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Dinosaur Rampage Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Reach Mythic Rank Fast

Dinosaur Rampage is a .io-style game from Geisha Tokyo, where you get to play as a rampaging T-Rex terrorizing the citizens of Tokyo. Available on iOS and Android platforms, the game lets you control your very own T-Rex as it devours panicking humans and destroys various buildings. The more carnage you cause, the more experience you gain. You grow bigger as your experience and level goes up, making you stronger and more powerful.

You also earn coins depending on how much you were able to destroy per match. You can then spend these coins in order to strengthen you T-Rex further. It’s not as easy as you may think, though. There will be other rampaging T-Rexes on the map, and they are after the same things. They can take you out if you aren’t strong enough. Check out our Dinosaur Rampage beginner’s guide below for tips, cheats and strategies to become stronger and reach mythic rank as soon as possible!

1. Start With Small Objects

When a match begins, all dinosaurs are level 1. You gain experience by eating people and destroying structures. Unfortunately, you don’t have much destructive power in the beginning, and people tend to run away. On top of that, they hardly give you any experience. You need to level up right away, so the best thing to do is eat cars. Cars are considered structures which means they give you more experience. They are also stationary and are small enough for you to eat quickly at level 1. You can quickly level up by finding the nearest parking lot and gobbling up all the cars in sight.

dinosaur rampage guide

Another good target is the Triceratops. You will find a bunch of Triceratops wandering around the map. These are not competitors, and you will be able to take them out easily at level 1. Each Triceratops will reward you with 20 points, giving you a nice little boost at lower levels.

2. Play Aggressively

You might be tempted to just run around the map and gain experience by destroying stuff. This is only advisable at level 1. As soon as you hit level 2, your goal is to hunt down the slow T-Rexes who are still level 1. There are only a limited number of T-Rexes in town, and the sooner you take them out, the less competitors you will have later on. You want to kill as many as you can right away, or you will have little room to hide later on when everyone else is bigger as well.

To search for other T-Rexes, you just need to look at the colored arrows on the sides of the screen. They point towards the other T-Rexes, and they are conveniently numbered to indicate the level of the T-Rex they are pointing at. Make sure you move cautiously, however. The T-Rexes might level up while you are running towards them, and you might hit them just as they overtake your level.

If you have a crown over your head, that means you are the current leader in terms of points. You will be able to move more freely because that means no on else has a higher level than you. Just keep an eye on the crown because as soon as that disappears, that means there is a bigger dino in town.

3. Look For The Meat

dinosaur rampage meat

As you run around town, you will sometimes see a piece of meat. Run towards it as soon as you can because it will give you a huge boost in experience that is worth several levels. Be careful because other dinosaurs will also level up after picking it up. If you are running towards it and another dino picks it up, you could end up colliding with the newly boosted T-Rex. That’s instant death for you if you aren’t careful. Unlike in other .io-style games, you will not respawn after death even if there is still time. The game will instantly end for you, leaving you with whatever measly reward you earned before your death.

4. Avoid The Meteors

Just as with the real T-Rex, meteors are deadly for you in Dinosaur Rampage. You will see a red circle on the ground where a meteor will land. After a couple of seconds, the bright ball of death will come dropping from the sky. You will have a limited time to get out of its way. If it lands on you, you will die instantly. If it hits the ground, it will create a black crater that is unpassable.

how to avoid meteors in dinosaur rampage

Watch out for the craters created by meteors. Even if they do not deal damage, you could get in a lot of trouble because it serves as a permanent obstacle. You can even get stuck in the middle of two craters, leaving you unable to progress until time runs out. You could also get caught between a larger T-Rex and a crater. Just steer clear of these areas altogether to avoid any problems.

5. Eat The Rainbow People

The people you see running around are mostly yellow, and they only give small amounts of experience. If you see rainbow people on the map, however, make sure you run after them. Rainbow people give a lot more experience than people. In fact, they give even more experience than some structures. They also usually come in clusters, so you will be able to pick up quite a boost in experience if you catch them.

6. Take On The Tower

Every map will have a Tokyo Tower and a large skyscraper. You normally would have to be at least level 10 to deal decent damage on these structures, and even then, you will have to hit it multiple times to take it down. It is still worth it to try if you have time. If you managed to take out several competitors early in the match, you should be able to whack away at the big structures without having to worry too much about getting caught by other dinosaurs.

Upon destroying the tower, you will be rewarded with plenty of experience. On top of that, rainbow people also often hide inside these towers. That means you can get even more experience if you manage to catch the rainbow people as well. Just make sure you don’t take too much time or other dinosaurs might come in and try to take the tower from you. It doesn’t matter how much damage you dealt if someone else beats you to taking it down.

7. Multiply Your Rewards

how to get more rewards in dinosaur rampage

At the end of each match, you are rewarded with coins depending on your score. It doesn’t matter if you are ranked first. If your score was low, you will get less coins. You will have the option to triple your reward by watching a video advertisement. Always accept this offer even if you only received a few coins. Normally we would advise you to forgo ad offer if your reward isn’t that big, but in this case, the game will play an ad whether you accept the offer or not. The only difference is that you will not get the bonus coins if you didn’t accept the offer. If you will be subjected to the video advertisement anyway, you may as well get something out of it.

8. Prioritize The Power Upgrade

Now that you have plenty of coins to spend, it is time to talk about upgrades. There are three upgrades on the main screen. The first one is Power, the second is Speed, and the third is Growth. You generally want to upgrade everything that you can after each match, but if you can only choose one, it is better to prioritize Power.

dinosaur rampage power upgrade

Power determines your ability to destroy structures quickly. Keep in mind that this will not help you kill other dinosaurs because that is dependent solely on level. What it does is allow you to level up faster since you can destroy buildings sooner. Speed boosts your movement, allowing you to run away from or run after other T-Rexes, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Growth determines your earning potential. While you may want to earn more, it really does not increase your earnings by a lot even at max level. You may as well just win more in order to boost your end-game rewards.

After spending your coins on upgrades, you will sometimes see a green button appear on one of them. Tap on it and a video advertisement will play. After the ad, the category will automatically be upgraded by one level for free. Always take advantage of this because the cost of upgrades increase as the levels go up.

9. How To Rank Up Quickly

how to get mythic rank in dinosaur rampage

You rank is shown at the top left corner of the main screen. There is a bar right next to it that indicates how far along you are towards the next rank. The bar fills up as you complete more matches. How much it fills up depends on your rank at the end of the match. You start out at Silver 1, and the highest rank is Mythic. Keep in mind that enemies get smarter and stronger as your rank rises. Don’t get too complacent just because you breezed through all the Silver ranks.

10. Unlock New Skins With Ads

When you tap on the T-Rex icon on the upper right side of the main screen, you will open up the in-game store. This is where you can unlock various skins for your T-Rex. Skins can be unlocked by spending coins or by watching a video advertisement. Since skins are purely cosmetic and have no impact on your ability to win matches, we strongly advise against spending coins to unlock them. The only time you should spend coins on unlocking new skins is when you have maxed out all three upgrades on the main screen.

how to unlock new skins in dinosaur rampage

What’s worse about unlocking skins using coins is that the price goes up every time you get a new skin. Since the unlocked skin is always random, you could end up spending a ton before you can get the one that you want. Unlocking skins with ads stays the same no matter how many you have unlocked. It will always be just one ad per random skin.

11. Complete Achievements

On the top right side of the main screen, you will see a medal icon. Tap on it to access the Achievements screen. This is where you can see various challenges that you can complete in order to receive more coins. The more difficult the challenge, the bigger the reward will be. Most of the Achievements involve reaching milestones within the game, and you will probably unlock them over time. Any Achievement you complete during a game will be listed at the end of the match. The rewards will automatically credited to you, so you don’t have to go back to the Achievements page to claim them.

how to complete more achievements in dinosaur rampage

Other Achievements, however, will require more purposeful action. For example, there are Achievements for destroying the Stadium. Since it is a large building that takes time to destroy, you would normally not pay any attention to it throughout matches. The location of the Stadium also changes per match, so you might have to take time to look for it. This means sacrificing precious time and experience just to find and destroy it. You will have to set aside some of your matches to accomplish specific Achievement goals. Don’t worry because your rank won’t decrease even if you lose a lot of matches. Make sure you check out the list of Achievements to know if you need to play differently in order to complete them.

12. How To Get Rid Of Distractions

The random pop-up ads can really mess up your mojo, especially since you don’t have the option to close them out early. You can remove all the pop-up ads by simply tapping on the No Ads button on the right side of the main screen and paying a one-time fee. Of course, if you don’t want to shell out the cash, there is an alternative. Just play Dinosaur Rampage offline and all the ads will disappear. Unfortunately, that also means the ad offer to unlock skins and to triple your rewards will not be available as well. Make sure you don’t mind not having access to them while playing.

There is something uniquely satisfying about wreaking havoc in the city. Don’t forget the things you learned from our Dinosaur Rampage beginner’s guide, so you can cause carnage in style! Also, if you happen to know other tips or tricks, feel free to reach out by dropping a message in the comment area!

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