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Pirate Kings Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Expand Your Pirate Empire

Known for wacky and unique games that cater to a wide variety of players of different preferences and ages, Jelly Button Games which is home to a few but successful titles like Board Kings, Monster Blasters, and Blast Voyage, has continuously retained its hold on both Android and iOS charts with its first and most popular title, Pirate Kings, as it has reached a rare feat of reaching over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. As a common placer in top ten lists of mobile games in several countries, Pirate Kings has never lost its luster and continuously draws in more players into its fun and unique social world. If you enjoy casual games that let you attack and steal from either friends and friends-to-be in an online pirate-themed game, then you should definitely give Pirate Kings a try.

Despite the plethora of similarly themed games on the mobile market, you will definitely be surprised by the uniquely fun and addictive gameplay it offers coupled with concepts and mechanics that spell sheer simplicity, even the youngest of gamers can understand and enjoy. It’s actually a simple game packed with so many items to uncover and unlock and oftentimes these simple games that everyone can learn and enjoy make social games the more enticing to jump into. So don’t let the cartoony graphics fool you, when you see the pictures of all other players you’ll be mingling with in Pirate Kings, you will understand more why this is a game for everyone.

In Pirate Kings, you’ll step into a world where there are only pirates, each with his own ultimate goal of owning and developing his or her own set of islands, packed with ships and all the flashy necessities, amassing riches, and becoming the one and only crowned Cash King. As you earn gold with every spin of the wheel, you can buy some improvements for your island and fully developing one will open up a new one for you to work on. You better be careful though, as the more gold you earn the more attention you attract from the treacherous world around you. Keeping a lot of gold on your island and leaving it alone for a while may invite some other pirates to plunder it if it’s unprotected. Feel free from your sense of guilt or remorse as it’s every pirate for himself; so take vengeance on those who dared to aim their cannons on your island and give them a taste of their own medicine.

There’s a quick to grasp and very, very easy to learn tutorial which practically walks you through the simple mechanics of the game and lets you test out the most basic of activities you’ll be spending time in as you play the game. You will know that the tutorial is through and you are on your own when the game gives you 50 free spins on the wheel to help you start on your pirate career. As activities you’ll be involved in basically revolves around obtaining gold, upgrading your island, attacking other islands, and stealing from other pirates, you will most definitely get the hang of things within just a few minutes of playing. While there’s a bit of luck involved in spinning the lucky wheel and being a target of attacks, there are some basic strategies you can put to play as well. So if you want to do more pillaging and become less of an occasional victim, our Pirate King beginner’s guide can help you establish better safeguards and tactics to dominate the land of pirates.

1. Spend Quickly On Island Upgrades

pirate kings island upgrades

Most especially at the start of your journey towards becoming the richest pirate, you will be easily acquiring enough gold to purchase upgrades to your island. Note that there is hardly any point in keeping all those gold coins idle so it is best to spend as much as you can on unlocking each island upgrade and progressing through to the next island. There are no hidden tactics on how you should spin the wheel of fortune, but fairly enough, you can be sure that the first 50 spins you make will earn you some shields to protect you against potential attackers.

With this strategy in mind, what you should be well aware of is the total money you have or can acquire as against the sum total value of purchases you can make to leave as little gold as you can leave in your possession. Ideally, you would go for purchasing the cheapest ones first with the mindset that you may be able to upgrade more features faster but in this game, what you would rather do is make a bit of advanced computations to ensure that your purchases result in you having only the amount of gold you can afford to lose.

2. Strategize Your Spins

pirate kings tips

The maximum number of spins you can store is technically at 50 and you miss out on earning additional ones if you keep it at full. Typically, you would want to empty your chances away before logging out of the game and earn as much gold as you can before even checking what you have left on your island for upgrading. As there are rare chances for you to even earn additional spins past the 50 times limit, it is best to always bring it down to at least 45 so you can start earning 5 more spins every hour or so.

However, trying to empty out your attempts may not always be the best course of action to take. For once, if you already earned 3 shields to protect your island from attackers, earning an additional one would be a waste unless you have Mateys you can send it to but more importantly, getting more gold than what you can spend on island upgrades will just open up opportunities for others to take those gold coins away from you.

So for best results, be sure that you spin enough with a goal or choices of potential upgrades in mind that you can target and purchase that upgrade immediately once your spins have earned you enough gold coins. As again, there is some luck involved every time you spin the lucky wheel, exercise a bit of approximation on how many spins you need to do for you to be able to purchase the upgrade you have in mind. So for example, if you still have about 10 spins left and the cheapest upgrade available costs over 1 million gold coins and you don’t even have a hundred thousand, you might as well save those spins for later unless you don’t have shield and would be banking on the probability of getting one or a couple.

3. Fully Upgrade An Island To Open Up A New One

pirate kings island

If you’re wondering about why you would want to move on to the next island, then you should know that once you fully upgraded and transferred to the next island you can start earning from each of those islands. It may take a while for you to be able to get past the first one, and once you do the succeeding one’s upgrade costs are much higher. As it will take you a lot longer to unlock more islands later on, you should cherish each achievement and know that there are currently 82 islands in Pirate Kings.

By clicking on the options button on the upper left side of your screen, you can visit your islands on the quick link choices available. Be sure to check the previous islands you have fully upgraded as you can hire more pirate crews for that island to increase the daily rewards you can reap from it. From a strategic standpoint though, you may wish to always prioritize trying to purchase upgrades on your current island, and with some leftover gold coins that you would not want to risk being plundered away, you can invest it on the additional crews for the previous islands instead.

4. You Can Choose Targets On An Attack

Whenever you spin the lucky wheel and it lands on an attack, you will be taken to a random island with several targets to choose from. For one though, it won’t make any difference if the player’s island is shielded and you will earn 100,000 gold coins but a successful salvo will earn you 300,000 instead. Initially, you might think that you should just leave it all to luck but then, there are instances when you can actually choose to attack a player who previously attacked you or even one of your Mateys.

One thing you would want to consider here is if some structures on your target island are smoking. If it does then chances are, it doesn’t have any shields on and targeting any structure will earn you a clean 300,000 reward. If the target island is squeaky clean, then that would be your cue to check on the revenge button and look at the other choices you have to launch an attack against. Sometimes though, if the player who attacked you before has a much higher level, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always have shields and just to note as well, even if manage to earn 3 shields, it can all go away in just a few hours so don’t ever let higher level players intimidate you with the number of stars attached to their name.

5. Pay Attention To Details On Steal Attempts

pirate kings steal

Attacks and steals are actually two of the best choices you can land on when spinning the lucky wheel with steal being the better one as you have a bigger chance of earning way more than the maximum 300,000 gold coin reward you can earn from a successful attack. Steals will involve the current Cash King, or the player with the most kept or unused gold coins just sitting around on their island waiting to be plundered. You will be given three choices and you will have to guess which one of the three islands belongs to the current Cash King. With your 33 percent chance of nailing it on your first go, you can still make the wrong choice but there’s no need to feel bad about it. Instead before you cast out your choice take note of some details on each island especially the one that belongs to the Cash King once the names are revealed.

You can still have chances of landing a steal on your succeeding spins and it’s very possible as well to try and guess the Cash King’s island form 3 random choices once again. This time though, if you already know what his or her island looks like then it’s practically a jackpot.

6. Watch Ads And Check Offers For Additional Rewards

While a lot of free-to-play mobile games do contain video ads that pop up as you play, some are a lot less intrusive and give you full freedom as to when and if you would want to watch some video ads, for some rewards of course. You may see some treasure chest icons on the lower left side of your screen which means that you can earn some gold coins and other rewards if you watch some 15 to 25-second video ads. As this doesn’t come limitless and potentially appears about three times per day only, you may want to take some time off the action and watch play some ads for the additional earnings.

If you want to get ahead even faster, Pirate King’s Reward System which offers very handsome rewards for achieving certain milestones on some advertised apps. By clicking the menu button on the upper left of the screen and then tapping the joypad and retry refill bottle icon on the lower left, you can see a list of offers you can take to earn up to hundreds or spin attempts. Well, some are tedious indeed but those kinds of rewards may take much longer time to acquire in-game, so depending on how dedicated you are to progressing faster in Pirate Kings, you can try and do some of those offers.

7. Check And Attempt To Achieve Pirate Quests

pirate kings guide


Just below the menu icon is the Pirate Quests Icon which you can tap on to see the list of things you can accomplish in the game to earn some extra rewards. Keep in mind that these tasks are often achieved simply by regularly playing the game. With luck involved though with every spin of the lucky wheel, you may try and keep tabs on the number of accomplishments you have made relative to each task on the Pirate Quest. In some sense, some of the tasks listed here may even remind you of some activities you may be forgetting to do, like fixing up stuff on your island after someone attacks you or stealing from players who aren’t your mateys.

8. Add Some Friends To Earn Gifts

pirate kings gift

As playing pirates with all the cannons and looting just isn’t fun all on your own, be sure to invite some friends to the game and send your codes to one another to better enjoy Pirate Kings as well as reap additional rewards. One of the best rewards here is when you get a shield from spinning when all your shields are full as you can send the extra one over to one of your mateys. Presumably, they’ll be sending you one back in time.

9. Don’t Forget To Claim Your Daily Bonus

pirate kings cheats

Yet another additional set of freebies you can get from Pirate Kings is the Daily Bonus which is a shot at the slot machine, and a treasure chest which you can open once every 5 spins at the slot machine. You will notice that this is highlighted on the list of items in the menu if you still haven’t claimed it but it may be easily forgotten if you don’t visit the menu items enough. As these will, at the very least, boost your gold coins a lot so you can speed up on those upgrades, you should very well remember to check this daily.

That covers all we have for our Pirate Kings Beginner’s Guide. If you went through each of the tips and strategies we mentioned, you will more likely be laughing attempts at your islands especially if there’s practically nothing there. On the other hand, your attacks and steal attempts, which still may not be a perfect success, will more likely end favorably for you. Again, as fun as it is attacking and pillaging some random stranger’s islands, it’s more than twice as much fun when you are attacking your friends or mateys so be sure to try and play the game with your friends. If you find something which you feel should be included in our Pirate Kings beginner’s guide, be sure to let us know in the comment section below!


Wednesday 6th of September 2023

How do you harvest in this game ?


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

How do you harvest? It comes up as a challenge and I don't know how to harvest?

Aich Russian

Friday 30th of October 2020

The blue stars are for each item you build for your island. You can't spend them.


Friday 13th of March 2020

How do I find out the odds off received pirates? Nowhere I find something about it.

Heidi Marcinkowsky

Wednesday 4th of March 2020

I want to know what the blue stars mean and what I can use them for.?