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Among Us Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Outsmart Your Opponents

Among Us is an online social deduction game by InnerSloth. It’s been out for some time now, but it only gained popularity recently thanks to a sudden increase in streamers playing it on their livestreams. As a social game, it’s popularly played among a group of friends, and streamers who played with their fans helped spread the game to more players.

Playing Among Us is similar to playing games like Witch of Salem, Mafia, or Werewolf, except it’s much more interactive and immersive. 4-10 players play as Crewmates of a space station, preparing the launch of a spacecraft. But there are one to three Impostors among the Crewmates, who are there to sabotage their operations, even going as far as killing them.

As a Crewmate, you are assigned tasks related to the launch of the spacecraft. Doing so puts you at risk – you might end up getting killed by one of the Impostors, or end up being accused of being the killer. Thus, it’s also important that you keep an eye on the people around you.

among us polus map

As an Impostor, you have to make sure that the Crewmates have a hard time doing their work. You have to hang around and wait for the perfect opportunity to kill the Crewmates, and be as stealthy as possible to avoid suspicion.

While the game is fun to play with a group of friends, playing with strangers in a public match may require a little bit more strategy on your side. If you want to have a great experience playing the game without ruining the experience for others, you have to know your role and embody it. To prevent unnecessary suspicion falling on you, you have to make sure that you’re doing a good job.

Deception and persuasion are two very important skills in Among Us, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t even know how to play the game properly. Be sure to check out our Among Us beginner’s guide below, as we’ll provide you tips, tricks and strategies on how to get better in the game. Register more wins for your team, whether you’re on the side of the Crewmates or the Impostors.

1. Before Starting Out, Familiarize Yourself Through Freeplay

among us freeplay

Do yourself a favor and only join Public Games after going through Freeplay.

To make sure that you’re ready for the upcoming challenges of Among Us, you have to make sure you know the three different maps of the game. The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus have similarities, but their layouts are varied. They also have tasks that are specific to them.

Going into a game blind is also not a problem, especially when you’re playing with friends. It adds some mystery into the experience. But if you’re going straight to public games, consider doing Freeplay first so you won’t run around aimlessly in an actual game. You don’t want to spend so much time checking on the map, trying to find places where you’re supposed to go.

Many players even find it suspicious when someone stands around doing nothing for a long period of time (such as what happens when you consult your map). That’s why you have to be prepared when entering a public game. If you want to spend a lot of time alive, learn the basics first.

There are two things you have to familiarize yourself with in Freeplay. The first is the map layout. As mentioned above, the three maps have very different map layouts. To prevent yourself from getting lost or disoriented, take the time in Freeplay walking around the map. Take note of how the rooms look like, where corridors lead, and the position of the vents. These will help you know how to move around these places, which is useful for either role in the game.

among us mira hq

The maps in Among Us are very different from each other.

The second thing you have to familiarize yourself with is the tasks. You can practice executing the tasks as a Crewmate, so that in an actual game, you’ll be able do your tasks quickly. This is important for two things: Other Crewmates seeing you doing tasks for too long might suspect you’re just faking it. On the other hand, this also leaves you vulnerable to attacks by the Impostors.
As an Impostor, knowing the different tasks beforehand will allow you to act more convincingly. It will also familiarize you which rooms you can sabotage, and plan out your escape routes with the vents. The surveillance system for each map is also different from each other, so it will be helpful to learn so you don’t kill anyone under a camera.

Aside from finding out who the Impostors are and voting them out of the ship, the Crewmates can also win by completing all of their tasks. Every task completed helps fill the task bar, and completely filling the task bar will lead to a win by the Crewmates.

2. Playing As A Crewmate: Cooperation And Communication Is Key

playing as a crewmate in among us

Being a Crewmate is easy at first, and then becomes harder the less allies you have left.

Crewmates always outnumber the Impostors while the game is ongoing. However, once the Impostors match the Crewmates in numbers, the Impostors automatically win. It’s the Crewmates’ job to finish all their tasks before this happens. However, simply going to the rooms you’re supposed to work in will not always lead to a victory. Remember, you completing all your tasks will only do so much – you also have to make sure that everyone else is able to complete theirs. Until then, you also have to evade death and find the Impostors. Here are some tips you can take to increase your chances of winning.

Communicate – Communication is key in this game. If you don’t talk with anyone, fingers might end up pointing at you. Ask questions that will help the group arrive to the correct conclusion. Let others know what you have been up to and where you have been to help build trust amongst your peers.

Vote Wisely – Whenever someone reports a body or calls for an emergency meeting, everyone gets to vote on who to eject. You don’t really have to vote every time, especially if you don’t have anything concrete to work on. Use the time instead to communicate with the team, make agreements, and vote no one. If you just vote randomly and end up eliminating one of the Crewmates, you’d be doing the Impostors a favor.

Fix Emergencies – The Impostor can hijack the progress of the Crewmates by sabotaging the rooms. When this happens, work with the others in fixing the problem. Not doing so will raise suspicion from the other Crewmates. Worse, if no one ends up fixing some of the Emergencies, it can even lead up to your whole team’s deaths.

Report Dead Bodies – Always report the dead bodies you find. Not doing so will raise suspicion, especially when others will see you walking away from the crime scene.

Deduce Allies – There are ways to find out who is definitely your friend. You can watch others complete their tasks and see if the task bar is filled up as they leave their stations. You can also confidently know that someone is not the Impostor if you’ve been with them the whole time. Know who your friends are and stick together, making sure that neither of you will die without each other knowing about it.

Buddy Up – When you’ve completed all of your tasks, follow around other players and watch what they’re up to. This is your opportunity to snoop out the Impostor. If they just run around and pretend to complete tasks but the task bar isn’t progressing, then they’re most like an Impostor. Call an emergency meeting and make your case in front of the other Crewmates. Buddying up with a Crewmate will also make you less likely to be targeted by the Impostors.

Be a Friendly Ghost – Even if you get killed as a Crewmate, the game isn’t over yet. You only lose your ability to talk during voting periods and the ability to respond to emergencies. However, you will retain the ability to complete your tasks. You still have to finish your share of tasks so your team can survive and win. Doing tasks is actually even easier as a ghost since you can move through walls and no longer have to worry about getting killed. Being dead doesn’t mean you have the right to be AFK. Cooperate and make sure the Impostors pay for their crimes.

3. Playing As An Impostor: Staying Under The Radar

playing as an impostor in among us

Playing as Impostor is actually more fun than being a Crewmate.

The game doesn’t really explain why the Impostors are sabotaging the Crewmates’ work, but whatever the reason is it’s clear that the job laid out in front of Impostors isn’t easy. You and your fellow Impostors will always be surrounded by suspicious eyes, watching your every move. However, there are surefire ways you can take on the whole crew without them ever getting suspicious of you. Follow these tips and you’ll keep winning as Impostor all the time.

Communicate – Just like the Crewmates, you can also use communication to throw the others off the right path. When someone falsely accuses a Crewmate, you can use it to your advantage by supporting the accusation. This way, you get a free kill while also earning the trust of another Crewmate.

Be the Great Pretender – The best way to remove suspicion from you is by acting like all of the other players. That means pretending to do tasks, just as they do. Each game will have a number of common tasks that will be available among all of the Crewmates. This means you’re sure that there’s at least one task that everyone will be doing. Most of the time, a couple of people will immediately go there to do that task as soon as the game starts. Go with them to earn their trust.

Do it in Crowds – Sometimes, a lot of people will clump together in one location. They might be doing the same task all at the same time, or be looking at the security cameras simultaneously. It’s a great opportunity to score a kill right under their noses. Since there’s a lot of you in the same room, anyone can be suspected of being the killer. Since they’ll also be looking at something else while you do the kill, it’s likely they’ll miss your actions too.

Beware of Cameras – Do not ever kill under the sights of a security camera. You never know when there’s someone in the security room looking at the screens. Sometimes, it’s even a better idea to go straight to the security room and kill whoever’s there looking at the screen, especially if they’re on their own.

Sabotage Wisely – You don’t just sabotage out of nowhere. It has to have a reason behind it. For example, you might want to sabotage the oxygen in Skeld to have people rush towards the admin office and the oxygen room. Those who don’t respond to the emergency risk themselves being caught alone by you. You can also use this as an opportunity to ambush the last few members of the crew in these rooms, killing them effortlessly.

Getting Away with Murder – There’s a method to the kills you’ll be doing. An easy way to kill someone without risking yourself is by identifying a room that has two properties: it has lockable doors and has a vent. These are the perfect rooms to kill in. One such room is the Electricity room in Skeld. Pretend to be doing a task and wait for someone to come in and attempt to do theirs. Before killing the Crewmate, sabotage the room and lock the door. Swipe at the Crewmate and leave via the vent. Just make sure that when you exit the vent in another room, no one is there to catch you in the act!

We hope these tips and tricks will help you in your next games of Among Us. Use this guide and become the best Crewmate or Impostor ever. Remember, it’s important to communicate with the other players regardless of your role, and it remains to be the most crucial aspect of the game. Don’t forget that Among Us is a social game, so play it socially.


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