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Ragnarok X: Next Generation Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Explore the Land of Midgard

Ragnarok X: Next Generation, the newest game in the Ragnarok MMO family, is highly similar to the likes of Stella Arcana in that they are action MMOs with an emphasis on good footwork during boss battles and team fights. Ragnarok veterans will find many familiar sights freshened up, such as the city of Prontera and the various monsters of Rune Midgard. In Ragnarok X: Next Generation , you’ll be fighting a lot of old standbys like the various species of Poring, the creepy possessed Mannequins, and in general, tons and tons of cute-looking monsters who totally have it coming.

While suffering a bit of weirdness in terms of its quality of life stuff when compared to other games of this genre (Directly autowalking straight to quests only works half the time due to how some quests are structured, you’re sometimes better off using the map screen or even the Academy Handbook’s monster tab for some missions), it is mostly polished where it matters.

ragnarok x next generation guide

The designs are cute as expected from a Ragnarok game, even the first available dungeon boss is a quick wake-up call, and the writing is often times interesting if you manage to survive reading it. Because talking to NPCs doesn’t stop monsters from attacking you.

One thing you’ll notice early on after you get your first Job class is how long it takes to grind for the next Main Quest level requirement. A lot of what you’ll be doing in this game is AFK grinding. This is not a game for those who want their main quest done in a hurry. That being said, we hope that our comprehensive Ragnarok X: Next Generation beginner’s guide, including tips, tricks and strategies, will help your grind go more smoothly!


ragnarok x next generation team

Naturally, being one of the oldest running series of MMOs, the Ragnarok games helped put together many of the typical character classes found in most MMOs today. Your Novice will eventually branch out to either the tanky Swordsman, the crowd-clearing Mage, the high damage Thief, the crafty Archer, the supportive Acolyte, and the money-making Merchant.

They also evolve into stronger versions of themselves as they rack up Job levels separate from your base character level. With that said, let’s take a look at the classes that are currently available in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

Swordsman / Knight / Lord Knight

Tank, Melee Damage Dealer, Crowd Control, Deadly Bait

swordsman ragnarok x next generation

Swordsmen fill the ever popular and useful role of dragging unwanted attention away from their squishier, less muscle-toned teammates. Unlike the usual tank class though, using the Swordsman’s Provoke skill should be done more carefully. It draws all attention towards the Swordsman, but also increases the enemy’s attack power while lowering their defense, turning the bad guys into angry glass cannons.

This is very good when paired with a Mage or Archer, as the enemy will invariably clump together as they chase the Swordsman into a fireball or trap field. They also get both an active stun Bash and a passive stun, allowing them to shut down particularly dangerous targets for a short while.

Once they upgrade into a Knight, they have the choice of using Spear or Sword skills. Spears allow them to use AOE and burst damage skills, while Swords allow them to use DPS skills.

When they finally become a Lord Knight, they gain the ability to support their teammates by using an ATK-increasing aura and marking targets for death, along with quite a lot of self-buffing skills. And when everything goes badly, they can get a heroic second wind by using Frenzy.

Frenzy heals the Lord Knight to full and massively increases their stats, but disallows them from healing themselves or using other skills while it’s active. If you like being hard to kill and protecting your buddies, the Swordsman family is for you.

Thief / Assassin / Assassin Cross

Melee DPS, Poison, DEF Reduction, Sneaky Stabbing

thief ragnarok x next generation

Thieves are the melee damage dealer of the game, relying on either Katars or Daggers to fight. They also make use of purchaseable poison, especially when using Katars. While they have a passive that allows Daggers to have a chance to hit twice, it doesn’t apply to Katars. You’d think that’s a bad thing, until you realize Katars already hit twice by default.

This allows you to dump your skill points into the Improve Dodge passive (which also increases attack speed) and the Enchant Poison buff (which lasts so long it might as well be a passive), and leave no points for the Dagger-only Double Attack.

That being said, you can dual wield Daggers, so it’s a toss-up.  They also have a pair of burst damage skills. Venom Knife does extra damage to poisoned enemies, and Ambush does extra damage when used from stealth via the Hiding skill.

When they turn into Assassins, they finally get some Katar-specific skills (the stunning Sonic Blow and the Katar Mastery passive), along with a metric ton of passives that power up their old Thief skills and some for dual-wielding Daggers. They also get Grimtooth, which is a much-needed linear AOE attack.

When they become an Assassin Cross, they get a lot of powerful skills. This is where the majority of their AOE attacks reside (Venom Spreader and Meteor Assault), a reward for putting up with only being able to hit one target at a time for so long. They can also increase their team’s Crit stat, and just like their previous versions, reduce enemy defense. If you like manually chaining combos to rip bosses in half while dancing for dear life, the Thief line will be a fun time.

Mage / Wizard / High Wizard

Elemental AOE, Crowd-Sweeping Flame

mage ragnarok x next generation

Unlike the other classes, Mages start out with several AOE skills from the get-go. They only have room for one passive, an increase to their SP recovery. Their elemental-damage focus means they need a lot of active skills to match the enemy’s elemental weaknesses. Their only non-elemental skill is a single target attack, and the rest of them are some sort of elemental AOE or single target damage ranged attack. You’ll very likely need to fill out both of your hotbars as a Mage.

As a Wizard, they get even more ways to demolish crowds, with a variety of elemental attacks that do something different depending on the element. They can also shield themselves to reduce physical damage against them based on their VIT, which is useful since they’re grabbing the attention of many injured enemies at once.

And to continue this theme of endless AOE, High Wizards get yet more ways to screw over large crowds. They get more AOE attacks that not only hit hard, but can also cause debuffs to anyone too stupid to keel over and die. They can also buff the M.ATK of other characters nearby, mostly useful if they’re in a team with other Mages and Wizards, and more bookish Acolytes and Priests. Mages are your go to if you like the idea of magically making big crowds disappear.

Acolyte / Priest / High Priest

Healer, Melee Damage, Hammer-Happy Healing

acolyte ragnarok x next generation

Acolytes are the healers of the group. They start out with a single target heal and team-wide HP buff, the ability to buff a wide array of the team’s stats, and smite enemies with both non-elemental magic, Holy magic, and a mace to the skull. They start with a 4-target magic attack, which allows them to do respectable damage in spite of primarily being healers and buffers.

Priests get a bunch of skills, a few of them having increasing casting times the higher their level (Resurrection and Sanctuary being the prime offenders). Such skills are generally best kept at a fairly low level, around half of their max.  While they become stronger with each level, they also become much less safe to cast in bossfights where good footwork is essential. More often than not, you just need to push that heal out now rather than stand still for too long.

High Priests get the powerful passive Meditation (not to be confused with basic sitting Meditation), which increases their general healing ability and max SP by a percentage. They also get a long line of not just supportive spells, but offensive spells that allow them to be more aggressive in combat.

Not only are they healers and supports by this point, they also do a good job melting down Undead and Demonic enemies and cramming the rest full of debuffs. If you like the idea of helping out your team while still dealing a decent pummeling, the Acolyte line will bring you and your team a load of joy.

Archer / Hunter / Sniper

Ranged Damage, Crowd Control, Walking Demilitarized Zone

archer ragnarok x next generation

Archers can shoot enemies at range with their bows and can equip sets of elemental-damage arrows for combat. They can set up traps to stop targets from moving, which is great since you don’t want the enemy to get in your face while you bury them in arrows. They also get a proper AOE attack early on like Mages, with their Arrow Shower allowing them to needle a crowd with 4 barrages. They also have a passive that can further increase their range, one more thing to keep enemies out of your personal space.

Rangers get bonuses against animals in general, along with some more deadly traps in the form of Claymore bombs and Shock traps, and the ability to detonate everything they’ve planted with added power with the Detonate Trap skill. They can also mark a target for themselves, which makes them stronger against the victim. Not to mention they get a passive that allows a falcon to attack whatever they hit.

Snipers are an extension of the Hunter’s deadliness, with traps that have fairly large effect areas like the Landmine and the sleep-inducing Sandman. They also have a lot of damage-dealing skills, including a cone-shot AOE attack to go with the Archer’s old Arrow Shower. On top of all that, they get a passive that adds to how many traps they can plant on the field at any given time. If you love the feeling of a plan coming together, the Archer line will deliver.

Merchant / Blacksmith / Whitesmith

Melee Damage, Crafting, Hostile Economic Takeover

merchant ragnarok x next generation

Merchants and their upgrades take Pay-to-Win in a far more hilarious direction than what the foul concept normally means. You might think these money-grubbing nerds stink at fighting, but their ability to kill enemies by throwing Zeny at them with Mammonite, ramming them with their pushcarts, or hacking them to easily sellable pieces with huge battleaxes might change your mind.

They are also the only class line that have the Crafting life skill, allowing them to make equipment worth selling to others. They can also carry absurd amounts of stuff thanks to their Enlarge Weight Limit passive.

They can act as supports, yelling at their teammates to fight harder and increase their STR. They also get discounts from the Chamber of Commerce and NPCs, which makes it much easier for them to finish Chamber of Commerce quests and use certain Life Skills.

Once they become Blacksmiths, their pushcart get a slew of new abilities, letting them hit harder while staying highly mobile. They also get more team-buffs, allowing their team to run faster and with a passive, hit harder with Adrenaline Rush. On top of this, they get an AOE hammer slam that can stun up to 8 victims at once.

The Whitesmith not only shakes mooks down for their Zeny, they also get a passive that lets their Savage Slash and Shattering Strike skills steal HP from the enemy too. They also get much better at throwing Zeny at their problems, getting a passive that powers up Mammonite and a skill that lets them throw 6 Zeny barrages at bad guys in an area. They can also rub Zeny all over their weapon to power it up. If you want a violent, mobile melee fight while making tons of cash, the Merchant line is the way to go.

If you’ve played previous Ragnarok games, you’ll notice there is only one class line per First Job class as opposed to the two from the old games. The Bard/Dancer, Alchemist, Crusader, Monk, Sage and Rogue aren’t available yet, but they’re just waiting for the devs to finish cooking them up. Stay tuned!


ragnarok x next generation battle

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an action MMO where going into tough fights without good footwork tends to mean an embarrassing death. If you’re in a bossfight, going full Auto is a tad riskier for certain classes than it is for others and you’ll need to do a bit of thinking ahead. Here are a few tips for direct combat, to make things go down a bit more smoothly.

Set Up Your Autoattack Order

ragnarok x next generation attack order

First things first, you need to set up your autoattacks to follow the order you want it to. The default order is Healing, Team Buff, Self Buff, AOE then Single Target attack. This can work fine enough, but ideally you want more control over which attack goes first so tap the Skills icon, then the little gear that says Auto, then set up your auto-attack and auto-potion settings before doing anything.

Also, while you have two hotbars available, the autoattack will cheerfully use all the attacks in both hotbars regardless of what you have out on your screen at the moment so full up those slots as best you can.

Kiting On The Ground

ragnarok x next generation kiting

Certain mobs, while extremely dangerous and aggressive enough to get aggroed as a massive army of bad guys, are slow enough to run away from even without mounts. If you have AOE attacks, you can kite them into an easy-to nuke blob by running around in circles. If you don’t have AOE attacks and only have thin skin, you can pick them off one at a time with your burst damage skills while running out of range. You can also take advantage of this if you’re the squad Swordsman, and use your Provoke skill to kite a crowd into your Mage friend’s spells, or your Archer buddy’s traps.

The Tiny Switch Target Button

swapping target in ragnarok x next generation

That little crosshair button next to your attack button lets you switch targets. It will save your life in bossfights that involve mooks getting summoned. Don’t be that guy who autoattacks an invincible Golden Thief Bug while his tiny little healbugs crawl toward him. If it’s your job to clear the mooks during bossfights, you’ll be pressing this button often.

Farm At The Edge

farming a monster in ragnarok x next generation

Before farming a monster that attacks on sight, position yourself at the outer fringes of where the monsters congregate. They respawn very quickly after you kill them, and you’ll get lynched if you try to farm enemies deep inside their spawn area. This is less of a danger if you’re using a bulky class with AOE attacks, but even squishy single-target Thieves need to autogrind too!

A Thief endlessly being swarmed is in very deep trouble unless they move away from where enemies can rapidly spawn in their face. While there is the option of fighting monsters that don’t attack on sight, some quests require you to fight the ones with really bad tempers, so keep this in mind.


ragnarok x next generation fish

There is more to Ragnarok X: Next Generation than wiping the local wildlife off the map. You can explore, craft things to make your weapons more deadly, you even have to take photos of monsters to fill out the Academy Handbook. Here are some notes that could help for the day-to-day of your adventures.

Supply Dropoff

ragnarok x next generation warehouse

You’ve got limited inventory space, and those Kafra girls would really appreciate it if you remembered to drop your stuff off at one of their warehouses. Once you reach 50% inventory weight, you’ll start getting penalties that only get worse the more junk you lug around.

The first of those is an inability to naturally regenerate HP and SP, which not only means inefficient potion use, but also a more dangerous, risky trip back to Prontera. Just make sure you drop off the largest bulks, as while warehouses have unlimited weight restraints, they’ve only got 25 slots in the beginning.

Gardening’s For Old People, Kids Get Hard Labor Instead

ragnarok x next generation life skills

You’re likely to hear that Gardening is the way to get rich quick. That’s only if you’ve been playing a long time and can garden stuff that’s actually worth selling. This means plants located in rather dangerous higher-level zones. Earlygame plants will just gather dust in the Exchange center. Before focusing on gardening, you’ll need to go for Smelting, Mining and Fishing first.

All three of those life skills get you materials to power up your equipment for earlygame, allowing you to survive safely. Then you can do Gardening for the later-game upgrades, sell the really good plants to get rich, or both. As for Cooking, that one is relatively easy to do since most ingredients can be bought with Zeny, and is more of a pre-battle preparation than long-term character development.

Town Traveller

ragnarok x next generation map

Even if you’re at a relatively low level, do your best to find all the towns on the World Map. It will help you travel quickly across Kafra girls and cut down on your target hunting time. As long as you have your mount, which you get rather early, not even heavily overleveled aggressive monsters can chase you down while you explore the world map, as long as you take care to avoid getting too close.

Besides, you can get some Adventure EXP doing it, and if you get enough to raise your Adventure level, the game gives you a stipend of Crystals after a repeatable quiz.

Bullying Doesn’t Pay, For Either Side

bullying in ragnarok x next generation

You might be tempted to go after higher level enemies to get more EXP, or grind low level targets for easy loot. That’s not gonna work, because of the way Odin’s Blessings and EXP and Drop Efficiency works. Odin’s Blessing gives you x5 EXP, Drop Rate and Zeny for kills, but activates only if your target is within a 7 level difference of you. As for EXP Efficiency, you’re at 100% EXP Efficiency fighting monsters with at most a 3 level difference.

Any weaker or stronger than a 3 level difference, and EXP and item drop rates for such kills drop harshly. Do your best to go after enemies who are either within 3 levels weaker or stronger than you are. And if you have a quest that involves giving away non-quest-exclusive item drops that you can only get from underleveled enemies, you’re better off buying them from one of the Izlude NPCs.

Spare Parts

ragnarok x next generation repair

If you find a weapon you particularly love, you might as well try to get two of them due to how weapon repair and durability works. If a weapon breaks from something like a failed upgrade, it cannot be upgraded further.

Rather than try to level up another weapon, you can repair the broken one by using the appropriate Repair Tool item and a duplicate of the broken weapon. If you want less upgrade risk, buy the same weapon for spare parts so you don’t have to worry about your favorite stabbing implement breaking.


ragnarok x next generation odin

Let’s face it, Ragnarok X: Next Generation is one grindy game. Grindier than most of its contemporaries, in fact. You’ll likely spend a ton of time AFK-murdering monsters  before you get to your next Main Quest level threshold. Key to your daily grind is the Odin’s Blessing mechanic. Odin’s Blessings are points which give you 5x drop rates, EXP and Zeny for kills.

That’s nice, but the real important part is that spending them rewards you with Stamina, the real moneymaker in the game. You use Stamina for your Life Skills such as Mining, Smelting, Fishing, Cooking and Gardening.  Your daily routine will very likely look a lot like what we’re about to describe below, mostly in order, since quite a bit of this involves the Odin’s Blessing and Stamina system.

Odin’s Morning City Sunbathing

sunbathing in ragnarok x next generation

There are two ways to get Odin’s Blessing reliably. The fun way is to do your Daily Mission Board quests. But that usually comes after the boring way, which is to sit in Prontera for half an hour. You can get 600 Odin’s Blessing maximum from doing this, which adds up to 30 minutes of idle time. You can strike up a civil conversation with nearby players to spice things up, or leave your tablet to sit somewhere while you do something else.

Mission Board Beatdown

ragnarok x next generation mission board

Once you’re done tanning yourself in Prontera, you can go take a look at the Mission Board. If you’re far from leveling up (You can see your Level Up bars at the bottom of your screen) go accept them all. If you’re close to leveling up though, you might want to accept them one at a time so you level up halfway through all the quests.

The quest rewards are decided by the level at which you accept them, so you can increase your level rewards this way. You can get a total of 1400 Odin’s Blessings for this, along with a ton of EXP and Zeny.

Commercial Crusade

ragnarok x next generation chamber of commerce

You see that secret agent-looking spook with the shades and suit in whatever city you happen to be in? Don’t worry, he’s just an agent for the Chamber of Commerce. He sells materials for Zeny (a godsend for getting your first pair of glasses or whatever other cosmetic headgear you found a blueprint for), but you’re there to do his Chamber of Commerce quests.

Just like the Mission Board, they give out good amounts of EXP, and they also give you special tokens as rewards. The Kafra girl’s quests may be tempting since they give you cosmetic headgear tokens, but early on you should focus on the Cat Hand or Cool Events Corp quests since you can use their tokens for cards and gear respectively.

If you find that the quests ask you for materials that drop only from low level monsters (monsters 3 levels weaker than you get reduced drop rates, and it only gets worse as the gap widens), you might as well buy them from the NPC vendors in Izlude Island.

Sleepwalking Slaugther

ragnarok x next generation afk grind

Once that’s done, the next step is to spend all the Odin’s Blessings you have. You do this by tapping the Odin’s Blessings button next to your HP bar (the trident) and then the Recommended Training Points button. Pick a monster you’re confident you can take down (preferably a monster that does not attack on sight so you don’t get ripped to pieces by an angry mob), then tap it.

Your character will autorun towards the place where those monsters spawn, then you can tap Auto to kill them all. If your character is loaded up with a couple hundred potions (you should always have potions, as is common sense in the majority of MMOs), you can leave your tablet somewhere.

Thankfully, Ragnarok X: Next Generation has a power saving mode that shuts your backlight off, so you don’t need to worry about your batteries melting. You don’t have to worry about wasting the Odin’s Blessing points either, as it automatically deactivates if your Stamina meter is full.

Mining At Sundown

mining in ragnarok x next generation

After wiping the local wildlife, whatever Odin’s Blessing points you spent will be converted to Stamina. The most reliable way to use Stamina this is via Mining. Unlike other lifeskills which you can’t reliably autogrind (You need expensive Advanced Fishing Rods to autofish, and there is no such thing as autogardening since you have to wait for a plant’s respawn timer before you can gather it again), mining is a good way to use up the last of your Stamina at the end of the day.

Even the cheap Basic Pickaxe allows you to automine, so once you’re done for the day you can head for Mjolnir Mountain’s mines and tell your character to do hard labor while you go write a guide article. Your character will normally end up with a surplus of smelting material, which can be used and smelted for upgrading your gear, or to sell in the Exchange if you have a lot of stones but are lacking in other materials that you get from say, fishing. Then you can buy stuff that you can’t mine. Just be careful on your way back to Prontera if you’ve got a weight debuff!

The OX Test

ragnarok x next generation ox test

Now this one should be done whenever it’s available, as opposed to being in any part of this order. The OX Test is a questionnaire minigame that appears once a day, marked by a giftbox on top of the chat bar. If you see a pink Poring-shaped notification icon on it, click it immediately. Your character will go to the XO Test NPC, and you can join other players.

Not only does this test give you a sizeable amount of EXP and a box of Headgear crafting material, it’s also very easy. If you don’t know the answer to the question, you have a pretty good chance of getting it right simply by following the other players.

That being said, this occasionally fails. If you’re utterly confident that you’re right and all the other people are wrong, you might as well stick by your gut. Or open up the menu you think the answer is in!

None of these are hard and fast rules, and if you’re only playing casually you can happily skip the part where you sunbathe in Prontera and focus on the parts where you get to kill stuff. Even then, you can always do the boring parts while you’re busy, so it’s still heavily encouraged.

For now, this is the end of our Ragnarok X: Next Generation guide. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide as soon as new classes are added to the game. Meanwhile, if you have your own tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below for our readers!


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