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Board Kings Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Build the Greatest City

Board games were historically created not only for entertainment purposes but also for more diplomatic reasons. They were often played as a means to make deals with one another. The oldest board game known to have existed was the Senet which was found in Egypt and existed as early as Predynastic times. Over the years, the concept of board games was carried over from generation to generation and had evolved into many different versions of its ancestors. Thousands of years later, this concept has reached our handheld devices into a game known as Board Kings.

board kings tips
A casual game created for board game enthusiasts.

Hailing from the same studio and developers, that brought us Pirate Kings, Jelly Button Games (under Playtika LTD), has once again graced us with a mobile game that will surely occupy your idle moments at the office, during a commute and even in between classes.

Released on both Android and iOS, Board Kings is a purely fun and sometimes competitive game wherein the main objective is to earn cash by rolling your dice and advance to new boards by upgrading your buildings– something that is often accelerated by visiting other player’s boards, breaking their property and plundering their money!

Not quite sure what’s going on in the board or need a little bit of assistance making the most out of your rolls? Not a problem! We have created this comprehensive guide for Board Kings, that’s filled with tips and tricks just especially for new players like you!

1. Learn What Each Tile on Your Board Does

board kings tiles
Every board has its own themes.

When you first start the game, you’re put head first into the action, prompting you to roll the dice without any explanation as to what each tile does. In order to clear up some of the confusion, we’ve made a list of tiles you can find on your own board:

board kings blank-Blank Tile, Empty LotCan be installed with a Landmark
board kings blank strip-Blank Tile with Strip (or dot)Property
board kings blank bright strip-Blank Tile with Bright Strip (or dot), Building on LotUpgraded Property
board kings chance tileChance TileLight Blue Tile with Question Mark IconLanding on this gives you a random reward such as coins, rolls, Gems, power cards and dice modifiers
board kings prize box tilePrize Box TilePurple Tile with Arrow IconLanding on this drops a Prize Box on a random tile on the board

Prize Boxes give a random reward of coins, gold and sometimes Gems
board kings piggy heist tilePiggy Heist TileOrange Tile with Bunny Robber IconLanding on this will start a Piggy Heist
board kings police tilePolice TileBlue Tile with Police Badge IconLanding on this will deploy a Cop Unit to protect a Blank Tile (will not work if you already reached the cap)
board kings mini game tileMini Game TilePink Tile with Target IconLanding on this will start a Mini Game
board kings piggy bank tilePiggy Bank TileYellow Tile with Cash IconLanding on this will reward you cash from the Piggy Bank
board kings travel tileTravel TileGreen Tile with Train IconLanding on this will take you to another player’s board
board kings idol machine tileIdol Machine TilePink TileLanding on this will give you access to the Idol Machine

Unlocked at lvl 7
board kings landmark tileLandmark TileYellow Tile with 3-Columned Building IconEffects vary depending on the chosen Landmark (may be passive effect or triggered upon landing on the tile)

Unlocked at lvl 16

All Blank Tiles on your board change color and design for every board theme. You can also receive money from all Tiles you step on except for ones with buildings that other players damaged or destroyed.

2. Make Your Bunnies Happy!

board kings bunny happiness
Happy rabbits make more money!

The amount of currency you collect all depends on your Bunnies’ happiness. This can be affected negatively by not playing the game for long periods of time and having your buildings occupied, damaged or destroyed. On the other hand, this can be affected positively by playing the game regularly, upgrading buildings, fixing damage immediately, and regaining ownership of occupied buildings. The more buildings occupied, damaged or destroyed, the bigger the effect on Bunny happiness.

You can check how happy your Bunnies are by clicking on your level progress and looking at the bunny icon on the upper right side of the window that appears. Below are 6 levels of Bunny happiness in order of the highest to the lowest tiers:

ExcitedBunny with open mouth smile and starry eyes; earned when a Landmark is installed on your board
HappyBunny with a smiling mouth and closed eyes
BoredBunny with an expressionless face and half opened eyes
SadBunny with a frown and closed eyes and is red at the top of their head
AnnoyedBunny with an angry expression and a red face
AngryBunny with an angry expression and a purple face
board kings landmarks
Landmarks will surely bring joy to your bunny citizens!

Up until level 16, when Landmarks are unlocked, you can only really raise your Bunnies’ happiness up to the Happy Tier. Installing Landmarks are the only way to raise your Bunnies’ happiness to the Excited Tier. These Landmarks provide your board with either passive rewards or rewards triggered upon landing on the Yellow Landmark Tile (3-Columned Building Icon) or upon deployment.

Landmarks cost Gems to purchase and will also cost Gems to displace so be sure to choose your Landmarks and placements wisely before buying it. Below are a list of the current Landmarks you can buy in the game:

Fontaine Du BunnGet a bonus of 30% coins from current board incomeOn Land1 Tile5 Gems
MoaiGet a bonus of 10% coins from current board incomeOn Land1 Tile5 Gems
Bunneki NekoGet a surprise prize!On Land1 Tile5 Gems
Jelly HQGet a surprise prize!On Land1 Tile5 Gems
MonolithGet a surprise prize!On Land1 Tile10 Gems
The RocketGet a bonus of 30% coins from current board incomeOn Land1 Tile10 Gems
TutankhabunnGet a bonus of 30% coins from current board incomeOn Land1 Tile14 Gems
Bunny of LibertyGet a surprise prize!On Land1 Tile14 Gems
B.I.A. HQReduce repair price by 50%Passive1 Tile17 Gems
Mount RushmayorGet a surprise prize!On Land2 Tiles25 Gems
Dice MahalGet a bonus of 30% coins from current board incomeOn Land2 Tiles35 Gems
Bunny Mummyx4 on doubles instead of x2Passive2 Tiles40 Gems
Camp PawGet a surprise prize!On Land2 Tiles40 Gems
Bunny KongLand cop unit on building’s tileOn Deployment of Cop Unit1 Tile40 Gems

3. Know When to Raise or Lower Your Boosters!

board kings boosters
Time to break buildings and get some money!

Boosters multiply your rewards and earnings everytime you roll. By default, you can boost it up to x2 and x3. When you get more rolls, these multipliers increase along with them. At 50+ rolls, your max booster increases to x5, at 100+ rolls, you get x10 and at 200+ rolls, you get x20. You can change the multiplier next to your dice by clicking on it or pressing then holding till you get to the number of multipliers you want. However, this also multiplies how many rolls are consumed whenever you roll your dice.

board kings free rolls
You get free rolls as a visitor!

Having your booster set higher when you travel to another board, like x3 for example, will automatically make all dice rolls on the other player’s board be x3 no matter how many rolls. All rolls on other players’ boards are free but you can only roll one dice at a time. This multiplies the amount of Cash and Crowns you can get on your trip.

If you are low on rolls or want to conserve them, one strategy that you can do is keep playing at x1 then only switch to higher multipliers when you’re near tiles like Piggy Heist Tile, Piggy Bank Tile, Mini Game Tile, Travel Tile and Chance Tiles.  

If you just want to release tiles that other players have occupied, you may benefit from just putting it at x1 so that you can roll as many times as you need to without consuming too many rolls. While playing at x1 multiplier gives less rewards, it also gives you more chances to trigger the special tiles which can potentially give you more rolls.

board kings auto roll
Press for a few seconds to auto roll!

If you press and hold the dice button, it will activate auto rolls, allowing your game to continuously make rolls for you until you run out. This way, you can have the game rolling on its own until you land on a special tile, without the tediousness of clicking the dice over and over.

4. Complete Mini-Games!

board kings mini games
A game within a game!

Landing on the Pink Mini-Game Tile (Target Ion) will put you in a mini-game. Each board has a unique mini-game and if you move on to a new board without finishing it, your progress won’t be carried over. You can only clear a mini-game once and when you do, you earn Cash, Rolls and Gems. You will get more points and rewards if you land on the Mini-Game Tile if you have a booster. There are three types of mini-games:


board kings target games
Click at the right time!

The objective in target mini-games is to click your screen when the moving ball stops at the marked target. The game is pretty lenient when it comes to the placement of the ball and will give you the highest score possible if you just stop the ball around the area that we encircled in the above picture.

A good way to gauge when to stop the ball is to observe the speed at which it moves for a while and once you get used to the rhythm, attempt to stop the ball. It also helps to count while you do it to get to the right rhythm. But don’t worry if you ended up stopping the ball way too far from the target. You will still get points, but not as much as when you hit close to the target.


board kings 1 in 3
Choose between 3 items!

This mini-game requires you to choose between 3 different objects. One of these objects has something different behind it and you have to guess which one it is. There is no strategy for winning this as it is all dependent on luck.


board kings shuffle
Find the item among these four bunnies!

This mini-game is similar to 1-in-3 but the game will show you the items behind the objects before shuffling them and asking you to choose. You have a higher chance of getting it right granted that you pay attention to where the object is. Just focus on the correct object and don’t let it get out of your sight. It helps to focus on the bottom part of the object while it moves so you don’t forget which one it is. But don’t look too closely as you might lose track of the object once it moves faster.

5. Invest All Your Cash in Properties as Soon as Possible

board kings property investment
Prevent Robberies! Start investing!

Other players have a chance of stealing cash from you through Piggy Heists so buying and upgrading properties on your board as soon as you get enough funds is ideal in order to prevent this from happening. As for damaged and destroyed buildings, use your money to repair and restore them immediately. It is also good practice to spend as much money as you can before logging out of the game.

Having so much money on hand for a long period of time will open yourself up to multiple players who can have a chance to make a perfect steal, taking everything you have on hand. There is no grave penalty for bankruptcy but it will delay your progress towards leveling up and moving onto a new board.

6. Don’t Stay Too Long on One Board after Completing It!

board kings new board
You never get bored with a new board every couple of levels!

In order to level up, you have to buy or upgrade a certain number of properties per side. You can click on the Green Arrow Up Button on the lower right side of your screen to view the buildings you can upgrade and how many buildings you have to upgrade for each side. These upgrades require Cash to purchase but may also be bought with Gems.

Once you upgrade everything on the board for the first time, you will level up and be given a choice between two upgrades or prizes. After upgrading buildings again and leveling up once more, you will be given the option to move on to a new board. Once you transfer to a new board, you will not be able to go back to your previous board so finish up the board’s mini-game (if you haven’t done it yet) because you won’t have the chance to go back later.

However, if visiting players occupied, damaged or destroyed some buildings, you have to take care of them first before moving on to the next one. Damaged and destroyed buildings are easy to take care of as you only need to pay to repair damages and restore buildings. Destroyed buildings may take a bit of time since they take two hours to rebuild but this can be sped up with Gems.

Occupied buildings, on the other hand, can be a real pain since you have to land on them to release them. Auto rolling your dice at x1 multiplier would be your best bet in dealing with this as it gives you more chances to land on the tile.

Staying too long on one board will make you accumulate money which you cannot spend. When that happens, you’ll have a bigger loss when players chance upon your board and steal your money!

Dice rolls you make on the way to the new board are completely free and have special prizes in the form of Gems, cash and rolls when you land on certain tiles. Similar to playing on someone else’s board, you only use one dice at a time. But unlike visiting boards, you won’t be able to use any boosters.

7. Increase Your Cop Units

board kings upgrades
Cash or Protection? Choose wisely!

The first time you level up in a new map, you will be given two options for upgrades. For the first few levels, your choices are:

+300 cash on Piggy Bank

This possibly allows you to level up a lot more quickly because you get more Cash when you land on the Yellow Piggy Bank Tile (Cash Icon). However, this is purely situational and may not always happen as it is dependent on chance. However, this upgrade stays with you and will only continue to increase as you upgrade it, leading to even more Cash in the future.

+1 Cop Unit number cap

This will allow you to guard your board from other players who visit by capturing them when they land on your Cop Unit. These units are your only protection from players occupying, damaging and destroying your properties. You can only deploy these units when you land on the Blue Police Tile (Police Badge Icon) and only to a certain number. Choosing this upgrade will increase the number of Cop Units you can deploy at a time.

board kings cop car
More cops to arrest trespassers, more fines to collect!

The +1 Cop Unit may be more useful to get at the start and will be even more useful in the long run even though players landing on them is also based on chance. While additional Cash from the Piggy Bank may help in upgrading faster, additional Cop Units will avoid the penalty of having other players mess with your board.

Player visits not only cost you money to repair damages, it also forces you to roll over and over until you finally land on the tile that a player may have occupied. These negatives impact your progress more than the positives of getting additional Cash from the Piggy Bank, because it makes you lose even more money from not having enough Cop Units.

The maximum amount of Cop Units you can deploy from landing on the Police Tile after upgrading is 6. After the 6th Cop Unit upgrade, the game replaces the upgrade choice with the choice to get additional Rolls (this does not increase the max number of rolls you can get from hourly rolls), Cop Units (does not increase max cap) and so on.

It’s also a lot easier to upgrade in the first few levels than later so it’s ideal to get this one out of the way first, especially since you can obtain more through other means such as lucky stickers, vending machine bonus boxes, paying Gems, the Bunny Kong landmark and free gifts from ads. It’s ideal to deploy all 6 Cop Units naturally first before deploying these additional Cop Units.

However, these units are only there temporarily and will disappear once it captures a player so it is not advised to spend Gems on them. Since releasing buildings is also possible by using Gems later on, it is a lot wiser to spend them on this instead.

8. Get Revenge and Plunder Other Players’ Boards

board kings bad blood
Now we’ve got bad blood! 

Landing on a Green Travel Tile (Train Icon) will trigger you to travel to another player’s board. You have the option to visit a friend’s board, a random player’s board or a player who has visited your board. You can find the person who has visited your board by toggling Friend to Revenge.

When traveling to another player’s board, all rolls you make are free but you only have 1 dice to roll with. Unlike your home board, tiles from another player’s board won’t give you Cash by simply stepping on them; you have to land on them. The Red Tiles will let you occupy, damage or destroy other players’ properties while earning more cash as you do it.

board kings yellow tile-Yellow TileLanding on this gives you cash
board kings occupy tileOccupy TileRed Tile with Flag IconLanding on this will let you occupy the property and earn cash

Owner will have to land on this tile to release it
board kings damage building tileDamage Building TileRed Tile with Building IconLanding on this will let you damage the building and earn cash

Owner will have to pay to repair it
board kings destroy building tileDestroy Building TileRed Tile with Weight IconLanding on this will let you destroy the building and earn cash

Owner will have to pay and wait 2 hours to restore it
board kings break piggy tileBreak Piggy TileRed Tile with Hammer IconLanding on this will start a Mini Game to break open the Piggy Bank and earn cash
board kings travel tileTravel TileGreen Tile with Train IconThe Tile you start with when you visit someone’s board

Landing on this will take you to back to your own board

Like your own board, other players’ boards may have Cop Units scattered about. Once you land on them, you will be stopped and put in jail. In order to continue playing on this board, you have to pay a fine of 1 Gem. If you decide not to pay or if you can’t pay, you will return back to your own board.

Fortunately, when you go home, you can keep the Crowns, Cash and other rewards you got before you got jailed. If you get captured by a Cop Unit and there are only a few tiles left on the board to go through, you might want to consider cutting your losses and going home instead of paying a gem to keep going. 

board kings travel
What board will we see next?

Landing on the Green Travel Tile (Train Icon) where you first started again will let you go back home. When you’re close to the Green Tile, your next dice roll will always end exactly at that tile because you can only go around the board once before going back home to your own board.

The Crowns you collect from your travels will unlock train parts which are needed to fully upgrade your Train and increase the number of cash you can collect every 8 hours. You can collect up to 3 Crowns per visit but this may increase if the dice roll you made as you landed on the Travel Tile (before going to the other players’ board) had a multiplier. You can only travel to each player’s board once a day.

9. Conserve Your Gems and Save Your Money!

board kings gems
Don’t take these Gems for granted!

Gems are the premium currency of this game and are very rarely given as a reward. They can be used to buy various things in the game like, building upgrades, power cards, sticker packs, idol sets and so on. However, their most important use is for getting out of jail, releasing an occupied building and buying landmarks.

Getting out of jail only costs 1 Gem but this can easily stack up if you get captured several times. You can’t always land on the Green Travel Tile so you’d want to make the most out of your time in that player’s board so you’d need to have a few Gems in hand for these.

Releasing an occupied building costs 4 Gems and may sometimes be the only way to move onto a new board if it’s been taking too long for your token to land on the right tile. Buying Landmarks, while highly optional and not extremely important to gameplay, would help increase the amount of currency you earn since these will elevate your Bunnies’ happiness to Excited Tier, the highest happiness tier.

One of the sneakiest ways you could lose Gems is when you’re upgrading your buildings. The upgrade arrow over your building will be green if you have enough Cash for it and purple if you don’t as this gives you the option to buy the upgrade with Gems.

Arrows that are green and purple let you upgrade the building using both currencies. This option is even more confusing when you open up the upgrade window as it is not noticeable straight away that the cost of the building added a Gem to it. 

While we believe that it is possible to play and enjoy Board Kings without purchasing anything from the store with real money, if you really want to buy Rolls or Gems through these means, we highly recommend doing so when you get to lvl 17. This is because this is the only time Stickers will be introduced to the game and any purchase that you make after this is introduced will now be added with stickers including Piggy Rolls.

10. If You Must Buy Rolls, Buy Piggy Rolls

board kings piggy rolls
Only buy when it’s full and only when you need it!

The number of Rolls you get hourly increase over time as you level up. However you’re feeling impatient waiting for hourly Rolls and want to buy from the store and want to spend less, we highly recommend buying Piggy Rolls instead. Piggy Rolls collects dice every time you roll and fills it up to 300 Rolls max.

Once you reach level 17, these Rolls will come with 8 Gold Sticker packs with at least 1 Sticker having 3-star rarity. You can only purchase these Rolls within a day before it resets back to 0 and fills it up again. You spend a lot less money through this than buying the first Roll purchase option at the store that costs the same but only gives you 165 dice and 3 Normal Sticker Packs. Avoid buying Piggy Rolls without maxing it out!

11. Be Smart When Collecting Idol Sets!

board kings idol machine
The Gacha Machine!

Once you get to level 7, you unlock the Idol Machine. This machine dispenses Idols which you can use as your Token while you play. Each Idol belongs to an Idol Set. You can only access the Idol Machine when you land on it so be sure to buy what you need before you leave the machine. You also need to pay a certain number of Gems to buy them. The Idol Machine gets refilled with new boxes every 24 hours.

Box TypeShelfCostStockRarity Chances
Plain Idol Boxes Top Shelf1 Purple CrystalUnlimited85% Common
15% Rare
Shiny Idol BoxesMiddle Shelf2 GemsUnlimited50% Common
40% Rare
10% Legendary
Sparkly Idol BoxesBottom Shelf3 Gems3 per day60% Rare
40% Legendary

Collecting Idols, along with Sticker Packs, is entirely optional but does provide you with large rewards upon completing a set. However, unlike Sticker Packs that you can get from many different places, Idol Boxes are mostly only obtained from Idol Machines and on some instances when you get rewarded for leveling up.

Buying these from Idol Machines costs Gems and if you’re not careful, you might end up spending too much on it only to get duplicates and not completing a set. We recommend buying from one theme at a time in order to complete a set much more quickly and earn its rewards. When you collect a set, the count goes back to 0 and will start counting the number of idols you collect that unlock the next color (collect 4 to get silver, 7 to get gold, 10 to get rainbow).

board kings idol machine discount
Don’t be fooled! You can only use the discount once!

You will sometimes be shown a discounted price for all Idol Boxes. Be warned that this discount will only apply to one box. Once a box is bought, it goes back to its original price so choose the box you want to buy wisely.

12. Check for Freebies and Rewards

The Daily Bonus

board kings daily bonus
Spin the wheel and hope you get lucky!

You can spin the wheel once a day to get a chance to win free Cash or Rolls. Landing on the Jackpot Box will reward you with both. After making a Daily Bonus spin, the wheel changes and you are given an option to spin again with a guaranteed Cash reward and random Roll reward.

However, you have to pay real money to do this spin which we do not recommend. You can access this by clicking on the circular icon with a rainbow wheel and bunny on the right side of the screen.

Daily Picks

board kings daily picks
Pick 3 cards and find a sticker pack!

This freebie can only be obtained once you reach level 17. Daily Picks let you choose 3 cards. Aside from Sticker Packs, you can earn Power Cards, Cash, Rolls and Gems. After picking three items, the cards will open and show you what is behind all of the cards before turning into gold and allowing you to pick cards again if you pay with Gems. You can access this by clicking on the icon with cards and the words ‘Daily Picks’ on the left side of the screen.

Train Station

board kings train station
Collect your cash from the train station!

Once you unlock the Train Station, you can collect Cash from it every 8 hours. You can upgrade your train by traveling to other players’ boards and earning Crowns. You can easily collect Cash from it by clicking on the Cash Icon at the right side of the screen just below the Daily Bonus icon.

Cash and Rolls from Bunnies

board kings free cash rolls
The bunnies are giving you their offerings! 

Pay attention to the board because sometimes you will see the little bunnies carrying Cash and Rolls over their heads. Click on them to collect them. These bunnies will emit a small sound when they produce new  Cash or Rolls so even just having the game open in the background while you do other things will earn you extra Cash and Rolls as long as you click on them when they appear. They won’t disappear so don’t worry about letting those bunnies wait. Cash appears a lot more often than Rolls.

Free Gift

board kings free gift
Watch an ad, get a gift!

You can get free gifts in the form of free rolls, cash and extra cop units (ignores cop limit) by clicking on the free gift icon at the center of the board. This will immediately play an ad and will give you the freebie afterwards. You can get a few free gifts per day or 3 hours (?) but these are limited.

Rate the Game

board kings rate the game
Rate the game, get a gift!

At some point while playing Board Kings, the game will ask you if you are having fun and ask you to rate the game. After rating the game, they will reward you with free Rolls. This will only happen once.

Invite Friends!

board kings friend invitation
Add friends, earn rolls!

For each invite you send to your friends, you get a specific number of Rolls as a prize. Just send them your Friend Code link. This link will send them to the App Store or Google Play Store where they can download and install the game. Once they do, you will receive your reward. Rewards for friend invites seem to end at 30 Friends.

Collect Visitor Fines

board kings visitor fines
Collect fines from the Police Station!

You can collect fines from the Police Station once a visiting player lands on a Cop Unit and has been imprisoned. You can tell if you have fines to collect if there is an orange Cash Icon hovering above the Police Station.

Dice Mission

board kings dice mission
Fill up bars for your Dice Mission!

You can get free rolls by filling up bars through collecting flags that you can get from rolling dice. Rolling one dice a 1 will give you 1 Flag. Rolling both dice 1 will give you 3 flags. The number of flags required to fill up the bar increases every time the bar has been filled up until the time left resets (2 days) and the number of required flags also resets.

Daily Tournaments

board kings daily tournaments
Join tournaments and collect boxes!

After some time, you will unlock Daily Tournaments which matches 10 players against each other and ranks them based on the items collected (or rather, just how active they were in the game) within 24 hours. The highest prize you can get from it is a combination of Cash, Gems, Rolls and Sticker Packs with one of them guaranteed to not be a duplicate.

Even if you may not be active on a particular day, it is still worth joining since even just getting last place will earn you some cash. If you’re lucky, you may be matched with players who are a lot less active than you.

board kings outro
Roll those dice!

And this marks the end of our guide to Board Kings! We hope that the tips and tricks that we have written in this article become helpful as you play the game, advance through levels and explore new and exciting boards! If you have discovered any interesting strategies while playing Board Kings which have not been mentioned in this guide yet, feel free to share it down in the comment section!


Thursday 31st of August 2023

I only get the same stickers. And all are 3 or under stars. How do I get better stickers?


Wednesday 21st of December 2022

How do you request help with dice from other team players?


Tuesday 13th of September 2022

I can't figure out the big Bertha dice...the coins land on every square of the board and the lower levels automatically added them to my money. Now after level 35(approx) it seems like j have to actually collect them myself. They disappear very fast and when I try to touch them my board zooms/turns/moves and I get nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Tracie Holland

Tuesday 12th of July 2022

There is no such thing as rolling doubles to get out of jail in BOARD KINGS! You can only be in jail while on someone else's board, and you only get to roll one die at a time while visiting, so how could you possibly roll doubles? The only way to get out òf jail is to leave immediately for free, or pay a number of gems. The number of gems is determined by the rollsultiplyer used at the time of travel and also by how far along you are on the other players board. The number of gems will be higher if you were rolling at a X's 20 rather than a X's 8 and lower the closer you are to the end of your visit. Both of those things factor in to the total number of gems you will need to "bail out". But rolling doubles lmfao, this is NOT MONOPOLY!! LMFAO again!


Thursday 2nd of June 2022

My piggy is full. How do I empty it ?