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Merge Magic! Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete All Levels and Develop Your Garden Fast

Gram Games and Zynga have recently released Merge Magic!, the newest match-and-merge puzzle game highly popularized by Merge Dragons!, among other games within the Gram Games’ Merge! franchise. As a reputable provider of casual puzzle games, Gram Games is also known for 1010! and Six! to name a few.

Merge Magic! plays very similarly to Merge Dragons! but features a whole new roster of magical creatures to hatch and evolve. On top of the magical creatures, everything within each level as well as your garden can be merged to unlock more powerful items. As you race towards an adventure to fight off and liberate the lands from a curse of darkness that plagues everything it covers, you will need you wits about as you solve challenging puzzles along the way. As you and your merging powers uncover magical creatures and items on your journey, taking some of them back with you to your blooming garden will help you have better help in your hands. If you enjoy fantasy-themed casual puzzle games that are both mentally challenging as well as wildly entertaining, then be sure to download Merge Magic! and give it a try!

Merge Magic! combines the basic elements of merge games as well as match-3 puzzle games. While both genres are among the easiest games to pick up and play, the fusion of both mechanics in Merge Magic! still comes out as equally simple to understand. Although merging items in merge-3 puzzles require tiles close to one another, Merge Magic! seems to make it a little easier as you drag and drop items two where their copies are. What sets the game apart is the curse concept where some of the items are immobile until the curse is lifted and that is where strategic planning and analysis comes into play.

Considering everything, Merge Magic! is a pretty easy enough game to learn and while there will always be several ways to complete each level and challenge, there will always be more efficient ways to go about it. If you find yourself struggling to finish levels and beat challenges or simply searching for more efficient means to develop your garden faster, then stay with us and check out our Merge Magic! beginner’s guide. Our list of tips, cheats and strategies will certainly help you progress through the game much faster!

1. Merge As Many Items As You Consecutively Can

Although Merge Magic! only needs you to merge 2 similar items to have its better version, going for a combo of 5 or more can sometimes reap better rewards as well as boost your overall efficiency. While you have mostly only 3-combo options available at the tutorial portion of the game as well as the first few stages, there will be plenty of opportunities ahead to go for bigger combos that net you better rewards.

merge magic tricks

Relative to this, there will be plenty of instances where chests or similar items you can tap on can generate a resource that you can merge as well. Outside of challenge stages where you have all the time in your hands and in circumstances where there are a lot of free spaces in the field, try to trigger all magical items that spawn resources first before starting to go for combos.

Another point to consider is that there will certainly be situations where there are a total of 4 or 5 similar items in the level. Choosing to merge 3 will not be efficient as leaving 1 or 2 of the same item behind will just take up space and may take a while to be merged into its copies. As such, make it a habit to find all similar items before you begin merging them.

On a more advanced note, placing items strategically in that merging one type of item makes its end-product an ingredient for the next merge should be prepared for early on. As an example, if you have 3 tiers of sprouts with two copies of each, you can place them in an area close to one another. Once you bring the third and final merge ingredient for the first tier of the sprouts, you can activate a chain combo that will merge the next 2 succeeding ones and earn special rewards to help boost your game. Although it takes some practice and time to consistently pull it off, starting early on with strategies working around the chain combo concept can help you become a quick expert on the game.

2. Invest In Houses And Coin Storages Early On

It may not occur to you immediately at the early part of the game but your home garden, which houses your magical creatures and the rewards you earn from completing levels and challenges, should be home to sturctures exclusively available in the garden. As you will not encounter structures of any sort in the campaign levels, you may not notice easily how important these are.

merge magic houses and coin storages

The fourth tab of the shop, which you can access through the shop icon at the right side of your screen, offers numerous unique structures that you can purchase to boost your progress in the game. Although a lot of it will be locked behind meeting certain quest star requirements, you will quickly be able to purchase both the basic coin storage and the small tree cabin.

Gold stands as the basic in-game currency in Merge Magic! and as one of the features of the game involves having a cap or limit to how much gold you can hold, you will need to stretch this limit as much as you can early on so you will continue to be able to receive gold rewards. Keep in mind that once you hit the cap, you will no longer be able to pick up gold in the garden as well as the levels. With this, spending a few gold to boost the cap of gold you can have will be very well worth it. Further, upgrading the coin storage through merging further increases the gold cap so be sure to always go for 3 duplicates of the structure so you can immediately boost the gold cap once construction finishes.

As the magical creatures in your employ work hard on harvesting resources as well as performing construction work, they will soon tire themselves out and rest for a few minutes before being able to work again. The tricky part is that not all of them can sleep at the same time in the small house especially the basic small tree cabin. As such, you should purchase as many of these as you can and merge them as well the speed up the rest and recovery period of your magical pets. You may not have as much enchanted wood to spend early on but soon enough, you will secure a constant supply of it for succeeding construction requirements.

3. Keep Things Organized

As your garden as well as the different levels in Merge Magic! may present bigger and bigger spaces riddled with various items, finding the copies of the magical item you wish to merge may soon become a challenging task on its own. To ensure that you will not miss out on merging as many of the same items in one go or erroneously wait for a third copy of a magical item that was already on the map, try to organize each item as much as you can.

merge magic tips

For instance, you can group blessing orbs of varying levels close to one another as you wait for the remaining pieces to merge them continuously. This works great for coins and blessed blooms as well but just to make a habit out of it and make it a natural part of your preparatory stage before you engage in removing curses further in the area, try and lump together every item that can be appropriately classified.

Relative to this and another strategy in merging, be careful to not accidentally merge 3 of the same items when you can certainly do more in one go. Trying to organize items in the field by lumping them together may accidentally trigger a merge. So be sure to take note of the layout of your items and save the remaining copy for the space the links all of the same items together. As an example, if you want to group 5 of the same items together, you can leave a space between each two copies and only place the fifth and final copy on that space once you are ready to merge them.

Organizing your items in this manner not only makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for but also be able to set up for a lot more combos to boost your progress. It is best to start doing this early on as earlier stages may contain more types of magical items and organizing them will be a little more challenging.

4. Complete As Many Quests As You Can

merge magic quest

As more creatures, items, and structures can be unlocked following the total number of quest stars you have obtained, it is important to pay attention to the requirements in achieving these quests. Quests are present in both the adventure mode as well as your garden and you should always remember to browse through the available ones as some can easily be done. While in the garden or on any stage, you can view each quest by clicking on the starts at the left side of your screen.

5. Replay Stages For Extra Rewards

merge magic rewards

Aside from the first three stages that serve as the game’s tutorial, each of the levels you have completed can be challenged again for extra rewards. You can view each of the levels you have completed, including the challenge stages, to see the possible rewards you can obtain by completing it again two times more. Although beating each level offers decent rewards immediately, the best ones to get are the ones that become available after completing the stages three times.

6. Always Remember To Unlock Chests

As continue to make progress and earn various treasure chests as rewards for your accomplishments, these chests will not automatically open and present you with your rewards. Instead, the treasure chests you earned get lodged in the chest room which can only hold 3 chests at a time. Depending on the rarity of each chest, it will take at least 3 hours for it to open. The timer, however, continues to count down even if you are offline and away from the game. As such, make it a habit to regularly visit the chest room, which you can always access through the chest icon at the top left side of the screen. Be sure to make it the last action you do before logging out of the game.

how to unlock chests in merge magic

And that sums up all the basic tips and strategies we have for our Merge Magic! beginner’s guide. While playing levels and challenges are delimited by compasses, you can still spend plenty of time grooming your garden and making further progress by tapping on the flying seeds to drop some plants for you to merge. Merge Magic! also holds an option to watch a short video ad to instantly have your top magical creature recover from fatigue and hop back to work. In a way, spending more time at the garden can still contribute a lot to your overall progress. If you have played the game enough to discover tips and tricks, that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, then be sure to let us know in the comments!

Sandra Wilson

Sunday 25th of June 2023

It won’t let me save my progress,


Wednesday 4th of August 2021

I am out of space. I cannot merge anything please anyone help me??


Monday 2nd of August 2021

How do you bear Challenge 24?


Thursday 10th of June 2021

Do the Magic Beans do anything besides take up space?

Samantha Bourne

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

Do you need to play all of the challenges in merge magic