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The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Uncover the Secrets of Cabala

The Legend of Neverland is an exciting RPG by GameArk Global on iOS and Android, that’s similar to titles that we have covered before, such as Stella Arcana and Ragnarok X: Next Generation, though enemies are markedly less likely to kill your character in this game. Instead, the primary threat against you are the mission timers and the occasional environmental hazards, testing both your DPS and footwork far more than your characters’ durability against enemy attacks.

Very good graphics and art direction with a cel-shaded anime art style in The Legend of Neverland make for gorgeously flashy eye candy, though the English translation needs work. If you’re looking for a game to play while you’re at work, and just want some beatdown-induced catharsis after a bad day, this is for you.

Your town is having a festival for their guardian goddess when suddenly, the monsters they supposedly protect from attack! You fight back, and the statue of the local goddess awakens, and it turns out they’re your first Flower Fairy, a rarity during the current era.

the legend of neverland guide

Starting with the alleged death of a small child, it turns out everything’s going straight to heck as the Flower Fairies go insane from depression and corruptive Chi, and the evil Yayoi plan to take advantage of them. You, a member of the Adventure Society, chosen by the rare sane Flower Fairy, decide it’s your job to look for the Yayoi and shove your boot down their smug, self-righteous throats!

We hope that our The Legend of Neverland beginner’s guide, that includes a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies, will help you make the most of your time playing the game, particularly by killing your enemies quickly!


the legend of neverland daily missions

In The Legend of Neverland, there are a ton of things you can do before you even get back to your main quest. All of these go toward making your character stronger. While the big CP (akin to Battle Rating in other MMOs) numbers look intimidating on some of them, they’re usually worth doing as soon as you’re allowed to since the game will rarely let you to do something that you are too weak to do. Especially since these missions are the best way to get a higher CP anyway!

Swimming In The EXP Pool

the legend of neverland exp pool

One thing you’ll need to do every day is hop into the EXP Pool. The EXP Pool is an instanced mission where you sit in the middle of a crowd and massacre absolutely everything while you occasionally pick up buff runes.

Of note are the purple runes, which attract enemies toward you, making them easy meat for AOE attacks. You can easily go up a couple of levels from a single EXP Pool dip at least early on, so make sure you pay this a visit. 3 EXP Pools a day keeps the character level quest blocks away!

Expel Them!

the legend of neverland expel incident

Expel Incidents are another good way to rack up EXP. They can range from good ol’ brawls against huge crowds to running around collecting mushrooms for farmers. They’re one of your numerous daily quests, with you getting six of them a day. You should do them because not only are they rewarding, they’re also rather easy since you can auto through both combat and non-combat quests.

And if you get lucky, you might end up in a mission instance where the objective is nearly done, and there’s enough people to summon a Treasure Goblin who drops Cabala Sapphires when you clobber them.

Big Juicy Targets

the legend of neverland giant boss

Occasionally, you’ll see a tiny little dragon icon on top of your chat bar. That’s the icon for Giant Boss fights. You have to go there ASAP to get more weapons, round yourself out as a character, and generally avoid weapon immunity problems when you make it to the Abyss Ruins.

The Legend of Neverland doesn’t care much for strict character classes, so you can bring any weapon you want no matter what weapon you started with. And you’ll need it too, since you need all of your weapon and equipment slots active to get the gear level-reliant Enhance Resonance character upgrades.

Corridor Jogging

the legend of neverland corridor

The Realm Corridor is another thing you’ll need to do for progression. The Realm Corridor, starting from Chapter 2 onwards, are missions that typically have some weird special parameters that can throw you off guard.

Some of these weird parameters, like steep time limits, you can just beef through on auto after getting enough DPS. Others, like having to find the correct treasure chest to progress a room or avoid environmental hazards, you can’t just auto through because the autopilot’s silly AI generally has poor footwork. Not to mention they will open all the chests even after they find the correct one, rather than moving along.

You’ll need to do these quests specifically for Progress Energy, an item for upgrading your cute gacha fairy girls and hot gacha fairy men past level 20. Not to mention Talent Points, which allow you to upgrade Talents which make your character stronger.

Unlike most of the other things in Miru’s Class, you can keep going forward until you hit a level wall, in which case it might be time to hit the EXP Pool. You can also send your Fairies on Corridor Exploration. They go off for a few hours and come back with free stuff like Pink EXP for Fairy upgrades. You can send Fairies currently in your party on Corridor Exploration and they’ll still be usable for combat, so don’t worry if you’re short on Fairies for this.

Deep In The Ruins

the legend of neverland ruins

The Ancient Ruins, and later on the Abyss Ruins, are your one stop shop for getting better armor. While the Abyss Ruins has consistently better gear drops to make up for harder battles, you should still do them both since you have a limited number of tries in both of them every day.

The Ancient Ruins typically consist of mook beatdowns followed by a bossfight, with additional mission objectives to earn extra Summon Seeds for the Fairy Gacha along with titles that give you a small stat buff.

The Abyss Ruins is much more difficult, being a string of bossfights that often have weird parameters like weapon or element immunities, or field hazards that can do way more damage than the actual bosses.  The Abyss Ruins generally requires a team to enter, but you can simply set up an empty party for the Ancient Ruins.

Sometimes, going into the Ancient Ruins alone is encouraged, since beating bosses with a minimal party count can sometimes appear as an optional objective, and these optional objectives give you Summon Seeds for the Fairy Gacha.


the legend of neverland garden party

So you’re getting bored with killing stuff all day. You want a change of clothes, and the armor drops aren’t to your liking, fashion-wise.  Maybe you have to go shopping or your boss caught you on your tablet and you need to get some EXP with your hands off. The Garden Party missions have both, but not at the same time. The Miru Party and Scenic Quiz are your primary source of Gacha Silver coins, and the Dance Frenzy is basically free EXP once a day.

Keep an eye on these. Dancing everyday is more or less mandatory, but you can afford not to care about Gacha Silver… except you can also get Cabala Sapphires (your true primary currency along with Arena Medals and Guild Contribution coins) for doing really well in the Scenic Quiz and Miru Party.

Miru Party: Fat Spirit Tacklefest

the legend of neverland miru party

You want costumes? Everyone wants costumes! Come join the Miru Party if you want costume Gacha coins. It’s an event that only happens past 9 am, during Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You all dress as Miru, the fat chunky spirit from the tutorial, and attempt to shunt each other into electric fences while avoiding the lightning ball roaming around the ring.

Just lasting 15 seconds in the ring will get you some Gacha Silver coins, and 3 minutes nabs you some Cabala Sapphires, which you can use to buy most of the important bread-and-butter items you need to power up your character and gear. Sometimes, you may find yourself alone in a match, which means you’ll get the gacha Silver no problem.

Unfortunately, this means you get fewer Cabala Sapphires, since those are dependent on player headcount. Focus on survival, and stay away from the electric fence since getting cornered is a much bigger threat than the lightning ball bouncing around the ring.

The Dancing Line

the legend of neverland dance line

Are you busy? Then Dance Frenzy is quite possibly the best thing to do if you want to gain EXP, but get called to do chores, go shopping or generally need your hands off the tablet. In Dance Frenzy, you leave your character alone to dance around town, accumulating EXP until their dance EXP bar fills up.

Once you get back, you’ll have a big fat chunk of EXP for your character waiting for you, for zero effort. You can only do this once a day, so turn this on when you aren’t going to play and don’t need your tablet for anything.

Scenic Quiz

the legend of neverland quiz

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, you can go to the Scenic Quiz to give yourself a headache for Gacha Silver coins. Much like Ragnarok X’s OX Quiz, you and a crowd of other players have to guess the answer to a question, and walk to the X or O to answer it. You get Gacha Silver coins for every question you get right, and are eliminated if you get a wrong answer. The questions here are pretty obscure and rarely related to the game at all.

If you have another tablet or are playing on an emulator like Bluestacks or Nox, it would be a good time to boot up your favorite search engine and type quickly for the answer. There is also the option of following the crowd if you can’t type fast enough, though there is still a chance they might get it wrong!


the legend of neverland damage

In PVE at least, your biggest threat won’t usually be the enemies trying to kill you. The game is set up in such a way that everyone including your supposedly squishy Book-equipped butt is a damage sponge, and enemies can barely even dent your HP bar if the game allows you to fight them at all. Instead, it’s usually a mission timer that will give you problems!

HP, Protect, and Defense upgrades are handed to you like candy, but damage dealing stat upgrades are harder to come by. This means killing power is a precious resource, since making yourself bulkier when the enemy already has a hard time killing you isn’t going to make that mission timer easier to beat.

Here are some things to keep in mind during and before combat, particularly things that can catch you off guard in spite of bosses barely tickling you, and make you kill things faster than the timer.

Environmental Disaster Warnings

the legend of neverland red warning

Normally, even the red circle attacks from bosses don’t do all that much to your character unless your CP is about 20k lower than the enemy. Or you’re in the Abyss Ruins, and even then it’s nothing you can’t handle. If you notice that the red circle it isn’t coming from any enemy in particular though, run away as fast as you can!

Environmental hazards like random red circle attacks and perpetually bouncing lightning balls hit much, much harder than anything else in The Legend of Neverland, barring other players. They can usually chop you down in a hot second if you’re careless with your footwork.

This is especially dangerous in the Realm Corridor, since while enemies don’t do much damage, they can knock you into hazards if they’re available. This is unavoidable during the corridor itself, but in the boss room environmental hazards often just stay near the center of the arena. Fight near the edges of the huge boss arena room to avoid them entirely.

Color Matching Flower Buddies

the legend of neverland form flower fairy

The reason you need loads of Flower Fairies in your roster in spite of having only two front slots is to have multiple damage elements at your disposal. Equipping two front fairies of the same element changes your own attack element to theirs.

There are 4 elements: Fire, Place (likely a mistranslation of Earth), Wind and Water. Place is weak against Fire, Fire is weak against Water, Water is weak against Wind, and Wind is weak against Place. Having a strong element causes an extra 50% of damage, and having a weak element reduces your damage by 25%.

Considering The Legend of Neverland’s heavy emphasis on your need for DPS, it would do you well to have at least 4 front Fairies to cover at least two elements. Set them up using your team slots, and switch to the other squad layout if you’re about to go into a fight against enemies your current squad layout is weak against.

This way, you’re always strong against at least 2 elements, and neutral against the other two. Though if you can get 2 of each element for a total of 8, you’re golden. And don’t think you can get smart by equipping two different elements for guaranteed neutral damage, that guarantees weak damage vs elemental enemies instead!

As a side note, the easiest way to get more combat Fairies is to only do 10-rolls in the Flower Fairy gacha. 10-rolls guarantee at least one Epic Fairy, which is the minimum tier needed to send them into combat. There’s also getting their shards from the Guild and Arena Medal Daily Shops. They’re sold in packs of 30 shards, so that’s an instant Fairy ready for battle right there.

Fill Your Weapon Slots

the legend of neverland resonance

It may be tempting to focus solely on one weapon to make it as strong as you can, dumping all your blue Enhancement Dust and Advance Essence on it, and ignoring the Giant Boss missions entirely. After all, Bruce Lee once said “I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times”. That’s going to mess you up when you go into the Abyss Ruins and you end up with an “Immune to weapon” boss wave!

Try and get a second and third weapon as soon as you can, typically by fighting against the Giant Boss. The “Immune to Weapon” Abyss Bosses typically appear in pairs and are only immune to one weapon each, or have their weapon immunities cycle around repeatedly. Having three means you always have at least one weapon that can do damage.

Another benefit to this is to mitigate your skill cooldowns by keeping your thumb on the Switch Weapon button while on Auto. Say all your Book skills are on cooldown, switch immediately to your Sword or Cannon or Bow and wait for all of their skills to go on cooldown. The swap back to your Book and you can spam those skills again!

the legend of neverland weapon

The most important reason to fill all your weapon slots, even with weapons you aren’t planning to use, are the Resonance upgrades you get by enhancing your entire loadout to a certain level. Resonance upgrades are powerful stat increases usually rewarded to you for reaching a threshold with your CP rating, Flower Fairy tiers and upgrades, and of course, equipment upgrades.

While enhancing upgrades the slot itself and not the weapon or armor, you cannot enhance an empty gear slot. That means until every single equipment slot is filled, you’re not getting a single gear enhance Resonance upgrade. Otherwise, getting this set of Resonances can make the difference towards shrugging off even environmental hazards in the Realm Corridor.


the legend of neverland shopping

Combat and dancing are fine and all, but there are a few things to keep in mind outside of normal adventuring. These are tips mostly related to spending resources and money. And with any MMO, spending wisely (or at least earning enough so wasting money isn’t a problem!) is always a virtue.

Your Guild’s Pink Coin Stipend

the legend of neverland guild event

The Guild Shop is loaded with goodies like Fairy Shards, Dyes, Skill Rubbings, and a lot of other stuff you’ll want or need. It should go without saying then that you should sign up for a guild as soon as the option shows itself, and accumulate some Guild Contribution coins.

Other than the obvious three guild quests a day, one thing you’ll find yourself doing are Guild Escort missions.You sit on or follow a pack animal, tap Autonavigate, and kill whatever monster is stupid enough to actively try to stop you. This gives you a few hundred guild coins, and is another good AFK task, like Dancing. The turtle also moves faster when more people escort it, so keep an eye out for notifications, so you can get this over with quickly.

There is also taking the Guild Boss for a fight, with your paycheck’s girth depending on how much damage you do to them mixed with a guild-wide reward for the total damage dealt by everyone.

100%, No More, No Less

the legend of neverland equipment enhancement

To power up your equipment, you use Enhancement Dust in bulk to, for lack of a better term, enhance the slots equipment find themselves in. You have the option to only fill out part of the materials you need to enhance, and to do so is a mistake.

Don’t bother trying to save Dust by only going for partial upgrade chances, just go all the way to ensure none of it is wasted at all. Few things are more painful than failing a 90% chance enhancement, especially if you used higher tier Dust.

Later on when your gear is already powered up enough that it takes a ton of the lower tier Dust to enhance, make sure you use the strong stuff first and use the weaker Dust to fill out the last few percent, to avoid overspending.

Try not to use the higher tier Enhancement Dust if it immediately fills the bar by itself, since you might need them for later upgrades. Higher tier Enhancement Dust is several orders of magnitude more powerful than whatever’s below them, and what looks like 100% on the bar might be a wasted 150%!

Five Ladders A Day Keeps The Poverty Away

the legend of neverland ladder fight

In Ladder Arena PVP, don’t hesitate to fight even if the enemy is too weak for your ego or too strong for your muscles. The rewards are the same for a win against a weaker opponent compared to a stronger one, and you’ve only got 5 free matches a day. You might as well use them all, since you get 5000 medals every 5 matches thanks to the Ladder Master challenge quest, which repeats itself every 5 fights.

Of course, if you want to win though, this is the only time you truly need to worry about your CP levels. It turns out, other players are the best way to kill a player!

The Arena Medals can get you stuff like Enhance Dust, Epic Fairy Shards and Summon Seeds, so that daily 5000 Arena Medals will get you far. Just remember, fight your five fights no matter what since Ladder Master doesn’t care if you win or lose.

Stamina Burning

the legend of neverland mining

One thing you’ll want to do every day is spend your stamina on Life Skills, with the one you pick depending on what you want to power up at the moment.

If you want to improve your combat skills, you’ll need to do a lot of Copying (where you look for old relics called Rubbings) and Recovery (Where you convert those Rubbings into Skill Rubbings, used to level your Skills). If you want to advance your gear tiers, you’ll need to spend lots of time Mining for ore, then turning that ore into Advancement Essence via Forging.

Fishing and Cooking are important for your Fairies, since they can get you food items that reward you with pink EXP when used, needed for upgrading Flower Fairies. As for Insect Catching and Crystal creation, you can do this if you don’t want to spend Cabala Sapphires on Crystal Chests.

That being said, this is typically last on your to-do list unless they appear as Guild Quests. While tedious, upgrading these is needed for more consistent later game upgrades, especially with mining and forging. The later tier advancement materials can be gotten from the Abyss Ruins too, but you can only play that a limited number of times per day.

And this concludes our beginner’s guide for The Legend of Neverland. If you have your own tips to add, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment area below!