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Stella Arcana Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Save the Light Realm

In LRGame’s latest mobile MMORPG called Stella Arcana, adventure and new friends await you, Envoy. This comprehensive guide will help point you toward finishing your mission and strengthening yourself in a timely manner. Bring the Man In Black to heel, and save the Light Realm from evil.

Eons ago, Baldur, the God of Light sacrificed himself to fend off Chaos, the God of Darkness, and bring safety to the Light Realm, transforming himself into the 12 Constellations to make sure it stays safe. Now, in an age long past with belief in the 12 Constellations weakening, the Man in Black takes advantage of their waning power to bring back the darkness and ruin everything for everybody. As an Envoy of Thel, it is your job to look for him, and politely break every bone in his body with your arsenal of spells and abilities.

With that said, let’s move on to our Stella Arcana beginner’s guide, as we will share with loads of tips, tricks and strategies to dominate your enemies and save the Light Realm!

1. Welcome To The Light Realm: The Basics Of Being An Envoy Of Thel

Stella Arcana plays in the vein of other anime-styled MMORPGs such as Laplace M and Aura Kingdom 2. As such, being familiar with those kinds of games will go a long way to learning this one.

Picking A Class: After picking a server to join, you will be prompted to pick a class and create a character. If you want to get in close, slug it out, and keep enemies out of your teammates’ faces, pick the sword-wielding armor-wearing Omni-Warrior. If you want to stab a single target really hard, go for the Shadow Assassin.

If you want to pelt someone with arrows from a distance, take the Elven Archer. In case you want to dump hell-fiery space rocks on big crowds, be a Rune Mage. If you choose to keep your team alive, and still deal out a lot of hurt (their ATK stat also scales their healing up), get the Priest.

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How to Enforce Your Authority as an Envoy of Thel: As an Envoy of Thel, you will use your abilities to put down any troublemakers and help any locals along the way. You have your attack key and skills on the lower right of the screen, and your movement stick on the lower left. You have to avoid attacks with big red hitboxes on the floor.

stella arcana gameplay

You can also set your Envoy to Auto-Attack nearby foes or follow your squad leader by pressing the Auto button located on top of the chat bar. Next to the chat bar is your Potion button, which you use to heal yourself when injured. Once you get a Mount, you can activate it by pressing the little horse icon near your movement stick.

A Ton Of Menus: As with many MMORPGs of this type, you have a huge plethora of menus and sub-menus to keep track of once you press the More button.

stella arcana menus

Do not worry, as the game takes measures to mitigate the confusion. It not only has a notification system (if there’s something worth visiting immediately, it’ll have a tiny red dot on it akin to a Discord notification message) but also the Grow Stronger button, which will give you a helpful set of menus and tasks all pointed towards making your character stronger. The game also rewards you for filling out your Growth Quests, again located in the Grow Stronger button.

stella arcana growth quest

A List Of Tasks: The most useful things on your screen are the Quest window under your character portrait, and the Adventure Tab next to your minimap. Clicking on a quest will make your character walk to it and finish the quest as best as they can. Just remember to keep an eye on your Auto-Walking Envoy if you expect a difficult battle, or if the quest involves buying things.

General Adventuring: The early part of the game is spent teaching you the ropes while progressing the story, with more than just fighting and killing to do. Things like catching the local wildlife teach you about Battle Pets and the use of Sprite Boxes. You learn the more basic menus. You learn about the Marketplace by buying stuff for another person.

stella arcana general adventuring

After the very basic stuff though, the more advanced systems of the game such as refining weapons, joining a guild, and the more difficult quest types are taught to you via numerous side missions. Getting these done gives you some useful knowledge and rewards.

Funding Procurement: Like in any good fantasy medieval setting, you have to get your own equipment the way medieval soldiers did in real life. Either by paying for it yourself, or wringing it from the cold dead hands of your foes. There are a lot of currencies in this game, but the most important are Silver, Gold, Crystals and Bound Crystals.

Silver is so common that the game even makes a point to tell you that it is a victim of rampant hyperinflation.

stella arcana trading currency

This is good because you use silver for a lot of common tasks like upgrading gear, buying supplies and even completing certain quests that involve buying stuff for NPCs.

Gold on the other hand, is much harder to come by. You get it from very certain quests, such as your first ten Seal Fracture quests of the day, fighting the World Boss, filling out your Hero Path, and as PVP blood money. It is the primary currency of the player-run Auction House, so you’ll be playing Seal Fracture Quests quite often. Thankfully, those aren’t very hard, as you can bring Mercenaries to those quests, which we will discuss later.

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Crystals are the premium currency of the game, and can only be procured by forking over real money. Most of the Item Mall requires Crystals, except for the Bound Crystal mall.

Bound Crystals are a currency you get from doing various quests, particularly by filling out the home page of the Adventure Tome. They are much more limited in function compared to normal Crystals, but still gives you access to rare things like Name Change cards, Constellation Cards, and Appearance Coupons.

2. Useful Habits For An Envoy Of Thel

Stella Arcana, like a lot of MMOs, can look like a confusing mess of menus and number crunching, especially crammed into a tiny tablet screen. That being said, the game is merciful enough that to get through the story, all you need are some tips and habits to ease you in, habits that will help you no matter how bad you are at math.

Counting Coins: There are a whopping 19 currencies at the moment in Stella Arcana, and earning them may be utterly confusing. Thankfully, clicking the Trading Window’s Currency tab, located on the top right of the screen, lets you keep track of all the currencies you have.

stella arcana currencies

Clicking on a Currency explains how you can get them. Some even come with a button that says How to Obtain. Using this button opens a small window that you can use to Auto-Walk to whatever quest you need to do or open any menu you need to get into to obtain more of that money. They also come with a really helpful Exchange button. If you notice you have a surplus of a certain currency, you can use the Exchange button to hop to the shop that accepts it.

Buy Equipment With Sweat, Not Silver: Don’t bother getting the armor and weapons you can buy with Silver. You will quickly find yourself with better gear by doing quests, going into dungeon raids and in general, grinding. While Silver is easy to come by, wantonly wasting money on useless things early on is a trap that commonly befalls rookies not just in this game, but many others.

Those Potions Make You Look Fat: Don’t waste silver on buying potions or food that are too high-level for you. You cannot equip or drink higher tier potions if your level is too low, and you have limited backpack space. Buying level-appropriate potions and food is easier on your backpack. If you have obsolete food and potions, you can sell the extras back into the Marketplace once you’re strong enough for the big-boy meals. You can set which potions to use by holding down the little potion icon next to your chat bar.

stella arcana potions

Speaking of Potions: Drink ’em. It is so easy to forget that they exist, especially early on when you’re happily demolishing everything. A lot of the fights early on are very easy, especially the ones that allow mercenaries. Unfortunately for you, the game likes to toss in the occasional really tough fight even in early quests to throw you off guard, and later on you can’t just blindly Auto-Battle your way through problems.

Auto Battling, Semi-Auto or Full-Auto? Auto-attacks aren’t just for grinding while you write a novel or make coffee. There are two things the AI is too stupid to do: Aiming AOE attacks at clustered foes, and dodging red hitbox attacks. The AI has much faster thumbs than you though. You can edit your Auto-Attack order in Settings, then Combat Settings.

stella arcana combat settings

Keeping aimed area-of-effect attacks and anything that lets you dodge in manual mode lets you use them in a timely, controlled manner. Keeping single-target high-damage attacks or attacks with quick cooldowns on Auto ensures a high DPS. You wouldn’t want to die from a red hitbox attack because the auto-attack AI used a damage-dealing evasion skill too early.

Swords for Hire and Playing Favorites: Akin to gacha games like Azur Lane, you can get NPC mercenaries through the Mercenary Recruitment tab. A Legendary or Epic merc is guaranteed every 10 contracts spent. They are a powerful substitute for party members in quests that allow their use, and they can be made stronger by giving them mercenary Soul Stones, Keepsake Artifacts, and upgrading their skills.

stella arcana mercenary

Contrary to common sense, it actually helps to pick a favorite mercenary or two (Bibitano is a particularly deadly standout in spite of being a healer) and rank them up ahead of your weaker mercs. One or two overfed mercs can do more damage than a balanced team for the same amount of resources. A downside to Mercenaries? They’re of no help if you just want to clear out basic world quests. They don’t do anything unless they’re in a mission that requires a team, which happens often enough that they’re still worth getting.

Shiny Yellow Rocks: Saving EXP Soul Stones: Provided you don’t get into any fights against over-leveled enemies, Stella Arcana is just kind enough to let you get by without upgrading any of the purple or blue tier Soul Stones. EXP Soul Stones aren’t the most common thing to find, so you might as well save them for the Legendary or Mythical tier yellow and orange soul stones. The purple and blue stones can be used as space-filler in the

stella arcana soul stones

Feeding Tim, Watering Your Mandrakela: Just leveling any pet sprites you have with you gives your character a small stat increase, even if they are not following you. As expensive as sprite food is, it’s just one or two massive, easily recouped purchases for each pet. It only dents your wallet for a short while, gives you some stat improvements, and helps your conscience.

stella arcana battle pet

That being said, if you really want to save, wait until you get at least an Epic tier pet, as lower tier pets are not particularly powerful.

The Adventure Tab, The Window You Will See Most Often: Do your quests! Keeping up with your dailies and grinding will help you get all the gear, cash and power you need to give the Man In Black the beating he deserves. Check in with your Adventure Tab often and do quests you haven’t done. If you find a limited time quest, get in there and do it immediately.

stella arcana adventure tab

The Adventure Tome, Not To Be Confused With The Adventure Tab: A list of lore entries for monsters, NPCs, and items. Filling this out gets you Adventure points, which you can then use to buy a few titles (which give a stat bonus for collecting them) and some cosmetic avatars and borders for use in chat. In the Home bookmark, there are various tasks you can fulfill, which give you bound gems and silver. Do your best to fill this book out.

stella arcana adventure tome

Being a Farmer Is Different From Farming: The Seed Island looks like nothing more than a place to relax and earn some money on the side. But it turns out, the Achievements and Titles you can get from them give relatively hefty stat boosts. You can get these Achievements and Titles as early as having a level 2 or 3 Seed Island, so go get them.

stella arcana seed island

The Power of Friendship, A Useful Staple In Any Anime Game: Certain team quests can’t be done with just mercenaries in your team, and a lot of quest types give additional bonuses for having no less than three actual players in your squad. Certain lucrative quest types are also locked behind guilds, so you should join one as fast as you can. Don’t let the occasional salty spittoon scare you into being a loner, use the power of Friendship and Anime!

A Truly Enchanting Time: Occasionally, Stella Arcana will decide to give you an item that would normally be low tier junk. Then you notice it has some rare bonus on it like Hercules Lv1 and it says “treasure” on the corner of the icon. Looks like a waste of a perfectly good bonus? Nope!

stella arcana enchant

You can transfer such bonuses onto a better piece of equipment by using Enchantment. Go into your Backpack, select the item you want to Enchant, tap More, then Enchant. This teleports you to the City of Thel to talk to Alisa, who will do it for you. The text in the Enchantment window is rather vague, so here’s the short explanation: Put the low-tier item with the fancy bonuses in the left slot, and put the high tier equipment that lacks bonuses in the right slot.

Talented Individuals: Take advantage of the Talent System. Since resetting your Talent tree is completely free, don’t be scared to experiment with it until you get a result you want. Once you accumulate enough Talent EXP, you can start mixing things up. You can find your Talent Tree under the Skills tab, then Talent.

stella arcana talents

Skilled Individuals: You know what else is free? Resetting your distribution of Skill Points. Like with your Talent Tree, don’t be afraid to re-allocate your skill points after a while of playing. You can do things such as keeping the skill you use to evade red hitbox attacks at a low level (You don’t need it to hit that hard if you aren’t gonna use it that often) while powering up the skills you use to kill things.

stella arcana skills

3.No Rest For An Envoy Of Thel: Quests And Tasks

Stella Arcana’s list of quests and tasks can be intimidating at first glance. Don’t think of it as having too much to do, instead look at it as a large number of opportunities to get loot , EXP, and make your Envoy stronger. Here are the tasks you will do the most often, as quite a lot of the others only appear during a limited set of hours or days each week, or are locked behind needing a human party, which could be hard to come by if you joined a particularly young server.

Story Quests: The Man In Black is going around ruining everyone’s lives in his quest to bring darkness back to the world. As an Envoy of Thel, you must hunt him down and ruin his ugly face. Not to mention saving all the people his shenanigans bring trouble to. These are the main quests of the game, and mandatory for progression.

stella arcana story quests

World Quests: These quests are refreshed regularly on every map. These are marked by colored stars denoting their tier and are often, but not always, a simple case of “There are bad guys here, kick them out!”.

stella arcana world quests

After your first six rare, four epic and three legendary quests (with difficulty ramping up by the tier), they start rewarding only Silver. That way, you go do other things instead of just grinding these all day.

Seal Fracture: Fractures from another world open all over the place, and it’s your job to beat up every single jerk that comes out. The rewards increase with the size of your team. Every ten tries, the rewards get reduced, hitting a minimum after your first 20 tries. Bring a team of either players or mercenaries, as the game prevents you from doing these quests without a team.

Side Quests: These give you Talent EXP, and are either there to show you more of the world, or teach you new systems. These include everything from joining your first guild, fighting hallucinations, to halting a heated lover’s quarrel.

stella arcana side quests

Astral Scars Legend: Thankfully the game gives you a squad of mercenaries early on, as you cannot do this alone, nor with other players. You must do these quests with a squad of mercenaries. There is a time limit to these fights, nothing to worry about, at least early on.

stella arcana astral scars legend

The rewards are fitting, as this is one of the faster ways to rack up Mercenary Contracts. Your first win gives you the local Epic-tier Omni-Warrior class-changer guy, Geese. A swordsman with very manly facial hair.

Soulstar Cube: Here, in your first attempt every level, you fight a boss mano-a-mano, without friends or mercenaries, to take their Soulstone. After your first victory against a boss, you can bring three other players for an increased drop rate, or bring mercenaries for no extra reward.

stella arcana soulstar cube

You have three attempts per day, but the first one-versus-one win of a Soulstar Cube fight does not consume an attempt. This means you can chain multiple victories (and rewards!) against different bosses until you run into something that kills you. When that happens, it’s time to spend those three attempts on something easier.

Party Dungeon: As the name implies, you bring a party into a dungeon and fight through it to kill the boss. If you have no other players willing to come with you, you can bring mercenaries here to help out. Picking higher difficulties gets you a better drop rate.

stella arcana party dungeon

Tree Heart Expedition: You bring a party of either players or mercenaries into the Tree Heart and fight multiple waves of enemies. Beating all of them within a time limit gets you a Perfect Tree Chest along with a Normal Tree Chest. Otherwise, you just get the Normal Tree Chest. These chests contain a good amount of weapons and armor.

stella arcana tree heart expedition

Hero Epic: Mohad, a strapping young man with a nice hat, eventually asks you to recollect your various adventures with him. This mode allows you to re-enact some of the tougher battles in the Story Quests for additional reward, usually Bound Gems and stat-increasing fruits. You can bring mercenaries here to steamroll the enemy.

stella arcana hero epic

Guild Quests: Various jobs that are made available to you once you first enter a guild. You can do up to 30 of them a day, and these can include everything from thinning out the local wildlife to sweeping the guild hall’s floor. Among other nice things, these pay you with Guild Contribution points, which you can use to buy things in the Guild Shop and power yourself up in the Guild Research tab.

Fishing: There are some unusually useful things you can get by trading fish in the fishing shop, such as Legendary Stardust (used to craft Legendary Soul Stones) and other rare materials. On top of that, more common fish can be used to get a lot of silver.

stella arcana fishing

Once you get your first rod and some bait, you can start fishing in certain spots, and additional fishing areas become available once you reach a certain Fishing level.

stella arcana fishing shop

Using Life Skills: Mining ore, collecting fabric, foraging herbs, and extracting crystal veins, the Life Skill tab is your friend. Most of what you collect here are crafting materials you can use to get better equipment. With Foraging in particular, you can find Capsules and Herbs, essentially potions but able to heal by a percentage of your HP rather than only a fixed amount These are useful because of the high numbers the game operates in.

Adventure Quests: Not to be confused with the entirety of the Adventure Tab, these are secret quests that you can only get by exploring. Often, Auto-Walk and Auto-Attack are of no help solving these quests, as they are sometimes deliberately vague to make your brain cogs run.

stella arcana adventure quests

You can access the ones you’ve found on the Adventure Tome by tapping the purple Adventure bookmark. Now go out there and look for them!

Treasure Maps: Another task that Auto mode will fail you in, at least with the higher tier ones. Accessible by using Treasure Map items, the blue ones simply point you to some map coordinates with Auto-Walk handling the rest. Purple maps give you a compass that points you towards the treasure, which you have to walk to manually.

stella arcana yellow treasure map

Yellow Treasure Maps give you a written clue as to where the treasure is. Yellow maps give far better rewards than the blue or purple ones, so keep an eye out for landmarks when adventuring in case you get a yellow map. Thankfully, digging in the wrong spot does not consume a Treasure Map, much to many a new Envoy’s relief.

Hunting Treasure Chests: After completing all the story quests of a zone, you can start opening Treasure Chests in the next zone. Normally, this would be rather difficult, but we happen to have a map of the treasure chest locations and collection points provided by a top 100 EU server player to the writer of this article. Thanks!

Steam Valley Treasure Chest Locations

stella arcana steam valley treasure chest location

Fluoro Forest Treasure Chest Locations

stella arcana fluoro forest treasure chest location

Eternity Beach Treasure Chest Locations

stella arcana eternity beach treasure chest locations

Roaring Gorge Treasure Chest Locations

stella arcana roaring gorge treasure chest locations

Flaming Basin Treasure Chest Locations

stella arcana flaming basin treasure chest locations

Thunder Swamp Treasure Chest Locations

stella arcana thunder swamp treasure chest locations

The path towards giving the Man in Black the karmic retribution he sorely needs is one filled with exploration, of new friends to meet, numerous battles, and memories worth keeping. If there are any of you with more tips or tricks to give the Envoys of Thel, don’t be afraid to leave them in the comment section for all of us to see!