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BitLife Fast and Furious Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Fast and Furious Challenge

After months of waiting, it looks like Candywriter should have something big in store for BitLife players really soon. In the meantime, however, the company is still rolling out weekly challenges that invite players to complete a series of tasks or requirements based on a certain theme. This week’s theme should hit close to home if you’ve been keeping tabs on this year’s summer blockbusters, as it’s inspired by one of the longest-running and most lucrative movie franchises out there.

Following the premiere of F9, the ninth film in the Fast and Furious franchise, we saw all sorts of “Family” memes pop up all over social media. Those have since died down, but there’s another IP out there that recognizes the importance of family, and that’s BitLife.

bitlife fast and furious challenge requirements

Coincidentally, the game’s last two challenges were about family (Manic Mother and Deadbeat Dad), but this one happens to be inspired by the adventures of Dominic Toretto and the rest of his crew — it will be your job to steal some fast and expensive cars, make a good fortune by selling those cars, and staying out of jail while at it.

The challenge may sound quite easy, but since there are some parts that may take longer than others, we recommend checking out this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you want to live up to the movie franchise’s name when it comes to completing the challenge while it’s still live.

If You Have God Mode, Make Sure You Choose Crime As Special Talent

Creating a character for the BitLife Fast and Furious Challenge is very simple — it can be male or female from any part of the world, and there’s no need to be particular with the basic stats. We would, however, strongly advise you to choose Crime as a Special Talent if you have God Mode. This won’t just make it easier for you to commit various crimes, including stealing cars, but should also reduce the chances of getting arrested.

bitlife special talent

Although you can still get arrested if Crime is your Special Talent, you can always quit the game and restart it if the cops come for you after you fail to steal a car. After all, one of the requirements is to never land in jail or prison, so that’s one reason why you’ll need to pull the old quit/restart trick multiple times.

As ending up in juvie could also count as going to jail in the BitLife universe, it’s important that you should stay away from trouble while still in school — granted, you don’t even need a high school diploma for this challenge, but fighting off that bully or attacking a teacher who called you lazy won’t be worth it if it means getting sent to juvie and being forced to transfer schools once you’re free.

Don’t Buy (Or Steal) The Charger Too Early In The Game

One of Dom Toretto’s most recognizable cars in the Fast and Furious franchise is the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, and that means you’ll also need to own a Charger as part of the requirements of BitLife’s Fast and Furious Challenge. Naturally, the game doesn’t state each car’s model year, so any Charger will do — even a stolen one. They’re quite common in the auto dealerships and on the road if you choose to steal one, so this should be one of the easier requirements in the game.

bitlife dodge charger

One thing you may want to consider, however, is the possibility that your Charger may end up getting scrapped sooner rather than later if you purchased or stole it in poor condition. That means it may be better to wait a little later in the challenge before buying or stealing one in order to avoid repeating the process, or if you choose to buy/steal it early, make sure you have it taken to the mechanic for maintenance every other year or so.

Steal The Required Cars, Sell Them, Then Steal / Sell A Couple More

The requirements of the Fast and Furious Challenge will ask you to steal a trio of expensive sports cars, and when we say expensive, we mean it — unless the cars have several years of wear and tear on them. You’ll need to sell a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and a Bugatti, but when it comes to the first two, you likely won’t have to quit and restart BitLife that often, especially for a Lambo. Simply go to the Crime section under Activities, choose Grand Theft Auto, and if you see a car from one of those three makes among the five options, go ahead and steal it.

bitlife lamborghini aventador

Not long after Candywriter introduced expanded Crime features to BitLife, the company made it harder to steal more expensive cars than the more affordable ones, so there might be some patience needed. But if you have God Mode and chose Crime as your Special Talent, it shouldn’t be that hard to steal a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

We would also suggest selling those cars that you steal in order to count toward your five stolen cars quota — when doing this, you would run the risk of the car being found to be stolen, but if that happens, you can always quit the game and restart it to avoid being sent to jail.

bitlife ferrario portofino

Unlike the Charger, there’s no need to hold on to your hot cars, so that check mark will still remain even after you sell the cars listed among the requirements. And once you’ve sold them, you can steal another two cars of any make and model, sell them online or via the black market (the former is usually safer), and be done with that requirement once you’ve sold five.

Stealing A Bugatti Can Take A Lot Of Patience

As we noted above, expensive cars are harder to steal than the cheaper ones in BitLife, and are also much harder to find than your average Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion, or Buick Regal. However, the Bugatti Chiron — the only Bugatti available in the BitLife universe — is possibly the rarest car out there, and it also happens to be the most expensive to purchase and maintain. Likewise, that makes it the hardest to steal, and you may have to quit and restart the game dozens of times until you’re able to steal a Chiron successfully.

bitlife bugatti chiron

For one, you’ll have to watch out for concerned do-gooder citizens who might want to attack you or call the cops on you — if the former happens, you will still have a chance to steal the car again, though there is a slim chance that you may be fatally attacked by said concerned citizens. But if one of those citizens — yes, the infamous blind man included — notifies the police, that’s when you’ll have to quit the game, restart it, and keep re-rolling until the Chiron appears once again among the five “vulnerable” cars you can steal.

Once you’ve stolen the Chiron, you can sell it if you haven’t met the “Sell 5+ Stolen Cars” requirement, and if that happens to be your fifth, that will wrap up the Fast and Furious Challenge, allowing you to open a prize chest and add another accessory to your collection, may it be a new hat or eyewear.


Thursday 5th of August 2021