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Stella Arcana Class Guide: An In-Depth Look at Each Available Class in the Game

Welcome to our Stella Arcana class guide! In this article we provide you an overview of the currently available 5, soon to be 6 classes in the game. Much like MMOs such as Laplace M and Aura Kingdom 2, each class in Stella Arcana fills an archetype like the tank, healer, ranger, mage and assassin. That being said, there’s enough in Stella Arcana’s classes to distinguish them somewhat from their usual archetypes. The Holy Priest is a sterling example of this, being a healer that can deal gruesome amounts of DPS against single targets by picking a more aggressive talent tree.

This class guide assumes you’ve been playing for a short while and have read our Stella Arcana beginner’s guide. If not, get to it! You don’t get access to the full skill roster and both talent trees for your class until level 25, so you’ll need to grind a tiny bit before any of this becomes relevant. We also suggest you checking out our detailed mercenary tier list for a complete ranked list of the best heroes in the  game.

stella arcana character classes

We hope this article will help you pick your class, as each class has a role and style to it that may or may not fit what you want. For one thing, there is no such thing as a lazy Shadow Assassin, as they rely on manual skill input to be effective. Thankfully though, if you screw up with making your build, you can reset your talent tree and skill points for absolutely free. And for a measely 500,000 silver coins, you can even have a second build ready to swap to!

So without further ado, let’s delve into our comprehensive Stella Arcana class guide, as we showcase each available character class in the game!

Rune Mage

AOE, DPS, Equipment-Focused, Lategame Bias, Let The Galaxy Burn

rune mage stella arcana

Rune Mages generally start out rather weak compared to everyone else. Supposedly, they’re a DPS class, but they get out DPSed by all the other classes early on with the possible exception of Tenacious-tree Omni Warriors. Unlike Omni Warriors though, they are as squishy and soft as you would expect a DPS class to be in any other game. They shine later in the endgame once they’ve ground their butts off and have good equipment (Grind for that Destroyer set!) with lots of refines though. An endgame Rune Mage can out-DPS the other classes at an equal level and with both classes having high equipment quality. All in all, a class that rewards love, care, and extreme amounts of grinding.

Rune Mage Talent Trees


AOE Damage, DPS, Burning

flame stella arcana

This is your go-to for PVE. This tree has reliable damage both against hard targets and wide areas thanks to its Burn stack mechanic. Burn stacks are a debuff that slowly drain enemy HP, and can stack multiple times. The ultimate skill in this tree, Comet, focuses on taking advantage of this. Using Comet on a target suffering from 10 or more Burn stacks will immediately detonate the stacks, causing instant heavy damage.


AOE Damage, Utility, Crowd Control, Debuffs

mystery stella arcana

This is your go-to for PVP or support. This is closer to a utility skill tree, focused on crippling your foes with debuffs. Here, Burn Stacks cause Erosion, which makes enemies less resistant to Arcane magic. Oh and it still burns them alive as with the Flame tree. This tree also powers up utility skills like Mana Wave, Shadowshift and Arcane Blast, letting them hit harder and increasing their usefulness. The usual PVP tactic is to close in with Shadow Shift, immobilize the target with Mana Wave, then Mana Shackle them to thin their defenses. After that, let loose with everything!

Rune Mage Skills

Fire Bomb

DPS, Debuff, Small Area Denial, Burn Stacks

fire bomb stella arcana

A Fire Bomb that inflicts moderate damage and 3 stacks of Burn. It also leaves a burning floor under the impact zone for 5 seconds, causing light fire damage and adding a stack of Burn to enemies dumb enough to step on it. You’ll need this skill a lot for either a DPS build or AOE build, as it does both jobs well. The Burn stack increase is useful for Meteor’s proc, which needs 10 of them.

Meteor Shower

AOE, Burn Stacks, Wide Area Denial

meteor shower stella arcana

As the name implies, a shower of meteors drops over a wide area, hurting any enemies too stupid to notice the flaming rocks falling from the sky. It lasts for 4 seconds, doing relatively light damage that adds up over time. It also adds 2 burn stacks per wave of meteors. Great for preparing a Comet proc if you picked the Flame Talent Tree, or building up Erosion debuffs in the Mystery Talent Tree.

Arcane Blast

Single Target DPS, Movement Speed Buff

arcane blast stella arcana

A rather lackluster skill. Spamming this barely does any more damage than just autoattacking, and it doesn’t add Burn stacks. While the Movement Speed Increase of 30% is useful for dodging attacks, you’d rather just teleport away with Shadowshift since that one is instant movement. That being said, a certain talent node in the Mystery talent tree lets it build up Mana Points, so you could use it to get the Excess buff. The buff helps you pour out heavy damage with your other skills.


Single Target DPS

firebolt stella arcana

Now THIS is a single target DPS attack. A simple 5-shot burst of fireballs at a target that causes a stack of the Burning debuff (Not to be confused with a Burn stack). The Burning debuff lasts 12 seconds and causes damage every 3 seconds. Seemingly weak, the damage gets nasty when you stack more of the same debuff on the target.


Stun Dispel, Small AOE Damage, Evasive/Agressive Teleportation

shadowshift stella arcana

A very useful evasion skill that gets way better if you pick the Mystery talent tree instead of the Flame talent tree. Don’t bother leveling it up much if you’re using the Flame talent tree, but keep it in your hotbar anyway. The teleport is an easy way to escape linear and conical AOE red hitbox attacks, since it often puts you behind your target. It is less useful for dodging radial AOE attacks that originate from the enemy caster, but still better than walking. The Mystery talent tree lets it power a shield, and it combos well with Mana Wave for PVP.

Mana Wave

Keep-Away Knockback, AOE Damage

mana wave stella arcana

A radial mana shockwave that pushes enemies away from your Rune Mage, with a range of 8 meters. The Mystery talent tree can provide it with a critical damage chance buff every 20 seconds, up to a 100 percent chance of doing a crit if the Meditation node is maxxed out. The same talent node also gives it the ability to immobilize enemies when the crit buff is active. Give it a spot on your hotbar if you hate crowds or you’re in PVP, but get rid of it if you’re expecting a singular hard target and want heavier DPS.


Ultimate, Heavy Wide AOE Damage, Instant Burn Proc

comet stella arcana

This skill is deceptively simple. A big ol’ rock slams into the enemy from outer space, causing a ton of Fire damage to all enemies in a relatively wide area. When Comet hits something that has 10 or more Burn stacks, it detonates them, causing all the damage that would have happened over time to be done all at once. On top of that, every detonated Burn stack gives you a stack of the Heat buff, increasing your Fire Mastery stat and skill cooldown time by a small amount. You can have up to 30 stacks of this buff, and the buff itself lasts 13 seconds. Wait ’till they burn, then drop the big one on them. You get this skill by picking the Flame Talent Tree.

Mana Shackle

Ultimate, AOE Area Denial, Debuff, Damage Over Time

mana shackle stella arcana

Mana Shackle, while relatively poor in PVE, can be dangerous in PVP. A -60% movement speed debuff is way more painful for a player than it is for NPC enemies. Anyone caught within the shackles also takes an extra 10% damage from anything that hits them. Use this in PVE to slow down your opponent, then dump everything on their heads while they’re desperately trying to walk out of the circle. After you’ve jumped them with Shadowshift and Mana Wave of course. You get this skill by picking the Mystery talent tree.

Holy Priest

Healer, DPS, Earlygame and Midgame Bias, Build-Focused, I Condemn Thee To Heck!

holy priest stella arcana

Oh boy, Holy Priests. For most of the game, they are the most versatile class thanks to a quirk with their stat distribution: Their healing skills are calculated with their damage power. Holy Priest builds will eventually need to accumulate high damage power to become healers, having the happy side effect of dealing disgusting amounts of DPS. Come endgame though, other classes finally catch up to them in the DPS department. That being said, you have to pick between the two Talent Trees and prioritize certain skills to determine whether or not you want to be a dedicated healer, or a boss-breaker with decent healing ability. Good thing talent and skill loadouts exist!

Holy Priest Talent Trees


General Healing, Resurrection, Support

healer stella arcana

As the name implies, this talent tree mostly powers up your ability to heal yourself and your teammates. Picking this tree allows you to do things like revive dead teammates and spam heals all over the place. This is mostly useful if you want to be a dedicated support especially in the endgame. This is also more useful for PVP, as this way you can cheer your overpowered Mercenaries on.


Light Healing, Single Target DPS, Area Damage

discipline stella arcana

The description of the skill tree says “Balanced support. Wisdom mixed with courage.” They should have written “Beware, using this talent tree is a gross violation of the Geneva Convention”. This talent tree not only makes some of your healing skills more capable of doing damage, it also comes with the Soulfire ultimate skill. This low-cooldown skill makes a single target horrifically vulnerable to the majority of damage dealing skills in your arsenal. Point it at the boss and laugh maniacally.

Holy Priest Skills


Single Target Heavy Damage

judgement stella arcana

The Holy Priest shines a holy and extremely judgemental light on a hapless target for heavy damage. If the target is suffering from Soulfire when you dump this on them, they take a boatload of extra damage. This is your primary skill along with Soulfire if you want to be a DPS Priest. Give the enemy some Soulfire then judge them harshly for their poor life choices!

Hymn Of Light

AOE Damage, AOE Dispel, AOE Stun, Crowd Control Immunity

hymn of light stella arcana

The Holy Priest sings a song on their cross-violin-staff. It is so ear-shatteringly bad that enemies get hurt , stunned AND cleaned of any buffs just listening to it. The Priest’s teammates get cured of stuns and disables so they can kill the enemy while they cry. Meanwhile the Priest becomes immune to stuns for two seconds, singing without interruptions. It also has a lot of Discipline talent nodes that boost its damage and improve its cooldown, so enemies can suffer more.

Divine Hand

AOE Damage Over Time, Area Denial, AOE Heal

divine hand stella arcana

The Holy Priest calls in a cross to slap a 9 meter radius for some rather hefty damage over time. Any allies in the area also get healed for a percentage of your damage power. Now you can keep your friends alive while your enemies burn in ethically questionable but religiously sanctioned holy light. That being said, you have better DPS skills. Level this one last and keep it in your hotbar as an emergency heal when using the Discipline talent tree.

Holy Gift

Single Target Healing, Combo Setup

holy gift stella arcana

A simple healing skill. You point at your buddy and heal them for a chunky portion of your damage power. When using the Discipline talent tree, keep this at a low level but in the hotbar anyway, as the Aurora talent node makes this buff your next attack heavily. As for the Healing Talent Tree, the Grace node lets you spam Holy Gift pretty easily when maxxed, with a solid 3 second cooldown reduction and added healing power.

Healing Light

Single Target Healing, Speed Buff, Revive

healing light stella arcana

Another single target heal like Holy Gift, with a longer cooldown. Unlike Holy Gift though, not only does this give your target a movement speed buff, it can also revive dead teammates if you pick the Healing Talent Tree and pick the Protection talent node. Powerful stuff if you’re going for a more dedicated healer role rather than the battle medic role.


Dual Target Heal Over Time

dedication stella arcana

Dedication grants a pair of nearby teammates the Recover buff. As the name implies, this lets the lucky recipients recover HP over the course of 15 seconds. While it does have a long cooldown of 28 seconds, the Healing talent tree gives it a talent node that reduces its cooldown everytime you use Healing Light and Holy Gift.

Nature’s Rhythm

Ultimate, Area Heavy Heal Over Time

nature's rhythm stella arcana

Up to 5 teammates around you get healed for the full extent of your damage power every second. A pretty simple and easy to understand skill, it just heals your squad big-time. This can turn the tide of a bad fight and allow your team to regroup simply because it’s so powerful. You get this by picking the Healing talent tree.


Ultimate, Single Target Damage Over Time

soulfire stella arcana

Soulfire’s description of giving a damage over time debuff to a single target doesn’t tell you the whole story. That debuff also makes the target extremely vulnerable to most of your damage dealing skills. With this skill, the pacifistic, kindly Priest healer archetype turns into an angry paramedic with a giant laser bonesaw. Use this as your first strike in the auto-attack order to condemn a target to heck.

Shadow Assassin

DPS, Burst Damage, PVP Bias, Skill-Focused, Evasive, Backstabbing Done Manually

shadow assassin stella arcana

Shadow Assassins have a rough time in PVE. Their skills have cooldowns that don’t line up effectively, so setting them to Auto can cause some problems for what would normally be their most optimal attack order. This is one class where you have to tough it out and play manually because the auto is too stupid to use this class even after you make your oh-so-perfect auto-attack order. That being said, if you know what you’re doing, you will do good DPS and amazing burst damage, and maybe sneak a stab into the enemy player’s back in PVP while his mercenary buddies wonder what just happened.

Shadow Assassin Talent Trees


Burst Damage, DPS, Crit

thorn stella arcana

Like a thorn, you use this tree for stabbing things. Thorn gives you an ultimate that cloaks you, and lets your next attack send the enemy to outer space with a massive damage boost and stun. It also gives out a lot of nodes for making you kill things faster with your skills. This is your go to for PVP so you can just delete a target in one string of blows, and for boss-busting since a good manual skill-chain starting with Stealth can blow a chunk clear off a boss’s HP bar. Just don’t let the Auto run your attack order for you.


Evasion, Survivability, DPS

shadow stella arcana

If you want to last longer at the cost of spiciness, Shadow is the way to go. The ultimate immediately clears any irritating stuns, slows and crowd control effects, allowing you to escape bad situations. It also powers up your poison attacks. It has a more balanced set of passives compared to Thorn. While not as straight-up murdery as a Thorn build, you’ll certainly last longer against annoying mooks with this one while still dealing good damage provided you aren’t using Auto.

Shadow Assassin Skills

Shadow Strike

Evasion, Burst Damage

shadow strike stella arcana

A very simple yet useful skill. You teleport behind your enemy and stab them. Not only can you pair this with Stealth for a big chunky hit, you can also use this to escape linear and conical red hitbox attacks much like the Rune Mage’s Shadowshift.

Scarlet Strike

Burst Damage, Poison Stacking

scarlet strike stella arcana

You toss an icky poisoned dagger at some poor unfortunate fool’s face. It deals a hefty amount of damage just from the hit, but also gives a stack of Powerful Toxin. This causes 36% of your damage every 3 seconds for 18 seconds and can stack up to three times. If you planted a Crimson Imprint on the target first, they get 2 stacks of toxin instead for more pain.


Burst Damage

assassinate stella arcana

Again, a fairly simple skill. You drop from the sky and stab your victim, causing a big chunk of damage. It hits so hard the devs decided it needed a painful 22 second cooldown. Hitting a target with a Blood Mark makes it do even more damage. And for yet MORE damage, the Thorn talent tree lets it detonate Powerful Toxin stacks the same way Comet can detonate Burn stacks!

Shadow Dart

Burst Damage, Combo Setup

shadow dart stella arcana

You toss a blade at someone’s face. Instead of poison like with Scarlet Strike, it marks your target with a Crimson Imprint. Fire this off first then follow with a Scarlet Strike for loads of hurt. Most of your damage will come from Scarlet Strike though, so levelling this skill isn’t a high priority if you want to do the combo.

Phantom Dance

AOE DPS, Evasion

phantom dance stella arcana

You turn into living anime and zip around a target, slashing them repeatedly. If the target has a Crimson Imprint, you deal extra damage. The special part isn’t the damage. It’s the fact that while the attack is happening, the enemy can’t target you with their attacks! You can use this to evade enemies with good timing.

Blood Crow

AOE Damage, Combo Setup, Slow Debuff

blood crow stella arcana

You toss a bunch of really sharp, edgy feathers in a cone. Anyone you hit takes damage and gets a Crimson Imprint. After some time, the feathers return to you and hit the enemy again, making them suffer from slowed movement. You can follow this up with a Scarlet Strike much like a Shadow Dart. Against a single hard target though, Shadow Dart is better because it has a much shorter cooldown than Blood Crow.


Ultimate, Evasion, Stun Cure, Buff

avoidance stella arcana

Exactly what it says on the tin. You gain a big fat 50% Evasion buff and you get cured of any stuns, slows and other annoying crowd control debuffs. It also gives you a 30% Poison Mastery buff, making your skills hit harder for a 5 second duration. Pretty useful for escaping dangerous attacks. You get this when you pick the Shadow talent tree.


Ultimate, Stun Cure, Combo Setup

stealth stella arcana

You become invisible for 8 seconds and all those annoying stuns and slows are removed from you. Your next Normal Attack while in Stealth mode does 200% damage and stuns the target for 2 seconds. Use that time to blow your opponent wide open with a combo! You get this skill by using the Thorn talent tree.

Omni Warrior

Tank, Melee DPS, Taunt, A True Fantasy Classic

omni warrior stella arcana

Ramming a big ol’ sword into someone’s stupid head is a very simple solution to many needlessly complex problems. Omni Warriors wear proper armor. They can deal decent DPS when within chopping range of the enemy’s face. They’re also good at dragging unwanted attention away from that Holy Priest in your team who’s about to burn a hole through the boss. Pick this guy if you want to last long in a fight and keep your friends alive in a more passive manner than a Holy Priests’s heals. Who needs magic when armor and a sword do the job just fine?

Omni Warrior Talent Trees


Taunting, Heavy Defense

tenacious stella arcana

You become a walking tank and draw fire for your buddies. It gives you not only a ton of buffs to your defensive ability, but also the War Cry ultimate skill. This allows you to heal yourself while calling attention to every enemy within a certain radius. It comes at the cost of your ability to stab things though.


Melee DPS, Defense

shudder stella arcana

Boy this is an ominous sounding name for a talent tree. This is what you go for if you care less about protecting your friends and more about beating enemies into fine paste. This gives you the ultimate skill Retribution, where you jump into the air and slam your sword into a crowd. Not only does this give you a shield just for doing it, every enemy you hit adds to the shield, to a maximum of 20% of your max HP.

Omni Warrior Skills

Roaring Wind

AOE DPS, Defensive Buff

roaring wind stella arcana

You spin around like an angry tornado, sword out. This deals damage to anyone who runs into your whirling death blender. With the Tenacious talent tree, the Hurricane talent node makes it so this skill also gives you a Damage Reduction buff while you spin around. Last but not least, you can walk while you’re spinning, so those jerks all the way over there aren’t safe.

Valorous Charge

Stun Immunity, AOE Damage, Stun

valorous charge stella arcana

You sheathe your blade and tackle the enemy. The first guy you hit gets a Stun, and his buddies around him take some damage. While this is happening, you become immune to Stuns. You can use this to initiate a fight. Putting a single level in the Collision node from the Tenacious talent tree makes the stun an AOE instead of only hitting one guy.

Eye Of The Storm

Crowd Control, AOE Damage

eye of the storm stella arcana

You drag up to 6 enemies towards you and deal damage to them. You can use this not just to set up for an attack yourself, but to help your buddies kill a crowd more easily. With the Titan talent from the Tenacious talent tree, it also gives a stacking Damage Reduction buff for every enemy you hit with it. If you see your Omni Warrior buddy using this, get ready to drop some AOEs on top of his victims!

Blade Frenzy


blade frenzy stella arcana

It is exactly what it says on the tin. You hit your target five times with your sword in a combo. This has quite a few nodes in the Shudder talent tree that improve how hard it hits, and one of them even gives you a Damage Reduction buff for using it. Use this if you have a single big target you want to rip into.

Crescent Moon

AOE Damage

crescent moon stella arcana

You wind up for a really huge swing, then cleave into multiple enemies in front of you. This causes a hefty amount of damage. The Pummeler (sic) node in the Shudder talent tree lets this synergize beautifully with Blade Frenzy. Every 3 hits from Blade Frenzy allows Crescent Moon to hit twice!

Omni Strike

Burst Damage, Taunt

omni strike stella arcana

You strike a target with your sword, dealing a good amount of damage. Now that wouldn’t be so special… Except it also generates 400% Hatred, essentially forcing the target to focus on you. The Might node from the Tenacious talent tree lets it restore your HP every time it does a Critical hit, which you’ll need because now you’ve got the enemy’s attention!


Ultimate, Burst Damage, Shield

retribution stella arcana

You jump into a crowd of bad guys and slam your sword into their collective faces. Every enemy you hit gives you a shield equivalent to 2% of your max HP. On top of that, you also get 5% shields for just doing the attack in the first place, up to a maximum of 20%. This is another good way to open a fight, as it brings you into murdering range of the enemy, while protecting you against the blows you will inevitably take.

War Cry

Ultimate, AOE Taunt, Self Heal, Cure Crowd Control

war cry stella arcana

You let out a bloodcurdling battle cry. This frees you of any Immobilize and Slow debuffs you are suffering from, as well as attracting the attention of all enemies nearby. This also comes with a 5 second heal over time for yourself, healing 4% of your max HP every second. 4% for 5 seconds doesn’t sound so big until you remember you’re a tank, and even 20% of your HP bar is hefty enough to buy a lot of time. Just like Eye Of The Storm, get ready to nuke the enemy if your Omni Warrior friend uses this skill!

Elven Archer

General DPS, Disabler, Yes Pointy Ears Are Mandatory For All Archers

elven archer stella arcana

A fairly straightforward DPS class. They have skills for both hitting a wide area and single target attacks, but with a bias towards single targets at range. They can either be built to be single target high damage snipers, or more aggressive medium range skill spammers with DPS , crowd killing ability and good evasion.

Elven Archer Talent Trees


Single Target Burst Damage, Long Range

shooter stella arcana

The Shooter talent tree focuses on giving you hefty crits, and powerful burst damage against single, hardened targets especially when you’re far away. Its Ultimate skill is as simple as it gets: No Escape is basically just you machine gunning a single hapless target for extremely heavy damage. Use this if you want to stay a comfy distance from your target.


General DPS, Medium Range, Evasion and Movement

reflex stella arcana

If the Shooter talent tree involves killing one big target from really far away, Reflex involves dumping as much skill spam on your target’s head as you can while avoiding enemy strikes. It gives you evasion and damage bonuses for getting in a tad closer with certain nodes. This is the action movie commando build to the Shooter’s cold sniper build. Its Ultimate is Phantom Tracker, a triple-target strike that ignores 50% of their defense while rolling you toward them.

Elven Archer Skills


AOE Burst Damage

multishot stella arcana

You fire a spread of arrows in a cone. The Conceal talent node from the Reflex tree makes it so anyone hit by this has a chance of getting hit again. No, you can’t hit a single target with multiple arrows by getting in close. We tried.

Spirit Wing

Single Target Damage, Stun

spirit wing stella arcana

You fire a projectile at a target. This not only hurts the target, it also inflicts a stun for 2 seconds. The Reflex tree has the Assault node, allowing this to do more damage and make the stun last longer by a second.

Wind’s Blessing

Buff, Stun Cure

wind's blessing stella arcana

You pray to the Wind elves to get rid of annoying Control statuses like stuns and slows, and to increasy your firepower for 8 seconds. The Swimmer node in the Reflext talent tree can give this an extra movement speed buff whole reducing your skill cooldowns by 30% for 5 seconds. You can get this pretty early.

Chain Shot

Single Target DPS

chain shot stella arcana

You fire two shots at a target. The Reflex talent tree gives it a ton of damage increasing nodes, turning it into a real single target woodchipper of death. Its absurdly short 6 second cooldown means you can spam this handily.

Piercing Shot

Linear AOE Damage, Slow

piercing shot stella arcana

You charge up a shot like a muscular English longbowman, and fire a powerful arrow at a target. On its way to the target, it can hit multiple enemies. Anyone hit not only gets hurt, but also suffer from slowed movement.

Divine Volley

AOE Damage Over Time, Area Denial, Slow

divine volley stella arcana

You fire a volley over a wide area, causing it to rain arrows over the enemy’s unfortunate head. Considering Elven Archers are a DPS class, an AOE damage skill isn’t the highest priority to upgrade. You’re usually going to be sniping bosses a mile away or shredding mooks one by one with your auto-attack order. That being said, you can use this with the Shooter talent tree to slow enemies down with the Arrow Rain node.

Phantom Tracker

Ultimate, Multi Target Damage, Armor Piercing

phantom tracker stella arcana

You fire three guided arrows at up to 3 targets. These ignore 50% of their defense and deal hefty damage. This skill has a hilariously quick cooldown of 8 seconds, so don’t be afraid to put this in your auto-attack order.

No Escape

Ultimate, Extreme Single Target Damage

no escape stella arcana

You pick a target, and rip them and ONLY them apart with a long hail of arrows. This has a fairly long cooldown of 20 seconds, so make sure you use this on someone important. Like the enemy boss, which this skill is made for killing!

Rosen Knight

Tank, Support, Crowd Control, Everyone’s Big Best Friend

rosen knight stella arcana

Anyone who’s played RPGs before will immediately know that anyone with a shield isn’t there to brag about their DPS. Instead, the Rosen Knight is all about taking it it better than others can dish it out. Partially because his existence makes it harder for the enemy to dish it out! His Justice Tree improves his ability to make the enemy miserable by giving him better crowd control ability, adding stuns to some of his skills and such. His Defense tree powers up his more defensive skills while adding extra utility to his offensive skills, allowing him to protect himself and his teammates more effectively. On top of this, both trees generally just improve his already impressive ability to not die ever.

Rosen Knight Talent Trees


Crowd Control, Debuffs

justice stella arcana

The Justice tree is the more offensive of the Rosen Knight’s talent trees, though not necessarily for its DPS. Instead, it focuses on dumping debuffs on the enemy, along with crowd control. Most of its nodes allow your offensive spells to lessen the enemy’s general ability to kill you or your friends. Its ultimate skill is Charge, which as its name implies causes the Rosen Knight to charge into the enemy. It has a linear area effect with him crashing through several enemies and leaving explosive Holy Imprints in them.


Defensive, Support

defend stella arcana

The Defend tree, as its name implies, helps you protect your teammates more directly. It gives your skills additional utility, such as the Bounce node giving your Shield Throw not only the ability to bounce between multiple targets, but also to taunt all of them at once.  You’ll want this tree if you want to play a more supportive tank playstyle. Its Ultimate skill is Defender, which lets you absorb 40% of the damage dealt to a friend for 8 seconds. This allows your normally squishy teammate to take more risks and focus harder on dealing DPS.

Rosen Knight Skills

Flash Of Light

AOE Damage, AOE Debuff

flash of light stella arcana

The Rosen Knight jumps into the sky in a flash of blinding light, hitting in a 6 meter radius and reducing  the victims’ attack accuracy by 10% for 10 seconds. With the Justice Tree’s Flicker node, it gets the ability to plant Holy Imprints on the enemy if you used it after using Dragon Eye. It ends up a primary damage ability if you use the Justice Tree.

Holy Star

AOE Damage, AOE Stun

holy star stella arcana

Summon the galaxy’s slowest, silliest looking starfire bowling ball to roll across a line, damaging anything it hits. This is useful against anything big and willing to stand still, since the ball’s slowness will let it linger and hit the target multiple times. With the Justice tree’s Shine node, just summoning it immediately stuns enemies near the ball for 3 seconds. Overall, the skill is much more powerful than its rather comical animation implies.

Shield Strike

Shield Generation, Single Target Damage, Debuff, Stun

shield strike stella arcana

You bonk an enemy with your shield, inflicting a hefty dose of Holy damage to the poor guy. This also gives you a shield based on your DMG for 4 seconds. No matter what tree you’re using, this skill is nice to have in the hotbar to keep you alive, especially since both trees buff it early on. In the Defend tree, the Great Shield node massively boosts the shield it gives you while making it hit just a bit harder. With the Justice Tree, the Bonebreaker node causes it to reduce enemy damage by 2% for 6 seconds, and if used after Dragon Eye, can also stun the victim for 2 seconds.

Shield Throw

Taunt, Multi-target Damage, Silence

shield throw stella arcana

You throw your shield right into the enemy’s mouth, inflicting a decent amount (roughly 250% DMG) and silencing them for 1 second as they spit their shattered teeth out. It isn’t much if you’re using the Justice tree, but it’s pretty powerful in the Defend Tree: The Bounce node lets it bounce across multiple targets, silencing and taunting them. With the enemy too busy trying to kill you for ruining their perfect teeth, your teammates can then murder them unhindered.


Defensive, AOE Buff

barrier stella arcana

The Rosen Knight starts walking slowly with a 30% movement speed reduction. Now before you throw this in the garbage bin, remember it also gives any allies in a whopping 10 meter radius a chunky shield (roughly 100% of your DMG) for 8 seconds. Not to mention you also get some Damage Reduction too. The Defend tree makes this even more powerful, adding 20% to its overall effect, and extra Damage Reduction if used after Dragon Eye.

Dragon Eye


dragon eye stella arcana

No matter your tree, you’ll want this as the first skill in your autoattack order. The Rosen Knight turns into a dragon for 20 seconds. Suddenly, all your normal attacks deal splash damage up to a 2 meter radius around your target, while giving you a set of buffs, removes any stuns and slows, and makes you immune to damage for 3 seconds. Both trees give this a hefty set of buffs, in the form of extra effects to your other skills when Dragon Eye is active. While this is technically not the Rosen Knight’s ultimate skill, it might as well be since it buffs so many of his other skills.


Ultimate, AOE Damage

charge stella arcana

The Rosen Knight charges forward, smashing into anyone dumb enough to get in his way with a 360% Light DMG attack. It leaves up to a total of 3 Holy Imprints, which explode after 3 seconds, causing heavy AOE damage originating from whoever was afflicted. Enemies can only have a single Imprint each, which is good since this spreads the AOE wider across a crowd. This comes with the Justice tree.


Ultimate, Sacrificially Defensive, Single Target

defender stella arcana

The Rosen Knight picks a buddy and takes 40% of all damage meant for them, for 8 seconds. This not only lets his teammate take more risks and focus harder on dealing damage, this can also keep said teammate alive long enough to chug a potion if things get bad. The effect doesn’t work if you’re more than 25 meters away from the guy you’re tanking for. This comes with the aptly named Defend talent tree.

This is the end of our Stella Arcana class guide. If you guys have any suggestions or things you want to point out, you’re all welcome to do so in the comment section below!