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Eternal City Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Progress Faster in the Game

From NetEase Games, popularly known for games such as Rules of Survival, Cyber Hunter, and LifeAfter, among other popular mobile titles, and X.D. Global, who is known for Final Heroes, comes Eternal City, a real-time action RPG that has everything you will look for in the genre plus some unique elements that will certainly be a treat for both anime and RPG fans alike. Eternal City boasts top quality anime graphics backed up by renowned voice actors for the characters. The gameplay may seem like a typical hack and slash at first glance, but each stage is uniquely designed adding to the lively and action-packed atmosphere of the game world.

Eternal City sets you up in command of a group of special heroes called Wielders to take on threats emanating from the Black Gate. As monsters continue to pour in from it, you have 7 in-game days to gather intel and decide differently on each gameplay. While graphics, character designs, and overall gameplay are excellent, the story you follow in Eternal City, which can end in multiple ways, is what makes it very distinguished and highly immersive.

There are tons of activities to engage in as you dive deeper into the game. Action points serve as your in-game stamina, which limits the activities you can do within a day. Likewise, each wielder you use has a limited fatigue level that goes down with every battle they engage in or every structure you develop using them. From the get-go, one of your more important concerns relate to managing both these limitations down as there are many activities that require both sorts of in-game stamina.

eternal city strategies

Like many action RPGs that include a story mode or similar progressive features, Eternal City lets you dive into a breath-taking introduction that serves as a basic tutorial to get to know the controls as well as the general game mechanics. Later on, as you make progress, new information on additional features you unlock will become available. It may be a lot to take in, as data relating to game mechanics in addition to the game’s storyboard makes for an information overload of sorts.

Don’t worry though as you will no doubt be able to get the idea behind each game attribute as you play. There will always be progress in the game regardless of how you play it and which decisions you choose. If you want to start things better and be able to progress more efficiently, then our Eternal City beginner’s guide can help jumpstart your game. So without further ado, we present you our compilation of Eternal City tips, cheats and strategies below.

1. Liberate And Develop Towns And Areas

As the story of Eternal City goes, the whole city is engulfed in chaos as black gates begin to open and corrupt each town. Your primary objective is to liberate each area and while numerous challenging battles await you, that won’t be all you will need to be ready for. Each action you take and every bit of progress you make as far as area or town liberation is concerned contributes to the experience points you gain to level up your account, subsequently making each of the wielders you have stronger as well.

eternal city tips

Each town liberation quest stretches across six stage battles with a boss at the end. Once you cleared the sixth and final stage, you will succeed in the liberation attempt and be able to engage in various upgrades and activities relative to the newly unlocked town or area.

Stages may have varying game modes and objectives that dwindle down the monotony of repetitiveness. More importantly, though, each stage offers unique advantage for some wielders but disadvantages as well for others. Be sure to make roster changes for each stage while taking note of each wielder’s respective fatigue levels. Advantages or disadvantages can be seen at the lower right portion of the wielder’s icon and if you can’t use a particular wielder that has an advantage over the boss of the upcoming level due to low fatigue, then at least settle for a team that is composed of non-disadvantaged wielders.

2. Acquire More Wielders From Hakuya House

The initial trio of wielders you will have are free and then some additional ones can be unlocked as you progress through the game. As you can never have enough wielders to ensure a steady supply of viable options for each battle you will engage in, as well as be able to more easily manage fatigue of each wielder, you should opt to spend your earned opals and go for attempting to acquire new ones through the Hakuya House.

how to acquire wielders in eternal city

Opals are similar to premium currency which is much harder to obtain and save than coins. If you stay active and log into the game daily, then there are plenty of opportunities for you to be rewarded with free opals. Take note as well, that acquiring wielders and kageso from the Hakuya House follows a gacha-style purchase mechanic and will be totally random. Despite this, though, you should still be able to nab a couple of extra wielders from it with a little luck.

3. Manage And Enhance Your Wielders

As wielders stand as your main tools to accomplish your deeds in Eternal City, it is important to get to know each one of them as thoroughly as you can as knowing each one’s strengths and general attributes for the many battles ahead that you will use them for. If you have played a lot of loosely similar action RPGs with numerous characters before, you may have an initial notion that some characters you will obtain in Eternal City will be totally useless and serve as bench-warmers. The truth is, though, that as each new stage you engage in has distinctive considerations for giving an advantage to some wielders and disadvantages to others when it comes to boss battles, you will most likely be utilizing each of the wielders you have acquired to the fullest.

What you would want to look into first are the roles or classes of each wielder in your roster. Wielders are classified into classes which define their general attributes as well as suitable roles in the 3-character formation you have on each battle. Later on, you will have to consider each wielder’s role as you equip each one with kageso (equipment) that best suits them.

how to enhance wielders in eternal city

Wielders are further categorized by attributes which work like elemental affinity and follows the rock-paper-scissors mechanic found in most action and strategy RPGs. Attributes may be Tough, Deft, or Spirit. Tough attribute deals 25% more damage on Deft attribute but deals 25% less damage on Spirit attribute. Deft attribute deals 25% more damage on Spirit attribute and 25% less on Tough attribute. Lastly, Spirit attribute deals 25% more damage on Tough attribute and 25% less on Deft attribute. BE sure to take note of these considerations as these will determine if a wielder will secure advantages or disadvantages against a boss of a particular stage or battle.

As we mentioned earlier, the activities you engage in leads to earning experience points for you as a commander and every level you gain leads to an increase in the strength of the wielders you have in your roster. Beyond that, though, there are additional means of making each one of your wielders stronger although the limitations made by the scarcity of resources should make you prioritize in terms of your preferences and play style.

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The first enhancement option you should consider to do is to star level up your favorite wielder or wielders to boost their stats and unlock additional skills. To do so, click on the icon at the lower right side of the screen, select “Wielder”, click on the wielder you want to enhance, and finally choose “Star Level”. Each star level consumes soul shards, and unless you have exclusive shards, your stock of soul shards will be decreased by 20 with every star up. Once you max out the star rank, you can breakthrough the wielder and achieve a higher class.

Take note that skills may be unlocked or enhanced per star rank reached so be sure to set targets if you don’t have enough soul shards to unlock or enhance anything new. Likewise, as you will naturally have less soul shards than what you need for all your beloved wielders, consider upgrading each one to represent each of the 3 different attributes in the game. Following this strategy, you should now manage your chosen 3 wielders as far as fatigue is concerned. Learn to switch these 3 in and out of battles as you need for each of them to have some remaining stamina for battles when you really need them.

4. Equip, Upgrade, And Synthesize Kageso

Equipment in Eternal City is called Kageso and while it holds similarities with how gears typically work in most other RPGs, there are distinct mechanics in the game that make you want to acquire as many of them as possible, regardless of quality and unique attributes.

Each wielder can equip Kageso up to a total cost of 25 points. As each piece of kageso has a distinct cost and unique stat attributes, consider a unique set of kagesos for each wielder depending on their class. Likewise, only a select few kagesos are exclusive to specific wielders and most of the ones you will acquire early on can be successfully linked to as many wielders as you want.

how to upgrade kageso in eternal city

Kagesos that have low costs naturally tend to have less impact as compared with higher costing ones. However, those with a cost of 1 or 2 are still valuable as you would want to maximize the 25 max cost limit. Be sure to keep a wide variety of kagesos as far as costs are concerned and only synthesize the ones you are certain you will no longer need.

Each battle you engage in has a chance to loot various kagesos although higher rarity ones come from the Hakuya House gacha. In as much as you would primarily want to unlock and obtain wielders, you should not at all feel bad for acquiring valuable kageso from the memory fractures you activate here. In any case, be sure to read through what each one does before deciding to link them to your respective wielders.

An important feature you would want to take advantage on from the start is the kageso upgrade feature. As you gain more experience and level up your account and commander, your kageso collection can likewise be upgraded to that level. Upgrading kageso only costs coins, which you will have plenty of at the start of the game. Feel free to max out the levels of the ones you use and remember that these upgrades will not in any way result to any kageso having an increased cost to link.

If you are certain that you won’t be needing some of the kagesos you own, you can synthesize up to 4 of a particular rarity level for a chance to obtain a higher rarity one. You will notice the success rate before synthesis which will help you decide if you should go for it or not. As there are numerous kagesos that can come out from each synthesis, you should not expect much from it as far as which one you will get. Over time and several attempts later on, you will eventually be able to get the ones you need.

5. Upgrade The Towns And Structures You Liberated

Once you have completed all six battle stages in a corrupted building or town, you will finally be able to liberate it and use its various features to further boost your progress. As there are various features available for each of these structures, each action you perform here also consumes action points. As such, be sure to manage your action points well and consider doing upgrades to progress further in your game. At certain points in the game, it won’t be a matter of choice as you will have to meet certain requirements to perform better in succeeding areas.

Once you click on any of the liberated structures in the map, you can immediately choose from among Patrol, Development, or Develop as optional actions. For starters, patrols may either revolve around personal stories and can unlock black shards and other unique story details while regular patrols boost friendship levels. You may want to take not of non-regular patrols available in each structure and choose to unlock them instead of spending activity points on daily patrols.

eternal city guide

Development relates to various improvements you can build into liberated structures. Each of the basic structures has different functions and a good balance of action points to develop structures keeping these in balance is a task you should look into from time to time. There are 3 basic structures you should get to know as the rest are mere advanced versions of each or boosters to creating additional ones.

The first, and perhaps most immediately important is the Engineering Building. This structure adds 5 points to your total Thauma output and Thauma is needed for you to be able to proceed to battle in corrupted districts. Each succeeding dirstrict you will battle on has higher required levels of Thauma output so be sure to develop engineering buildings across the liberated structures to meet the minimum required Thauma outputs to battle in the next corrupted area. You can always choose to proceeed and engage in battles within the corrupted district even if your city’s Thauma output is less than the Thauma Barrier of that district. However, this will impose greater decrease in your wielder’s fatigue levels and will wear them down a lot faster.

The Research Institute increases your tech level by 5 points and these are required to meet a certain minimum level to be able to construct higher level buildings. These may not be that significant yet for starters but you will still need to invest into this later on in the game.

Last but not the least is the Intel Office which boosts your intel by 5 points per upgrade. At some point in the tutorial, you will encounter intel records which you can access through the intel center at the upper left side of your screen. These information, if addressed properly, can prevent negative outcomes to happen the following day. Unlike Thauma which stacks up permanently, intel gets consumed with every intel you choose to handle in a day and will replenish the following day. As you will not easily raise intel levels as fast early in the game, choose wisely as to which intel you can handle and which ones are okay to deal with the following day.

Take note as well that some advanced buildings can influence how your story goes in a particular play through so at some point in the game later on you will surely have to spare some action points to develop Research Institutes to raise your tech points.

The last point of action under liberated structures, labelled “Develop”, deals with unlocking additional slots within the structure to add more buildings into it. Each liberated structure can initially hold 4 buildings and can be developed further to hold 8 buildings. You may not need to worry much about these on the initial stages of your game play but will have to manage around it later on. Relative to this, keep in mind that buildings can no longer be removed once created so be sure to plan well ahead before development.

6. Don’t Rely On Auto Mode Too Much

Like many mobile RPGs that have an auto mode function, Eternal City can make gaming much simpler at the early part of the game. It won’t last long though as battles grow tougher and tougher with each new corrupted district you engage battles in. If you are used to subscribing to auto mode on the earlier stages, you might have a challenging time later on as auto mode maybe convenient but totally takes strategy off of your hands in the battlefield.

For one, and practically of the highest importance, auto mode will seek to destroy enemies at all cost and will expend whichever skill becomes available, regardless of efficiency. Another negative impact it completely neglects is dodging enemy attacks. Certainly, there isn’t any dodge or evade button in Eternal City but still, there are clearly visible red spots or markers where the enemy’s attacks will land.

Playing manually, even as a total newbie will raise your chances of survival in more challenging stages as you will have ample time to avoid getting hits especially in boss battles. Likewise, you will also be able to use each of your 3 wielders’ skill sets more efficiently and even be able to swap controls more effectively in manual mode.

7. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

On top of the outright rewards you gain from playing through Eternal City normally, you may not notice certain milestones you reach in the game that offer plenty of great rewards. These milestones liw within the quest objectives which you can access by clicking on the Quest icon at the lower left side of your screen. Some of these objectives can easily be met by simply playing through the game while other require a little more attention and effort.

For some that can be obtained through unique patrols, you may need to regularly check your PDA for information that will trigger special scenarios leading to the fulfilment of some quest objectives. Be sure to click on the Quest icon whenever there is an indicator on it as the rewards you can get her include opals and soul shards which are very essential to your growth and progress.

eternal city quests

And that is all we have for now for our Eternal City beginner’s guide. Certainly, there are a lot more stuff to discover and examine as we continue to dig deeper into this amazing action RPG moving forward. We hope that you were able to pick up some useful tips and strategies from what we shared in the article and that you enjoyed reading our guide. We may be able to provide more guides for Eternal City later on but if you have discovered some tips and strategies in addition to what we have already shared, don’t hesitate to share them with us and the rest of our readers through the comment area!


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