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Klondike Adventures Guide (2021 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Flourishing City

Welcome to our comprehensive Klondike Adventures general guide! Klondike Adventures is a farm management simulator with a point-and-click (or point-and-tap since it’s on a tablet) adventure aspect to it. Set in a friendlier, slightly more fantastical version of the American Gold Rush, you’re out to look for treasure and gold and make sure your little home town grows prosperous and productive. On top of managing your town, you set out across unexplored America to make friends, steal their boxes, and find resources to make your town larger.

Much akin to games like Farmville, Klondike Adventures does not reward you for rushing forward at maximum steam for several hours straight. Instead, it asks for your patience. The energy system gives you a small yet relatively fast-charging energy bar. You need to use energy to do actions such as removing obstacles and gathering raw materials.

klondike adventures tips 2021

You will mostly find yourself playing often in short bursts, doing a few actions then waiting an hour for the energy bar to recharge. A lot of what you’ll be doing is managing your energy reserves, playing for very short bursts often. A good chunk of this Klondike Adventures guide is dedicated to managing energy use.

If you wish to get this gold rush up and running, read our comprehensive Klondike Adventures guide below!

1. General Tips & Tricks You Should Know About

You have two concurrent goals in this game. The first one is to ensure the productivity of your home map. The second is to progress the story by finishing quests in adventure maps. Here are a couple of tips useful for playing the game in general. Whether in adventure maps or at home, it’s best to keep these in mind.

Planning Energy Expenditure

klondike adventures energy

One thing you will immediately notice upon playing the game for even a hour or two is that energy runs out very, very fast. Certain obstacles can take more energy than you can naturally recover to demolish, forcing you to rely on energy overfill to do the job in a timely manner. You will have to carefully plan out how you use your energy upon logging in. We will discuss what we know of energy handling below along with other tips.

Play In Bursts, Plan In Advance, Chill

klondike adventures chill

This is one of those games that does not reward you for sitting down and playing for several hours straight. Your low earlygame max energy reserves see to that. Instead of grinding like a maniac, sit back and relax. Play several times across the whole day to give your tiny energy bar time to recover, usually an hour.

Formulate a day-long goal such as finishing a specific quest or two, or constructing a building. You can only do a two hour burst at the start because of the high starting energy they give you, and the ton of easy starter quests. But when that runs out, you might as well take things nice and slowly.

Tying In With Chilling

klondike adventures energy recharge time

This game is best played, ironically, when you’re busy doing something else. The short amount of time you usually spend with the game means it’s not productive to stare at your tablet waiting for the chickens to finish laying eggs. Have your game on the side, and finish your article or draw an artwork while you wait for the energy bar to fill up.

Clear Small Obstacles First

klondike adventures clearing obstacles

Energy is at a premium in this game, and so is space for buildings things. Small bushes and such expend less energy to clear, while also occasionally giving out berries and fruits which you can jam into the Furnace. The Furnace converts fruits and honeycombs into energy.

That second burst of energy from running the Furnace can then be used to gather wood and stone from larger obstacles like trees and rocks. Not to mention it is also often small obstacles that block the road in adventure maps. You’re not likely to find many secrets by wasting all your energy knocking down a 100 energy cliff face!


klondike adventures storage

If you do need to clear out a large patch of small bushes, know that bushes in general also give out fruits and food at random. Even when they aren’t blocking the road, they’re worth clearing. We cannot stress enough how hard it is to get energy in this game, especially in the early game where your energy reserves are rather low. Low earlygame energy reserves means even after waiting for your bar to fill up, there isn’t much you can do. You better use it wisely.

Ads Are Your Friend

klondike adventures double rewards

You can double your daily rewards by watching advertisements. There are also certain locked chests you can open by watching an ad. Sometimes, ads can give you extra moves for the Candy Shop, which is helpful for getting valuable energy. Ads don’t take up much of your time. Not only do you support the developers by doing this, you also get free stuff. Saying no to free stuff is the complete opposite of common sense!

Whoops, There Goes Your Energy

klondike adventures losing energy

If you attempt to demolish an obstacle that costs more energy than what you have, then the obstacle will be partially demolished (not visually; the energy requirement acts like HP and is reduced for your next go at it with an axe). You also get part of the resources you would get for removing it completely. On the surface, this looks like a good thing, but it is all too easy to accidentally double-tap a tree and waste all your energy when you were aiming for the bush next to it.

As painful as it is though, it has one very good use: Getting that last bit of material you need for a building when low on energy. It may be worth it to blow your last scrap of energy to get that one last darn piece of wood!

Aim For The Lightning

klondike adventures energy bubble

When getting rid of obstacles, don’t just hammer your screen like a madman or aim for the bushes directly. Instead, aim for the little speech bubbles that pop out after your first tap, with the energy requirement in them. It’s much easier to tell apart 3 energy and 20 energy, compared to a bush and a rock so close to each other their hitboxes might overlap. You can tap multiple bubbles in a row and your worker will remove those obstacles one at a time.

Wise Use Of High Explosive Ordnance

klondike adventures dynamite

Some quests give you dynamite, which you can use to clear a wide area of obstacles. Don’t just toss them all over the place willy-nilly, dynamite is rare. Make sure to aim them towards clumps of obstacles that block the road your character travels during adventures. Place them in such a way that not only do you clear the roadblock, but also anything near it that seems valuable, like any quartz rocks or trees.

Hold For The Tooltip

klondike adventures tooltip

Considering how important it is not to waste energy, it helps to know which obstacles give out what materials when destroyed. You can hold your finger down on an obstacle to raise its tooltip. This tells you the kind of material it gives, and its durability, ie. The amount of energy you need to destroy it. Do this when you see an obstacle you aren’t familiar with, to know if it’s worth destroying or not. Unfortunately, this does not tell you if bushes will give out energy-giving food, only materials used to make things like animal feed and construction material. When it comes to bushes, just pray for fruits.

2. The Home Colony

Here are tips specifically pertaining to managing your home colony. Here are most of the tasks that don’t require energy, but time. Your home is also your primary source of energy other than waiting for an hour.

One of the two goals of the game is to make your colony as large and productive as possible. This is also your primary source of coins, as the Order Board is located here. Keep those Orders coming for money and EXP.

Keep A Healthy Stockpile

klondike adventures materials

You will eventually need loads and loads of construction materials to build structures. The fact most structures take three stages to complete sees to that. Avoid selling materials like wood, quartz and anything else you can use to make buildings out of, as you’ll regret it when you run out of energy to kill trees with.

Get The Furnace Immediately

klondike adventures furnace

Once you level up enough to get a Furnace, drop everything and pour all your effort into constructing it. You use the Furnace to cook food that you gathered while clearing small bushes. The food is then converted to energy, which we will keep reiterating, is in very short supply especially early in the game.

Get The Cauldron Immediately Too

klondike adventures cauldron

The Cauldron is much like the Furnace, but a bit more reliable. Unlike the Furnace which requires you to go out and spend energy to look for fruits and hunt for honeycombs, the Cauldron uses sweets. You get sweets by tapping on farm animals that have died and turned into gold statues. Yes, we know that makes zero scientific sense, but it’s a useful mechanic so we’ll let it slide.

This means that while the Furnace can be filled up faster but in irregular bursts, the Cauldron will always have a steady supply of material to work with, given enough time.

Dry Ice

klondike adventures dry ice

Dry Ice can immediately cool down the Furnace, Cauldron, Foundry and any other structure that relies on a fill-up bar to make its materials. We suggest saving the cubes for the Furnace and Cauldron, especially if you have many materials for them and you have a huge clump of eyesore obstacles you want to obliterate.

Meanwhile, other structures like the Foundry often make materials such as Iron Bars, which are used to make stuff like Nails which take a while. You might as well wait for the Nails to finish before firing up the Foundry again!

Melting Fences

klondike adventures frozen fence

The many frozen fences in your Home map don’t seem very important. Often though, melting the ice off of them can reveal hidden parts of the map akin to killing bushes. Melt down fences when convenient, there might be boxes hiding behind them!

Prioritize Quests

klondike adventures first draft

Again tying into the energy expenditure problems you will inevitably run into, you must use your energy to prioritize quests. Not only do they reward energy for finishing them, they also often get you valuable resources. Especially prioritize easy quests first such as anything involving traveling to new areas, or the book quests that are essentially advertisement minigames.

The quests you should do last are usually the ones that involve constructing buildings instead of traveling the land. They take a lot of time and often cost way more energy than they give out. You’re gonna be spending a lot of it murdering trees and smashing rocks for material. Each tree or rock can consume upwards to 30, even 90 energy if the rock or tree is massive enough.

You’ll need to make them eventually of course, since the Order Board does not wait for you to finish structures. Checking if the Order Board is asking for stuff you don’t have is  a good way to know if you should start prioritizing structures over finishing your current adventure map.

Free Emeralds? Free Garden Beds And Slots

klondike adventures garden beds

The game gives you a small measure of Emeralds for completing certain quests. One way to use them is to buy those Heated Garden Beds. Not only do they go past the maximum amount of normal Garden Beds you can have, they also help crops grow faster. Since planting and gathering crops is one of those tasks that require no energy at all, you want to be able to maximize its productivity as fast as you can.

You can also use them to get extra queue slots on your production structures too, since there’s only two on most structures. You’d need them too, especially with the sawmill and quarry, since those are both important for making construction materials. Just don’t use them for rush-building things!

Garden Plots All In One Spot

klondike adventures farm

The game gives you a small plantation to start with. When you add new garden plots, add it next to the old one. It’ll make gathering a lot easier, since you use a dragging motion to sweep seeds and your scythe across the field. Way less painful than going to different areas to farm.

That being known, the game also inadvertently encourages splitting your structures apart due to the way the initial walls and cliffs in your home colony are positioned. Do your best to avoid this and keep the structures at least relatively close to each other. It’s the same concept with the farm, this makes it less tedious to keep an eye on any finished materials.

The Sweet Shop

klondike adventures sweet shop

The Sweet Shop is a structure you can get fairly early on. Every 5 hours, it lets you play a puzzle minigame involving sliding berries around a grid to make sweets. Two items of the same type moving into each other makes a better item, until they make a candy gift box which gives out a whopping 40 energy for every one of them on the board.

Doing this minigame is one of the most important things on your daily home itinerary because it can give out a ton of energy if you play it well. Just don’t mess it up because of that 5 hour cooldown time!

Filling The Order Board Is (Mostly) Free

klondike adventures order board

Once you run out of energy, you still have one more thing you can do. Filling out the order board! The Order Board, unlike quests, don’t ask for anything that requires energy, only time. They also provide valuable EXP to level up, albeit in a smaller trickle compared to quests.

When you level up, you are often given those weird ad minigame quests that give out easy energy. Once the day goes quiet from low energy, relax and fill out the order board.

Sir Chaney’s Rather Heavy Paycheck

klondike adventures sir chaney

If Sir Chaney appears in the Order Board, prioritize him first. On top of the usual rewards from filling out orders, Sir Chaney also gives you tools like hammers. His orders are also often large enough to give more EXP and coins than the other characters. Keep an eye out for his smug, richer-than-thou face, as his expression hides his generosity.

Keep The Feeders Topped Up

klondike adventures feeders

Chickens and cows only make a limited amount of milk and eggs depending on how much food you give them. Keep their feeders topped up especially when you’re about to log off. Thankfully, manufacturing food for earlygame animals like chickens and cows does not take very long, and is quite cheap.

Just hop to the Barn after planting some Beans or Wheat. A surplus of milk and eggs upon logging back in is a great way to keep the Order Board running smoothly.

Gold Coated Chocolate Cows

klondike adventures gold animals

Occasionally you’ll see that say, a golden chicken or cow statue has appeared on your land. Clicking it will yield candies useable in the Cauldron for energy conversion. Turns out, that golden cow was one of yours! It died and turned into gold, so seeing one of those golden animals is a cue to get to the market and replace the poor thing.

Limited Lifetimes

klondike adventures lifespan

Farm animal’s lifespans are measured by a limit to how many materials they can make. Hourglasses can make them produce their materials immediately. While animal cruelty in the form of overmilking your cows and squeezing eggs out of your chickens may seem lucrative in both energy and material, replacing them can be rather costly in the coin department.

It is best to use the hourglasses when there is a big order that needs filling out. You can check your animals’ lifespans by clicking on them. When they’re almost dead, you can use that to plan out your next energy-consuming move.

Shouldn’t Have Rushed That Dairy Plant Before The Pottery Station

klondike adventures pottery

Early on, it may be hard to make structures because of the sheer amount of time it takes to make materials. It’s not helped by the small number of queue slots in your production buildings. By the time you’re halfway through finishing a structure, another quest is asking you to make a new one. Prioritize any structures that sound like they make building construction materials.

That way, you won’t waste time getting stuck making a building that requires materials the Pottery or Sawmill manufactures!

Redecorating And X-Rays

klondike adventures x-ray home

In your Home colony, you can hold down a structure to move it. There is also an arrow button next to the gear button. Clicking that opens an extra set of visibility options for your town. This is useful for seeing things that may be hiding behind your buildings. Getting rid of the stuff behind your buildings could help with optimizing living space. Not to mention there might be useful stuff hiding back there.

Crop Rotation

klondike adventures crop timer

Most earlygame crops take very little time, roughly a couple of minutes at most, to grow before being ready for harvest. When you are actively playing, focus on growing these quick crops and filling out orders from the Order Board requiring them, or making feed for your animals.

More time consuming crops like corn is best stockpiled by planting it every time you’re about to leave the game to wait for the energy bar to fill up. By the time the bar is full, the corn is likely ready to harvest.

Homes Before Factories

klondike adventures cabin

Eventually, you will be allowed to make duplicates of existing factory structures. That’s useful if you want to spend emeralds on extra farm plots rather than extra build queue slots. Remember though that you need workers to keep factories running.

Those extra structures won’t do you any good without anyone manning them! Before making a second Barn or Smithy or whatever, always make a new Cabin or other housing first. That way, you can actually use the thing!

Rocks Are Common, But Important

klondike adventures quarry

It would seem that rocks are all over the place, and they are. They are one of the most common materials you can find, so it would be tempting to sell out extras. Don’t do that too much, since as you play, you will find yourself needing more and more rocks for more and more gravel for more and more cement, ad infinitum. Just keep an eye on your supply, so you won’t have to waste energy breaking rocks when you could have progressed through your current adventure map instead.

Double Check Wood Requirements

klondike adventures wood

For those like the writer of this article who are not versed in telling trees apart, the different types of wood can get rather annoying, especially when one is used to games where all wood is the same. You would think the detailed graphics of this game would help in identifying them, but it turns out the extra detail just makes things more complicated at a glance!

This is one aspect of the game where the hold-tap tooltips come in very handy. Make sure you know what kind of wood you need for the materials you’re making. You don’t want to to waste 50 energy chopping down a tree only to see it give out the wrong kind of wood!

Keep The Workers Working

klondike adventures dairy

Before your hour-long leave, do your best to make sure as many of your factories are running as possible. This ties in to the need for a healthy material stockpile. Take this time to start up queues for time-consuming materials like nails, boards and mortar.

3. Away For Adventure And Gold!

Apart from your Home map, there are also many, MANY unlockable adventuring maps for you to go as you level up and progress the game. These maps hold the key to progressing the story. The tips below pertain mostly to adventuring, but there is a bit of overlap with home management, as you will often find yourself gathering materials needed at home in adventure maps.

There are some materials which are rather rare in the home area that you can find more easily in adventure maps, so it’s best to complete adventure maps as thoroughly as possible rather than blasting through their quests.

Illegal X-Ray Looting

klondike adventures x-ray away

You can also use the visibility options outside of your home colony. Often, the obstacles are very tall, especially cliffs. There might be boxes, backpacks and other containers hiding behind them, so turn on the x-rays to find them more easily. You won’t believe the amount of stuff hidden behind walls and cliffs. With this, there is no escape for free stuff.

Steal Anything And Everything Not Bolted Down

klondike adventures rewards

Keep your eyes wide open for boxes and barrels and any other containers around any new area you uncover. These often give rewards you can use for the Travelling Merchant who always asks for gems to trade for Coins and energy. They can also give out materials you could use for other tasks, such as construction and for the Collection sets.

Keep an eye out for cellars too. They give out even more rewards, but locked ones often cost a lot of energy to blow open, unlike boxes. Don’t mind the NPCs staring directly at you smugly and judgmentally through the screen, they can’t do a thing to stop you!

Click On Everything That Catches Your Eye

klondike adventures home

If you see anything even remotely interesting in adventure maps, like houses, wrecks or any other seemingly decorative object, click on them! Sometimes they give out free stuff, sometimes they’re production structures, sometimes they’re some form of not-so-hidden construction quest. Sometimes, they really are completely useless decorative objects. But hey, if you click it, at least you would know.

Pay Attention To Event Maps

klondike adventures clover valley

Once in a while, like in most online games, special Events happen. In this game, they normally appear on your world map, such as the Clover Valley event for Saint Patrick’s Day. These give out special rewards and extra quests to do, while providing a nice change of pace from the usual areas you travel in the game. Seeing as you have a limited time to take advantage of event maps, it might help to focus them down and make the most of them while they’re there.

Foreign Hospitality

klondike adventures white light's hut

The structures in maps away from your Home colony aren’t just there for show. You can take advantage of them to make materials you would otherwise be unable to back home. Keep an eye out for these things and take note of what they do, and the things they need to do it.

Of particular note early in the game is White Light’s Hut in the town of Wind Song, which makes Berry Syrup. Each jar of the stuff is worth 25 energy, and you don’t get a similar structure until level 11!

Hello New World, Goodbye Old World

klondike adventures map

Once you finish all the quests in an area, you will be able to move on to a new zone. Unfortunately, that means the old zone will permanently close in the next 24 hours afterwards. Make sure you do everything you need to do there before you leave!

Things to keep an eye out would be if you’ve collected all the containers in the map, or if all the production buildings inside have finished their work. The former will need you to demolish a good amount of bushes to make sure you haven’t missed any areas loaded with cellars and boxes.

Map Clearing, Map Cleaning, Map Demolishing

klondike adventures loot hunt

Knowing the previous fact, you should do your absolute best to explore your current adventure map before moving on to the next. Look for every box, clear every traveling merchant’s requirements, heck even mine out any materials that are hard to come by in your home area. Especially keep an eye out on any quartz you find. It’s an important building material and there’s very little of it in your home area.

Long Stay In The Neighborhood

klondike adventures long stay

It might benefit you to stay a longer time in adventure maps with production structures, particularly unique ones that provide energy. Not to mention those that allow you to make materials you otherwise have no access to at the moment. As much as you would want to progress the story, this is a game that rewards patience and not speed. Wait a while, relax, make the most out of White Light’s Berry Syrup before leaving Wind Song.

And this concludes our comprehensive Klondike Adventures guide. If you have any tips or tricks to add, don’t hesitate to let us know about them in the comment section!


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Thursday 16th of September 2021

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