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Illusion Connect Redeem Codes (December 2022 Codes)

Welcome to our Illusion Connect redeem code list! Illusion Connect is a gacha strategy game involving lots of cute anime-looking characters. As a fight progresses, you arrange your squad on a grid against another squad of enemies. Positioning is highly important, as characters have a certain type of AOE they adhere to. You wouldn’t want a character with a linear attack to be on the grid row where there’s only one target to hit!

In any gacha game, you need money and items not only to keep your characters ready to battle, but also to get them more friends to help them fight. Not to mention maybe pal around in your customizeable housing area.  And much like gacha games such as Azur Lane and Guardian Tales, sometimes the devs like to give out a helping hand through the use of that ever popular concept: Free stuff!

Redeem codes (Often called coupon codes or gift codes) are found in games like Cookie Run Kingdom, Guardian Tales, and of course, Illusion Connect. Usually, they are a code you send to the game’s redeem website or through an in-game interface to get free stuff, normally as part of an event on their Facebook or Twitter.

illusion connect ssr nicola

To find them, you often have to be involved with a game’s online communities such as their Reddit forum or Discord servers, as they are rarely ever given out in the actual in-game announcements. Or you could just look for guides like ours!

Do you like free stuff? If you do, look down below for our guide on how to use redeem codes. If not, read our guide anyway, since free stuff is objectively good (unless it’s through a five-finger discount) and you are doing yourself and your squad a massive disfavor by not taking it!

How To Redeem Illusion Connect Codes

After you scour the internet for codes (Thankfully for you, we’re here to let you skip that step), now you need to put them in.

Step 1: Tap your rather handsome anime character portrait in the upper left corner of the Main menu screen.

illusion connect redeem code step 1

Step 2: Tap the “Redeem” button on the bottom of your ID card.

illusion connect redeem code step 2

Step 3: Type down your redeem code in the field.

illusion connect redeem code step 3

Step 4: Tap Confirm. Thankfully, unlike in quite a few other games, you don’t need to go through the inconvenience of restarting your game. Illusion Connect just gives you your free stuff on the spot.

illusion connect redeem code step 4

Step 5: Enjoy your free stuff!

illusion connect redeem code step 5

Here are the active Illusion Connect redeem codes we’ve found so far:

Illusion Connect Active Redeem Codes

illusion connect active codes

#IC1ST – 5 Summon Tickets, 20 Gold Partner Stones, 1 Super Baguette

#IC92C8D2 – 200 Diamonds, 1 Trinity SR Partners, 100K Gold

#iconnect – 30 Nightmare Bottle M, 30k Gold, 5 SSR Broken Destiny Prism (Refreshed every so often, use it once in a while)

#illusion – 50k Diamonds, 20k Gold, 10 Nightmare Bottle M (Refreshed every so often, use it once in a while)

Illusion Connect Expired Codes

illusion connect expired codes

#icayuda- 100k Gold, 3 Gift Box S, 3 Broken Partner Prism

#icllamada- 10 Silver Partner Stone,20 Nightmare Bottle M

#bestic – 200000 Gold, 30 Nightmare Bottle M, 5 Cheese Croissants (Provides Energy), 1 Trinity SR Partner (Allows you to pick an SR Partner from a choice of 3), 1 SR Gear Chest



















































This concludes our Illusion Connect redeem code list. Keep this page on your radar for updates, and don’t hesitate to  let us know if you have come across a working code!