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Secret Neighbor Guide: 16 Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Winning Games Regardless of Your Role

If the name tinyBuild, LLC sounds familiar, that’s because they’re the company behind the Hello Neighbor series of games, including the flagship title, which is available on several platforms, including iOS and Android. But if you’ve gotten bored competing against the AI Neighbor and are looking for something more social, you may want to check out the franchise’s latest release, Secret Neighbor, which is now out for iOS and Android devices, among other platforms.

With Among Us having become such a huge success, it’s no surprise that the folks at tinyBuild have reformatted the Hello Neighbor experience into something that fits in the same mold, one where teamwork is paramount as an impostor lurks around in your ranks, secretly disguised as the kid-catching Scary Neighbor.

secret neighbor guide

As this is a social horror game, there is a multiplayer element involved here, as you’ll be teaming up with five other players as you work toward gathering all the keys to the Neighbor’s basement door and unlocking it before time runs out. You can also end up as the Neighbor, and in that case, your goal would be to catch all the intruders, or Kids, and prevent them from breaching your basement.

Regardless off which role you prefer to play, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to this game, and with that in mind, our Secret Neighbor strategy guide covers just about everything you need to know about winning games as a Kid, winning games as a Neighbor, and everything in between.

1. The Basics Of The Game – An Overview Of Secret Neighbor And Social Horror

You may have heard this one before, but Secret Neighbor shares a lot of similarities with a title that took the gaming world by storm during the height of the pandemic last year. We are, of course, talking about Among Us, and there are some similarities between both games that should make Secret Neighbor easier to figure out for certain players.

The most obvious similarity is that there is an impostor among your group of players, and that impostor is the game’s titular Neighbor, the lone adult character and one who is capable of disguising himself and blending in with your group.

But there are also some differences, and the most important one is that Secret Neighbor is faster than Among Us, and there’s no need to cast any votes in the middle of a multiplayer game. You can also attack the Neighbor in multiple ways, though we shall revisit this topic a little later and start out with a background of this fairly recent entry in the growing genre of social horror mobile games.

secret neighbor exploration

In Secret Neighbor, you can choose from one of the many Kids that will eventually become available in the game. At first, however, you won’t have any choice but to play the Bagger — other Kids can be unlocked with coins, or by purchasing a subscription. You cannot specifically choose to be the Neighbor, however.

After choosing your character, you will be teamed up with five other players, and the AI will decide at random whether you will be playing as a regular Kid, or whether you will be the designated Secret Neighbor — in other words, you have an 83 percent chance of playing a Kid, and a 17 percent chance of being the Neighbor. We’ll get into the details of how to be an effective Kid and Neighbor, but while we’re still discussing the basics, let’s move on to the goals in each Quick Game, which would be the standard, default option when playing Secret Neighbor.

Each Quick Game isn’t really that quick once you think about it — these last 15 minutes tops, though they can definitely last shorter than that if all the goals are met. First, you’ll need to gather all the keys needed to unlock the door to the basement of the abandoned house you will be exploring. These keys are randomly hidden around the house, and everyone in your team will need to collect all six so that the basement door can open.

Next, you’ll have to avoid being caught by the Neighbor, who, as mentioned, can disguise himself as any other Kid in your group depending on where he’s standing. And once you’ve found all six keys, the timer will automatically go down to one minute — that’s the amount of time allotted to head to the safety of the basement and avoid any last-ditch efforts on the Neighbor’s part to catch you.

secret neighbor kids win

If there is at least one Kid remaining at the end of the game and already at the basement, then the Kids win — all surviving members of the team will receive coupons and coins, which you can use to purchase items at the in-game store. Coins, as we explained earlier, can also be used to unlock new characters with different special skills than the stock Bagger.

If you go Missing before the end of the game — that is, the Neighbor catches you and your Health runs out entirely — you do not get any rewards, just the satisfaction of winning the game. Likewise, if you were assigned to play the Neighbor, you will earn coins and coupons as a reward for catching all of the Kids.

All in all, the game offers an interesting take on the impostor mechanic, and is distinctly different enough from Among Us to offer a unique experience to players.

2. Know Your Characters – Kids Edition

All in all, there are six Kids you can choose from in the character select screen, and three Neighbors — at the start of Secret Neighbor, your stock options will be the Bagger and the classic Neighbor, but as you go along and earn more coins, you have the option to unlock more Kids and Neighbors. Select one of each, and these will be who you will be playing as, depending on whether the game assigns you to be a Kid or a Neighbor.

You can also sign up to be part of the Secret Club, which costs $3 USD per month and allows you to play as any of the available Kids and Neighbors. (You can also pay $12 for a six-month subscription, if you so desire, though paying for anything in this game with real money is completely optional!)

Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Here’s a rundown of all the Kids, and how they differ from each other:

Bagger: The Bagger, as we’ve already mentioned a few times, is the stock Kid character, and the easiest to use. But don’t underestimate this starter character, as he has some talents that make him quite valuable to any given team. Heavy Bones is a passive skill that makes him harder to be caught than other Kids by virtue of the fact he’s heavier than all off them. Strong Knees reduces the damage he receives after falling by 20 percent, and is also a passive skill.

secret neighbor bagger

Lastly, Backpack is the Bagger’s active skill — it allows him to hold three items in his backpack, or one more slot than other Kids. There’s also a quest related to this skill, as holding all three items for at least four minutes straight unlocks an extra slot for the duration of the game.

Brave: The Brave is a Kid character distinguishable by his baseball cap and face paint, and he mainly comes in handy thanks to his baseball bat, which, through the Baseball skill, allows him to swat away flying objects. The Counter Strike skill is the one that comes with a quest to activate — if you hit the Neighbor thrice with any item, you can automatically escape if he grabs you. Unfortunately, this skill resets if you get knocked down while fending off the Neighbor.

secret neighbor brave

Detective: The Detective wears a suit and eyeglasses to better match his relatively brainy role in the game. His main skill, Field Intel, can be very helpful, as he starts out with a photo of one of the six keys you’ll need to find — take note that it won’t be spoon-fed to you, as you’ll still need to do some scrounging around. (For example, if you see the key next to a doll, you’ll need to figure out where the doll is located.)

secret neighbor detective

Find that key and you’ll get another photo with the location of another key. Find three keys with Field Intel and you’ll activate Intuition, which allows you to highlight the location of one of the three remaining keys in the house.

Inventor: So you see a lot of random items around the house and outside, but what can you do to them aside from throw them at the Neighbor? If you want to do much more than just toss those items to defend yourself, you can play as the Inventor, another bespectacled character whose specialty is making devices.

secret neighbor inventor

Using the Tinker skill, he can create various, more useful items with the gears he collects — one for a saucepan, two for a flashlight, three for a toy gun. The quest-enabled skill is Reverse Engineering — if you find six gears inside the house, you will be able to use the special lever to open the gate, thus giving you a valuable edge against the Neighbor.

Leader: The Leader is one of two female Kids in the game, and she can be identified by her pink-and-white school uniform. Just like the Bagger, she has three skills as opposed to two for most others. The first, Inspiration, can be used every 18 seconds, and works by speeding up all other Kids within a 10-meter radius and removing any negative effects that may be hampering them.

secret neighbor leader

Team Work (spelled as two words) is a quest-enabled skill, and it is activated whenever you stay close to any other Kid for at least eight seconds. When the skill is active, you can temporarily blind the Neighbor and slow him down a bit. Lastly, Stress Resistance is a passive skill that reduces your stun time in half if you get hit by an object.

Scout: The Scout, quite obviously, stands out for her scout uniform, and her responsibility is to distract the neighbor with her slingshot. That weapon of hers is, in fact, her primary skill, and you can deal out 5 damage points per hit against the Neighbor if you’re on target. Aim the Slingshot for at least 0.6 seconds and you can launch a Power Shot for additional damage.

secret neighbor scout

Evasive Maneuvers, while not stated in the game, can only be activated through a quest, and that quest is to hit the Neighbor successfully for three straight times; once active, you can gain an extra burst of speed while trying to hide from the Neighbor.

3. The Three Types Of Neighbor – They’re All Malevolent In Their Own Way

Now that we’ve run down the six different Kid characters in Secret Neighbor, let’s focus our attention on the eponymous villain of the game — the Neighbor. We did mention there are three varieties of Neighbor you can select in the Choose a Character menu, and here they are and what they can do, aside from switching from your Kid character to the Neighbor character you chose.

Neighbor: Also known by his full name, Scary Neighbor. This is the classic stock character, and given how expensive the other Neighbor characters are, you’ll likely be choosing him for quite a while — unless you’re part of the Secret Club. His main ability is Disguise, which specifically allows him to disguise himself as the nearest Kid — this can be very useful in throwing off a group of Kids who aren’t quite sure who the actual Neighbor is.

secret neighbor neighbor

Hunting Trap allows the Neighbor to set traps around the house in order to snare unsuspecting Kids, resulting in a stun and some damage. And when you both take and inflict damage at around the same time, you can activate Rage, which offers a momentary period of invincibility once activated. So with all that in mind, the Neighbor can be quite effective even in his most basic form.

Butcher: As he doesn’t wear any prosthetics like the third variety we’ll be discussing below, it’s easy to mistake the Butcher with the standard Neighbor — just look for the apron and you’ll know if you’re dealing with the Butcher or not. True to his name, the Meat Hook will most often be utilized as his main skill — this is a ranged attack that can be used to pull up Kids and objects alike.

secret neighbor butcher

Pathfinder comes into play by allowing the Butcher to see the Kids’ footsteps in the air, making it easier for him to stalk them and catch them. Finally, you can use the Fake Crow skill to deceive the Kids — as the name of the skill implies, this involves creating a bogus crow to mislead Kids into thinking a key nearby when, in fact, it really isn’t.

Clown: Evil clowns are arguably more prominent in pop culture than the traditional good and funny ones, and the Clown in Secret Neighbor definitely falls under the evil category. This Neighbor character can slow Kids down and inflict some damage with his main skill, the Smoke Bomb. This is likewise a ranged attack, as well as an area-of-effect one that can affect multiple Kids at the same time.

secret neighbor clown

Confusion is a passive skill that dazes a Kid that escapes after being caught the first time. And if you thought it’s fun enough to disguise yourself as human Kids, how about disguising yourself as an object? That’s what the Camouflage skill does, as it allows you to transform into a random item around the house — while still being able to catch Kids just the same.

4. Play With The Sound On – No Questions Asked

Many games can be played without any audio — we get that there are quite a few players who would rather forgo audio on their phones for one reason or another. But Secret Neighbor is not one of those games. Sure, you can play it with the sound turned off, but you will likely have a hard time doing certain things, such as sticking close to your group or finding keys.

secret neighbor audio

Worse, you may be incorrectly tagged as the Neighbor, which could lead to needless attacks from other players and hamper your ability to do what you’re supposed to do as one of the Kids. On the other hand, if you are selected to play as the Neighbor, it will be considerably harder for you to chase after Kids, and once again, you may miss certain audio cues that may tell you where they are. It will still be easier, but not as easy as it should usually be.

With all that in mind, there is no reason why you should even think of playing Secret Neighbor without sound. This is a social horror game with an impostor mechanic, and in order to spot that impostor and achieve your goals sooner (or if you want to be a more effective impostor), you shouldn’t do it in silent mode.

5. If You Go Missing, Don’t Quit The App!

Getting caught by the Neighbor means your adventure is over. That means you will be considered Missing, and forced to sit on the sidelines literally while the other Kids try to find the keys while avoiding the nasty Neighbor for another several minutes or so. Your first instinct may be to quit the app and start a brand new game, but if you’re just starting out with Secret Neighbor, we would advise against leaving the game.

While Missing, you will be able to watch the rest of the game from another player’s point of view, and depending whether the game is focusing on a Kid or the Neighbor (or the Neighbor in Kid form), you may be able to pick up a thing or two when it comes to finding keys, avoiding trouble, or, if you’re following the Neighbor, creating trouble and effectively catching Kids.

secret neighbor missing

In addition to picking up these basic things, you can also observe how other characters aside from the Bagger behave and how their skills work in an in-game setting. It will take a few wins before you can afford the cheapest character, the Leader, for 150 coins, and several more before you can afford the next.

So if you’re still stuck with the Bagger, or if you’ve just unlocked the Leader and aren’t sure how to control her and make good use of her skills, keep watching the game if there are some non-Bagger Kids in your group. But don’t fall into the trap of quitting the game, because you might miss out on some valuable pointers for the future.

6. Take Your Time While Exploring Each Area

When playing as a Kid, which, as we mentioned, would be around 80 to 90 percent of the time, finding all of the keys would be the main objective. Although the layout of the house and the space outside will always remain the same, the location of the keys, of course, will be procedurally generated (or randomized, in layman’s terms), and so will your initial spawn locations, thus making every Secret Neighbor game different from the last.

So with all that randomization in mind, you’ll have to be very patient when searching for the keys — they may be inside the house or outside, and they may also be located in those numbered rooms that require a card to open. Unless you’re in the last few minutes of the game, feel free to take your time and open every door and drawer possible. Search every nook and cranny of the areas you’re in, and move some items around by picking them up and throwing them down as you go along.

searching for key in secret neighbor

Keys are very small compared to just about every other item, so who knows? They just might be hidden behind a vase, flashlight, or any other object, or they may be high up a cabinet, requiring you to jump to get a better look and be within reach of the key.

It probably should be quite obvious, but we’ll say it anyway — while scrounging around for keys, make sure you remember the location of the basement door! It’s very easy to get lost in the maze-like house of Secret Neighbor, and while it won’t be easy, it will always help if you’re somehow able to retrace your steps and figure out how to get back to the basement door, which, as any experienced player should know, is one of the first things you will see upon entering the seemingly — but definitely not — abandoned house.

7. Stick Together, Don’t Split Up, But Don’t Fully Trust Anyone

Anyone who knows horror movie tropes should be aware that it isn’t a good idea to split up — that’s an easy way to get killed by the movie’s villain. Likewise, that also applies when playing Secret Neighbor. Although you could theoretically make more progress by splitting up, keep in mind that most Neighbors will stalk Kids who are isolated from the rest of the group.

And you don’t want to get caught by the Neighbor, who could easily go after the rest of the team after claiming his first victim. Keeping that in mind, we would recommend sticking together in groups of two or three, and making good use of the chat tools, which can be accessed on the upper right of the screen.

The voice prompts will vary depending on the character, but they convey similar messages — you have a yes (thumbs up), a no (thumbs down), and you can announce if you found a key or are in need of help, or if there’s danger ahead.

sticking together in secret neighbor

Better yet, you can enable voice chat, which is what allows you to finger certain teammates as a neighbor, give instructions, or simply trash talk the Neighbor while he’s trying to attack. This is just optional, but nonetheless recommended in order to fully leverage the social horror aspects of Secret Neighbor.

At the end of the day, however, there will always be that one Kid in your group who is actually the Neighbor in disguise, which is where the next part of this tip comes into play — do not fully trust anybody on your team!

Remember that every good Neighbor will try to blend in and try to win your trust — sometimes, as we’ll be discussing a little later on, there are others who prefer to transform into the Neighbor was soon as possible. But otherwise, most Neighbors tend to take a more strategic approach, and that means you shouldn’t be too trusting.

8. Let The Crow Guide You To The Key

At some point during any given Secret Neighbor game, you will hear the sound of a crow in the background, and see a message on the screen that says “crow marks the key.” What does this mean and how can it help you while playing as a Kidd? First off, the crow will be your audio and visual guide to finding the last of the six keys in the game.

secret neighbor crow

The first thing you’ll need to do in these situations is to take note of where the crow icon is located on the screen, and if there’s an arrow, where it is pointing. What you need to do here is to keep on walking until the crow icon is at the center off the screen.  Follow the crow icon by walking toward where it’s located, or where the arrow is pointing — once you’ve walked around a bit, you will see an actual crow perched right where the key is supposed to be.

If somehow the Neighbor is able to get to the key marked by the crow before one of the Kids does, you don’t need to worry, as there should be another crow a little later on during the game. These crows will keep crowing and eventually appearing as long as you haven’t found the final key to the basement door. We admit it’s oftentimes quite difficult, but once you’ve mastered the art of following the crow icon and listening for the crow’s crowing in the background, finding that elusive last key should be much easier.

9. Picking Up And Using Food Items Helps You Regain Health

While most of the items found inside the house are generally useless (unless you plan to hurl them at the Neighbor), the flashlight being a very prominent exception to the rule, you may also encounter milk cartons, bananas, chocolate bars, or other foods and beverages randomly scattered around. You may also find them iff you open the fridge or cupboards, but they’ll usually be lying around at random, seemingly waiting for someone to pick them up.

secret neighbor food

Tapping on the “use” button (the third one on the lower right of the screen) allows you to consume the food that you picked up, and while you may not notice anything if you have a full health bar, you will certainly see the difference iff your health has taken a hit for one reason or another.

While health does restore itself automatically, unless you’ve been caught by the Neighbor and rendered Missing, you can have a quick bite or drink as a Kid or as a Neighbor for a little pick-me-up. It does get hard, after all, to navigate the house if you’re low on health, considering how this could slow you down and blur your vision.

10. You Need To Look Busy While Playing As The Neighbor

Playing as the Neighbor may sound like winning the lottery, considering how hard it is to find those hidden keys while playing as one of the Kids. As a Neighbor, it would seem that your only task of note would be to catch all the Kids, or at the very least last the entire 15 minutes without the Kids finding all of the keys and unlocking the basement. However, it’s not as cut-and-dry as you may think.

In fact, playing the Neighbor would require a fair bit of nuance, because of the very fact that at the start, you will appear to the other players as another Kid; you can switch from Kid to Neighbor and back by tapping on the Kid/Neighbor face icons on the upper left off the screen.

And when you enter the house, that’s usually when the speculation will start, when the Kids will be pointing fingers at each other and saying “You’re the neighbor!” That means the last thing you want is to act in a way that will give you away as the Neighbor.

playing as the neighbor in secret neighbor

The main thing you need to do when trying to blend in with the other Kids is simply to look as busy as possible. Open drawers, use your flashlight, explore the other rooms, and be proactive when looking for keys. That way, it wouldn’t look like you’re deliberately stalking the other Kids while still presenting yourself as one.

Aside from that, you’ll also need to avoid being so obvious when transforming into the Neighbor. Of course, you will automatically be identified as the Neighbor if you transform while in plain view of one or more of the Kids, so what you’ll want to do is to duck into an area on the map where there aren’t any Kids present, then transform. Make sure you remember where you last saw some Kids, then go back there as the Neighbor and stalk them.

Using such an approach should give you a better chance of catching all five Kids — again, you can still win even if you don’t catch all of them, but if you make a conscious effort not to act too obvious, you can wrap up the game sooner rather than later.

11. There Are Advantages And Disadvantages To Transforming Into Neighbor Form Early

When talking about transforming into Neighbor form while early in the game, that does’t mean doing so right after your group spawns — that would be foolhardy, as you’d be giving yourself away immediately and leaving yourself at the mercy of five Kids, many of whom would likely be looking for things to throw at you, and doing so at the soonest possible time. But there are others who choose to become the Neighbor just a few minutes into the game. There are pros and cons to this seemingly simplistic strategy, as we’ll be illustrating below.

The first advantage of transforming early would be an opportunity to make some quick kills — even if you supposedly aren’t killing anybody, just rendering them “Missing.”  But beyond that, you can also throw the Kids off and distract them from their main objective this way — instead of looking around for keys, they may find themselves focusing more on how to slow you down and take you out, forcing you to re-spawn at a specific point 20 seconds later.

secret neighbor transformation

However, that also leads to one major disadvantage, which is the fact that Kids, especially if there are still several left, could use that 20 seconds to head to safer territory and regroup, thus allowing them to resume their search or the keys. If you take too long to hunt them down again, they could easily end up finding all the necessary keys to open the basement door, and when that happens, you lose — you may not be able to actually kill the neighbor, but if you open the door to his basement, you’ve automatically lost the game.

Overall, this could be an effective strategy, but in order to make it work, you’ll need to act quickly in taking out at least some of the Kids, and know where to find the surviving ones in the event you get knocked out by their attacks.

12. As The Neighbor, You Can Access Various Items In The Spawn Rooms

One advantage of playing as the Neighbor that’s worth mentioning is the ability to access various secret rooms inside the house — these can be accessed by walking next to a bookshelf and selecting Enter Door. Once you’re inside, you will see different items that all serve a unique purpose, mostly in helping you catch more Kids.

These items may vary from game to game, but would usually include a Teleporter, which allows you to travel from one secret spawn room to the next. We would suggest using this if you’re simply having a hard time catching Kids where you’re currently at — maybe you’ll have luck if you teleport to another location.

secret neighbor spawn room

In addition to the Teleporter, you can access the Sonar machines, which would be the small red gadgets oftentimes found on a table or shelf inside the spawn rooms. Using Sonar lets you see through the walls, which comes in handy when spotting nearby Kids.

Lastly, you can push the red button in certain secret areas (not just the spawn rooms) in order to access the basement yourself. You’ll need to be careful not to linger around for too long in this part of the house, because iff you don’t close the basement door in time, some Kids could enter, effectively costing you the game!

As a bonus tip, you should NOT enter one of these secret spawn rooms while disguised as a Kid — as Kids cannot access these rooms, this will instantly give you away as the Neighbor, and you wouldn’t want that to happen while you’re still trying to blend in!

13. Not Getting Caught Is Worth Some Coins In The Game

If you’re playing as a Kid and aren’t able to unlock the basement door before the 15 minutes runs out, that will automatically award the game to the Neighbor. But you can still earn some coins even for a losing effort — what you’ll need to do here is to survive until the 15 minutes are up, as that will reward you with 20 coins as a consolation prize of sorts.

secret neighbor coins

Normally, you’ll get 50 coins free regardless whether you’re a Kid or the Neighbor as a reward for winning. (For Kids, you’d need to reach the basement to get the full reward.) But even if you can’t make it to the basement in time, the mere fact that you stayed alive and didn’t go missing will still be worth something.

It may sound like a cop-out way to play Secret Neighbor and it may definitely backfire on you, but you can opt to separate yourself from the main group and simply stay there until the 15 minutes are up. Naturally, this isn’t the most sportsmanlike way to play, for lack of a better term — it’s still very much advisable to be a good teammate and do your part. But as a desperation measure, you can do this every now and then.

Again, we must warn you that this does not automatically ensure the Neighbor won’t catch you — we tried this strategy once and the Neighbor caught us with less than five seconds remaining!

14. You Can Use Your Currencies To Customize Your Characters

We might as well admit it — it does get tiring at times to keep wearing the same outfit, regardless of which character you chose as a Kid and as a Neighbor. So if you want to change things up a bit, you can head over to the in-game store by tapping on the Shop button on the upper left corner of the main screen.

Here, you can purchase new tops, bottoms, hats, and practically brand new skins for each character — there are items that are only available for a certain period of time, while others are available all the time, and would typically cost less than the premium, limited-time items.

secret neighbor shop

Usually, it’s the latter that would cost you coupons, which are the game’s premium currency, but otherwise, you can spend your coins on most of the many customization items in the Shop — prices would normally start at 100 coins upward.

Although each item in the Shop has a different price range, with some items obviously more premium than others, none of these would offer any buffs, skill enhancements, or whatnot to your characters! These items are there solely for customization and aesthetics — Secret Neighbor may not be a game you can file in the casual category, but as far as character wardrobes are concerned, they’re all there to let you change things up and stand out from other players.

15. Custom Game Lets You Play Secret Neighbor With Different Rules

Want to change things up a bit and play Secret Neighbor with less than six players? Or perhaps you want to opt for a longer or shorter time limit. And maybe you have some real-life friends who also play the game, and you’d rather take the social horror thing to the next level by playing with some people you actually know instead of random strangers from around the world. All that is possible in the Custom Game menu, which can be found right beside Quick Game in the main screen.

In the Custom Game menu, you have the option of joining another player’s server, in which case you won’t have any choice but to play by their pre-set rules. But if you want to create your own rules as we mentioned above, you’ll need to choose the Create Server option — it’s your call whether you want to open the server to everyone and not require a password, or make it a password-protected one that only trusted players (i.e. your friends) can join.

secret neighbor custom game

Once you’ve created your own server, you can choose whether to display player names or not, choose whether you want to have anywhere from three to six locks, set the time limit to 10, 15, or 30 minutes, enable key cards or not, auto-revive players or not, or randomize the identity off the Neighbor or not.

That’s a pretty wide range of customization options, but if you’re looking for a faster, simpler experience, we recommend going with three or four players, limiting locks to only three, and setting the time limit to 10 minutes. Choosing a 30-minute game, meanwhile, can make things easier for the Kids to gather all the keys and breach the basement, while making it more difficult for the Neighbor to win. The choice is all yours, so try playing some Custom Games for a new take on classic Secret Neighbor!

16. Brawl Mechanics And Objectives Change On A Weekly Basis

The third and last game mode in Secret Neighbor is Brawl, and this offers yet another twist on the classic gameplay by changing the objectives of the game — that means it won’t be about finding all six keys and entering the basement if you’re playing as a Kid, and it won’t be about catching all the Kids and surviving until the end of the time limit if you’re the Neighbor. The objective off each Brawl will change on a weekly basis, so you can pretty much expect the unexpected when it comes to the rules!

As of this writing, the current Brawl requires you to find and eliminate the disguised prop — this means that in the one-out-of-six chance you would normally end up as the Neighbor, you’ll be playing as the disguised prop instead, and you’ll need to survive the 15-minute time limit without getting caught.

And that’s all you need to know to succeed in Secret Neighbor! Have you come across any other tips or tricks that we haven’t included in this guide? If so, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!