using the switch to the left of them and cycle through all 5 security cameras to determine where both Granny and Grandpa are and where it is safe to explore.

5. Staying Patient Is Key To Succeeding

While playing Granny: Chapter Two will constantly make you want to finish the game as soon as you can, it is important to keep in mind that this is not the type of game you would want to do a speed run on. As there are numerous random elements attributable to the items you need and the antagonists’ separate locations, keeping your time to veer more element within your control as much as possible should be your constant mindset.

granny chapter two tips

With the security cams, weapons, and even misdirection techniques in hand, there are still some uncertainties that require you to exercise caution. As such, take time to move little by little and with care and always have a good hiding place or an escape route in mind for each area of the house you plan on exploring.

This becomes increasingly important the closer you get to escaping the house. In all honesty, this still won’t guarantee a successful run but it will dramatically increase your chances. Be sure to consider remembering each hiding spot and escape route during your practice runs. As some furniture or objects may only be triggered to make noise once, use them carefully and strategically as well.

6. Establish A Stash Room For Your Items

Part of Granny: Chapter Two’s challenge lie in your capacity to carry items given that you can only carry one item at a time. Given that you may discover items you have no need for yet or you are carrying an important item but will have to forego it to grab a more important one, it will be critical knowledge to remember where each one is located. Considering, however, that there are many items to be found in Granny’s house, it can be a difficult feat to keep track of where you discovered each of the things you did.

granny chapter two stash room

Given this predicament, what you should establish is a good location where you can stash all the items you discovered to make it easier for you to get back to them when you finally need to. While you can do this wherever you choose to, efficiency dictates that you should choose a room where there is more than one entry and exit point to ensure that you will not be cornered by good old Granny and Grandpa.

The best room to keep all the items you found is definitely the couple’s room. You can identify it as the biggest room in the house with the biggest bed. If push comes to shove, there is a hole in the corner near the foot of the bed where you can drop down to, and the window to the left of the door also connects this room to the smaller room next to it. As an added tip, drop the items you do not need at the moment on the bed to stay quiet. Otherwise, you can drop something on the floor to lure Grandpa and Granny to their bedroom while you escape through either the hatch or the window.

This wraps up our beginner’s guide for Granny: Chapter Two. We hope that reading our guide has given you more confidence to take on this game and that you were able to pick up tips and strategies that you can actually apply for your succeeding runs in the game. If you have played the game and have discovered some additional tips or tricks, that we have not covered in the article, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us!