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Bermuda Adventures Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Run a Prosperous Tropical Farm and Explore Bermuda Island

Exploration games are for the observant and adventurous. There’s mystery in every turn and finding out how to overcome your next hurdle requires you to use what might be in your surroundings. With each obstacle you pass, a greater one greets you and it’s these obstacles that make the game. Such is the way Bermuda Adventures is played.

Developed by Belka Games, the folks behind Clockmaker, Bermuda Adventures plays similarly to a point-and-click/hidden object game hybrid like Klondike Adventures. There are things you need to find and collect to better your situation and sometimes you are even rewarded with prizes for finding a certain combination of items.

bermuda adventures beginning
Good thing they all had parachutes!

In Bermuda Adventures, you follow the story of a family out on a trip when suddenly, they end up stranded on a small archipelago in the Bermuda Triangle after a freak accident disintegrated their private plane. Along with them were some extended family members who they have to find.

Our main characters are Steve, the father, an eager and physically strong albeit goofy businessman; Jenny, the mother, a competent cook with a quick wit and a backup plan for most things, and lastly, there’s Sandy, their little girl, who is quite intelligent and adventurous for her age. Together, their goal is to reunite everyone from the plane and survive in what seems to be their new home away from home.

Bermuda Adventures is filled with challenges as players may find themselves struggling for energy, resources, and many other items. But fear not! That’s why our Bermuda Adventures beginner’s guide exists. If you’d like the laws of the land (the island, that is!), read on and you should be able to bring the family closer together than they were before!

1. Spend Your Energy Wisely

bermuda adventures energy consumption
Red berries have a 50-50 right? … Right?

The energy consumption of Bermuda Adventures game is quite high… Wait, we mean how much of it you consume in-game, not what it does to your device! Consuming energy in-game depends on the objects that need clearing. For example, larger objects require more energy to remove, so it’s always better to start with smaller objects first.

Make sure that you uproot shrubs, bushes, any wild grass sticking out so they don’t disrupt you later on. Some items are free to remove and most of the time these give you small boosts of energy. These items could come in the form of brown boxes, berry bushes (red or blue), banana plants, red fruit shrubs and the like.

Harvesting these will give you a bit more time before you put the game down. If you’ve completely run out of energy, there’s no harm in leaving the game for an hour or so. Better yet, play this game while you’re doing something else.

In addition, using butterfly nets or gloves to catch crabs or do away with thornbushes or garbage, respectively, will also grant you a fair amount of energy. These are the more expensive alternative since getting gloves or butterfly nets can be pretty rare.

That said, if you would like to spend your money on this game, do NOT spend on any energy packs as it is not at all worth it. The energy you receive will all go down quickly the more you explore.

Speaking of which…

2. Explore, Explore, Explore

bermuda adventures chests
Steve looks like he’s onto something.

Don’t be afraid to explore your island. Anywhere and everywhere, you will find resources you didn’t know you needed and most of these are under the thick fog that shrouds the vicinity.

To begin, and as we’ve said earlier, start with the smaller objects so as to plan out your path. Once you’ve removed majority of the shrubs and grass, work your way through the trees. These will be most of what could be obstructing your view while you explore. Following those should be the rocks.

If you want to take a few things out the expensive way, use the bombs they offer you in the shop. These cost gems but are quite effective in taking multiple objects out at once. Your resource yield will be much quicker and your characters won’t have to spend too much energy. Voila, you’ve decluttered a chunk of your island!

Not only will you have enough room to build more things, but you will also be able to see things more clearly. You’ll also have more resources to boot! Now it’s time to use up these resources for the progress of your island. But how will you do that without squandering any of them?

3. Treat Each Resource You Own Like Valuable Currency

bermuda adventures inventory
You’ll need a lot of these to get through the game. Which one? All of them!

You probably have all sorts of things in your bag as you’re reading this guide. Bark, stone, clay, wild onion, and more, we’re sure! Instead of viewing these as items in your bag, treat them as the money that you will use to get through the different challenges posed to you.

One very important resource you will certainly be needing a lot is stone. Stone is used as the foundation of many materials and tools needed to create things. One such item is the stone knife. You cannot make certain things without the use of stone knives (especially stone axes).

Stockpiling on a lot of items for any and every occasion is your goal here. Set a floor for yourself; for example, if a certain resource reaches 5 pieces, make more of this immediately. In doing this, you should be able to keep up with the demands of quests, orders, and the overall needs of the island. It’s a terrible thing to run out of any resource since you’ll need one or the other every now and then.

Eventually, you might notice that you’ll have an excess in this one item. If you do, use it up so your inventory won’t be so full. Having too much of one item will be detrimental to you since a full inventory could mean that clearing anything on the island will yield no material. So while keeping your item stocks high, it’s good to have a balance of a few items here and there.

The more important resources lie in the food category. Once you get your food planted and harvested, stockpile this as much as you can. Because you aren’t just planting for the family, you’re planting for the animals that live with you as well. Food is important if you wanna keep going.

4. Cook Food And Lots Of It

bermuda adventures grill
What’s cookin’, doc?

It doesn’t matter what you cook on the grill; grilled corn, veggie mixes, pumpkin soup, anything you can manage. Cook these and give the family some energy. You’ll maximize a steady energy flow needed for you to clear more obstacles and accomplish new quests.

Naturally, the more advanced the dish, the more it may require a few additions here and there (e.g. the pumpkin soup) but with the tradeoff of more energy given. This is why the previous item on this list is important. You might have too many pumpkins and not enough bowls or water.

Keep an eye on your crops. Corn and carrots are best planted while you’re busy playing the game and anything beyond that are best planted when you’re about to stop playing it since they normally take longer to grow. The food produced from these are more filling than their earlier counterparts, so they’re worth investing in. Perfect for taking out larger obstacles at sooner levels.

5. Set Priorities

bermuda adventures quest
Make a bowl? Easy peasy!

With an overwhelming amount of resources in your storage, how would you know what to use when the time comes? Could it be your stone supply for that bundle of stone knives for the boards? How about the stack of bark you got from the smaller trees and bushes? Or how about your clay for the bricks that you needed?

To guide you through your confusion, you have the quests on the left. Always consider these missions a priority. Not only is it more fulfilling since you gain more EXP doing that, but it also gives you purpose for harvesting and stockpiling such items. Of course, some quests will require you to remake that bowl you did five minutes ago, or claim a piece of bacon from the pig you just gave carrot feed to. This is all for the growth and betterment of your island.

A fact we face here is that not all quests are equal. You will find that some of them require upgrades here and there. Our suggestion would be to tackle the quicker upgrades.

Since the game allows you to use up certain resources without having to complete all the upgrade requirements, it’s best to use up the ones that are the easiest to obtain first. For example, if your upgrade requires 20 Stones, 8 Ropes, and 5 Bricks, start with the stones.

It’s certain that if some resources require you to manufacture them for you to proceed, make sure that you have room for them in the production queues of your facilities. This will save you a lot of trouble, especially if you’re really gunning to complete that one quest. Keeping your island busy will increase productivity as well.

6. Ensure That Your Facilities Are Always Busy

bermuda adventures production queue
Technology is your friend!

Pack your material makers full of resources! Always keep them packed for maximum output. But it’s for sure that you also have to keep in mind the priorities you have set. If you’re trying to make 10 Stone Axes, keep that stone coming. You’ll have to make the 10 Stone Knives first, though.

With regards to feeding the animals, you are bound to at least have one animal that eats corn feed and another eating carrot feed. Divide your crops between corn and carrots, and when the time comes to mill them, divide the workload on that as well. The mill should have at least three production slots.

Keeping these machines busy will most certainly get you through quests quickly especially if you check on them often. If you wanna kill time and let the facilities produce material, there are a lot of other things to do, too.

7. Explore The Other Islands

bermuda adventures other islands
What treasures lie in these fog clouds away from home?

Among the many things you can do in Bermuda Adventures is to explore the other islands within the vicinity. These smaller islands have quests of their own as well as perks if you manage to complete the tasks of the island. You will also quickly notice that these islands have their own resources as well.

If for some reason you’ve run out of a specific resource on your island, going to another for what you’re missing will surely help you advance through the game. This will especially come in handy later on if you happen to use up all the stone, wood, bark, or clay on your island.

Aside from this, these islands have their own energy-boosting goods as well. They’re of the same lot as we’ve mentioned before: berries, bananas, brown boxes, etc. Be sure to explore these islands as much as possible for more resources and goodies.

Such goodies may also come in handy when trading with Gaspar or the Took-Tooks.

8. Trade Often With Gaspar And The Took-Tooks

bermuda adventures gaspar
Tall order for this man, but worth it!

After a few rounds into the game, you will be introduced to two new entities: Gaspar the Trader and the Took-Took Tribe.

Gaspar is a well-to-do businessman in Bermuda (possibly its one and only, according to Steve) who has a lot to trade with the family. Filling out any of his requests will bring you closer to a random set of rewards and accomplishing all of them within the time limit will shower you with a ton of resources and items.

He sticks around at your island for a while before he leaves and gives you enough time to complete his requests. While this is purely optional, it’s wise not to pass this one up. Just be sure to give resources you have abundance in; you wouldn’t want to give him the 5 Stone Axes you need for an upgrade quest.

bermuda adventures took-tooks
A simpler request from a simpler people.

On the opposite part of the island is the friendly Took-Took Tribe. The Took-Tooks give you nine material boxes to fill out. These boxes are usually identical per column and, like Gaspar, they also run on a time limit. Filling out all the boxes in time gets you the best prize while not doing much doesn’t reward much.

The best way to approach the Took-Tooks’ task board is to fill out the requests row by row since each row has a different set of rewards. Like Gaspar, it’s good to pursue their prizes but it also pays to be cautious with what you give them.

In doing so, you will be given some hard-to-get items such as gloves, butterfly nets, and sometimes gems. Additionally, you might even get an energy boost while you’re at it.

Through the juggling of tasks and trading with Gaspar and the Took-Tooks, your island will rapidly grow. You may also notice that it might be slightly cluttered.

9. Consider A Productive Home Layout

bermuda adventures island layout
Like a well-oiled machine.

Let’s face it: if you thought you put an object down, you probably thought that it stays where it is for good. You’d start to panic because you don’t know where else to put your new mill or kiln because little bits of other buildings are taking up space. But never fear! We will teach you how to move every bit of furniture you have.

Holding your finger down on an object will allow you to lift it up from its current location and move it around your island. But you will need space before you put them down. Remember when we told you to take all the tiny bushes and shrubs out? Yeah, that’s why.

With this newfound action (if you didn’t know this before, at least), it’s time to consider a productive layout for your home. Try grouping these buildings together for ease:

  1. Smithy, Kiln, Sewing Workshop, Sawmill, Workshop
  2. Field Rows, Grill, Dining Table, Well, Mill
  3. Goods Storage, Resource Storage, Food Storage
  4. House and Pool

Keeping these buildings next to each other not only gives them a sense of relation, but it also allows for easy collection. This isn’t a mandatory solution because each player has their own set of preferences, but do try out grouping your facilities together.

Sometimes, the best way to get far is through efficiency. Efficiency could also mean spending a few gems here and there.

10. Manage Your Gems

bermuda adventures gem store
Nothing says efficiency like a set of bombs!

Using your gems to purchase materials and resources is one way to get ahead. But instead, refrain from doing this since you might spend more than you expected.

Spending your gems on energy is not recommended either. As we’ve mentioned in the very first bullet, energy burns out very quickly and could be used up all in one sitting. It isn’t at all worth it to spend your gems on these.

Instead, buy bombs! Bombs will help in your resource gathering as well as making space on your island. These little balls of fun (and danger!) are the most useful things you could spend your gems on. However, if you’d like to buy gem packs and send the developers some love, do that at your discretion.

And that’s it for our beginner’s guide to Bermuda Adventures! If you’ve got better ideas on how to explore and survive the dense jungles of these mysterious islands, hit us up in the comment section below!


Friday 2nd of December 2022

How the heck do you use the conservatorium item. I have a ton of them but can’t use them anywhere it just gives me an arrow to the map.


Wednesday 21st of September 2022

How do I upgrade my bag capacity at level 12?

Stacie S.

Tuesday 20th of September 2022

Can progress in the game be sinced across multiple devices? I'd like to play on my phone and my tablet but can't see how to do that.


Friday 16th of September 2022

I have 3 items on my table which I cannot remove. This prevents me from producing further meals as they cannot be placed on the full table. How do I remove them?


Wednesday 7th of September 2022

At what level does the trader show up. Unable to get keys,gloves,nets or matches because I can't open any boxes without buying the stupid pkgs.