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Aura Kingdom 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Jumpstart Your Adventure

Taiwan-based X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd. has been in the gaming industry since 2002 and has established itself as a leading provider of quality anime-styled MMORPGs. The company is best known for developing Aura Kingdom, which was published back in 2013, and made its debut on mobile in 2018. While both PC and mobile incarnations of Aura Kingdom were largely successful, MMORPG enthusiasts then and now, especially fans of the franchise will most definitely be in for a treat with the launch of Aura Kingdom 2.

Aura Kingdom 2 takes you back to the fantasy world of Azuria as you take on the role of Envoy of Gaia, tasked to protect the world from the encroaching darkness. While there are also several other Envoys of Gaia in the world, some quests you take and journeys travelled are done without any help from them but not entirely on your own as well. As you continue to gather more strength to overcome the challenges ahead and save Azuria, you will have the aid of companions called Eidolons that grow and develop like you do each step of the way.

aura kingdom 2 strategies

The game may seem overwhelming at first glance given the vastness of its world and the quality of graphics and overall design that it contains. However, a quick dive into it will reveal just how intuitive the control designs and layout are. Beyond that, Aura Kingdom 2 comes with an auto path and auto battle feature much like most modern mobile MMORPGs making it very easy to pick up and play even for complete beginners. Aura Kingdom 2 does have a plethora of content and in-game features but beyond the quick guide on every first instance of a newly-unlocked mechanics, there are numerous built-in features that make it easy to navigate through each one as well.

In truth, you can always make progress regardless of how you choose to spend your time within the world of Aura Kingdom 2. If you encounter an unbeatable challenge or simply want a more efficient approach towards levelling up and amassing power, then stay with us and check out our Aura Kingdom 2 tips, cheats and strategies below! We are confident, that our comprehensive beginner’s guide for Aura Kingdom 2 will help you to jumpstart your adventure.

1. Choose The Class That Suits You

While there were significantly more classes to choose from in the previous installments of Aura Kingdom, Aura Kingdom 2 currently holds only 4 distinct classes to choose from. The numbers may pale in comparison with other mobile MMORPGs in the market as well, but each one is loaded with numerous abilities and have unique progressive development paths that offer more depth than most games in the market.

The four classes in aura Kingdom 2 are Shinobi, Dragoon, Elementalist, and Nymph. Each one bears a name that is uncommon in the MMORPG world but possess loosely similar traits to conventional classes RPG enthusiasts are familiar with. For total beginners, we will be providing a brief rundown of each one’s strengths and limitations.

aura kingdom 2 classes

The Shinobi has high attack values but its distinctive advantage lies in its critical rate. Much like assassins in other RPGs, the Shinobi does not need accuracy, as damage dealt does not depend on it and instead banks on probability that has been boosted by critical rate. The shinobi stands as the top melee DPS in the game.

The Dragoon may seem to exhibit the highest attack value in the character selection screen but actually lags behind some classes as far as dealing damage to groups of enemies is concerned. The Dragoon’s strength lies in his defensive strength as he has the highest defense and HP stats among all the existing classes. As such, he is the most suitable tank in team quests and challenges.

Like mages and sorcerers in conventional RPGs, the Elementalist stand as the top AoE damage-dealer among all 4 classes. Although the Elementalist’s raw damage output may not match anyone else’s on a per enemy basis, the added control effects like stun give the role a high value against mob control. With the absence of a full support class in the game as well, the Elementalist also has healing capabilities adding further to his or her value in team play.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the female-exclusive Nymph, which is the class equivalent of archers and rangers in conventional standards. Simply enough, Nymphs exhibit high attack values and critical rates making them the best ranged DPS in the roster of classes. Although not so high on defensive stats like the Shinobi and Elementalist, Nymphs are agile and has better chances than most to evade attacks.

Now, the penultimate question that lies at the start of every MMORPG adventure comes with identifying which one is the best class. Most especially for complete newbies, it is common to want to play as what other people perceive is the strongest class rather than going with what suits their taste and preferences.

Given the roles that each class plays in team quests as well as each one’s play style on solo missions, what would matter more is actually how comfortable you will be at handling the class with its strengths and limitations altogether. As a resolve, therefore, the best class in Aura Kingdom 2, much like any RPG, is the class that works best for you.

2. Follow The Main Quest Line

Despite the growth in features and game modes that modern MMORPGs generally exhibit, the game’s story, which unravels and develops as you progress through the main quest line, serves as its most important aspect. Similarly, Aura Kingdom 2 has an immersive storyline that matches the vibrancy and intriguing appeal of the fantasy world that it has created. Beyond being introduced to the world’s lore and the development of your role within it, the main story serves as your key to understanding all the basic knowledge you will need on your journey.

aura kingdom 2 main quest

On the practical side of things, completing main quests and progressing on the game’s story is key to unlocking all of the game’s features and game modes. As each one offers additional means of obtaining more resources to strengthen your hero, unlocking each game mode and partaking in them as soon as possible is important. Beyond that, each main quest accomplished provides EXP and rewards every step of the way and these often include the gears and basic resources you need to become stronger.

As much as grinding and farming mobs across various areas in the game has become a staple activity in conventional RPGs, the same does not provide as much EXP and resources as you can obtain from accomplishing quests. As such, what you should primarily focus on in Aura Kingdom 2 is to complete main quests as much as you can and only resort to partaking in other activities when you can no longer move forward in the story because of a difficult challenge or a level requirement that prevents you from doing so.

3. Strengthen Your Gears Whenever Possible

While levelling up instantaneously increases your stats and make you stronger, a big chunk of what makes every character different across multiple users come from the gears they have. As gears largely contribute to your hero’s growth in power, tending to them and doing as much as you can to ensure that each piece you have on is at their best version comes as a natural necessity.

There are several ways in Aura Kingdom 2. Usually, the fastest way is through the yellow “Power Up” icon that appears on the upper left side of your screen whenever there are available upgrade or enhancement options you can do. In general, however, most features can be accessed via the main menu icon at the upper right corner of the screen. Once you click on it, you can access your gears through either the item or equipment icons on the left side of the menu window.

how to enhance gear in aura kingdom 2

The most basic enhancement method is fortification and it levels up a gear piece of your choice up to a certain level based on its grade. You only need Mana Crystals and some coins for each fortification. While the max fortification level may be hard to determine at first, the actual level of the equipment actually shows its max fortification capacity.

After progressing further in terms of character level, you will be able to inlay gems into each piece of equipment. Inlaid gems and fortification levels from inferior gears can also be transferred to the ones you have equipped via the inherit option. This feature should make it so that you need not worry much about investing in a particular gear.

There are still a number of unlockable enhancement options available for each piece of gear you have. While it may take some time for you to be able to access all these features, what matters more especially early on is that you raise your power as much as you need to so you can progress through the game as much as you can.

It is given that you will not have enough resources to max out fortification levels of each equipment you have. In this case, be sure to take a good look at each one and invest more in gears that provide you the stats you need. For example, if you feel like you need more attack power, then spend more on fortifying your weapon.

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Your Skills

There are currently 9 skills that your hero can learn in Aura Kingdom 2 but only 5 of these skills can be used simultaneously in combat. Each one can have increased effects based on the expertise level and the expertise level can be raised using skill books and some coins. Initially, you will have a good supply of skill books from main quest rewards, dungeon runs, and special events but soon enough, you will be needing a lot more of it.

how to upgrade skills in aura kingdom 2

If you rely heavily on auto battle, then it would be fairly acceptable to level up each equipped skill equally. Once you reach level 35, though, a sixth skill will be unlocked and given that you can only equip 5, one skill that you spent skill books on will be benched and probably won’t be used for a while. With this, as well as more skills to come your way, it is important to be selective with regard to the skills you upgrade early on.

In line with skills and the ones you prefer to use, choose to allocate talent points according to skill usage. Be sure to read through each icon you see within the talent page and determine the nodes you want to unlock and upgrade before spending points. For now, resetting skill points does not incur charges or costs but perhaps at a later point in your progress, it could bear some. In any case, it is important to understand how to make the most out of allocating talent points, especially since each point expended will yield different results on the affected skills.

5. Level Up Your Eidolons Wisely

One of the features that set Aura Kingdom 2, as well as its other incarnations, from all other MMORPGs is its eidolon system. Instead of the usual cute and cuddly pets that are exhibited as a companion in other RPGs, eidolons actually work more like having your own party of companions to join you in your adventure outside of team battles and team dungeons.

how to level up eidolons in aura kingdom 2

There are various means of acquiring eidolons and there are more than 40 unique characters to collect. You can, however, only deploy a team of 5 eidolons and see only one of them in combat. The main eidolon can use his or her ultimate skill on top of attacking enemies. In this sense, it is important to choose from among your collection of eidolons, which ones to consider as members of your squad, and which from among them takes the prime spot.

To start off, each eidolon in your collection can be fortified using Eidolon EXP dust, fragments, or crystals. They can reach a maximum level equal to your hero and each rank up also has a corresponding boost to stats. You can interact with each eidolon to boost their affinity. If there is a question mark above them you can tap on it and they will ask you 3 questions that can boost affinity if answered correctly.

There are also some items you can give an eidolon to boost affinity. Take note that an increase in affinity at certain points will boost the eidolon’s stats and can also unlock titles that grant you bonuses when equipped.

6. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, clans, factions, and various similarly-themed player groups are an essential part of every MMORPG as well as some game genres that offer cooperative gameplay. While players can freely enjoy these games entirely on their own, some content are exclusively available for members of guilds or are a lot easier to accomplish with a regular set of players as party members. As such, every game that has these systems do not leave the question of whether or not you should join one as the answer always stand to be in the affirmative.

aura kingdom 2 guild

In Aura Kingdom 2, you will quickly unlock the ability to look for and join a guild early on, perhaps just after a couple of hours into your adventure. On new servers, you will typically see a lot of guilds with vacancies so the best way to choose from among them is to apply for those that already have a lot of members. Although it will be challenging to discover just how active a guild is before you join them, at least banking on numbers as a determinant of the guild’s overall strength and activeness leaves you something to go with.

As soon as you are accepted into a guild, you can already reap a quick and effortless reward by signing in. Be sure to always check the daily tab as there are various tasks that offer blue diamonds as rewards for their completion. Take on the guild quest each day as well to earn some guild activity points that contribute to developing the guild and earning you appropriate rewards as well. You can make a lot of friends from within your guild and having enough will help you perform better in some dungeons so do not shy away from sending them invites and accepting the same from fellow guild members.

7. Maximize Activities On Daily Events

Like all other modern RPGs, Aura Kingdom 2 offers a plethora of content that you can revel in on top of the story quests that you engage in at the start of your adventure. These can all be accessed via the “Event” icon at the upper right side of the screen. There are some events that require you to be in a party but most can be accomplished on your own. Be sure to expend every attempt you have in these events as each one offers rewards that can tremendously boost you EXP and progress.

aura kingdom 2 daily events

Commission Quests, Bounties, and Merc Quests are among the easiest to accomplish and will largely offer very little challenge to do so, save for the quests within the bounties that does not involve mob-hunting. In any case, you should try and be done with these short and simple quests early on as the rewards you obtain from them will help you with other quests.

Dungeons, Event Tower, and Party Quest either allow or require you to be in a party to take the challenge on. These game modes offer rewards that are difficult to farm anywhere else so be sure to participate in each one on a daily basis and get as many rewards as you can.

The arena, as intimidating as it sounds, is not a real-time PvP game mode. Tou can choose from among a select number of opponents to challenge and will be able to see each one’s power to compare it with yours. Although some may have higher power than you, you can use manual play to your advantage so challenge opponents as many times as you can to earn rewards absed on your rank the following day.

8. Update Records In The Book Of Ramayan

Aura Kingdom 2 holds a compendium that records all the enemies you have encountered and defeated within its world. The Book of Ramayan stands not just a collection of the enemies’ portraits but also help boost your stats little by little.

aura kingdom 2 book of ramayan

As you discover and defeat more enemies, you can record them in the Book of Ramayan to earn stat boosts. You can even level up the perks you receive from the book by defeating even more enemies of the same kind.

Beyond the stat boosts that you can level up based on the number of enemies you have defeated, completing the collection to a certain percentage also earns you blue diamonds. Given that blue diamonds serve as premium currency in the world of Aura Kingdom 2, every opportunity to earn free ones should not be missed.

9. Accomplish Achievements To Earn More Rewards

Although Aurta Kingdom 2 already provides tons of instant rewards via every bit of activity you partake in, more can even be earned relative to how much you accomplish. Under the quest icon of the main menu, you can see the achievement icon, which when clicked on, presents a wide list of feats for you to accomplish to earn extra blue diamonds.

how to earn more rewards in aura kingdom 2

Note that all the objectives laid out within each tab of the achievements page go in line with all the acticities you need to engage in to progress in your adventure. Progression within the main story, dungeon runs, PvP activities, Eidolon management, character enhancement progressions, and even casual life activities all contribute to your overall progress here. On top of claiming rewards for the feats you have already achieved, be sure to take some time to look into the rest of the targets that you may be able to secure quicker than others. On top of the free blue diamonds, your overall progression within the achievements page provide stat bonuses based on your rank.

10. Take Advantage Of Special Events

Aura Kingdom 2 also sports a wide variety of special and time-limited events that can tremendously boost your progress especially on your initial dive into the game. These can be found within the “Gift” icon you can find at the top of the main screen.

aura kingdom 2 special events

There are several icons within this menu so be sure to check each one out most especially the 7-Day Courses. Strive to accomplish the objectives set here, which are very much in line with the usual activities you engage in as you play the game. There are many valuable rewards to earn that will greatly boost your progression.

11. Always Check Your Inventory

There are certainly a lot of items and resources to earn as you make your progress through the world of Aura Kingdom 2. While some items are completely ready to be used as gears or as upgrade materials, some items come packaged within a chest or so and you will need to open them to uncover the true rewards.

aura kingdom 2 inventory

By clicking on the item icon within the main menu, you will be presented with a series of tabs that categorize everything within your virtual bag. Under the item tab, you should consider to tap on chests or other packages and click on the “use” button to open each one up and reveal the rewards inside. It is always better to do this sooner than later as the chests may contain gears or other items that can boost your power.

In addition to opening these chests, take time to browse through your items to gain knowledge as to what each one can do. It is largely possible as well that you may have forgotten about certain aspects of the game and reading through an item’s description will remind you of it.

12. Explore The Continent In Your Free Time

Although there is a plethora of activities to engage in as you continue your adventure in Aura Kingdom 2, only the minimum level requirements bar you from continuing with the main quest much like attempts hold you back from spending more time on daily quests. If accomplishing all your daily feats still does not satiate your thirst for more adventure, then be sure to explore more of the uncharted regions within the game’s world.

aura kingdom 2 map exploration

You can tap on the map icon just below the main menu button and you will see the whole map along with NPCs you can speak with and mob locations you can spend time grinding on. You can also tap on the continent icon at the upper left corner of the map window and move to some locations you have never been in before.

The game certainly holds more features and secrets we have yet to discover but considering everything, this is where we end our Aura Kingdom 2 beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you discovered something new and useful after reading our guide and that you have enjoyed every bit of what we shared. If you have played the game enough to discover your very own tips or strategies, we very much welcome and appreciate hearing about them!