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Crash of Cars Ultimate Guide: 19 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Dominate the Arena

Not Doppler has launched a new Android and iOS game called Crash of Cars, an exciting racing game. This is a real-time multiplayer game, and your objective is to gather as many crowns as you could before your car gets destroyed. As you can see, it’s an automotive take on the MOBA, and quite an interesting twist on the usual might-and-magic fantasy heroes you normally expect from these titles. But even if you’ll be controlling cars instead of the above mentioned heroes, you’ll still get to do a lot of the things you normally can do in a MOBA – fight real players, unlock new vehicles across varying rarities, and compete in multiple maps, all with human-controlled enemies, and no predictable computer AI racers. Additionally, you can collect up to 16 upgradable power-ups, compete against your own friends, and, if single-player battle still interests you, Not Doppler says that mode is also available, though it is, in reality, still in the works.

All told, we’re quite intrigued with this new game, and quite impressed that Not Doppler has offered a MOBA unlike most others. But like in other games of this genre, there’s a lot of depth to be had in here, and a lot of things to learn. Allow us to teach you about all these things, as we now present to you our complete strategy guide for this game – our Crash of Cars ultimate guide.

1. Pay Close Attention To The Tutorial

One of the few gripes we have with Crash of Cars is the tutorial – it talks about the basics and nothing but, and once you’re done with it, you cannot replay the tutorial or even get helpful tips to remind you of what was discussed. So allow us to break it down to you – this is an automotive MOBA where you face real players in a battle arena setting. As we mentioned above, the game promises a single-player mode, but currently, that mode has yet to be released. Hit on the green Play button any time you’re ready to head to the arena, and make sure you’re ready, because the matchmaking system will automatically take you to the arena, where you’ll be facing other human players. You won’t be asked to wait in a lobby or chat room – you’re taken right into the thick of the action, as matches don’t have a fixed start and end point.

Talking about the controls of the game, you would only need to tap on the left side to move your vehicle left, and tap on the right to move it right. Light taps allow you to move slowly, while tapping-and-holding for a certain period of time makes you do a full turn. Holding constantly will only result in your car doing donuts. To move in reverse, hold two fingers down on opposite sides.

2. About Those Endless Matches

It’s a bit of a pity that the game doesn’t come with any lobbies where you can while the time away and possibly chat with other players. But that’s all part of the game’s novel design – matches have no real start or finish, and the only time you can leave a match is if your car has been totaled. You will then be awarded coins based on the number of crowns you collected, and if you’re thinking of going on a killing spree and taking out as many opponents as possible, that won’t work, as new players enter as often as existing players leave or get their cars destroyed. And if you keep hitting on the Play button, you may find yourself in repeat matches with the many of the same participants. It’s all about collecting crowns here so you can get more coins – there is no other real objective.

3. How To Collect Crowns

As we mentioned, crowns are Crash of Cars’ point system, pretty much, and you should be trying to collect as many of them as possible. Just drive over a crown to collect it – there’s nothing to it in theory, though since you’ll be in an arena with many other players, that’s often easier said than done. You can check how many crowns you’ve collected by looking at the number right above your user name, and if you see a crown above your crown count, that means you’re the current leader.

Crowns can be collected by driving over them as they appear at random, or by driving over them whenever another vehicle gets destroyed; crowns scatter around destroyed vehicles once someone has been taken out of the game. The random crowns appear almost as if they were item drops, so be patient – you’ll be sure to drive on them and find them at multiple points during your run.

4. How To Make Things Out In The In-Game Map

The tips we showed you above take care of the basics, but you may still be wondering what’s the deal with the rest of the information on the map. The arrows with the names and numbers above them correspond to the other cars in the arena at any given time; the arrows, in specific, show you where they’re located in relation to where your car is at the moment. The number above the arrow, just like the number above your name/vehicle, is their crown total. Also pay close attention to the color of the arrow, as that refers to their vehicle’s health. Green, of course, signifies that they’ve still got a lot of HP in them, while red means they’re just a few moments away from destruction. Once again, if you see a crown over an arrow or number, that means they’re the crown leader that you have to catch up with.

5. Important Information About Your Vehicle

Going back to your own ride, we’ll go through all the important details, starting with some stuff we told you about a few tips ago. Your currently collected crowns will appear in number form above your vehicle, though if you haven’t collected any, there won’t be any number. After that, you’ll see your username, then your health bar. If you see some gray icons appear on your car, that would represent the missions; pay close attention to these icons, as they’ll tell you if you’re adding toward the completion requirements. These missions may include destroying a certain number of cars, for instance, so you should be also looking to destroy, and not just to gather more crowns.

6. How To Pick Up And Use Items

You’ll also notice those blue floating boxes with question marks as you make your way around the map. These represent item drops or pick-ups, though you can’t exactly choose what you want to receive. Drive into those boxes and you’ll be gifted an item at random. Now if you see white lights with a blue circle surrounding them, you shouldn’t really bother at first, as that means those areas usually have item drops, but someone may have just collected the item. Still, you shouldn’t worry about being unable to collect freebies, or someone beating you to them; item drops tend to reload quickly in this game, so you may see a new item box around the corner after about 20 to 30 seconds or so.

After picking up the item, you’ll see an icon on the right side, which will show you the type of item you currently have at your disposal. Tap on the icon and you will then activate the item. Sometimes, the icon will turn into a white arrow after you activate it, and that means you can eject the item within a certain period of time. We’ll get back to that in a bit, as the process of ejecting items does deserve a separate tip of its own.

7. Watch Out, Or Take Advantage Of Those Objects

Each map in Crash of Cars has a lot of elements that are procedurally generated, or in other words, randomly created to ensure great replay value. On a positive note, rocks, trees, statues, and most other objects won’t cause your car any substantial damage, but you may be slowed down if you bump into them. You can make a big leap across a given part of a map if you drive your car off a ramp. However, if your car hits the water or flies of a cliff, it will naturally cause a lot of damage, if not wreck your car completely.

8. Avoid The Red Barrels

The items you really want to avoid, however, are the red barrels that are randomly scattered across the map. Normally, you need not worry too much about them as they’re located in the outskirts, but sometimes you will see them ahead of you in other parts of the map. If you drive into them, they will explode and predictably cause a ton of damage. You can fake out or use juking motions to lure an opponent into these barrels – that’s always a good idea, especially when your mission involves taking out so many enemies – but you should avoid driving into them by any means necessary.

9. Use Your Vehicle As A Weapon In Itself

There are many types of weapons or power-ups which you can pick up while going through the map/battle arena, but in the absence of weapons, or if you choose not to use them, you can make your own vehicle into a weapon. You can inflict damage on another car if you hit it with your front end. Just avoid any instance where you end up colliding with another car’s front end; such collisions will damage both cars, with the damage depending on the size of the players’ vehicles. Larger vehicles do more damage to smaller vehicles, while smaller ones will barely dent their big counterparts. Keeping this in mind, you wouldn’t want to be in a front-end collision with a tank if you’re driving a tiny sports car. And that also means you should ideally use your vehicle as a weapon if it’s a larger one, as you can still risk front-end collisions and not worry about suffering a ton of damage.

Now if you’ve got a small car with the spikes as your power-up/weapon, that’s where you can confidently ram into a bigger car from either end. The spikes can do a lot of extra damage, but the catch here is that they too can be damaged in a collision. Another exception would be if you’ve got an active shield, as that protects your car from any kind of damage.

10. Again, It’s Not About Destroying All Enemies

Just to remind you about what we said earlier, the goal of the game is collecting crowns, not taking out as many opponents as possible, unless the mission requires you to take out a given number of them. Still, there are many players who prefer to drive as aggressively as possible, wreaking as much mayhem as they could – watch out for those players, as there are some who like to bully newcomers by driving them into a wall. Doing this to others isn’t a good idea either, as you’ll never know when someone has a power-up on them.

11. Take Advantage Of Aggressive Opponents By Collecting Crowns

Some of your enemies may be too preoccupied chasing each other across the map and trying to take each other out. So busy, in fact, that they may ignore the crowns that appear in front of them in plain view. Take advantage of this, but be careful just the same – this could be a good way to farm for crowns. And take note that there’s no limit to the number of crowns anybody can collect in a match – a player may have so many crowns, but their dominance doesn’t mean there’s less for everyone else in the match. Those random crowns will keep dropping, but if you want to have an edge over your opponents and get that crown appearing over your vehicle, pick those stray crowns up anytime opponents seem too busy eliminating each other.

12. Try This Technique When Scavenging For Coins

So how can you scavenge for crowns and do so the smart way? Well, for starters, there’s going to have to be a brawl of sorts, usually in the middle and involving more than two cars. You’ll want to be listening in for some clues – make sure your sound is turned on, as the sounds around you will tell you if there’s some trouble a-brewing nearby, but also pay attention for arrows bunched up close to each other. Stay close to this battle, but don’t get too close; normally, there will only be one or two cars remaining, as well as a ton of coins in their wake. Now it’s your call if you want to collect those coins right away and give those remaining cars a go – chances are they’ll have low health anyway, making them much easier to polish off.

13. It Could Pay To Be Aggressive If You’ve Got A Plan

Personally speaking, we’re bigger fans of the defensive approach where you’re waiting in the wings and staying away from trouble, employing a lot of hit-and-run and taking a slower, more calculated approach to things. But you may also be the all-out offense type of player, and there are ways to make such an attacking strategy work for you.

For starters, you need to be prepared by having at an item all set to deploy at any given time, as well as a secondary item for a follow-up. For instance, some players have experienced success using the Freeze Cannon, picking up a second item, and following up with it. And you’ll also need to know when enough is enough – if you find yourself overmatched and outclassed by the enemy, if your power-up misses, or if an opponent has something that could neutralize your weapon, there’s no same in getting out of Dodge and heading to safety. Chances are that won’t be your first opportunity to go on an all-out offensive assault.

14. Drive Along The Edges To Keep Yourself Going

If your car is low on health, or if you want to employ some clever strategy, you can try driving along the edges, as these are typically the safest parts of any given map. As players are either in it to get crown leadership or destroy as many cars as possible (a rookie mistake, but many make it nonetheless), they tend to play along the center, which is why this is typically the most dangerous place to be. But there’s hardly anything going on in the edges, as well as a lot of crowns to be had, even if you’re playing it safe and staying away from trouble. Still, you’ll have to be careful for those red barrels, which would oftentimes appear on the edges and cause you a ton of damage if you crash into one.

15. More Crowns Means More People After You

They say it isn’t easy being on top of the mountain, and that is definitely true in Crash of Cars. Typically, players will chase after the crown leader at any given time, as that crown is practically a virtual bulls-eye. If you’re the crown leader, be prepared for a lot of opposition coming after you, though also keep in mind that there are ways to deal with such a deadly situation, depending on the vehicle you’re currently using or the exact situation you’re in.

For example, you may use hit-and-run tactics if you’re being pursued by a large group of cars and driving a slower vehicle; drive away as fast as you could to get yourself some room to breathe, then return to individually take down each of those cars. But if you’ve got a faster ride, you can keep on and try to outpace them for as long as possible. Still, new players will always replace the old ones, so it may ultimately boil down to trying to stay alive for as long as possible.

16. You’re Allowed To Store Extra Items

Even if you’ve got an item with you, that shouldn’t stop you from running into item boxes if they’re conveniently within reach. That would, at the very least, prevent the enemy from getting to those items first, and that serves as another way in which you can play defensively. You can also use this strategy to block out an opponent who’s got a car of similar speed or is slower than yours. They won’t be able to use that item against you, and you’ll likely be leaving them hanging with no chance to catch up to you.

With that being said, you should be aware of the small blue box that follows you around if you’ve picked up an item while you’ve already got one active. To use a simple example, if you’ve collected a shield and activated it, then reached a point where you’re still shielded but no longer have the corresponding item, you can pick up another item box, as it would then become the small blue box that follows you around until your protection wears off. It will then turn into your available item, and you can tap on its icon to activate it. It’s a simple way of allowing you to store an extra item while you’ve got one active.

Employing this strategy can come in handy if you’re preparing to enter a large rumble of cars. If you’ve got a shield or some spikes, you can activate it, then pick up a second item so you can be assured of a backup in case things get hairy and the effects of the first one wear off while you’re still in battle.

As a bonus tip in relation to all that we’ve mentioned above, you will see item names whenever you pick up an item box. This is very useful as you may have a hard time recognizing items by their icons at first. Remember the name of the item as it appears above your vehicle, and take note of it when using the above technique with the second item storage. You won’t see the second item’s icon until you activate it, but if you can see its name, you’ll be reminded of what it is.

17. About Ejecting Your Items

As promised, we’re going to talk about ejecting items in our very next tip. But since that was way, way back in this Crash of Cars ultimate guide, allow us to jog your memory – you can eject items if their icons turn into a white arrow after activating them. You cannot eject one-use weapons (land mines, etc.) and projectile weapons, but you’re free to eject spikes, shields, and flamethrowers. Ejecting the latter could make for a neat strategy, as that’s going to drop it on the map and allow it to keep burning in the direction where you drop it, damaging any car that drives across its path. Ejecting spikes allows you to use them like a projectile weapon, albeit one of the one-use variety. Surprisingly, your shield can also be useful once ejected; it will emit a blast of energy that stuns enemies that drive across it once ejected. Feel free to eject those items any time you’re in a tight spot and need to buy some precious time.

18. How To Deal With Opponents That Use Spikes

The best thing to do when faced with an opponent who’s using spikes, you should stay close to their front bumper. Back your car into them if your vehicle doesn’t have enough speed to escape them. Take note that spikes won’t damage your car if you’re being moved forward by your opponent; their damage only works upon first impact. What you should watch out for is when your opponent backs up into you; that will damage you again, and potentially hasten your exit from the match.

19. Use Evasive Maneuvers

Unfortunately, there aren’t many flashy moves you can pull off in Clash of Cars – driving maneuvers are typically simple and straightforward. But there are some evasive maneuvers that could make for good “highlight reel” material, such as the handbrake turn. Hold down on the left or right side of your screen, then hold down on the opposite side. Your car will go in reverse if you hold down on both sides simultaneously, but what you should do here is to hold on the left side first, then the right side, or vice versa. Make sure that there’s only a split second gap between both moves – don’t wait too long!

Use this strategy whenever you’re trying to avoid going off a cliff or plunging into a body of water, or trying to evade someone who’s aggressively pursuing you, especially if they’ve got a flamethrower or any similar weapon.

That’s all you need to know to succeed in Crash of Cars. If you know additional tips or tricks for the game, let us know in the comment section!


Wednesday 14th of April 2021

So....the speed and bumper car are one of the cars in the game given their top speed and handling. Choose fast cars to get crowns and slow buff Caesar’s to show them your muscles.


Sunday 11th of February 2024

@iamnoobinthisgame, i mispelt cars wrong lol (autocorrect goes crazy)


Monday 24th of May 2021

@TerrorDrill, I agree but the piano car is one of the best cars in the game due to its speed and handling