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Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Codes (August 2021 Codes)

Welcome to our Cookie Run: Kingdom coupon codes list! Free stuff is always a joy to behold. In games like Cookie Run: Kingdom and Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, there are often many ways to get free stuff. From recurring events, to mission rewards, and in the form of apologems every time the game undergoes emergency maintenance.

One of the ways to get free stuff in Cookie Run: Kingdom is through redeeming coupon codes. The process for getting them is rather long, though not complicated, and deserves a proper tutorial in and of itself. So stay with us and check out our list of Cookie Run: Kingdom coupon codes below!

How To Redeem A Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Code

cookie run kingdom battle

Redeeming a code is a fairly simple if long-winded process. Read these instructions and you should be good to go.

Step 1. Tap the button in the top-right corner of your kingdom screen. The button with the three horizontal lines.

cookie run kingdom rewards step 1

Step 2. Tap the Settings button, the one shaped like a cog.

cookie run kingdom rewards step 2

Step 3. Tap the Info tab on the right of the screen.

cookie run kingdom rewards step 3

Step 4. Copy your name from the User Info tab. It can be an email adress if your account is linked to Google, or it can be a randomized username if you’re a guest.

cookie run kingdom rewards step 4

Step 5. Go to Devplay’s code redemption site either by clicking on this link, or by going back to the three horizontal lines button and tapping the Coupon option, which sends you to the site.

cookie run kingdom rewards step 5

Step 6. Enter your User ID or your email address (Not your kingdom name!) and the coupon code you want to use.

cookie run kingdom rewards step 6

Step 7. Close the game and reopen it. You won’t get a notification or a little red dot on your Mail button, but check your mail anyway. It should be there, ready to claim.

cookie run kingdom rewards step 7

Step 8. Profit!

cookie run kingdom rewards step 8

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Code List (Updated: August 2021)

cookie run kingdom dragon hill

Here’s a complete list of coupon codes for Cookie Run: Kingdom. There are two codes which are always active for everyone, perhaps as a boost for newbies. KINGDOMWELOVEYOU and WELCOMETOKINGDOM have been active since the beginning of the game.

GETUR1SUGARGNOME – New Sugar Gnome (That’s it, that’s its name, it’s a decorative half-buried gnome for April Fools Day, it doesn’t even do anything!)

GETUR3SUGARGNOME – 3 New Sugar Gnomes

GETUR5SUGARGNOME – 5 New Sugar Gnomes

GETUR7SUGARGNOME – 7 New Sugar Gnomes

KINGDOMWELOVEYOU – Always active for newbies, Rewards 500 Crystals

WELCOMETOKINGDOM – Always active for newbies, Rewards 3000 Crystals and 100 Stamina Jellies. That’s a whole 10 rolls!

KINGDOMAMDOBLUE – Rewards 500 Crystals, (Expired)

WELCOMETOCKSANNA – Rewards 300 Crystals, (Expired)

WELCOMETOCRKMATT – Rewards 300 Crystals, (Expired)

WELCOMETOCRKJACE – Rewards 300 Crystals, (Expired)

KINGDOMSUNBA0128 – Rewards 500 Crystals, (Expired)

TK2PO5GA87DBJALQ – Rewards 500 Crystals, (Expired)

KINGDOMLILKA2021 – Rewards 500 Crystals, (Expired)

KINGDOMOKING5927 – Rewards 500 Crystals, (Expired)

KINGDOMSWAMP0130 – Rewards 500 Crystals, (Expired)

KINGDOMYANGDDING – Rewards 500 Crystals, (Expired)

How To Find New Coupon Codes For Cookie Run: Kingdom

cookie run kingdom damage

You’ll have to keep an eye on Cookie Run Kingdom’s Twitter, Facebook, and Cookie Run: Ovenbreak’s Discord server (They have a section dedicated to Kingdom) to more effectively catch coupon codes when they appear. It also helps to have friends who play the game to help you get those coupons, especially if you missed them but they didn’t. Being part of the community really helps for this sort of thing. Also, you could of course keep an eye on guides such as ours!

This guide assumes you’ve been playing the game a bit and have read our beginner’s guide for Cookie Run Kingdom. That being said, we are doing our best to make this as easy to understand as possible even for a newbie. Now, if you really haven’t done either of those things, go do them right away!

Keep on your toes, and stay tuned for more coupon codes for Cookie Run: Kingdom as we plan to update this article when new codes appear! In case you have discovered a new working code don’t hesitate to put it in the comment section!